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MyConverseVisit is the customer survey held by Converse Shoes. Converse is the American icon as the footwear manufacturer. This apparel and shoe company is popular around the world. As the subsidiary company of Nike, Converse can expand its chains in more than 160 countries.

This achievement is not enough for Converse. This company wants to satisfy more customers around the world. That is why Converse creates this survey. Converse survey aims to observe what makes the customers satisfied. So, Converse can provide the better footwear and service at their store.

If you like the sporty style, you must be the fans of Converse. This brand is well-known for its canvas shoes with the rubber sole. Wearing Converse shoes and jeans is the best style for youth. If you wear your old Converse shoes every day, you may need to buy the new one.

Good news for you is that you can grab the Converse coupon. This shoe coupon will save your budget. Luckily, getting Converse discount code coupon is as simple as answering the survey questions. Simply take part in MyConversevisit survey and receive this discount coupon.

MyConverseVisit survey
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Before entering Converse survey, you have to be sure that you are eligible. Besides, you should make a good preparation as well. There are the certain requirements to fulfill if you want to be Converse Survey takers. So, if you want My Converse Visit coupon, you can review the explanation below for more details about this survey.

What are the Requirements and Rules of Converse Survey?

As stated before, you should be eligible for Converse survey if you want to be the survey takers. Besides, you must pay attention and obey Converse Survey rules. If you do not ignore the survey rules, you will be easy to grab $5 discount coupon from Converse. Written below are the main Converse survey rules and requirements.

1. Survey requirement.

The primary thing you must prepare is a Converse receipt. That is why you have to save all receipts after purchasing Converse shoes. You may not find any Converse survey code. But, the bottom part of Converse receipt contains the invitation to enter Converse survey.

This invitation tells you Converse survey portal you have to access. Besides, it also informs the prize of the Converse Customer survey.  Besides, preparing the internet and a PC is also necessary. If a PC is not available, you can use your smartphone to complete this survey at

2. Survey participants.

All Converse customers can be the participants of Converse survey. But, make sure that your age is not less than 18 years old. Besides, the employees of Converse store are not eligible for this survey. Also, the survey takers must have the valid receipt from Converse. It is because they must enter some details printed on this receipt.

3. Survey reward.

Every survey taker will receive a reward from Converse survey. They will get a discount coupon for $5 off. Converse will send this Converse E-Coupon to your email. Then, you can redeem this discount on your next purchase.

4. Survey rules.

Every survey has its own rules, and so does Converse survey. These are the main rules of this survey.

• You have to take part in My Converse Visit within seven days after purchase.

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• Every survey taker must keep the Converse receipt. This receipt is not only used to enter Converse survey website. But, it is also useful to claim the discount as the survey reward.

• You can get $5 off if you purchase at least $20 on your next visit.

• The Converse discount coupon is not redeemable with cash.

• You can redeem Converse survey reward at all locations of Converse stores.

• Use Converse coupon within 60 days after taking the survey.

•You cannot redeem Converse survey coupon together with other coupons or offers.

What are the Steps of MyConverseVisit Customer Survey?

There is nothing to worry if you want to take Converse survey. It is because Converse survey is easy to complete. Within five minutes, you can accomplish all Converse survey question. Make sure all Converse survey requirements are well prepared. This way, you can complete Converse Customer Satisfaction Survey quickly. Here is the summary of MyConversevisit survey steps.

1. Enter Converse survey website.

2. Choose the language.

3. Write down Converse store number.

4. Enter the date you visited Converse.

5. Indicate the time of your transaction.

6. Provide Converse Transaction Number.

7. Input the Purchase Amount.

8. Answer Converse survey.

9. Enter the name and email account.

10. Receive Converse Coupon.

If the steps above are not clear enough, you can read the explanation below. This explanation will help you a lot when you take Converse survey.

• Enter Converse survey portal.

First of all, you have to visit It may difficult to find this survey website by using search engine. So, it is better to directly write the survey website URL on your browser’s address bar. Make sure that you spell and type the correct address. So, you can reach Converse survey website.

• Select the language options.

At Converse survey homepage, there are two images of Converse Shoes. Under these pictures, two language preference buttons are available. Just select English or Spanish button. Click Next in order to go on this Converse survey.

• Enter Converse Store number.

See Converse receipt to find out the store number of the outlet you have just visited. Converse store number consists of four digits. If your local Converse store only has three digits of store number, you should add zero number.

• Write down the date and time.

The next select the date you came to Converse from the Calendar icon. Also, enter the time (hour and minutes) you made a transaction at Converse store.

• Submit the transaction number.

Converse transaction number is also available on your receipt. You should see the Converse receipt sample on the right section of the page. This way, you can know where to find the transaction number.

• State the purchase amount.

