Mynikevisit-na – Simple Steps to Grab Nike Survey $10 Gift Card

Are you the fans of Nike brand? If you love this sportswear brand, you must know about Mynikevisit-na survey. Nike invites you to be the participant of its customer survey. This survey lets you tell your most recent shopping experience at Nike Store. So, this apparel supplier company can evaluate the progress of its business. Besides, Nike can notice whether they can maintain the product and service quality. Furthermore, Nike can make sure that every shopper gets satisfied with their sportswear product.

Nowadays, Nike not only represents the brand of sportswear. But, people use Nike products for their fashion, styles, and everyday use. That is why Nike has to innovate in creating the stylish and comfortable products. This way, the customers will get satisfied shopping in this store. If you often go to Nike store, you should not miss My nike visit survey. Keep reviewing this article to get the idea how to complete the survey properly.


What are My nike visit-na Survey Rules?

For some people, keeping the purchase receipt is a useless activity. No doubt, most of them trash the receipt after making the payment. But, you should keep the receipt well after shopping at Nike Store. It is because you can turn this receipt into $10 Nike gift card. How can it be? To get this gift card, you have to enter this Nike customer survey. Besides, not all people can take part in Nike survey. It is because only those who own Nike receipt can be the survey participant. That is why you have to keep this receipt.

Every participant of Nike survey has to understand the survey rules. When they obey these rules, they will be able to get the gift card easily. Here are we have concluded some points about My nike visit-na survey rules.

  • Participant eligibility.

My nike visit-na survey is only for the United States legal residents. Then, the survey taker should be at 13 years of age or more. Besides, Nike store does not allow its employees to take this survey even they have the receipt.

  • The requirements.

To proceed this Nike survey, you need the survey code printed on Nike receipt. This code can expire in seven days. So, you have to take this survey soon after your visit to Nike store. Other requirements to take part in Nike Customer Satisfaction survey are the computer as well as the internet. Besides, every survey taker must have an email address. Without the email address, they cannot get the Nike survey gift card.

  • Survey reward.

The reward you can get from M Nike visit-na Survey is the gift code sent to your email. When you redeem this code, you can get $10 off for your next purchase. In fact, the value of the gift card as the survey reward will vary. Usually, Nike provides $5, $10, and $20 gift cards as the survey reward. But, on this occasion, Nike offers $10 off for the next purchase.

This coupon is redeemable at all locations of Nike Store, Nike Factory Store, Niketown, and Nike Clearance Store. But, you cannot get the discount when you purchase the product online at Every person can only redeem one discount coupon in one day. Besides, Nike does not allow you to redeem the coupon by combining it with other coupons or offers. Also, this Nike gift card is not redeemable for cash. Make sure you redeem this coupon in 60 days after it is issued.

What are the Steps of My Nike visit-na Survey?

Mynikevisit na survey is not difficult at all to complete. Even this is your first time taking part in Nike survey; you will be able to do all survey instructions easily. It is because nike visit-na survey is a simple survey website. When all survey requirements are ready, you will not get any trouble in accessing this survey. This survey takes no more than five minutes of your time. So, the time you have spent for doing this survey will be worthy of the survey reward you get. Only by responding a few questions at Mynikevisit, you deserve to get $10 gift card.

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Presented below is the guideline to complete the survey at nike visit-na survey portal. Review this procedure thoroughly so that you can this survey easily.

  • Access this official survey portal.

If you are the legal residents of the United States, you can visit Besides, you can simply enter this page in your browser’s web address bar. When you reach the home page of nike visit-na, you have to choose the language setting. As the example, you can prefer taking the survey in English, Spanish, Chinese, or French. This Nike survey portal uses cookies to enhance the survey taker’s experience. So, always enable the cookie and JavaScript setting before you load this survey page.

  • Input the survey code.

See the purchase receipt you got from Nike Store. During the survey period, every Nike receipt will contain the survey invitation code. The length of this code will vary from 15 up to 20 digits. Make sure you input this code correctly. Most people cannot start the survey since they make a mistake in entering this code. There will be the alert message which informs you that the code you enter is wrong. So, type every number of the survey code carefully. Then, never include the space or hyphen when you enter Nike survey codes.

  • Answer all questions.

When your Nike code is valid, you can start completing this online survey. Most of the questionnaires in this survey are in the form of multiple choices. Only one question which asks you to explain your comment. Give the honest response based on your shopping experience at Nike Store. Your feedback is very crucial for the Nike business improvement. So, you have to use this chance well to share your experience. This way, you will receive the better service from Nike on your next visit.

  • Write your contact info.

This survey does not give the coupon directly after you submit the survey. Nike survey $10 gift card will be sent to your email. Therefore, this survey requires your contact information including name and email address. If you do not want to provide your email id, you will not be able to get this coupon. Nike will not give your contact details to the third party. Besides, Nike will not contact you without your agreement. You can receive this $10 Nike Gift card within 4-11 business days. But, if you do not get any email in 11 days, you should contact Nike Shoes customer service. Call 1 800 806 6453 to complain about the survey reward. Besides, you also can complain by email. Just send your complaint email to this address

What are the Questions at Nike Survey?

The process of this survey takes approximately five minutes of your time. During Nike survey completion, you will get a series of the questionnaire. Mynikevisit survey questions may be a little bit different from other retail surveys. Another survey may require you to rate the convenience of the store, product, and service. But, this survey will not ask you to rate the details of the store and the service. Most of Nike survey questions comes in the form of multiple choices and interrogative questions. What are the topics of these questions? It will be about the details of your shopping experience at Nike Store. Review the lists below to get the clear understanding about My Nike Visit Survey questions.

  • The frequency of visiting Nike.

