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Hello, seafood menu lover? Here we have a reference to help seafood lovers find their favorite restaurant. Well, are you a resident of the United States? If you are bored with fast-food chicken restaurants, then try this restaurant. Yes right, seafood lovers need to try the food at Long John Silver’s Restaurant. They use seafood as the main ingredient in the restaurant. Here they sell grilled seafood, tacos, sides, etc. You do not need to doubt the quality of the food here. They only use fresh seafood for your dining experience. Long John Silvers’s has a menu of fish, Alaska Pollock, Cod, and Salmon. Won’t you be satisfied with the food in this restaurant? Then you have the opportunity to save money on food. You only need to use Mylongjohnsilversexperience.

Long john silver’s survey is an easy way to convey feedback to restaurants online. Well, you only need less than 10 minutes to complete this survey. Then they will give you Long john silver’s coupons for you. If you want to save money on eating at this restaurant, then take an online survey with us. You will not have difficulty getting to the final stage of the survey. So you can make coupons and redeem them at the nearest restaurant. Are you ready to use our instructions? Let’s do it together.

long john silvers survey at mylongjohnsilversexperience
long john silvers survey at mylongjohnsilversexperience

Long John Silver’s Restaurant Profile

If you want to use the survey portal, you can read this section first. In this section, you can read a short story from the Long John Silver’s Restaurant business. This information will help new customers get to know the restaurant. Then this basic knowledge can be a guide to answering survey questions. Let’s check this out.

Long John Silver’s is a seafood restaurant from the United States. They take the name of the restaurant from the main character of a novel. The novel is titled Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. Long John Silver’s uses the concept of a fast-food restaurant. This business was founded in 1969. So they have been making seafood menus for visitors since 50 years ago. The first location of this restaurant is Lexington, Kentucky. But, now they have a head office in Louisville, Kentucky.

What can you buy at this restaurant? Here they have seafood as the main ingredient in the restaurant menu. You can buy the combo, tacos, sides or dessert menus. If you want to know their menu, you can open the Long John Silver’s official website. There you not only see delicious menus from this seafood restaurant. Well, visit the Promotions submenu to choose the save package menu. This restaurant has 8,400 employees. Then they operate under the holding company LJS Partners LLC.

Long John Silver’s Experience Survey Rules

Before you use your opportunity to take Long John Silvers Survey, check the rules first. Here we have some instructions to find out your eligibility. If you are eligible to join this survey, let’s do it together. We do not want you to make violations in the survey process. Because they can refuse your coupon. If you don’t want to get that experience, read the rules below. You can check your status through the list of rules below.

  1. This survey is only open to legal residents of several countries. They are 50 United States, Guam, Columbia, and Puerto Rico. If you are not a resident of that country, you must give up on this survey.
  2. You don’t need to make additional transactions. Because the number of your transactions cannot increase your chances of getting a coupon.
  3. At least you were 18 years or older at the time of taking the survey. If you are not old enough, you can ask your parents or siblings for help.
  4. If you work at Long John Silver’s, you are forbidden to take surveys.
  5. The family of staff at this restaurant cannot use this survey portal.
  6. If you are a member of Long John Silver’s sponsor and business partner, then you are participating in the survey.
  7. If you successfully complete the survey, you are entitled to get a coupon from a restaurant. Here you need to exchange coupons for prizes at the next visit. You cannot choose or exchange gifts from restaurants. Then you can only use coupons for one transaction.
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Long John Silver’s Survey Preparations

There are several items you must prepare before you take Long John Silver’s Survey. The preparation below enables you to complete the survey without any trouble. So, what do you need to prepare for this survey? Here are the items you need.

  1. Survey devices (computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet).
  2. Compatible Browser
  3. Stable internet connection
  4. Long John Silver’s receipt.
  5. A pen.
long john silvers survey
long john silvers survey steps

Mylongjohnsilversexperience Survey Steps

After reading the survey rules and preparations, we hope you are ready to take the survey. At this stage, you can read how to complete a satisfaction survey at Long John Silver’s restaurant. Here we want you to use experience and honesty to answer survey questions. If you use the survey portal, then you can help them get ideas. Then the restaurant will help you get a better experience in the future. If you want to use this opportunity, follow the steps of Long john silver’s survey below.

  1. Visit the Mylongjohnsilversexperience Portal.

Complete the first step with the help of your browser and the internet. Use the address to open the survey portal. Click enter to open the survey page.

  1. Select the portal survey language.

Here you can use the survey portal in English or Spanish. Basically they use English in the default settings. If you want to make changes, click on the Espanol link.

  1. Enter the details of Long John Silver’s receipt.

Here you need to open receipts from restaurants. They need a store number and ticket number. Both of which you can see in your receipt. But in this survey, they could not see examples of receipts. After filling the two fields, click on the start button.

  1. Answer the Long John Silver’s Survey question.
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In this section, you need to enter your level of satisfaction and answers. If you want to change the survey page, click on the Next button. You can answer multiple-choice questions, reviews or yes or no. We will help you with a list of questions in the next section.

