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Did you just get an invitation to take Express survey at Do not doubt and just participate in it. my expressfeedback survey will give you a 15% discount after the survey completion. For more information about Express survey, you can read the explanations below.

About Express

Here is a little bit review about Express Outlet. This store chain belongs to a fashion Retailer Company in the United States named Express, Inc. Express began this retail business in 1980 when Limited Brands had a store for women clothing in Chicago. It developed very well until this store started to provide man clothing as well in 2001. Today, Express has 641 branches in the Unites and Puerto Rico.

Besides, Express Factory Outlet has expanded its express online stores for some areas in Canada. The headquarters of this company now is in Columbus, Ohio. This clothing store is famous for its stylish denim for men and women.

express survey
express survey can be accessed at

Survey Rules at Express feedback Survey

There are rules you should obey if you are eager to be eligible for this survey. The rules are:

  1. Participants

All participants will be eligible to take Express customer survey at Express Feedback Survey if they have the following condition:

  • Not Express employees

Customers of Express Stores are eligible to take myexpressfeedback com survey as long as they do not work at any Express stores or Express, Inc. corporate office. It is because this customer survey is a way to express gratitude to Express customers for visiting and making purchases at Express stores.

  • Residents of The United States

All participants of Express customer survey should be the legal residents of the United States. Express, Inc. holds this survey in the United States. No wonder, the chances to take part in Express Survey are for the American Express customers.

  1. Method

There is only 1 method to take part in the Express Customer Survey. As this is an online survey, you should be ready to provide the internet connection. Then, you can visit the survey website at to answer several survey questions. Besides, you can give feedbacks to Express about your previous visit experience at Express store.

  1. Prize

Once you have taken part in Express customer survey, you will receive a validation code. This validation code will show up on right after you answer the last survey question.

Then, you can note the code on your valid Express receipt to make it your discount coupon. After that, you can bring this coupon at an Express store to redeem it. For more details about Express survey coupon, you can read the following rules:

  • The express coupon you get from the customer survey is redeemable for once.
  • Survey respondents are able to redeem the coupon in 90 days.
  • The redemption should be at the same store where you get the invitation from Express customer survey.
  • A purchase is a must when you redeem this discount coupon.
  • The coupon is only for the in-store purchases only.
  • The coupon does not include taxes.
  • You can use this coupon to purchase Express gift cards and certain brands and store items.
  • Coupons are not valid with other coupons, promotions, discounts, and other Express deals.
myexpressfeedback survey steps

Prerequisites of Express Customer Satisfaction Survey

You can participate in Myexpress feedback survey at But, you can prepare the prerequisites before you visit this website. These are the things you will need for Express survey.

  1. An Express Purchase Receipt

You should have a purchase receipt from Express if you are eager to take part in the Express Factory Outlet Survey at This purchase receipt will have a survey invitation printed on it. The survey invitation will show the invitation code for Express customer survey.

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Besides, you should make sure that this purchase receipt is still valid when you are participating in the customer survey. This way, you can enter the survey with a valid survey code.

  1. A device

You can prepare the most affordable device to take part in the Express customer survey. You may use a laptop, a personal computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. Then, you should install a compatible browser in your device. This browser will be helpful to take you to the website of Express customer survey.

  1. The internet Connection

As we have mentioned before, you should have the internet before you can take part in an Express customer survey.  You should be certain that your internet can perform a stable connection. So, you will not experience any troubles during the survey process.

  1. English or Spanish Ability

You will need to select a language once you are on the website of the Express customer survey. This website will give you a chance to select one of the 2 languages available there. You may select English or Spanish. You can choose the most familiar language to you. Hence, you will not find any difficulties caused by difficult words on the survey website.

  1. A Pen

Right after the survey, you can use this pen to write the validation code. If you do not have any pens next to you, you can use a pencil or a marker as your writing tool.

Steps to Take Express Customer Satisfaction survey

The website to take Express customer survey is at Express Feedback Survey portal. You will be able to finish the steps in a few minutes. You can use the instructions below as your guideline.

  1. Visit Express Feedback Survey portal

First, you should visit the website of the Express customer survey at this page will be the place to take the survey for customers of Express stores.

  1. Select a Language

Second, you can select a language. You will see 2 options appear on your screen. Those are English and Spanish. You can just click the button with your preferred language. This button will change all of the pages of the Express survey website into the language that you have chosen.

  1. Enter the Survey Invitation Code

Third, you can enter the invitation code from Express customer survey in the provided field. Enter all of the 16 digits in it. if you do not know how to find the survey invitation code, you may use the example receipt next to the code field.

Then, you can locate this invitation code on your Express purchase receipt. Your receipt has a section which shows an invitation to take part in Express customer survey at Express Feedback Survey portal. If you have done this step, you can click the next arrow under the code field to continue the survey step.