After entering the valid survey code, Nike gives you a warm welcome. Your participation and feedback are very important to this company. So, this asks you to think about your most recent experience at Nike Store. This way, your feedback will be more valid since it is based on your recent visit. To reach the first question, you have to click on the Orange Next button. The initial question at the portal is asking whether it was your first time to visit Nike store. Then, Nike wants to know how many times you visited Nike store in the last 60 days. Also, tell the frequency of visiting Nike Factory store as well as You can answer this question by selecting 1-4 times, 5-10 times, or more than ten times.

  • The distance of Nike store.
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The second question is asking the distance between your home to Nike store. Select the answer for how long do you take to travel by clicking 0-10 km, 10-25 km, 25-50 km, or more than 50 km.

  • Recommendation.

The next, state how likely you are to recommend Nike store to your family members or friends. The range of your likeliness is between 0 up to 10. Select zero if you are not likely to recommend at all. Besides, you can click on ten if you are extremely likely to recommend this store.

  • The reasons for visiting Nike store.

Then, select the reasons which bring you to Nike Store. For instance, you go to Nike since you love this brand and you want to check what Nike store offers. Besides, you may be interested in the product displayed on the windows. Moreover, you may go to this store because you want to see and purchase the specific product. Other reasons for visiting Nike are to attend Nike event, return the product, or ask some questions. My Nike visit-na allows you to select more than one reasons.

  • Type of product you buy.

Choose the products you purchase from Nike Store. Perhaps, you bought Footwear, Apparel, or Sports equipment. Then, specify the product which you are looking for. The options for this question are training man and woman, basketball, running, soccer, or football.

  • What influences your purchase and the purpose of your purchase.

First, indicate the reason which influenced you to buy the certain product. You might buy this product because of the advertisement, in-store display, or price. Besides, you may be interested in this product since you saw someone else wearing it. Moreover, you were happy with the service in Nike store, so you decided to buy it. The next, state the purpose of purchasing this product. For instance, you buy it to reach your fitness goal or for sport. Furthermore, you may choose this product for styles, everyday use or gift.

  • The shopping details.

Tell the details of your shopping activities at Nike Store. Respond every question by answering yes or no. First, state whether Nike employee helped you with the products. For instance, the Nike store crew helped you to find the product you are looking for. Also, state whether you tried any product in the fitting room. The next, indicate if you purchase the product you want. The last, give your opinion about the checkout experience. Was it efficient and pleasant?

  • Overall satisfaction and repurchase intention.

State your agreement or disagreement about two statements below. The first statement is overall you get satisfied. If you get a memorable shopping experience at Nike, you will agree with this statement. In contrast, if you did not find the products you were looking for, you can state you disagree. Also, state whether you agree to repurchase Nike products.

  • Opinion.

The next section lets you share your comment or opinion about Nike store. You can tell the elements of Nike store experience which meant most to you. As the example, you may like the service given by Nike employees. Besides, you may get satisfied with the arrangement of the products. This way, you can find the product easily. Explain your opinion in details. But, if you want to speed up the survey completion process, you may skip this question.  Leave the comment field blank and continue to the next question.

  • Gender and age.
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Indicate how old are you. Also, mention your gender. Nike survey requires these data for the statistical purpose.

  • Contact information.

At the end of Nike survey, you will get a question asking whether you would like to receive Nike coupon. You will not get this coupon immediately. It is because Nike will send the survey reward in the form of the gift card to your email. So, you have to provide your contact information for Nike survey. You should write your name and email account as the requirements of the survey reward. Do not worry about your privacy. Nike will not sell your information. Besides, this company will not contact you unless you ask for it. Within four business days, you will get this coupon in your email.

How to Contact Nike Store Customer Service?

In case you need the certain information about Nike, you can access This portal is the Nike official site. You can explore everything about Nike. For instance, you can sign up for Nike email. Besides, you can search Nike careers as well. This website allows you to purchase Nike products online. Then, you can check the order status and the payment as well. Besides, the most important section of this portal is the Contact menu. This menu can connect you to Nike Customer Service. This way, you can reach Nike Customer Relations everytime you need some help.

Nike provides some medias to get in touch with Nike company. Listed below are the Nike contacts you can reach.

  • Nike phone number.

Nike headquarters phone number is 1 503 671 6453. You can dial this number if you would like to ask some questions about Nike regional operation. Nike Customer Service is ready to respond your call from Monday to Friday in 24 hours. So, every time you need to ask the urgent issue, do not doubt to contact this number.

  • Live chat.

You can chat with Nike Customer Support staff by accessing its website. Go to the contact menu to find the option to chat interactively with the Help Desk. Through this chatting activity, you can ask the further information about Nike products and events. However, you cannot join this live chat anytime. It is because this feature is only available from Monday up to Friday at 8 am until 5 pm.

  • Email.

Nike allows its customers to reach the customer service by email. To send your email to Nike, you have to access Nike Contact menu. Then, select Email. After that, Nike web page will display the form in which you can write your question to the Support Team. Here are the steps to fill out this email form.

  1. Enter your email address. To receive the response from Nike, you have to input your email account. Then, re-enter your email id to confirm it.
  2. Enter the subject of the email. Indicate the topic of your question. Then, you can select the category of the email. For instance, you can choose Change/cancel the order, exchanges/return, find/purchase product, or product info. Besides, you also can track your order or ask for the website info.
  3. Write down your question. Enter the specific question. But you do not need to include the confidential information.
  4. Input your order number. If your question is about your online order, you have to enter the order number. This way, Nike can help you to track your order.
  5. Attach some documents. If necessary, you can upload the document to support your questions. For instance, you can include the payment slip. But, remember, the file size should not more than 20 MB. The last, click on Continue to send this email. Nike will reply your email within one business day.

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