Mywingstopsurvey – Win $50 Wingstop Gift Card from Wingstop Survey

Are you the fans of chickens’ wings? If so, Wingstop must be in your favorite restaurant list. Have you known that you can win $50 Wingstop gift card by taking Mywingstopsurvey? If you want to win this grand prize, you have to enter Wingstop survey sweepstakes. So, every time you visit Wingstop, you should not trash your receipt. It is because Wingstop receipt is the main requirement of this program.

Mywingstopsurvey is an online survey portal created by Wingstop. Through this survey, Wingstop expects the dining feedback from their guests. The customers can share their eatery experience through Wingstop guest satisfaction survey. They can review the quality of the food, service, or even the restaurant’s cleanliness. What the customers tell through this survey is very important for Wingstop business’ sustainability. Wingstop will use the feedback as the consideration to improve the business.

If you are not familiar yet with Wingstop, you should not be sad. Here we present all information related to Wingstop online survey. Formerly, this survey is popular as Wingstop survey free wings, Wingstop survey free cookie, or Wingstop survey free fries. But, in this survey period, Wingstop does not offer freebies for the customers. This survey offers a gift card worth $50 as a reward. This prize is more precious, isn’t it? So, you should not waste your time. Prepare your receipt and follow our survey guideline below. Happy reading.

wingstop survey portal at mywingstopsurvey
wingstop survey portal at mywingstopsurvey

Wingstop Restaurant Profile

Wingstop is a unique restaurant that uses aviation theme. This erstaurant is specializing in serving chicken wings menu. The first Wingstop restaurant was established in Garland, texas, in 1994. But, now, this restaurant is headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Wingstop started offering the franchise business in 1998. Nowadays, there are more than 1250 Wingstop locations worldwide. As implied by its name, Wingstop serves wings and boneless chiken wings. But, you also can order other menu items such as chicken strips and other side dishes. If you want to explore about Wingstop restaurant, you can visit its official website at

At, you can review Wingstop menu and the nutrition facts. You can use Wingstop calculator to find out the amount of calories in Wingstop menu items. Besides, you also can sign up Wingstop e-club. When you become the member of Wingstop E-club, you will get the message for every updated information about this restaurant. Besides, you also can get the gift on your birthday.

MyWingstopsurvey Sweepstakes Rules

Before starting My Wingstop Survey sweepstakes, you need to find out the official rules of this program. You can check the complete rules on Mywingstopsurvey portal. But, for your convenience, we have presented the simple form of the survey sweepstakes rules on the following explanation.

  1. Survey sweepstakes eligibility.

MyWingstopsurvey is open to all customers of Wingstop restaurant. But, to be eligible for Wingstop sweepstakes program, the participants must have the following criteria.

  • The participants must be the legal residents of 50 states including District of Columbia.
  • The minimum age of the entrants is 18 years old.
  • All employees of Wingstop restaurant and the sweepstakes sponsor are not eligible to enter.
  • The immediate family members of Wingstop employees are not permitted to enter.
  1. Survey sweepstakes methods.
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There are two possible ways to enter Wingstop sweepstakes. Choose one of the entry methods below.

  • Online survey

In order to access Wigstop online survey, you have to make a purchase at Wingstop restaurant. When you get a Wingstop receipt, you can use it to enter My Wingstop survey portal. After completing this Wingstop guest survey, you will be entered into the sweepstakes program.

  • Mail-in sweepstakes.

If you do not amke any purchase at Wingstop, you still can enter the sweepstakes by mail. Check the complete entry steps on the following section.

  1. Sweepstakes reward.

Wingstop will do the weekly drawing. So, every week, there will be one sweepstakes winner. The winner will receive Wingstop gift card worth $50. In this survey period, Wingstop holds 39 weekly drawing period.

  1. Winner selection and notification.

Each week, Wingstop will select one sweepstakes winner randomly. So, the winner can be from either online or mail-in sweepstakes entry. Wingstop sweepstakes administrator will notify Wingstop sweepstakes winner by phone and email.

  1. Survey Sweepstakes rules.

If you do not want to lose the chance to earn Wingstop gift card, you have to obey the rules below.

  • One Wingstop receipt is only for one survey entry.
  • Wingstop limits one sweepstakes entry per person per day regardless the entry methods.
  • Mechanically reproduced sweepstakes entry will be void.
  • The notified winner has to confirm their mailing address within 48 hours.
  • The prize will be sent to their address within 4-6 weeks after the winner is verified.
  • The prize is not redeemable for cash.
  • The winner is responsible for the local tax, if applicable.

Wingstop Survey Preparation

If you are eligible to join Wingstop survey sweepstakes, you should prepare the requireents of the survey soon. What do you need to complete this Wingstop survey sweepstakes program? Here are some points you must prepare well.

  • Wingstop receipt.

Even this sweepstakes does not require any purchase, you still need Wingstop receipt to enter Mywingstopsurvey portal. But, if you submit the sweepstakes entry by mail, you do not need Wingstop receipt.

  • A device.

Mywingstopsurvey is accessible online. No doubt, the use of a computer or gadget is required. Using a smartphone is also applicable.

  • Internet connection.

My Wingstop Survey portal can be accessed if your device has a stable internet connection. So, connect your device to wifi or mobile internet data.

  • Email address.

No matter the sweepstakes entry methods you choose, you have to provide an email address. The sweepstakes administrator will contact you via email if you win Wingstop sweepstakes.

  • Writing tool.

