MyHoneybakedfeedback – Grab $5 off Honey Baked Coupon from HoneyBaked Survey

MyHoneyBakedFeedback is the guest survey from HoneyBaked Ham restaurant. After making the purchase in HoneyBaked, you will get a receipt containing the survey code. Then, use this code to access

Entering this survey gives you a chance to tell your recent experience at Honeybaked. Besides, it also gives you the opportunity to grab Honeybaked coupon discount. Honey Baked survey takers will receive $5 off for their next purchase. So, if you want to get the discount from HoneyBaked Ham, you should not miss taking this survey.

About HoneyBaked Ham and MyHoneyBakedfeedback

HoneyBaked Ham is a casual restaurant founded in 1957. HoneyBaked is different from others. It is because HoneyBaked still uses the traditional cooking procedure. This way, all the menu at Honeybaked restaurant has the unique taste.

Because of this cooking procedure, HoneyBaked Ham has the loyal guests. No doubt, we can find this restaurant in 400 locations in the US. Besides, HoneyBaked does not only provides the dine-in menu. The customers also can order HoneyBaked catering menu. So, when you have a party at your house, you just need to order the catering service from HoneyBaked Ham.

MyHoneyBakedFeedback survey
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When you have HoneyBaked Ham receipt, you have to participate in Honey Baked survey soon. This survey helps you to save your meal budget. Why? It is because this restaurant offers $5 coupon discount as the reward. Read this article thoroughly to find the survey guideline.

Besides, we also present Honey Baked Survey rules as well. So, you will notice how to involve in this survey. But, if your Honey baked receipt is lost, you still can submit the feedback on But, you have to notice that the feedback form does not give you any reward. Besides, this article also guides you to locate Honeybaked locations near you. Furthermore, you can know how to get in touch with Honey baked customer service to ask for help.

What are the Requirements and the Rules of Honey Baked Feedback Survey?

Noticing Honey Baked survey rules and requirements is a must. You can prepare everything you need to enter My Honey Baked Feedback survey. Besides, knowing the rules also enables you to get the coupon with ease. To make you ready to take part Honey Baked survey, review the rules below.

  • Survey requirements.

In order to enter Honey Baked survey, certain items must be ready. What are they? First, HoneyBaked Ham receipt should be in your hand. To begin the survey, you need to supply some information. As the example, you need HoneyBaked survey invitation code, along with date and time of visit.

You can enter these details easily if you have the receipt. Therefore, Honey Baked guests cannot enter this survey if they do not have the recent receipt. Also, you must prepare a PC or smartphone to access the survey. Then, do not forget to connect it to the reliable internet access.

  • Survey participants.

Honey Baked survey is open to all the guests. But, they have to be at least 18 years old. They must have the receipt from their recent purchase. Then, you should notice that Honey Baked Feedback survey is not for HoneyBaked Ham employees. The family members of HoneyBaked Ham are also not eligible.

  • Survey reward.

HoneyBaked ham offers the coupon discount as the survey reward. The validation code you receive after completing Honey Baked survey serves as this coupon. So, keep this code well by writing it on Honey Baked Ham receipt. When you visit Honey baked restaurant, you can claim $5 discount. But, you need to purchase HoneyBaked menu at least $25.

  • Survey Rules.

You have to take HoneyBaked survey within two days after purchase. If you enter MyHoneyBakedfeedback survey after two days, your survey code is not valid anymore. Honey Baked limits the time for taking the survey. It is because HoneyBaked wants the survey takers to recall their dining experience easily. Besides, you only can redeem one coupon in a day. Also, you cannot use Honey Baked coupon with other offers.

How to Complete MyHoneyBakedFeedback Survey?

Completing Honey Baked survey is simple. It is not a matter whether you have never taken Honey Baked Ham feedback survey before. The process of Honey Baked feedback survey needs for about five minutes. Generally, here is Honeybaked Feedback survey guideline.

  1. Enter Honey Baked survey portal.
  2. Input the date of visit.
  3. State the time of visit.
  4. Input Honey Baked survey code.
  5. Answer Honey Baked survey questions.
  6. Write HoneyBaked validation code.
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Is the guideline below clear enough for you? If it is not clear yet, you should review the explanation below.

