Morrisons Survey – Win £ 1000 Morrisons Gift Card from Morrisonsislistening

Here we have a reference to the popular Grocery shopping places for you. If you want to shop without having worries, then you need to come to the Morrisons Store. This business is growing positively on the British Bradford Market. United Kingdom residents will be familiar with this shop. Here you not only find fresh groceries. But you can buy cooked food and household goods. Don’t hesitate to try their quality. If you get into trouble, they are ready to accept your criticism and suggestions. Well, you need to know the Morrisons Survey portal. Here they open the opportunity to receive feedback from shop visitors.

If you want to submit feedback, visit the Morrisonsislistening page. Here you have the opportunity to become Morrisons survey winners. Because they offer gift cards valued at £ 1,000 for winners. Isn’t this road easy enough for you to try? Here you only need proof of transaction from Morrisons Store. After getting it, you can complete the Morrisons Survey. Here you need our help to open an easy survey road. If this is the first experience, it is necessary to use our idea. Don’t stop reading these instructions before you enter an entry. Do not be afraid to fail. Who knows your luck is in your hands. Let’s try together.

morrisons survey at morrisonsislistening
morrisons survey at morrisonsislistening

Morrisons Store Profile

Do you have an idea about Morrisons Store? If you want to go to the store, you can find out their profile in this section. Here we will make a simple review for you. After this, you will get to know how Morrisons Store grows. Morrisons is a Yorkshire food retailer operating in the UK. They have a home delivery service. Here you can order products online. Then you only need to wait for the clerk to deliver your shopping items to the house. Is not this method makes it easy for you to shop? Every week Morrisons can serve 11 million customers.

So the Morrisons business was founded in 1988. The founder of this popular grocery shop was William Morrisons. They chose Bradford Market UK as the first location to set up this business. If you go to the store, you can buy fresh ingredients or cooked food. They have a professional staff to serve your needs. Don’t worry about the price of the product in the store. You will not regret shopping for your household needs here. In 1999 they successfully established their 100th store. They made a strong foundation for this store. So in 2011, they made a center for processing bouquets. Then in 2012, they had a meat and seafood processing center. So, the quality of meat or seafood you don’t need to ask again. View the full version of the Morrisons story through the official website

Morrisons Survey And Sweepstakes Rules

If you want to win a gift card, then you can join Morrisons Sweepstakes. However, you need to fulfill several criteria before entering the draw. They restrict survey portal users. You need to comply with this rule. If they find out you broke the rules, your entry will be canceled. Don’t you want to get this disappointment? Here you can visit the official survey portal to read the draw rules. Enter to open the survey page. Here you can find the Prize draw rules link. Click on the link to get the full sweeptakes rules. But you don’t need to waste time searching for survey rules. Read the summary of survey and sweepstakes rules below.

  1. Before you use the survey portal, you need to read the rules. They will assume you agree with the rules you read.
  2. Eligibility Rules. Morrisons is listening to surveys and sweeptakes are open to legal residents from the United Kingdom and Gibraltar. When you took the survey, you were at least 18 years old. Staff and their families may not use the survey portal and the sweepstakes program. This regulation applies to sponsors and business partners of Morrisons.
  3. Entry Sweepstakes Method. Here they only have one way to enter the draw. Yes right, you need to complete the Morrisons survey before entering the draw. So, you can answer survey questions before finding the sweepstakes form page.
  4. If you win a prize, you can only win one prize for one household. You need to wait for one year to get another prize.
  5. In one survey period, you may only enter one sweepstakes entry.
  6. Wait for the announcement of the winner in the last 2 weeks of each survey period.
  7. Winner Notification. Here the sweepstakes program committee will contact you through the information you entered. In the sweepstakes entry form, they ask you to enter telephone numbers, addresses, names and e-mails. Here you need to enter valid information. If you don’t confirm a win within 4 weeks, they will choose another winner.
  8. Morrisons sweepstakes rewards. Here they have a gift card for you. If you win you can bring home the Morrisons survey 1000 gift cards. You can use this gift card only at Morrisons stores. You cannot exchange gift cards in cash.
  9. If you win this prize, then you cannot withdraw. Then you cannot transfer the victory to someone else.
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Morrisons Is Listening Survey Preparations

Before you use this survey portal, you can make preparations in advance. If you have experience using the internet, we hope you don’t get into trouble. So the need for online surveys is almost the same as the login device. We suggest that you ask for help from friends or family for this process. So you can avoid mistakes. The online survey process requires tools and stable internet support. You can use the tips below to facilitate your survey.