If you prefer submitting mail-in sweepstakes entry, you need some writing tools. Prepare a card, a pen,a nd an envelope.

wingstop survey steps at mywingstopsurvey
wingstop survey steps at mywingstopsurvey

Wingstop Survey Steps

Have you ever taken Wingstop online survey before? It does not matter if it is your first time taking this survey. If you follow the guideline below, you will not face any difficulties in completing Winsgtop survey process. This survey is easy to accomplish. You just need less than 5 minutes to do all the survey steps. Here is the step by step to complete Mywingstopsurvey.

  • Step 1. Visit Wingstop survey portal.
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We have mentioned before that Wingstop only provides the online survey portal. So, use the compatibe browser to access Wingstop susrvey website. The survey portal is accessible at

  • Step 2. Change the language.

The default langauge setting used by Wingstop survey portal is English. But, if you are not fluent in using written English, you can change it into Spanish. Just click on Espanol link to change the language.

  • Step 3. Enter Wingstop restaurant number.

The survey system wants to identify Wingstop location you have just visited. So, you are required to enter the restaurant number. You can find this information at the top of Wingstop receipt.

  • Step 4. Indicate the date of visit.

The next, enter the purchase date. If you forget the day you went to Wingstop, you can look for this date information on the receipt. Click on the calendar image to enter the date and month.

  • Step 5. Enter the time of visit.

Also, you need to mention the time when you came to Wingstop restaurant.

  • Step 6. Enter order number.

The last receipt information needed is the order number. This detail is located under the time information in your receipt.

  • Step 7. Press the Start button.

After checking the receipt details you enter, you can click on the Start button. If the details are all valid, you will be able to start My Wingstop Survey.

  • Step 8. Answer Wingstop survey questions.

Try to recall your eatery experience at Wingstop. Then, answer Wingstop survey questions honestly. This survey asks about your overall satisfaction and opinion about the food, service, and restaurant’s cleanliness.

  • Step 9. Leave your Wingstop feedback.

There will be a special section in which you can write down your feedback. You can everything in your mind. Help Wingstop to be better by giving your suggestions or complaints.

  • Step 10. Enter Wingstop sweepstakes.

After submitting the survey, you will be invited into Wingstop swepestakes. If you want to win Wingstop gift card worth $50, you should miss this offer. Submit Wingstop sweepstakes entry by enetering your full name, age, address, email address, and phone number.

That’s all the simple guideline on how to complete Wingstop survey sweepstakes. Start from now, you should keep your receipt after visiting this restaurant. Who knows, you can win $50 from Wingstop. This gift card can be used at any locations of Wingstop. So, you can save your meal budget.

How to Submit Wingstop Sweepstakes Entry by Mail

In case you lose Wingstop receipt, you still have a chance to enter Wingstop sweepstakes. You can enter mail-in sweepstakes. This sweepstakes entry method does not require any purchase. So, even you do not make any transaction at Winsgtop, you still can join this contest. Just do the following procedure to submit Wingstop mail-in sweepstakes entry.

  • Step 1. Make sure that sweepstakes preparation is ready.
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Do you know the requirements of Wingstop sweepstakes? To submit the mail-in sweepstakes entry, you need the items below. First, prepare a pen and a piece of paper. Also, you need an envelope and email address.

  • Step 2. Handwrite your personal information.

Write down your full name and complete mailing address. Include your street name, city, zip code, and state. Do not use PO BOX address. Then, provide your age or date of birth information. Also, you should write down your email address and telephone number.

  • Step 3. Send your sweepstakes entry.

Put the paper into the envelope. Then, you should send this sweepstakes entry to the following address.

Wingstop Guest Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Entry

625 Panorama Trail

Suite 2100


NY 14625 2437

Wingstop Hours of Operation

Do you want to enjoy the delicious chicken wings menu? Going to Wingstop is the right answer. But, you should note that Wingstop does not offer the breakfast menu. So, you can visit this restaurant for lunch or dinner. You need to check Wingstop restaurant hours before you visit this place. Check wingstop general hours on the following table.

Days Wingstop hours
Monday 11 AM – Midnight
Tuesday 11 AM – Midnight
Wednesday 11 AM – Midnight
Thursday 11 AM – Midnight
Friday 11 AM – Midnight
Saturday 11 AM – Midnight
Sunday 11 AM – Midnight

From the table above, we can see that Wingstop is open at 11 AM every day. Then, this restaurant is closed on Midnight. So, in case you are hungry in the late of night, you can go to Wingstop nearby. But, you should note that Wingstop hours may vary by locations. So, every Wingstop chain may have different restaurant hours.

Wingstop Customer Service

In case you want to report any problem you experience during Wingstop visit, you can contact Wingstop customer service. Besides, you also can reach Wingstop Customer Support in case you want to ask some information about this restaurant. For instance, you can ask about Wingstop specials, Wingstop coupons, Wingstop rewards club, etc. Choose one of the methods below to get in touch with Wingstop Customer Service.

  • By phone.

For immediate issue, you can contact Wingstopon the toll-free phone number at 1-877-411-WING. This way, you can talk to Wingstop customer service staff directly. Make sure to call them during Wingstop business hours.

  • Feedback form.

Wingstop provides the feedback form on its official website. You can fill in this form to submit your message. You need to write down your contact information and restaurant location to send the message.

  • By Mail

For business inquiry, you can send your letter to Wingstop Corporate Office. Here is the address.

5501 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy;

Dallas, Texas 75240

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