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Hello coffee lovers! Do you want to be able to reference exciting coffee shops? Well, we have a coffee shop that you can try. Here they not only sell coffee. You can order cold drinks and food. If you live in London, you need to try this coffee shop. They are quite popular in Europe. Yes right, coffee lovers need to try Caffe Nero Coffee Shops. So they sell Italian coffee for you. If you want to spend time, coffee is your best friend. Loyal visitors have the opportunity to submit feedback. You only need one receipt from the last visit. Next, use your receipt on the Mynerovisit survey portal.

My Nero visit survey is a portal to gather feedback from coffee connoisseurs. Product buyers at Caffe Nero have the opportunity to use this portal. Because you only need to enter the details of the visit. What are the benefits of using this survey portal? So they prepare Caffe Nero Coupon for you. Get free coffee for one month at Caffe Nero. Isn’t this a pleasant offer? Coffee lovers need to try this advantage. We will help you get it through the survey process. If you don’t have experience, don’t hesitate to take the Caffe Nero survey. Our instructions will accompany you to begin the process of survey preparation. Good luck!

caffe nero survey portal at mynerovisit
caffe nero survey portal at mynerovisit

Caffe Nero Coffee Shops Profile

What do you know about Caffe Nero? This coffee shop is quite popular in the United Kingdom and European regions. If you are a new buyer, then get to know this coffee shop through our reviews. In this section, we have a profile of Caffe Nero coffee shop. We will start with the story of the growth of this shop business. Well, they were founded in 1997. The idea owner and founder of this coffee shop is Gerry Ford. Now he serves as CEO of this business. They have headquarters in London, England. More than 20 years ago, Gerry wanted to make a Traditional Italian coffee shop. He wants to establish coffee shops throughout Europe. At first, they only set up a few shops. Year after year the business is growing and has 800 coffee shops throughout Europe.

Caffe Nero is proven to maintain their quality and consistency. Visitors return to enjoy coffee and menus at this shop. What can you buy here? Well, they have 3 menu categories for you. First, you can try the coffee menu. Here they chose Italian coffee as the mainstay menu. Second, you can order food. Third, you can order cold or hot drinks.

  1. Coffee Menu. Here they have a latte, americano, cappuccino, Espresso etc. You can read it on the website through
  2. Food Menu. If you want to order food, you can choose vegan, gluten free etc. They can help you with a menu without allergens and vegetarians.
  3. Beverage Menu. You can choose milkshakes, frappes, or hot drinks.
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Mynerovisit Survey Rules

Are you interested in taking Mynerovisit? If you want to do this, don’t miss this part. Now you come to the Caffe Nero survey rules section. Before you use survey steps, first fulfill the eligibility rules. Some Caffe Nero buyers are prohibited from using the survey portal. If you are curious, find out the survey rules through the Mynerovisit page. You only need to read the Privacy Policy page. If you don’t want to get into trouble, read the survey rules review here. We summarize the survey rules easily and completely. After this we hope you don’t try to break the rules. Because they can cancel your coupon.

  1. My nero visit survey is only open to legal residents of the United Kingdom. This survey does not apply outside the United Kingdom. If you are not a resident of this country, then withdraw from the survey process.
  2. Residents who want to take part in the My nero visit survey are at least 18 years of age or older. If you are not old enough, you can ask a parent or colleague to take this process.
  3. Survey portal users need to master basic English. So this online survey uses English. If you have difficulty with English, get help from the dictionary. Then you can ask a friend to help the survey process.
  4. You may only take one survey in a one month period. Even though you have several receipts, you can only take one survey per month.
  5. You only have 30 days to complete the survey. If you exceed 30 days, the receipt will expire. You need to make a new transaction.
  6. Employees and families are prohibited from using the Mynerovisit portal. This regulation applies to other companies related to Caffe Nero.
  7. After the survey process, you are entitled to get Caffe nero coupon. Here they have free coffee for one month for you. You cannot exchange prizes for cash. Then you can only redeem coupons once.

Caffe Nero Survey Preparations

After reading the regulations section, we hope you know the eligibility survey. If you meet the rules, you can read this section. Here we will help you to prepare your online survey needs. Basically Mynerovisit needs the same as other online surveys. We only need to help you choose standard requirements. Because standard tools can help your online survey process smoothly. Basically, this survey requires only 3 devices. They are laptops/computers, browsers and internet networks. All three are the basic needs of taking Mynerovisit. You can read our full review below.

  1. Select a standard device for the survey.

Here you have two choices of standard devices. They are a computer or laptop. Choose one to support your survey. Both have a standard survey portal display for you. So you can read the instructions and questions easily. If you have trouble getting both of them, use your smartphone.

  1. Select the browser for the survey tool.
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Next your device needs to have a browser. You need to use it to open a survey website. Choose a popular browser for a simple and easy survey process. Google or Mozilla are two popular browsers that you can try.

