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Myaicampus is an online system for the students of art college. More than 50 colleges in the United States use this system. These colleges offer bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and associate degrees in creative and visual arts. No doubt, My ai campus is also known as art institute online system.

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, this system has served a large number of art institutions. By using this online system, all students can access any information about their campus 24/7. They do not need to go to campus to search any info they need. Furthermore, My AI Campus is also beneficial for the faculty. It is because they can post some announcements online. So, this news is accessible by all students of Art Institute.

Myaicampus offers many resources to support the learning and administration process. This system also provides some features as well. For instance, the students can access eCollege or eCompanion. These programs provide the instant access to the course syllabus and digital course resources.

This way, they can view or download some eBooks. Besides, they also can check their grades. Furthermore, if they need to get in touch with the instructor, they can look up the contact info from this system. Also, the Art Institution students also can find out some information. As the example, they can search student account info, financial aid, and online registration.


In order to use all features in My ai campus Portal, the students must have the online account. Therefore, they have to register to Art Institutes Student Portal. After signing up, they will be able to sign into Art Institute Online Login Page.

This login process requires the username and password. After that, they can access all information about Art Institution where they are studying. You do not need to get confused about the registration and login steps. Through this article, we will guide you to sign up and log into your student portal easily.


How to Register to MyAicampus Login Page?

The new students of Art Institutes do not have the account automatically. They have to create the online account by themselves. To complete the registration process, they do not need to visit their campus. It is also not necessary to ask for help from the faculty member.

It is because they can do the registration online. The steps of signing up this Art Institute Online Portal are also simple. Within a few minutes, they will be able to set up their account in this portal.

Before accessing My ai campus registration page, the students have to prepare some information. The Art Institutes Online Login Page will require these following details to proceed your registration.

First, you need your Student ID or SSN. Besides, you also need to submit the name of the institution where you study art.  The next, you can do these following prompts to create your account.

  • Visit the official Art Institute Student Portal.

The new students of Art Institutes may not have the account. That is why they have to set up their online account individually. First, they should visit Type this URL into the address bar of your compatible browser.

Once you enter this address, you will be directed into Then, you are now on the homepage of Ai campus Login Page. On this page, you can find the login section. Besides, you also can find out several links such as the link to register and retrieve your username and password. Furthermore, this page also provides some links to search all information related to Art Institutes.

  • Register yourself.

Under the login section, you will see a link for the new students. Click this link to create a new account. Once you press this link, you will reach the new page which provides a form to create a new account.

  • Enter SSN or Student ID.

Then, fill out the first field on this form with your Social Security Number. But, if you do not have SSN, you can enter your Student ID number. Check your Student ID card to find out your Student ID number.

  • Provide your first and last name.
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The next, write down your first name in the following field. After that, you can fill out the next box with your last name. Make sure that you spell your name correctly.

  • Select your campus.

After that, you should select the name of campus where you are studying. Just click on the field to display the drop-down menu. This menu will list down several Art Institutes which use the system. But, if you cannot find the name of your campus on this list, you have to contact the Registrar’s Office. Perhaps, My Ai campus system is not available for your campus.

  • Submit this form.

Once you have completed all fields in this registration form, you can press Submit button. The next, you have to do the further instructions to create the online account. In this step, usually, this site will ask you to set up a username and password. Make sure that you keep your username and password as a secret. Do not let anyone know your username and password. You will need these details in order to sign into your Art Institutes Student account.

Those are the registration steps to create the account. Usually, all new students of Art Institutes have to create this account during orientation. But, if you do not attend the orientation, you can visit to create it by yourself.

Then, if you get troubles when you complete this registration process, you should contact your Registrar Office. Besides, you also can call the Technical Support at 1 866 642 2711. The Technical Support Staffs are available from Monday to Friday at 8 am – 10 pm. Besides, you also can contact them on Saturday at 10 am – 7 pm. But, the Technical Support office closes on Sundays.

What are the Steps to Sign into My ai Campus Login Page?

After completing the registration steps above, now you have the account. It means you can log into Art Institutes Students Website whenever you want. In case you need some information about your art study, you should access your account. For your information, this portal is not only for the current students of Art Institutes. But, this Art Institutes online site is also accessible by the students that have graduated within six months.

So, have you known the steps to reach your account? Make sure that you remember the username and password well. If you forget these login credentials, your account will not be accessible. In this case, you have to retrieve your username and password in order to enter to My ai campus Portal. Follow these following instructions to access your account.

  • Access the online portal.

You should visit this student login page or On the homepage, you will see the login sections at the right side of the page.

  • Enter your username.

Then, enter the username which you have set up in the registration process. If you do not remember it, just click Forgot Your Username link. Then, this site will send a reminder to your email.

  • Supply your password.

The next, provide the valid password. You also can retrieve the password when you forget it. Then, you should be careful in entering this password. It is because this site will lock your account if you write down the wrong password three times.

  • Click on Login button.

To proceed this sign in process, you can press Login button. This way, you can enter to your account. The next, you can begin exploring all menus provided in this system. For example, you can access the student email account, web space, eCompanion, eCollege, and other menus. Besides, you also can search the information about financial aid, instructor contact details, course resources, and much more.

How to Retrieve My ai campus Username and Password?

Most of Art Institutes students cannot reach the account since they forget their username and password. In fact, forgetting the password or username is the cliche problem. To avoid this problem, it will be better if you write and save your login details.