The last, you have to input the total of purchase amount. You should not round the amount you spend to the nearest dollar. Just write the amount of purchase you made at Converse completely.

• Answer Converse survey question.

In this section, there will appear some questions you must respond. It asks your experience in the most recent visit to Converse. For instance, the survey asks your reason to go to Converse. Then, you need to give the rating to Converse team members. Besides, you will be given a special section to write down your opinion to make Converse better.

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• Provide your name and email account.

MyConverseVisit is not a candid survey. It is because this survey asks you to enter your name. If you worry about your privacy, you can read Converse Privacy Policy. Besides, every Converse survey taker also needs to submit the email address. That is why having email account is a must. If you do not have the email account, you cannot get the survey reward. It is so since Converse send the coupon discount by email.

What are Converse Survey Questions?

If you never take Converse survey before, you may not know what questions asked in this survey. In general, the type of Converse survey questions is similar to other retail surveys. It is because the retail survey aims to gather the data about customers’ satisfaction. Besides, this survey also asks about your experience when you shop at Converse. Listed below are the samples of Converse survey questions.

• Overall satisfaction.

First, every survey taker must rate their overall satisfaction after shopping at Converse store. You can express the level of your satisfaction by selecting the scale 1 up to 5.

• Recommendation.

Based on your satisfaction level, state whether you would like to recommend Converse with your family members or friends. If you are happy shopping at Converse, you must want to recommend this footwear store to others.

• Reason to visit Converse.

In this section, you should tell what bring you to Converse store. Perhaps, you like Converse brand and you want to check out the store offer. Besides, you may go there to purchase the specific item or just want to browse the product. Other reasons are you may want to return the product or search the current promotion.

• Converse team member.

MyConverseVisit also asks how its team members treat you. Indicate whether you agree with these statements. Converse team members recognized the customers in a friendly way. Then, the team members recommend the certain products to meet the customers need. Besides, state your agreement whether anyone help you with the size and product. The last, state whether the service from Converse team members exceeds your expectation.

• Footwear experience.

Indicate your agreement with these following statements. First, the footwear benches are available. Then, Converse team members offer the product details. Also, state whether the Converse employees suggest other footwear.

• Comment.

In this section, Converse customers are welcomed to express their opinion and suggestion. You can write any ideas to make Converse to be the better footwear store.

• Shopping budget.

The next, you should tell the average budget you spend to buy the footwear at any store. Also, indicate how much you spend at Converse.

• Personal data.

To classify the survey takers, MyConversevisit survey asks your personal info. In this step, you should indicate your age, gender, and racial group. Besides, it is also necessary to state your annual household income. But, if you consider these details as your privacy, you can prefer not to respond it.

How to Find Converse Near Me?

It may be easy to find Converse store in your town. But, when you are abroad or visiting another city, you may not know the location of Converse store. In this case, there are some solutions you can try. For instance, you can check Converse Locations by using store locator, Converse App, or the online map.  Try one of the methods below to find the nearest Converse outlet.

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• Converse store locator.

To use this feature, you have to visit Converse official website. Use your browser to load Then, scroll down until you find the menu at the bottom page. Select Find a Store menu. Then, you can search the store by location.

Besides, the Converse website also can identify your location. It has a map which shows the locations of Converse store nearby. It also tells you about the distance and the store details. For example, it informs Converse hours, address, and phone number.

• Converse App.

Having Converse App is very helpful for the shoe lovers. From this app, you can access any information related to Converse. For example, you can check the new products and offers. Besides, you also can use it to search Converse store nearby.

• Search engine.

The last, you can find out Converse location by using the search engine or the online map. You just need to write Converse store near me, Converse Near me, Converse outlet near me, etc. The search engine will display some results of Converse locations around you. Just click one of the results to check the store details.

How to Reach Converse Customer Service?

We have stated that Converse is the subsidiary of Nike. That is why you also can find out the details of Converse company at If you have any questions about Converse, you should not doubt to contact Converse. There are several ways to contact this footwear retailer. Check this out.

• By phone.

Converse and Nike has the same Customer Service Team. No doubt, the customer service phone number of these companies are the same. If you want to ask about the company info and inquiries, you should call 1 800 806 6453. Besides, if your question is about product and order, you should call 1 800 6453.

But, if you want to ask about Converse App and Device, you have to dial 1 800 379 6453. To get the fast response, you have to call Converse during the office hours. It is because Converse Customer Care is not available 24/7.

• Live Chat.

If you want to do the interactive chat with Converse, you should go to its website. Then, click the menu Chat with Nike. This live chat is available every day from 4 am – 11 pm.

• Social media.

It is the simplest and most efficient way to get in touch with Converse. You can contact Converse through its social media account. For your information, Converse has Twitter, Facebook, Instagram account. You also can subscribe Converse on Youtube. This way, you will always be able to update any info about Converse.

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