  1. Connect the device to the internet.

Next you need internet support for surveys. Here you can get a stable connection as the first choice. Select the location closest to the hotspot center. Then look at the internet package before using it.

  1. Get a Caffe Nero receipt.

Next you need to buy the menu at Caffe Nero first. Get a receipt to enter the survey portal. They will ask you to complete the visit detail column. You only have 30 days to complete the survey. After 30 days, you cannot use the information on the receipt.

  1. Get your stationery.

After the survey, you need to write a gift code. You can see it on the device screen after the survey. Write the validation code and get your coupon. Then you only need to bring the coupon to the nearest Caffe Nero shop.

Caffe Nero Survey Steps at MyNeroVisit
Caffe Nero Survey Steps at MyNeroVisit

Mynerovisit Survey Steps

After completing the survey preparation, you can do the survey stage. Here you need to follow some easy steps to complete the survey. If you don’t want to get into trouble, follow our instructions. Why does Caffe Nero need your feedback? Here you need to help them to find the advantages and disadvantages of this business. Caffe Nero coffee connoisseurs are entitled to provide feedback. Because those who have satisfaction and feel the service at the coffee shop. If you like this coffee shop, help them grow. Well, let’s do the survey process right now.

  1. Open the official survey portal.

First, you need to find and open the Mynerovisit portal. Use the three basic devices to pass the first stage. Enter in the browser search bar. Click enter or search icon to get the survey portal. Then you can see the survey portal page on your device’s screen.

  1. Select one option.

On the first page, you can see a brief briefing about the survey. Then you need to make a choice. If you just visited the store, select yes I visited Caffe Nero recently. When you are finished making choices, click on the Next button.

  1. Answer a few survey questions.

In this section they will take you to the survey questions. This stage asks you to choose the answer to the question. You only need to answer truthfully based on a recent visit to Caffe Nero. You need to remember a few service topics at the coffee shop. First, remember the menu you ordered. Second, you need to remember the price you need to pay. Third, remember your level of satisfaction with their staff or store. You can see some survey questions in the next section.

  1. Take Caffe Nero coupon.

Next you need to make a coupon. At the end of the survey, they will display a gift code. Write the code to make Caffe nero coupon. Use the blank space on the receipt sheet to write the survey code.

  1. Reedem your coupon.
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Finally, you can look for the nearest Caffe Nero shop. Bring your coupon and redeem it for a gift from Caffe Nero. Here you can get free coffee or a discount. Remember, you can only exchange coupons once. Then you cannot exchange coupons for cash or other prizes.

Caffe Nero Survey Questions

After knowing the survey process, we have special assistance. At this stage, you can read a number of survey questions. Read the list below and prepare your answers. Happy reading!

  1. What drinks did you buy at the Coffee Shop? They have several menu choices for you. Choose one or more menus that you bought.
  2. What food did you order at the Caffe Nero Store?
  3. Give a rating for the quality of the coffee. (Rate 1-5).
  4. Give your satisfaction rating for food quality. (Rate 1-5).
  5. Give a rating for service quality. (Rate 1-5).
  6. Give a rating for the speed of service. (Rate 1-5).
  7. Give a rating for the cleanliness of the store. (Rate 1-5).
  8. How likely is it that you will recommend this shop to friends and family? (Rate 1-10).
  9. Give your comments about the Caffe Nero coffee shop.
  10. How often do you visit this coffee shop?
  11. Enter your opinion for the level of satisfaction with service in the shop. (rate 1-5)
  12. Enter your opinion for the level of satisfaction with staff in the shop. (Rate 1-5).
  13. Give ratings for food, drinks and coffee menus in the shop. (Rate 1-5).
  14. Give a rating for the checkout process.
  15. Do you have a problem at the coffee shop? Yes or no question.

Caffe Nero Hours

Next, you need to know store hours. Why do you need this information? Well, we want your experience to go to a coffee shop enjoyable. Don’t miss store hours to enjoy their coffee. You can get this information through the store locator. Let’s see the easy method below.

  1. Visit the official website portal through
  2. Click on the store locator icon.
  3. Click on the local store address link.
  4. Record the phone number, address and store hours of the local store.
  5. Click directions to get directions.


Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 6.30  am 9.00 pm
Tuesday 6.30  am 9.00 pm
Wednesday 6.30  am 9.00 pm
Thursday 6.30  am 9.00 pm
Friday 6.30  am 9.30 pm
Saturday 7.00  am 9.30 pm
Sunday 7.30 am 9.00 pm

Caffe Nero Customer Service

You can get Caffe Nero customer service in this section. In this way you can enter opinions without a survey portal. Record this information to help you in the future.

  1. Visit the FAQs page. Select the contact us menu on the page
  2. Caffe Nero customer service phone number.
    • 0207 520 5150.
    • Visit the store locator via to get local Caffe Nero customer service.
  3. Caffe Nero social media.
    • Facebook: Caffe Nero.
    • Instagram: @caffenero.
    • Youtube: @caffenero.

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