My BK Experience – How to Share Burger King Complaints and Feedback

My BK Experience is a survey portal from Burger King. This portal allows the Burger King customers to leave their feedback about the recent dining experience. Listening to the complaints and suggestions from the customers is the secret why Burger King can survive. We know that there are many burger outlets outside. But, Burger King never loses its loyal customers.

No doubt, Burger King can become one of the largest burger chains in the world. As the proof, Burger King has been developing its fast-food business since 1953 until now. As a result, Burger King can have over 15.700 chains worldwide. Besides, you can find Burger King chains in more than 100 countries.

Burger King can be successful to run the fast-food business since it maintains the customers’ trust and satisfaction. One of the business strategies to assess the guests’ satisfaction is by conducting My BK Experience survey. This survey identifies the problem faced by the customers when they dine in Burger King. Besides, Burger King Survey is the way to gather the review or rating from the guests.

By taking part in MyBKexperience survey, the guests are free to rate their satisfaction with several issues. As the example, they can voice up the feedback about Burger King Menu and the performance of team member. Burger King will not notice their weakness if you do not tell them. So, every time you go to Burger King Outlet, you should share your dining feedback.

My BK Experience survey

Leaving your feedback is not only useful for yourself. But, it is also useful for other customers and Burger King itself. When you had a bad experience at Burger King, you will feel relieved when you share your complaints. Then, Burger King will listen to your complaints gladly.

After that, Burger King will try to follow up your complaints by making the positive changes in their service. As a result, other customers will feel the service improvement. On the other words, you and the other Burger King guests can get the better service from this outlet. So, you should never doubt to tell your feedback.

How to Share Your Feedback at MyBKExperience Survey Portal?

In fact, there are two ways of sharing your Burger King Dining Feedback. First, you can involve in this survey. Besides, you also can tell your experience by filling out the Burger King Feedback form at its official site. Both methods are different. They have their own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, if you want to involve in the survey, you should own Burger King receipt.

Without having a survey invitation printed on Burger King receipt, you cannot enter this survey. But, this survey gives you the extra benefit. As the appreciation for your time, Burger King offers the freebies for the survey takers. For example, you can get the coupon which is valid for free Whopper or Chicken sandwich.

Besides, sharing your Burger King complaints, suggestions, or feedback on its website does not require the receipt. So, filling out Burger King feedback form is the most effective way to share your feedback when you lose your receipt. The process is simpler than taking part in My Burger King Experience Survey.

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It is because you do not need to answer a series of questions. You just need to write down your feedback on the provided space at But, this method has a weakness. You will not get any coupon after sharing your feedback.

Here, we will explain how to complete the survey. This guideline will help you a lot in completing MyBKExperience survey. Then, you will be able to enjoy Burger King chicken sandwich or Whopper for free. These are the brief steps of Burger King Survey.

  • Go to the website.

Before entering the survey, make sure that your BK receipt is ready and valid. Then, check your receipt whether it contains Burger King survey codes. When your receipt is ready, you can access This survey portal offers three language preferences. So, you can take the Burger King survey in English, French, or Spanish.

  • Input BK store number.

Every receipt will inform the Burger King store number. The survey system will use this store number to identify which Burger King outlet you have just visited.

  • Enter the Survey code.

The next, you can unlock the survey by entering Burger King validation code. This code is usually on the bottom part of BK receipt. Make sure that you input the survey code correctly. It is because this survey invitation code contains 21 digits in length. So, if you misspell one character, you will not be able to enter Burger King survey.

  • Answer the Survey Questions.

When you can enter the store number as well as the survey codes correctly, you will be able to open the survey page. Then, you must answer all questions which appear on your screen. This survey has several parts. In the first part, MyBKExperience Portal asks you to give the rating about the overall dining satisfaction.

The next, you can rate more specific issue in Burger King. For instance, you can supply the feedback about Burger King menu item you ordered. Besides, you also can review the professionalism of Burger King team member.

The last, this survey gives you chance to write your comment on the field provided. In this comment section, you are free to express everything in your mind about Burger King. For example, you can write your opinion, complaints, or suggestions. Make sure that you share your thought objectively. It is because your feedback will influence the improvement of Burger King quality.

  • Write the coupon code.

After completing all questions at My Burger King Experience survey, the screen will display a validation code. Make sure that you write this code on Burger King receipt before you close the survey page. The next, you can use this coupon to claim the freebies from Burger King. The survey reward may vary. Usually Burger King offers Chicken sandwich or Burger King Whopper Sandwich as the prize.

How to Express Burger King Feedback without Entering Burger King Survey?