  1. Answer Express Feedback Survey questions

Fourth, you can answer the questions from Express customer survey. The website will show some simple questions about your visit experience. You may recall about your latest shopping experience at Express store. the questions shown at are about:

  • satisfaction level of your visit experience at Express store
  • store facilities
  • Express store services
  • qualities of store items
  • employees’ friendliness,
  • and many more

Besides, you may be able to give your feedbacks about Express in details. You can type your comments in the feedback field.

  1. Write the Validation Code
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Finally, you will get a validation code from Express customer survey. You can write this validation code once it shows up on your screen. Just write the code on your valid Express receipt to make it your coupon. If you come to the Express store to redeem it, you will get a 15% discount for your next purchases. You cannot get this discount without purchases. Do not forget to do the redemption before your Express discount coupon gets expired.

How to Find Express Near Me

If you want to visit Express store and you do not know the locations, you can use the following ways. Just make sure you have the internet connection to look for the locations of Express store.

  1. Express Store Locator

When you visit Express website, you will find Express Store Locator on it. If you do not have any ideas about how to use the store locator, you can use the following procedure to guide you.

  • Go to

First, go to the website of Express at

  • Click Find A Store

Second, you can click Find A Store link on the bottom part of the website page.

  • Enter location details

Third, you may enter some details about Express locations. You can type in a city name, a state name, or a ZIP code.

  • Select filters

Fourth, you may use the filter to find Express location with specific facilities.

  • Click Search

Lastly, you can click the Search button next to the search field.

Express Store Location will give you information about Express store location, phone number, updated store items, and many more. Then, you can use the map and get directions to reach the locations.

  1. Express Mobile App

You can use Express Mobile App to search for the locations of Express store near to your place. If you do not have this app, you can download it first from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and install it. Moreover, you may take advantage of Express Mobile App to do more activities.

For instance, you will be able to get exclusive offers from Express, check the newest arrivals and products, view account, redeem rewards, and many more.

  1. Search Engine

If you are eager to use a search engine, you can just launch your browser. Every browser has this search engine feature. Then, you may type in the location details of the Express store as the keyword in the search field. You will see the search result in a few seconds if your internet connection is reliable.

Steps to Submit Express Feedback at

You can still submit your feedbacks for Express even though you do not take part in its survey. You can just visit Express website and give your voluntary feedbacks using the following steps.

  1. Go to

Firstly, you should go to the official website of the Express store at if you have reached this website, you will see a lot of useful links and buttons on it.

  1. Click Contact Us

Secondly, you may click Contact Us link. You can find it on the bottom part of the home page. Hence, you can scroll down the page and find the Contact Us link there. After you have clicked this link, you will see a Contact page of Express website appears.

  1. Fill in Feedback Form

Thirdly, you can fill in the feedback form available on the contact page. There is some information needed to complete this form. For example, you can enter these things:

  • Email subject
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There are some options provided in the first drop down field. These options will represent your overall feedbacks. You can select one of the options. The available options are online order inquiries, product feedback, Express Next, mailing list, site related, store inquiries, media inquiries, and other.

  • Your feedbacks

You can type in your feedback in the comment field. You may tell your comments as specific as you can. Besides, you may share your feedback about your good or bad visit experiences. Moreover, you can ask some questions related to Express stores here.

  • Contact details

The details you can submit to inform your contact is your email address, first name, and last name.

  • Order number

If you have an order number for your purchases at Express stores, you can enter it in the provided field. But, this information is optional. You can leave this field blank if you do not have this order number.

  1. Click Submit

Lastly, you can click the Submit button under the feedback form. This Submit button will send your message to Express management team.

How to Contact Express Customer Service

Found problems at Express store? let the customer service of Express know it all. Then, you can see them solve your problems easily. Just reach the representatives in several ways below.

  1. By website

The biggest source of your information about Express store is the official website. You can reach the website at In case you need to contact Express customer service via the website, you can just submit your feedback from the contact page. The steps to submit Express feedbacks via the website are available in the previous section of this article.

  1. By phone

Want immediate assistance form Express customer service? Then, you can call the representatives by phone. The customer service from Express will be ready to help you for 24 hours every day. You can reach them at 1888 397 1980.

Besides, Express provides some more phone numbers in case you find difficulties in certain cases. Such as:

  • Customer service for Express Next credit card is at 1-800-201-4955 or 1.800.695.1788
  • The express public relation is at 1-800-934-4437
  1. By mailing

Are you a fan of mailing post? You can use this way to share your feedbacks to Express customer service. Just send your letters to:

1 Express Drive

Columbus, Ohio, 43230

The United States

in case you need to send your letter for some matters about EXPRESS NEXT Credit Card Payments, you can send it to:

Comenity Bank

P.O. Box 659728

San Antonio, Texas, 78265-9728

The United States

For some issues about EXPRESS NEXT Credit Card Customer Service, you can tell the representatives by sending your mailing post to:

Express Credit Card

P.O. Box 182273

Columbus, Ohio, 43218-2273

The United States

  1. By social media

Your social media account will be helpful to contact Express customer service. Just visit Express social media pages and share your comments there. You can use the links below to view the pages:

  • Instagram:
  • Snapchat:
  • Pinterest:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • YouTube:

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