  • Enter HoneyBaked survey portal.

HoneyBaked ham survey website is accessible at Besides, you can simply type in your browser. Prepare Honeybaked ham receipt handy before accessing this portal. It is because you need to enter some Honeybaked receipt details to start this survey.

  • Input the visit date.

Can you recall when you visited HoneyBaked Ham restaurant? If you forget the date, you should see the date information on HoneyBaked receipt. Select the calendar image to set the date of your visit.

  • Enter the visit time.

Also, the survey taker needs to indicate what time they visit HoneyBaked Ham. The time information is also available on Honey Baked receipt.

  • Write down Honey Baked survey code.

See the bottom portion of your Honey Baked Ham receipt. Do you find HoneyBaked survey code there? HoneyBaked Ham survey code usually consists of eleven digits in length. To enter HoneyBaked survey successfully, you have to enter this code correctly. The survey website will notify you if HoneyBaked survey code you enter is not valid.

  • Answer and Rate the questionnaire.

Honey Baked survey asks the survey takers to rate the satisfaction level. Besides, they must rate Honeybaked associates, menu, as well as Honeybaked restaurant cleanliness. Furthermore, the survey takers have the chance to express the reason why they like or dislike the restaurant.

You can use this chance to convey your complaint and compliments to Honeybaked. Before the survey ends, you need to submit your personal data. So, it is good to read Honey Baked survey privacy policy. This way, you will know how Honeybaked uses your data. But, you should not doubt to submit your details. It is because HoneyBaked only uses the survey takers’ data for the record. This company will not use your data for other purposes.

  • Write Honey Baked survey coupon code.

After responding all HoneyBaked survey questions, you will receive Honey Baked coupon code. You have to record this code on HoneyBaked receipt. Then, you can redeem this coupon discount at any HoneyBaked Ham locations. As the survey reward, Honey Baked offers $5 off for your next purchase. But, you have to spend at least $25 to receive this discount. Make sure you use HoneyBaked coupon before it expires.

What are the Questions at HoneyBakedFeedback Survey?

Have you ever accessed Honeybaked Ham survey? If you want to get Honeybaked Ham coupon, you should not miss this survey. You just need to answer Honeybaked survey question to grab the validation code. The questions in this survey are not difficult at all.

It only asks your recent dining experience at HoneyBaked Ham restaurant. Knowing the survey questions makes you easier to complete HoneyBakedFeedback survey. That is why here we try to present Honeybaked ham survey questions.

  1. Overall satisfaction.

You must receive this question in every customer survey you take. It is because the customer survey includes Honeybaked survey aims to identify your dining satisfaction. So, you should recall how nice your previous dining experience at HoneyBaked restaurant. Then, select the satisfaction level by giving the rating 1 up to 5. The higher score you give means that you were more satisfied.

  1. Type of order.

The next, you have to tell how you order your meal at HoneyBackHam. Maybe, you dine in the HoneyBaked to enjoy the salad or sandwich. Besides, you may purchase the food to take it away or to go. Perhaps, you order HoneyBaked Ham catering. The last, you may make a retail purchase. For instance, you may buy the half ham, turkey breast by the slices, or the frozen sides.

  1. Store condition.

The way you order the food at HoneyBaked Ham restaurant will affect the type of questions on the next step. As the example, you may select Dine In. So, in the next section, you will get the questions about the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Then, it also asks about the cleanliness of the HoneyBaked Ham restaurant. Also, you should give your opinion on the cleanliness of HoneyBaked ham restroom. But, if you do not visit HoneyBaked restroom, you can click on NA.

  1. HoneyBaked Ham Associates.

Then, HoneyBakedFeedback survey asks you to rate its associates. State how friendly the store associates at HoneyBaked Ham restaurant. Then, provide your review about how fast the associates prepare and serve your order.

  1. HoneyBaked Ham food.

This is the important question at HoneyBaked survey. It is because all people who come to Honeybaked Ham has a purpose of enjoying the menu. That is why you should give your review about Honeybaked food. First, you should rate the temperature of HoneyBaked menu you ordered.

