MyFamilyMobile – How to Access and Manage Family Mobile Activation?

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MyFamilyMobile is a communication service from Walmart. This service allows the user to take control the usage of other family members’ phone. Walmart Family Mobile is the great service to protect your family. For instance, the father can register Walmart Family Mobile.

Then he will be the primary account holder of Family Mobile. The next, he can create and activate other mobile accounts for his family members. The first line or the primary account holder has the full control over other lines. As the example, the first line can manage the data usage. Besides, the primary account holder of Family Mobile must pay the bill for this service including other lines’ bills.

MyFamilyMobile is the solution for your phone data. Family Mobile offers many plans with the low price. You should not underestimate the quality of its service. It is because Walmart Family Mobile is powered and supported by T-Mobile. It is the leading communication service which provides 4G LTE Network in the US. So, you will be able to enjoy the fast and stable internet wherever you are.

Family Mobile now is serving more than 313 million people. So, there is no doubt for its service quality. Many people use this communication service because it does not use any contract when they register for the first time. They only need to activate this service on their phone. Luckily, there is no activation fee for the first time user of Family Mobile. You just need to buy a starter kit to start this service.


When you want to be the user of My Family Mobile, you should go through three simple steps. First, you have to pick a mobile phone. You can use your own phone or buy the new one at Walmart. Then, you should select a plan. Walmart family Mobile offers many kinds of plans that will make your life easier.

For instance, it offers unlimited text, talk, and data. This plan is very helpful for you since you can make a call as well as use the data freely in a month. The next, you have to activate the service. After activation, you can use this service for yourself or add some lines under your account.

There are some reasons why you have to choose Family Mobile from Walmart as your data provider. First, there is no contract for the users. Whenever you want, you can register and activate this service without any contract. Second, there is no extra fee.

So, every month, you just need to pay the bill for the plan you choose. You do not need to pay the surprise fees such as activation fee, cancellation fee, or late fee. The next, you can add the line to your account. This way, you can add up to five lines. Then, you can save up to $5 when you add the new line. The last reason, you will get the satisfying data service since Family Mobile uses 4G LTE network.

What are the Requirements of  MyFamilyMobile Activation?

You cannot enjoy Walmart family Mobile service before activating it. The process of Family Mobile Activation is very simple. There are three methods of activation you can do. First, you can visit Walmart Family Mobile counter at Walmart store. The next, you can try online activation by visiting The last, you can activate this FamilyMobile Service by phone.

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You can contact Family Mobile Customer Service at 1 877 308 9621. These three methods are useful not only for activation but also for adding the new line. For your convenience, we suggest you try the online activation. It is because the steps are very easy to do.

In order to activate the service, you can use your own mobile phone or buy the new phone at Walmart. But, you have to keep in mind that the mobile only works in the compatible mobile phone. For instance, you need unlocked GSM mobile phone which operates 850 MHz or 1900 MHz.

If you doubt with the compatibility of your phone, you can visit Walmart Family Mobile counter to ask about it. When your phone is not compatible, you can buy the new smartphone there. Before activating My Family Mobile Account, you have to prepare some requirements. These are the items you need for the activation process.

  • Family Mobile SIM Card.

Although you still can use your own phone, you need to change the old SIM Card to Family Mobile SIM Card. You can buy this SIM Card at Walmart Online store.

  • Activation Code.

This code is available at My Family Mobile Starter Kit. You can buy this starter kit at Walmart.

  • IMEI Number.

IMEI number is the serial number of your phone. Every mobile phone will have different IMEI number. So, this number serves as the identity of your phone. You can look up IMEI Number at your phone’s box.

  • Driver License Number or another ID number.

This item is to verify your identity.

  • Starter Kit.

You have to bring the mobile package as well as starter kit if you activate this service at Walmart Store. This starter kit or activation kit is available at Walmart Stores.

After preparing the requirements above, you have to review the rules for the Mobile Family account holder. Understanding the rules will make you easy in using this service. Check out the rules below.