When you do not have enough time to participate in the survey, there is another way to share your feedback. The methods below are more practical. It is because you do not waste your time answering the questionnaire. Besides, these methods also do not require any Burger King receipt.

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But, you should notice that you cannot get the freebies after sharing your feedback. Burger King provides two ways of giving the feedback. First, you can call Burger King Customer Support. The second, you can complete the feedback form which is available at Burger King official website. Here is the more complete details to share your feedback without taking part in this survey.

  • Calling the Customer Service.

Burger King Customer Service is ready to respond you. By calling Burger King Customer Care, you can speak to the professional staff. Then, you can ask any questions about Burger King. For instance, you can ask about the special offers, the exclusive deals, the survey, Burger King careers, etc.

Besides, Burger King Customer Care staff is also ready to listen to your feedback. So, you can tell about your dining experience in details. For instance, you can give your praise, complaints, or suggestion for Burger King. In order to speak up with Burger King Customer Service staff, you can dial 1 866 394 2493. The customer representative staff is available on the business days from 7 am to 11 pm.

  • Completing Burger King Feedback Form.

The second way to leave your Burger King feedback is by visiting This website provides a Contact section.  When you reach the home page of Burger King website, you have to scroll down the screen. Then, at the bottom of the page, you will find out Burger King Contact menu.

So, you can click on this link to bring you to the Burger King Contact Page. On the next page, you will see the form to write down your feedback. Then, you can follow the steps below in order to submit Burger King Feedback.

  1. Rate the overall Satisfaction.

First of all, you have to give the rating about the general satisfaction with Burger King Brands. There are five stars as the scale of your rating. If you get satisfied with Burger King service and menu, you can give four or five stars. In contrast, if you get disappointed with this Burger outlet, you can give one or two stars.

  1. Select the feedback type.

After giving the rating, you can move to the next field. Here, you should choose the type of feedback. From the drop-down menu, you can select several topics. For instance, you can choose Service feedback, product feedback, BK Mobile App, or BK Crown Card. Besides, you also can select Media Feedback or Request for Information.

  1. Choose the category of comment.

After that, you can select the following field to choose the comment category. The category of comments will be different based on the feedback type you choose. F

or instance, you choose Service Feedback in the previous field. Then, the comment categories you can choose are Friendliness, Cleanliness, Speed of Service, and Accuracy. Besides, if you choose Product Feedback, the comment category will include the taste, temperature, and accuracy of order.

  1. Submit your personal information.
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The next, Burger King requires your personal details. So, you have to provide your full name, phone number, and email address.

  1. Indicate the date of visit.

Even though you lose your receipt, you must still remember the date when you came to Burger King. So, mention the date of visit.

  1. Mention the store.

After that, you need to tell which Burger King location you have just visited. You can input the city and state to find out the accurate location of Burger King outlet you visited.

  1. Write your feedback.

Finally, you can write down any comments based on the topic you have chosen. So, if you choose Service feedback, your comment must be related to the service given by Burger King. You can give the complete review and opinion about the service provided by Burger King team member. Besides, you can include any suggestion or critic to make Burger King better. The last, you can submit this Burger King feedback.

 What are the Hottest Deals from Burger King?

If you often go to Burger King, you must be excited with the exclusive deals from this Burger Chains. In the certain occasion, Burger King offers the special deals. The special offers become the effective strategy to attract more customers. In this occasion, Burger King usually provides the new menu items. Besides, this Burger restaurant also offers some menus in the lower price. This way, the customers are interested to come and enjoy the delicious dish from Burger King.

If you want to keep updated about the newest offers and the fresh deal from Burger King, you should sign up the newsletter. The process of registration in Burger King Newsletter is very simple. First, you should load Then, at the top menu bar, you will find out the menu to sign up the newsletter.

Then, you just need to submit your name and email address. When you have signed up this program, you will receive the newsletter periodically. This newsletter contains the exclusive offer, deals, and promotion from Burger King.

Furthermore, you also can check the fresh offer from Burger King at its website. When you access, you can click on Get Fresh Offer menu. Then, the site will take you to the page containing the lists of the current promotion. Here are the samples of the Burger King Hottest Deals.

  • $3.49 Deals.

Just by paying $3.49, you can get two cheeseburgers, one small fries, and one small drink. This offer is very interesting, isn’t it? But, you should read the terms and conditions of the deals before you purchase it. For instance, this deal is only available in the participated restaurant.

  • 2 for $6 deals.

You just need to pay $6 to get two Burger King Whopper Sandwich. This offer is also valid if you order the original chicken sandwich and big fish sandwich.

  • 2 for $4 deal.

To enjoy this offer, you just need to pay $4. Then, you can get Cheese and Bacon Sandwich.

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