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Pepsico, Inc is the international food and beverage company. Headquartered in New York, Pepsico runs the business in manufacturing and distributing food and drinks around the world. Many famous brands are the products of this company. For instance, it produces Pepsi, Tropicana, Frito-Lay, Quaker Oat, and Gatorade.

Nowadays, Pepsico has for about twenty-two brands. Then, this company also can sell their products in more than two hundred countries. No doubt, Pepsico becomes the second biggest food and beverage company in the world. In order to fulfill the customers’ need for their products, Pepsico employs more than 274.000 employees. Managing a large number of workers is not easy. So, this company launches MyPepsico.

With the use of MyPepsico, the company can organize all information related to their staffs. Besides, My Pepsico employment portal is also helpful for the employees. Pepsico staffs can access their employment details easily. Just by logging into My Pepsico, they can view all information they need. My Pepsico is an internal employment site. That is why this website is only accessible by Pepsico Employee.

For instance, the factory workers, co-packers, supplier, and office staffs will be able to access My Pepsico. To explore the information in My Pepsico, the users need Pepsico user id and password. That is why the people who do not work at Pepsico will not be able to log into this website.


MyPepsico login page provides the field to sign in. Besides, there is a link for the first time users as well. This link is for the new employee of Pepsico. Since they are newly hired, they have to register to My Pepsico to create the account. The next, they can start exploring My Pepsico. For the current users, My Pepsico is the source to view and update all employment info.

Since the employees’ personal data is a sensitive matter, you have to be careful in accessing it. Make sure that the internet you use is secured to avoid leaking your information. After successfully logging into My Pepsico, you will be able to view your employee benefits, pay statements and employee service as well. Continue reviewing this article to find out how to register and log into My Pepsico.

How to Register to My Pepsico?

Every new employee of Pepsico has to sign up at Pepsi to create a new account. They will not be able to log in before they register themselves. That is why My Pepsico provides the register link for the first time user. The registration process in My Pepsico login page is easy. You do not need much time to complete this process. When the requirement of signing up process is ready, you can create a Pepsico account in a few minutes.

Then, you will have access to view and update your account. Before registering yourself, make sure that you have GPID. What is GPID? Pepsico GPID is Global Personnel ID. Every employee of Pepsico will have this ID. Usually, when Pepsico hires you, the HR officer will give you GPID. So, you can use it to sign up at My Pepsico login page.

Is your GPID ready? If everything is well prepared, you can start following the registration steps below.

  • Access My Pepsico official site.

Visit the official employment portal. When you enter this address into your browser, the site will direct you into The correct website displays the various Pepsico products such as Pepsi, Lays, Quaker, and Tropicana. Then, in the middle of the page, you will find the Pepsico login field.

  • Select the language.

Since Pepsico is the international company, Pepsico provides some language choices on its web. If you do not use English, you can change the language setting of this website. The users can view this website in some languages. For instance, you can change it into French, Portugues, Spanish, Chinese, etc.

  • Review the Term of Use and Privacy Statement.
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Before you decide to register or log into Pepsico, you should review the Term of Use of this website. Besides, reviewing the Privacy statement as well as Terms and Condition is also crucial. Find out these links at the bottom of the My Pepsico page.

  • Select First Time User.

Under the login field, you can find three links. They are Forgot Your Password, Login Help, and First Time User. To sign up at this page for the first time, you have to select the third link. By clicking this link, you will be able to land on the My Pepsico registration page.

  • Enter Pepsico GPID.

For the first time login and registration, the site requires your identity. So, the first thing you have to enter is GPID. Global Personnel ID number usually consists of eight digits in length. If you do not know what your GPID is, you can ask your HR staff. After ensuring that GPID you enter is correct, you can select OK button.

  • Enter other information.

The website may need other information. For instance, you need to enter your date of birth and SSN. Follow all prompts at the site to complete your registration process.

  • Create the temporary password.

The password is the crucial aspect of logging into your Pepsico account. So, in this registration process, you have to set up the password. Make sure that your password is strong and secret. So, never let other people know your password. Since the password, you set for the first time is temporary, you can change this password anytime. Set a new password regularly to make sure that your account is safe.

  • Answer MyPepsico security questions.

To complete this registration process, you should answer some questions. The aim of this question is to secure your account. In case you lose your Pepsico password in the future, this question will help you to get your password back.

By answering this question, the site can authenticate that you are the real account holder. This is the end of the registration process. After setting up the password, you can try to log into Pepsico account for the first time. Just do the login guideline below to reach My Pepsico account.

How to Access My Pepsico Login Page?

Have you finished Pepsico registration steps successfully? Congratulation. Now, you have created Pepsico account. It means that you can access the employment info at My Pepsico. The login process is easier than the registration steps. It is because you can reach your account by doing only three steps. These are the steps of My Pepsico login.

  • Visit My Pepsico Login page.

Use your browser to access in your browser. Besides, you also can search MyPepsico through the search engine. No matter the method you choose, make sure that you access the correct website.

  • Change the language if necessary.

If you do not feel convenient accessing this web in English, you can choose another language. As the example, you can select Spanish, Chinese, French, etc.

  • Enter MyPepsico login details.

To access your account, enter the User ID. The next, you have to type the Pepsico password. This password is the one which you set up at registration process. If you do not remember your Pepsico password, you can select Forgot Your Password to reset it. Double check whether User ID and password are correct. The last, click on the Blue Log In button to view your Pepsico account.

Those are the simple and straightforward steps to log into the login portal. In case you lose or cannot remember your password, you can do the guideline below to get your password back. First, focus on the link entitled Forgot Your Password under the Login button.