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But, if this case occurs to you, you should not be panic. You still have the chance to access your account. My ai campus login page provides the helpful link to get your username and password back. This site will ask you to provide some details to prove that you are the real students of Art Institutes. After verifying your account, this portal will send the username or password to your email.

When you lose the username, you can do this procedure.

  • Enter the page.

Do the first step of logging into your account. You should access the home page of AI Campus Student Portal. In this page, you will find out the link to recover your username and password.

  • Click the link entitled Forgot your username or password?

This link will direct the users to the new page to reset their username and password. This new page displays two form. The first form is to reset your username. Besides, the second form is to recover your password.

  • Select your campus.

Then, you can choose the campus from the drop-down menu. For instance, you can select the Art Institutes of New York City, Art Institutes of Michigan, or Art Institutes of Ohio. Try to find the art campus where you are studying.

  • Provide your Last name.

On the next field, you just need to enter your last name. You do not have to provide your first name.

  • Supply your email address.

The last, you should write down your email account. Make sure that your email address is correct and valid. It is because this page will send the username reminder to your email account.

Besides, the process of retrieving your password is simpler. Just focus on the section of the form to reset your username. In this section, you just need to submit your username. Then, this online system may ask you to respond the security questions. This way, you can get back your Art Institutes password.

Another problem which often occurs during your login process is the locked account. The site will automatically lock your account when you made mistakes in entering your password more than three times. But, the system still allows you to reset your account.

To unlock your account, you should ask for help from the Registrar Office. You can report your problem in details. Then, they will help you to unlock your online account. Besides, you also can report this login issue to My ai campus Tech Support. The phone number is 1 866 645 2711.

What are the Services and Features Provided by My Ai Campus Portal?

All Art Institutes Students who have registered to My Ai Campus  Page can use all services on this portal. For instance, every account will have the email address with 5MB email storage space. Besides, your account also has 50 MB Web Space.

This way, you can create your personal website. Furthermore, every student has the free access to eClass. This way, they can view their grades, unofficial transcript, eBooks, and other services. Here are the complete features which are available in this student portal.

  • HomePage.

The homepage provides the important and most-used info. For instance, you can access the news and announcement about your campus. This page also displays the events which your campus will hold. Besides, you can view the academic calendar as well. This way you can find out the important dates related to your study. For example, you can know the holidays, exam dates, final week, and the event dates.

  • My Classes.

This section informs about your academic status. Furthermore, it also provides the schedule of your class. This way, you can notice which classes that you have to attend today. Besides, you also can view the upcoming schedule. E-class or Ecompanion account helps you to access the important info from your faculty. As the example, you can search the course syllabi and the latest announcement.

  • Technical Resource Center.
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By accessing this feature, you can fix any issues related to the display or connectivity issues. You can find out the easy way to solve the technical problem. Then, this menu also tells you about the browser and plugin which you should use.

  • Students Resource Center.

This feature contains some links, documents, and forms which are accessible by the students. For instance, the students can view the learning videos or eBooks to support their study.

  • Academic Affairs.

This feature provides the information about the online course and Registrar Office. Also, it displays the lists of textbooks. Besides, you also can access your grade. Just select My Grades menu to show your grades in the certain semester. Furthermore, this menu can help you to calculate the GPA. You can try to use GPA Calculator by entering your grades.

  • Student Affairs.

This tab displays the clubs which you can join in this university. Moreover, it shows you the information about the housing details and disability services. Then, you also can access Student Assistance Program. This way, you can talk to the executive.

  • Financial Aid.

The financial issue is the most frequent problem faced by the students. They may be difficult to continue their study since they have the financial problem. Luckily, My Ai campus Portal provides the Financial Aid for the students. By accessing this feature, you can apply for the loans. Then, you also can view the disbursement dates. Furthermore, you can monitor the details of your loan. Also, you can check the history of your transaction.

  • Security Alerts and Update Profile.

If you want to change your password, you should go to this menu. This section also enables you to change the security questions and answers. If necessary, you can update your profile details.

  • My Self Service Portal.

This menu is available on the right side of the homepage. Through this feature, you can view your transcript. Just double click this menu. Then, select Academic record folder. This way, you can view the unofficial transcripts. But, if you need the official transcript, you have to request it from the Registrar Office. Then, you can download the Transcript Request Form from this menu.

Art Institute Hours

The Art Institutes  Hours Today Open/Close Hours
Monday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Tuesday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Wednesday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Thursday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Friday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Saturday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Sunday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

List of Features and Benefits for Art Institute Online Student

  • Visual Design Program.

Check 6 subprograms like design websites, illustrations etc.  based on your abilities in the world of work.

  • Product and Interior Design Program.

You can learn to make products for the industry including interior design, bathrooms, and kitchens.

  • Marketing Program.

You can learn science for advertising, management science, and professional writers as well.

  • Animation and Effects Program.

You can learn about media animation and art, visual effects, and gain motion as well.

  • Film and production programs.

You can learn to make the right movie, Audio and Video Production, and become a photographer.

  • Gaming and Technology Programs.

Learn to make your own game as well as game programming.

  • Program Fashions.

You can make clothes according to your character and learn how to design clothes and marketing knowledge.

  • Culinary Program.

You can learn how to make food from various countries to make your own restaurant.

You know all about my aicampus that has other names like icampus edu, art institute ecompanion, and ecompanion art institute. You can access brooklyn college portal by providing username and password. Enjoy the guides to arts institute online pittsburgh!

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