  • It is recommended to use Family Mobile phone. All types of phone provided by Family Mobile are compatible with this service. When you use your own mobile phone, there is the certain setting you must use. So, to avoid the complicated setting, you should use the mobile phone from Walmart Family Mobile.
  • Every line you want to add must have Family Mobile phone too. Each phone must use the SIM card from Family Mobile.
  • You need to purchase the starter kit to activate Family Mobile service. One mobile phone needs one starter kit. So, if you have three lines, you must buy four starter kits including the one for the account holder. The starter kit consists of the activation code and Family Mobile SIM Card. Then, you can buy this starter kit at Walmart store or Walmart online store. The price of this starter kit is only $25. It is so affordable, isn’t it?
  • The primary account holder must be at least 18 years of age. Then, Family Mobile account holder should have a government-issued ID card such as a driver license card.
  • You do not need to pay the plan up front. It is because Family Mobile uses the postpaid system. After two weeks of activation, you will get the bill.
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What are Steps of My Family Mobile Activation?

As stated before, you can activate the service via online. Here, we try to explain the guideline of activating Family Mobile service online. Just follow the step by step below.

  • Visit

This portal is one stop solution for the Family Mobile clients. It is because this website offers various menus. For instance, you can activate the new account and log into your Family Mobile account. Besides, you can purchase the data plan as well as pay your monthly bill through this web.

  • Select Activate on the menu bar.

On the top section of the page, there are some menus. For instance, there are pay service, shop, activate, and my account. In order to access Family Mobile Activation, you have to click on Activate menu.

  • Select the Type of phone.

After clicking Activate menu, there will appear two options of activation. First, you can activate Family Mobile phone or your own phone. Click on Continue button on the phone you select. If you choose to bring your own mobile phone, you have to purchase Family Mobile SIM Card from Walmart. But, if you have already had the FamilyMobile SIM card, you can write down the number on the field provided.

  • Enter SIM Card Number.

You can find the SIM Card number on the red activation card. This card includes in your mobile phone package. Usually, this SIM card number starts with number 890. Besides, you also can enter ICCID number. Then, tick the box to state that you accept the Term and Condition. After that, press Continue button.

  • Enter your Phone Serial Number (IMEI)

This IMEI number usually consists of 15 digits in length. You can find this serial number on the device box or inside the phone’s battery compartment. Besides, you can know this IMEI by dialing *#06# from your mobile phone.

  • Enter the activation code.

This activation code is available on your phone or SIM package. Usually, the activation code has 11 or 12 digits in length.

  • Get a plan.

After activating your Family Mobile account, you can choose a plan for one month. The site offers various plans for unlimited data, text, and talk. So, you can choose the plan which fits your need and budget.

  • Set Up your phone.

Follow the instruction at Family Mobile website to set up your mobile phone. So, your phone is ready to use the data plan from Family Mobile.

What Must You Do after Family Mobile Activation?

After activating your Family Mobile Account, you cannot use this service straight away. It is because you have to wait for the confirmation from Family Mobile. Perhaps, you may need to wait for up to two hours to get the message from Family Mobile. After you get a confirmation text informing that your account is active, you have to do these following tasks.

  • Get a temporary password.
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After you activate your account, you will receive a message from Family Mobile. This message informs that your account is already active. Besides, this message also gives you a temporary password to access My Family Mobile login page.

  • Log into your account.

After getting the Family Mobile temporary password, you can use it to log into your account. You can do several tasks when you sign into your FamilyMobile account. For instance, you can control the data usage as well as pay the bill.

  • Receive the first bill.

After two weeks of activation, My Family Mobile will send you the first bill. You can view this bill by logging into your account. This way, you can find out the total amount due for your plan as well as the due date of the payment. This bill also covers the fees for all of the lines you have.

  • Pay your monthly bill.

Since the brand is a postpaid service, you have to pay the bill after using the service. So, you do not pay the service up front. You can pay the bill online through online. Then, you also can print out the bill. To avoid missing the payment, you can use AutoPay. So, your bill will be automatically paid every month.

How to Sign Into Family Mobile Login Page?

By signing into My Family Mobile account, you will be able to manage your account easily. For instance, you can view and pay your bill. Besides, updating your profile as well as the lines’ account is also possible to do. Furthermore, you can check the amount of the used. Here is the guideline to sign into Family Mobile Account.

  • Go to

In the home page, you have to search My Account Menu. Then, you have to click on My Account to open the Family Mobile login field.

  • Enter the phone number.

In fact, you can reach your Family Mobile account in three ways. First, you can use the mobile phone number. Second, you can enter the email address which you register online. The third, you can sign into your Family Mobile account using a Facebook account.

  • Enter your password.

You can find out the password on the message you get from MyFamilyMobile. But, if you lose it, you can select the link entitled Forgot Your Password. The next, you can press the Blue Sign In button to proceed your account.

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