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After selecting this link, the site will require you to enter the User ID. Then, you have to answer some security questions to verify your account. When you can provide the correct answers, My Pepsico will inform what your password is.

MyPepsico login page also provides the link to change your password. As stated above, you need to renew your password regularly. This way you can maintain the account security. Besides, changing your password frequently can reduce leaking information risk. In fact, you can update your password and other information by using Global Identity Management Tool or MyiDM.

Here are the steps of changing My Pepsico account. First, visit MyiDM website. You can access Then, you have to input your Global Personal ID. Enter your current password in the following field. After selecting Login button, you can click on the icon Change Password. Follow the instruction to replace your password with the new one.

The process of resetting and changing the website is very easy, isn’t it? But, if you face any trouble in doing this process, don’t doubt to contact Pepsico Local Service Desk. Besides, you also can contact Pepsico Support Center. Just call 1 888 433 2652 to get help. Pepsico Support Center staff will be glad to offer some help for you.

How to Reset PepsiCo Password?

In some cases, employees can feel the need to change their passwords. It can be for security reasons like they simply change the password regularly for accounts safety. Moreover, changing your password is able to decrease the risk of getting hacked by the malicious party. The following steps can help you to change your account password on PepsiCo employment portal.

  1. Go to Pepsico employee portal

You should be on the page of PepsiCo account. When the page has appeared, you may change the language setting first. Now you can see that there are 3 help options for you under the log in button.

  1. Click Login Help

Because you are here to change your password, choose Login Help. After you click Login Help, the page will load to another page where you will see some instructions for changing the password as well as a blue link. The blue link will direct you to

  1. Fill in your GPID and password

When you have reached the Pepsico page, you can enter your GPID and your temporary password.

  1. Click Login

After you are sure that your GPID and password are correct, click Log In button to enter your account.

  1. Click Change My Password

In your account, you can click a link to Change My Password. Then, fill create a new password and fill it into New Password field. Do not forget to fill Confirm New Password field with your new password.

  1. Click Change Password

After both fields have been completed, click Change Password to finish resetting. You can do the same steps every time you want to change your password for PepsiCo account.

What are the Benefits of Working at Pepsico?

There is no doubt that Pepsico is the leading company in food and beverage. That is why many job seekers want to build Pepsico Career. They want to be the part of this top food and beverage company. Offering the great benefit is one of the reasons why Pepsico can attract many applicants.

Pepsico offers more than salary. Every employee of Pepsico will receive the Total Rewards. It means, they can get the pay as well as the benefits. For instance, Pepsico offers the wellness program, health care benefits, life benefit, and retirement plan. View the explanation below to see the lists of benefit you can get as Pepsico employees.

  • Health and Insurance program.

Pepsico guarantees the health of its employees. The company makes sure that all employees are healthy. So, they can work properly. That is why Pepsico allows their staffs to choose the insurance as well as health benefit which match your need. The employees also can protect their family with this program. The plans you can choose are Dental and Vision, medical, disability insurance, and Life insurance.

  • Wellness program.
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Pepsico also encourages the staffs to achieve the wellness goal. This way, the employees can enjoy the healthy living and financial stability. The wellness program includes healthy Living to maintain your physical health. Besides, you also can apply for Healthy Money program. So, you can build your financial plan. It is the easiest way to save your future financially.

  • Retirement plan.

Every employee has to prepare their future life by signing up the retirement plan. For instance, they can join Pepsico 401 K plan. Every month, they can contribute in order to prepare the saving for their future.

  • Work and Life benefits.

Pepsico wants to create the balance between the employees’ work and life. So, this company offers some programs of life benefits. For instance, there are Employee Assistance Program, Home Insurance Program, and Education Assistance. Besides, the employees also can join Service Awards, Employee Discount, and Car discount program.

In order to get this employee discount, you have to be the member. Then, you should register the discount program at In the process of registration, you need to provide your details such as name and email. The next, create a membership password to get the instant access to many deals and offers. This program offers the daily discount for the various products.

  • Development Program.

Pepsico expects all of its staffs to develop their skill. The company encourages them to do the best thing they can do. No matter their position or job title, the company wants them to be able to make the self-improvement. That is why Pepsico provides some training program to increase the employees’ skill.

What is Pepsico Open Hours?

If you need to contact Pepsico Headquarter Office Teams, you can get then within Pepsico Business Hours of Operation. And, here the details are:

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How to Contact Pepsico Help Desk?

Previously we have discussed related history, profits and create an account. If you want to ask about the full version. You can take advantage of the company website. They provide many menus on the website. If you want to ask and consult about your problem, you can try this way.

  • Pepsico Inc. telephone number
  1. Employee Benefit Plan Participant: 1-800-632-2014.
  2. General Question: 1-800-433-2652
  • Corporate Social Media.
  1. Twitter :
  2. Facebook :
  3. Linkedin :
  4. Pinterest :
  5. Instagram :
  • Pepsico Employee Password Recovery
  1. For direct help from the PepsiCo Support Center, dial 1-888-PEPSICO.
  2. For another password help from PepsiCo, dial 1-888-737-7426.
  3. In case you need help while you are not in the US, dial 972-334-7674.

So, MyPepsico is the best portal for all Pepsico Employees. Yes, you can access the multiple tasks through this portal features. And sure, Pepsico Company hopes that you can give your best work performance using My Pepsico Employee Portal. With no doubt, you can claim your Pepsico Employee Benefits to motivate you working better every day.

Finally, you need to be patient waiting for the answer to your problem. If you find any difficulties with your access to the employee portal, contact customer service. They will help solve your problems. But if you still have problems you need to contact Mypepsico HR. Or you can visit the HR office for an explanation directly below is a list of numbers and social media links Pepsico.

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