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Then, rate the accuracy of the menu you order. Did you get what you order correctly? Also, rate the taste of Honeybaked menu item. Reviewing the variety and the quality of the menu is also necessary.

  1. Recommend and Return.

Like other surveys, HoneyBaked Ham customer survey asks whether you would like to recommend this restaurant to others. Then, it also asks you whether you are willing to return to Honeybaked Ham restaurant within 30 days.

  1. Suggestion and comment.

In this part, you should write any comment as well as suggestion to make your dining experience at HoneyBaked Ham better. Also, tell the reason why you do not feel highly satisfied with your dining. This way, HoneyBaked can evaluate their weakness in serving the guests. So, in the future, HoneyBaked Ham can give the better quality of service.

  1. Details of the visit.

MyHoneybakedfeedback survey also asks the details of your dining experience. For instance, it asks whether you were thanked by the associates. Then, tell whether you got the friendly greeting from HoneyBaked associates. Also, state if HoneyBaked Ham staff invites you to come back. Then, tell whether HoneyBaked Ham team member suggests you the additional menu.

  1. The amount you spent.

To answer this question, you should look at your Honeybaked receipt. Then, write the total amount you spent to enjoy HoneyBaked Ham menu on your last visit.

  1. Personal info.

Honeybaked Ham survey wants to classify the survey takers. That’s why it asks these following questions. First, the survey taker has to indicate the gender. Then, they need to tell their age. Also, they have to mention the amount of the annual income.

  1. Contact information.

HoneyBaked Ham requires you to provide the contact information. These details include your first and last name along with your email address. You should trust HoneyBaked Ham that this company will not use your information for another purpose. This is the end of HoneyBaked Ham customer survey. You will get Honeybaked validation code which appears on the screen. Record and redeem this code to enjoy HoneyBaked Rewards.

What is HoneyBaked Website, HoneyBaked Hours, and HoneyBaked Locations?

The information below will be helpful if you need any info about HoneyBaked Ham restaurant.

  • Honeybaked Website.

Anytime you need the trusted information about HoneyBaked; you should access HoneyBaked official website. Use your browser to visit This Honeybaked website contains the complete details of this restaurant. As the example, you can browse about Honeybaked Ham menu, Honeybaked Ham catering, and HoneyBaked Ham Special offers. Furthermore, you can view HoneyBaked Ham recipe and gift card as well.

  • Honey Baked Ham Hours.

Before visiting Honeybaked restaurant, you should notice HoneyBaked hours. This way, you will know what time Honeybaked Ham opens and closes. Every HoneyBaked restaurant has its own operating hours. So, you should check the operation hours of HoneyBaked ham near you. You can use Honeybaked store locator on the website. This feature will inform you HoneyBaked hours in all locations.

To specify the result, you should enter your home zip code. This way, the website will focus on searching the operating hour information of the restaurant near you. HoneyBaked ham has the regular hours and the Easter Hours. During the regular hours, usually, it opens at 10 am and closes at 6 pm. Besides, HoneyBaked Ham Easter Hours start from 9 am up to 7 pm.

  • HoneyBaked locations.

When you are in another town, you may wonder where is Honeybaked ham locations near me? In this situation, you should not be panic. It is because there are many tricks to locate Honeybaked ham. Try one of the tricks below.

  1. HoneyBaked Ham store locator.

This store locator is available at Honeybaked website. So, you need to load Then, focus on the menu at the top right corner of the page. In this section, you should click on Find a Store. The next, input the Zip code to locate Honeybaked Ham restaurant around you.

Honeybaked store locator will inform you about the address of restaurant nearby. Also, it informs you the distance, HoneyBaked hours, as well as the phone number of the restaurant.

  1. Search engine or Google Map.

Every smartphone must have the search engine or the online map. You can use these menus to locate HoneyBaked restaurant. You just need to type HoneyBaked near me, HoneyBaked Ham near me, or HoneyBaked ham location near me. Then, review the result of the search. You can select the location which is the closest one.

