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When we come home from the office and we feel hungry, of course, the best choice is to eat first. Then you can visit the restaurant you like. But people often choose fast food. They reasoned that fast food restaurants provide many menu choices.

And certainly, we do not have to wait long. Because you only need to order through the cashier, then they will immediately prepare your order. One of the favorite foods is chicken wings. One restaurant serving chicken menu as the main ingredient is Zaxby’s Restaurant. Who does not know Zaxby’s Restaurant ?. Yes, they are fast food restaurants which are popular among teenagers and adults. Besides, this restaurant has a survey named Myzaxbysvisit.

In Zaxby’s, you can not only enjoy the delicious chicken menu. But if you are lucky, you will get an invitation to survey. You can see the invitation code on your receipt. So before you discard your receipt, check back to see if you have a survey code.

Because with the receipt, you have the chance to win 10Sweepstakes prizes. They offer 1000 USD for daily sweepstakes. Then they provide 1500 USD for the weekly sweepstakes. The condition is you must follow the survey first. Zaxby’s has a survey portal for consumers named Myzaxbysvisit. There you can tell your experience while enjoying the food in the restaurant.

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About Zaxby’s Restaurant

If you have ever been to Zaxby’s, of course, you know a little about the restaurant. So, they are a restaurant famous for its chicken wings menu. In addition, they also have other menus such as drinks, soup, snacks etc. If you are interested in the full version, please check the official website of the restaurant. There you can see various information, including the menu and price.

Then about customer service. Interestingly they usually create programs that benefit consumers. So keep an eye on their website and social media. This restaurant was founded in 1991. Zaxby’s founders are Zack McLeroy and Tony Townley.

This restaurant is from Georgia, United States. Amazingly they have more than 800 chain restaurants in southern America. So if you want to enjoy the chicken menu, please come to Zaxbys around you. Here is the website of Zaxby’s Restaurant.

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The rules of Zaxbys Survey.

If you are interested in surveying, make sure you have an invitation code on your receipt. This survey only takes no more than 15 minutes. Simply fill in some questions, then you have the opportunity to join the sweepstakes program. In this section, we will show some survey rules. Myzaxbysvisit survey rules are similar to other surveys. But the difference lies in prizes and lucky draws.

At this time you can choose to take a daily or weekly sweepstakes. But before taking the survey, make sure you are eligible and qualified to follow the survey. Because if you do not obey the rules, of course, you should not follow the survey. Even if you win, then the company can cancel your victory. So we suggest you comply with all survey rules.

  1. Age limit to take Zaxby’s Survey.

Myzaxbysvisit has some survey rules. First, you should look at the age limit before doing the survey. Because they have rules about the minimum age of conducting surveys. So every country has different legal age-related regulations in the face of the law. You must understand this rule. Because if you are not old enough, you are not eligible for the survey. Here are the minimum age details from different countries.

  • You must be 18 years old if you are in England, Ireland. This rule is also similar to age restrictions in Germany and Denmark.
  • If you are a resident of the Republic of Korea, then you must be over 20 years of age.
  1. Citizenship may follow My Zaxbys Visit.
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The myzaxbysvisit second rule is about citizenship. They state clearly the countries that are eligible for the survey. As you know, Zaxby’s has many chain restaurants. But unfortunately, not all of them are entitled to survey. You can see the full rules on the survey portal.

If you qualify, then take advantage of your opportunity. Because not all consumers have an opportunity like you. Thus you will be closer to the gift of thousands of dollars you. Here are some countries that may follow the survey. They are 50 United States, Republic of Korea, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada etc. Make sure you are the legal citizen of one of these countries.

  1. Note your position on Zaxby’s Corporate.

Well, guys, the third rule is about your position in the restaurant. Whether you are a visitor or a worker in a restaurant. You should understand that the Myzaxbysvisit survey is only for consumers. If you work in a restaurant, of course, you are not eligible to conduct a survey.