  1. Write a validation code to make a coupon.

You can use the free space on your receipt sheet to write down Long John Silver’s validation code.

  1. Redeem your Long John Silver’s coupons.

On your next visit, you need to bring your coupon. Here you can exchange coupons for rewards from restaurants.

Mylongjohnsilversexperience Survey Questions

Well, would you like our help to answer survey questions? Here we have a list of survey questions. You can make plans before answering questions. If you can’t wait to complete the survey, you can read the questions here.

  1. What is your type of visit to a restaurant? (Dine in or Carry out)
  2. What day did you visit the restaurant?
  3. What time do you go to the restaurant?
  4. Give a rating for your general satisfaction. (Rate from Highly Satisfied to Highly Dissatisfied).
  5. Rate the menu portion. (Rate 1-5).
  6. Menu variations. (Rate 1-5).
  7. Staff appearance. (Rate 1-5).
  8. the temperature of your food. (Rate 1-5).
  9. Staff friendliness at the restaurant. (Rate 1-5).
  10. Taste your food. (Rate 1-5).
  11. Give value to the price of food. (Rate 1-5)
  12. Select the menu you like.
  13. Did you get into trouble at the store (yes or no).
  14. Fill in the comments column with problems, suggestions or criticism.
  15. Do they repeat your order? (yes or no).
  16. Do they welcome your arrival? (yes or no).
  17. Enter the menu you ordered.
  18. The reason you came to Long John Silver’s

Long John Silver’s Hours of Operation

After you get the coupon, you need to read this section. Are you a new visitor to this seafood restaurant? Well, redeem your coupon for a gift from Long John Silver’s. Then you can get a free or discounted seafood menu. Remember, you cannot exchange or choose a gift from a restaurant. Next, we have a way to get the best location and time to go to the restaurant. If you don’t want to be disappointed in your first visit, then read our instructions. You need to know the operating hours of this restaurant. So we have one way to find out the nearest store hours and locations. Yes right, you can use the restaurant search feature on the official website.

  1. Visit the official Long John Silver’s Restaurant website. Use the address in the search box of your device. Click enter to get this page.
  2. Get a location search button. Next you need to find the store locator feature. Click on the “find a restaurant” button. This button is in the top right corner of the website.
  3. Enter location information. Here you need ZIP Code, Place or Keyword. You need to have one location information to start the search process. After filling in the location search field, click on the next icon.
  4. Get Long john silver’s customer service. On the device screen will display detailed local store information. Use the telephone number of the nearest restaurant to find out their store hours.
  5. Click directions to get help to visit the nearest restaurant.
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Well, you can use this method to get store hours. But here we have a list of Long John Silver’s Hours for you. So, skip the steps above and visit your favorite restaurant.

Day Opening hours Closing hours
Monday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Tuesday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Wednesday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Thursday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Friday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Saturday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Sunday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
  1. Is Long John Silver’s Restaurant open today?

Yes, it is open. You can visit them today. Basically this restaurant is open Monday to Sunday. However, before going to a restaurant you need to see the list of store hours above. Then every restaurant can have different opening and closing hours. Regions can affect their store hours.

  1. What time is Long John Silver’s Restaurant open?

This restaurant opens at 10:00 am. Well, come to the restaurant after 10:00 a.m. You don’t need to be afraid of changing the opening hours. Because this time is valid Monday through Sunday. They don’t make changes to opening hours on weekends.

  1. What time is Long John Silver’s Restaurant close?

You can leave the restaurant before 9:00 at night. Here they are open for 11 hours for you. On weekends they don’t have closing hours changes. So you don’t need to make changes to the plan. Contact customer service to get valid store hours.

Long John Silver’s Customer Service

Do you have difficulty using the Mylongjohnsilversexperience portal? If you get into trouble, you can ask the staff. Here you have several ways to contact Long John Silver’s. Yes right, they have a customer service department to help you with your problem. If you are not eligible to use the survey portal, use this method. Here you can submit problems or complaints without going through the survey process. But you cannot get a reward. Well, let’s look at some ways to contact Long John Silver’s.

  1. Long John Silver’s Official Website.

First, you can use the official website to convey feedback. Visit them through Then open the “Get in touch” page. There you need to fill in the feedback form. Then fill in the subject, problem and email fields. After completing the form, click on the send button.

  1. Long John Silver’s Mailing Address.

Second, you can send a letter to convey feedback. If you make a letter, you cannot get a reply in a short time. You need to send the letter at the address below.


10350 Ormsby Park Place, Ste. 300, ​​Louisville.

KY 40223.

  1. Long John Silver’s Social Media.

Are you a social media user? If you have social media, then you can contact Long John Silver’s. Here they have Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You will not miss the breaking news if you use this method. Then they can offer a promo menu through social media. Below is Long John Silver’s social media.

Twitter: @longjohnslvrs.

Instagram: @longjohnsilvers.

Facebook: @ LongJohnSilvers.

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