  1. Choose an easy survey tool. An easy survey tool can help you complete surveys easily. Because you are familiar with the features of the device. You can choose a laptop or computer as a survey device.
  2. Find the closest position to the internet source. If you want to get a stable connection, you need to know the position of the wifi. If you are out of wifi range, your device cannot connect to the internet. Here you need to choose a location that is close enough to the internet source.
  3. Popular browser. Popular browsers have features and systems that are easy for you to use. You can use Internet Explorer, Chrome or Mozilla as a browser reference. A browser is a device for searching survey websites.
  4. Get a Receipt from the nearest Morrisons Store. Here you can choose the local Morrisons location to get a receipt. Local Morrisons are closer to your home. So you don’t need to spend a lot of time on the way to the store. Use the store locator to get this location.
  5. Preparation of Personal Information. On the entry form, you need to enter your personal identity. Here they ask you to fill in the name, email, telephone number, and home address fields.
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Morrisons survey
Morrisons survey steps at

Morrisons Survey Steps

After completing the survey process, now you need to read the survey steps section. Here you can start an online survey. It’s easy enough to finish Morrisons is listening. If you have an online survey experience, you don’t need to be afraid. Because the steps you need to take are almost the same as other online surveys. Before the survey we hope you can remember your last visit to Morrisons Store. If you remember the store experience, then you can answer the questions easily. Because they only display questions related to store services. Below we have easy steps to complete the Morrisons Survey.

  1. Visit the Morrisons Survey Portal.

If your device and browser are ready, open the survey portal first. Here you need to use as the address of the survey portal. Enter this address in the search box for your browser website. Click enter to start the search process.

  1. Read the survey and sweepstakes rules.

Visit the Prize Draw Rules link first.

  1. Enter Morrisons Store Receipt details.

Next you need to open receipt. Then find some information about your visit. Look at the sample image on the survey portal. There you can get help finding the receipt details.

  • Enter the survey entry number.
  • Set your visit date. Click the arrow to make date settings.
  • Time of visit to Morrisons Store. Click the arrow to make a time change.
  • Click on the start button to open the next page.
  1. Answer the Morrisons survey question.

Here you need to use your experience and knowledge to answer questions. They can display multiple-choice questions. Then they can ask you to rank satisfaction. Furthermore, you can write feedback, comments or problems.

  1. Answer the classification question.

They ask you to enter your age, gender and number of household members.

  1. Fill out the sweepstakes entry form.

After completing the survey, they offer a sweepstakes program. If you agree, you need to fill in the entry form first. Have you prepared your identity?

  1. Check the statement box to agree to enter the sweepstakes program and become a Morrisons survey respondent.
  2. Click on the next button to enter the sweepstakes entry.
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Morrisons Is Listening Survey Questions

Are you curious about the survey questions? If you need our help, you need to read this section. Here we have a list of questions on the Morrisons survey portal. Furthermore, you can prepare your answers. Let’s check this out.

  1. Your general satisfaction with the latest shopping experience at Morrisons. (Rate 1–5).
  2. Availability of assistants who help you shop. (Rate 1–5).
  3. Ease of shopping at Morrisons. (Rate 1–5).
  4. Then for mobile to other departments. (Rate 1–5).
  5. Product Knowledge staff in store. (Rate 1–5).
  6. Speed ​​of service in the checkout section. (Rate 1–5).
  7. Food quality and groceries. (Rate 1–5).
  8. Availability of the products you need (Rate 1–5).
  9. Product prices at Morrisons. (Rate 1–5).
  10. Help staff for you. (Rate 1–5).
  11. Staff friendliness at the store. (Rate 1–5).
  12. Shop cleanliness. (Rate 1–5).
  13. Display products in the store. (Rate 1–5).
  14. Do you have a problem at the store. (Yes or No).
  15. Leave a comment or tell your problem in the comments column.
  16. It is possible that you will return to the store within 30 days. (Yes or no)
  17. Enter the percentage of your shopping expenses.
  18. Enter your reason for visiting Morrisons.

Morrisons Hours of Operation

Do you need help finding Morrisons Hours? Well, you don’t need to worry. In this section, we have a way to find the nearest location and store hours in one step. How can you do it? Yes right, you need to use the help of the store locator. If you want to try this method, follow our steps.

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the Store Finder button.
  3. Enter your postcode or town.
  4. Click the find store button to find local store and opening times.
  5. Select the store you want. Then click on the More details button.
  6. You can see their store hours on the list below.
Days Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 7.00 am 9.00 pm
Tuesday 7.00 am 9.00 pm
Wednesday 7.00 am 9.00 pm
Thursday 7.00 am 9.00 pm
Friday 7.00 am 9.00 pm
Saturday 7.00 am 9.00 pm
Sunday 10.00 am 4.00 pm

How to Contact Morrisons Customer Service

Are you not qualified to take surveys? So customer service is the right solution for your problem. Here you can submit feedback without going through a survey. You can use various methods to reach their customer service department. Record and see the list below.

  1. Morrisons Customer Service Email Address.

Visit their email service through the Wesbite Morrisons portal. There they have forms that you can fill in as feedback. If you want to land directly on the email page, use the link below.

  1. Morrisons Customer Service Phone Number.

If you want an easy way to contact Morrisons, use this point. Use your smartphone to call the help number from Morrisons. 0345 611 6111.

  1. Morrisons Customer Service Mailing Address.

Use the “Customer Service Department” as the subject of your letter. Then send your letter to WM Morrison Supermarket PLC. Hilmore House. Gain Lane, Bradford BD3 7DL.

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