Because you have some tendencies while working as an employee. Thus your judgment is questionable objectivity. In addition, the position as a business partner and the employee’s family are not eligible to conduct a survey. If you are one of them, of course, you should back away from the survey.

  1. My Zaxby’s Visit Rewards.

Finally, we come to an interesting part. This time we will discuss the sweepstakes prize after conducting the survey. As a reward for doing Myzaxbysvisit, you can take a weekly or daily raffle. The daily draw will be drawn daily to determine the winner. Then the company will draw a weekly sweepstake every week. Here are some rules in the sweepstakes.

  • They offer 1000 USD for daily sweepstakes. As for daily weekly, they offer 1500 USD.
  • The company will give a gift in the form of a check.
  • Gifts should not be exchanged with others and should be accepted.
  • The sweepstake entry period starts from 1 July 2018 to the end of 31 July 2018.
  • If you are lucky, the company will contact you within 10 days. Then they will call you by phone or email. After 10 days you do not respond, then they will look for another winner.
  • Then you will be rewarded within 60 days.
  • Each winner must fill out the winning form correctly. Thus you are entitled to bring your gift home.

The Requirements to Complete Myzabyxvisit survey.

After you read the instructions on survey rules, you should now prepare your survey. If you qualify, you can begin your preparation now. Preparation for the survey is easy and simple. But in this world, there are several kinds of surveys.

When the internet still has not mastered the world, they do the survey manually. Yes, they must provide a ballpoint and survey questionnaire. Unfortunately, manual surveys can only be done by customers around the restaurant area. But now is the digital era, so many people and companies use the internet. By using the internet they can conduct remote surveys. So you only need to do a survey of your own home.

So Myzabyxvisit is an online survey. Not much you have to prepare before doing a survey. Here you only need 5 things before doing the survey. However, you should give consideration to your choice. So you will be easier when doing the survey. Here are some needs before doing Myzabyxvisit.

  1. First, prepare the device to access the Myzabyxvisit website.
  2. Second, prepare an internet provider that supports your device.
  3. Third, prepare the proof of your transaction in the restaurant.
  4. Fourth, prepare your English proficiency.
  5. Fifth, prepare a valid email address to enter the sweepstakes.
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We think the requirement is not difficult for you to meet. Most of the survey needs are the things you often use. For example survey device, you can use the laptop, handphone, tablet etc. Consider your comfort when using the device. Then you have to provide an internet connection.

Because Myzabyxvisit is an online survey portal. So you need to make sure your device is connected to the internet. Customize the type of signal and internet service with the capabilities of your device. The next important requirement is the receipt. There you can find the invitation code to do the survey. So keep your receipts well. Do not you lose the chance of getting a wonderful gift.

Then to facilitate your survey, you should master the English language. But you do not have to be good at it. Because you may ask the person beside you during the survey. Myzabyxvisit does not provide language options. So they only provide English during the survey.

All survey questions will be available in English. You can also use the dictionary. Not just a manual dictionary, you can choose to use an online dictionary. Finally, you should prepare an email address. Because the email address works when you want to enter the sweepstakes. Make sure that your email address is valid. So the company can contact you if you are a winner. So some needs survey, then you can start your survey.

How can I Complete Myzabyxvisit?

After you make the preparation, of course, you want to immediately conduct a survey. Remember that you have the opportunity to get a gift worth 1000 or 1500 Dollars. Of course, this great gift can increase your spirit to conduct a survey. Maybe you need to plan the items you want to buy with the gift. Then you need to know that your survey answers do not affect the sweepstakes results.

Because the company determines the winner by raffling your entry. So you do not have to worry about your criticism and suggestions affecting the sweepstakes results. At this stage, you should prepare your experience while eating in the restaurant. Do not let you give a fictitious comment. It means you do not give an honest opinion. Then your judgment can harm the company. here are the steps to perform Myzabyxvisit.