  1. HoneyBaked Ham App.
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The last, you can download HoneyBaked App. This app enables you to receive the notification about HoneyBaked restaurant. Besides, it allows you to receive HoneyBaked Rewards as well. Also, you can search HoneyBaked restaurant nearby using this application.

How to Submit HoneyBaked Feedback through

Taking part in Myhoneybakedfeedback survey is not the only way to share your feedback. To participate in this survey requires Honey Baked receipt. So, what if you do not have Honey Baked receipt? Whereas you want to submit Honey Baked feedback.

Luckily, Honey Baked website provides the contact form for its guests. Then, their guests are free to fill out this form with their dining feedback. How to complete and submit this form? Check out the step by step below.

  • Visit HoneyBaked Ham official site.

Just access soon. This website contains a lot of information. Everything you want to know about HoneyBaked is available on this portal. For instance, you can review the menu, lunch and catering, gift card, special offers, etc.

  • Select Contact Us.

The next, click Contact us. This option is available under Customer Service menu.

  • Choose the type of feedback.

On the new page, there will appear several options to contact HoneyBaked. If you want to talk to HoneyBaked via the feedback form, you should choose the feedback type. The options are store visit feedback, shipped order feedback, as well as media and press inquiry.

  • Select the location.

You can allow HoneyBaked website to identify your location automatically. Besides, you can enter your city to locate the Honeybaked restaurant. The next, this website will display some HoneyBaked restaurants in your city. Then, click on the location you have just visited.

  • Press Start button.

To start giving your feedback, you should click the Start button. This button will lead you to the process of submitting the candid feedback.

  • Select the kinds of comment.

What comment will you convey through this menu? Four options are available. They are Compliment, Suggestions, Complaint, and something else.

  • Tell your comment.

In the next section, you are allowed to write your comment freely. The more detail you write will be better. For instance, if you want to complain about Honeybaked service, you should tell the chronological events.If necessary, you can include the name of the associates which makes you dissatisfied.

  • Submit your feedback.

The last, press the Next button to send your feedback to HoneyBaked.

You must notice that you will not get any reward for submitting this feedback. But, if you are willing, you can join Honey Baked Rewards program. After sending your feedback, you can click on the HoneyBaked Rewards. Then, follow the instruction to sign up this program.

How to Reach HoneyBaked Ham Customer Service?

Do not doubt to contact HoneyBaked Ham Customer Service. The friendly HoneyBaked Customer Care will assist you to solve any issue related to this restaurant. Besides, HoneyBaked Customer Support will answer all of your questions. They are also ready to listen to HoneyBaked feedback about your recent experience. To reach HoneyBaked Customer service, you can try one of the methods below.

  • By phone.

Do you need any information about HoneyBaked menu or Honey Baked survey? Just call Honey Baked customer service soon. They will give the trusted info about HoneyBaked Ham restaurant. There are some lines you can call.  If you are the United States residents, you can call 1 866 492 4267.

If this line is busy, you can call 1 800 367 7720. But, for the California Residents, HoneyBaked provide another phone number. So, if you live in California, you should dial 1 800 854 5995.

  • Feedback form.

HoneyBaked Ham also provides the online form on its official site. No HoneyBaked receipt required to submit this feedback. So, if you cannot enter MyHoneybakedfeedback survey, you can fill out this form. In fact, the purpose of this online form and Honey Baked Ham survey is similar. Both of them aim to gather HoneyBaked Ham customer feedback.

To access this form, you should visit Then, go to Contact Us menu. There are several types of forms you should choose. For instance, it provides the forms to tell about the store visit feedback, shipped order feedback, and Media and Press Inquiry. Just choose one of the forms based on your purpose.

  • Social Media.

The last, you can reach HoneyBaked Ham Customer Service on the Social media account. HoneyBaked exists on several platforms. For instance, you can follow HoneyBaked on Twitter and Instagram. Besides, HoneyBaked Ham also has Facebook and Pinterest account. You can contact Honeybaked by mentioning on Twitter or sending the DM (Direct Message). Just select which social media account which is the most convenient to use.

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