  1. Access

First, you must enter the official website of Myzabyxvisit. Here you only need to enter a keyword or website address. Then you can use any search engine. Probably the most familiar of course using google. After writing the website address, you need to click on the survey portal link. So you can use the keyword “Myzabyxvisit” or “Zaxby’s Survey”.

  1. Provide Zaxby’s receipt information.

Secondly, you should include some information about your visit. We have mentioned that you must keep your receipts. Because there is some information that you should enter when doing a survey. first, you have to enter the time and date to visit the restaurant.

Secondly, you must include the expenses you spent while in the restaurant. Thirdly, you need to enter the invitation code. All information is printed on your receipt. If you are confused, look at the example provided in the survey portal. An example of a receipt is to the right of the survey column.

  1. Answer Zaxby’s survey questions.

Third, Now it’s time you do Myzabyxvisit. Next, you can answer the survey question. They provide questions with a choice of answers. So you are easier to estimate your answer. You should read the question carefully. Then adjust to the events you experienced.

So the information you enter becomes objective. Because the information is based on facts. The questions available are simple and easy questions. Because this question is intended for restaurant consumers. So the company makes the question more familiar and easy to understand. Here is a question on Myzabyxvisit survey.

  • First, you need to answer questions about your satisfaction. In this question, you should assess overall. You can recall how the atmosphere at the restaurant.
  • Secondly, you should answer about the possibility of you recommending Zaxby’s. So, provide an assessment based on your opinion. If you feel satisfied, of course, you will recommend it to your friends. But if you are not satisfied, of course, you are reluctant to recommend the place.
  • Third, this question is almost the same as the previous question. Ask yourself, do you want to visit them again. If you feel comfortable, maybe you will often enjoy the food there, Of course when you are not satisfied, you will find other restaurants.
  • Fourth, in this question they want you to answer more specifically. So you have to give an assessment of the price and the menu. Whether the menu is available matches your expectations. Then you can judge the price of the menu in the restaurant.
  • Fifth, you need to assess employees in the restaurant. Remember back when you received the service. Are all employees friendly to you? Then do they provide information about the recommended menu? So you can make judgments based on your experience.
  • Sixth, they provide an opinion column for you. So you can comment in the form of criticism or suggestions on the column. Tell them about their experience. Good fun or disturbing experience.
  1. Enter Zaxby’s Sweepstakes.
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After you answer the questions, you should check back your answer. Because you have to answer all the survey questions. Make sure the answer you provide matches your experience. Now you have to enter your sweepstakes. First, you must enter your personal identity first.

First, you must enter a name. Secondly, you have to enter the phone number and email. Make sure your email address and phone number can be used. Because if you are lucky, they will contact you via email or phone. I hope you are lucky!

How Can I Contact Zaxby’s?

There are various ways to contact Zaxby’s. Here they provide various facilities for consumers. They hope consumers can contact Zaxby’s easily. Then you can contact by phone number. So you can talk directly with the customer service officer.

Then they will answer the problem you experienced. Secondly, you can contact them by email. So you can write whatever you think about Zaxby’s. The advantage is that you do not have to pay for mailing. Then you do not have to go to the post office. Third, you can contact them through social media.

Social media is something that is popular today. Many companies use social media to promote. They promote interesting products or programs from restaurants. So if you want to get free coupons or discounts, you can monitor their social media. Because they will update information through social media. If you have the android phone, of course, you have one type of social media.

Well, guys, you can also find the nearest location of the restaurant. You just have to enter Zaxby’s official website. Then you should click on the Find a Store menu. Next, you need to enter where you are. Immediately afterward you will find the location of the nearest restaurant. Another way to look for Zaxby’s is to use keywords. You just need to enter the keyword “Zaxby’s Locations Near Me”. Here are some ways to contact Zaxby’s Restaurant.

  1. The Zaxby’s Customer Service Phone number is 1,866,892,9297.
  2. Zaxby’s Restaurant Email Address is
  3. Facebook:
  4. Twitter:
  5. Instagram:

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