Montanassurvey – Montana’s Free Appetizer Survey Steps

Hello BBQ lovers! Are you hungry ? Well, we bring good news for BBQ lovers. If you live in Ontario, then don’t hesitate to stop by Montana’s BBQ & Bar. Here they have a variety of menus that spoil your tongue. So you can order a delicious bar menu, catering or BBQ. If you are curious, then you read the right instructions. Here we recommend that you follow Montanassurvey. You can enter feedback to improve their performance. Save your proof of payment before taking the survey. New customers can increase their knowledge through restaurant profiles.

Montana’s survey is a portal for receiving various feedback and suggestions from customers. This restaurant is friendly for adults or children. You can order the menu bar and kid’s meal here. Well, if you just visited Montana’s, save your receipt. Because you need it to follow the survey process. What can you get from the Montanas survey? They will not disappoint you. Here you can get food stamps from Montana’s. Then you are entitled to get Montana’s survey free appetizer. Isn’t this a delicious offer? You can save money on appetizers. Are you ready to take the survey process? Let’s do Montana’s survey right now. You can use our instructions to complete this process.

montanas survey portal
montanas survey portal

Montana’s BBQ & Bar Restaurant Profile

Before you take part in the survey process, we hope you will not miss this part. Here new customers can get the basic knowledge about restaurants. We will start with the history of Montana’s Restaurant. So this restaurant was founded in 1993. The owner of this restaurant business idea is Paul Jeffery. They use the Canadian Restaurant theme for you. If you live in Canada, don’t forget to try their menu. Then the business has its headquarters in Vaughan, Ontario. Recipe Unlimited is the parent company of Montana’s Restaurant. Here you can enjoy the friendly and warm service from staff. You can find their outlets in all provinces except Quebec. Now they operate 105 restaurants in Canada.

What can you order at Montana’s Restaurant? Well, we will help you get to know some of the menus at Montana’s BBQ and Bar. If you are a loyal customer, you can register for Grill Lovers Club. You can get menu promos and discounts from Montana’s. So they have 4 menu categories that you can try. See the list below.

  1. Food Menu Category.
  2. Category Menu Bar.
  3. Catering Menu Category. Not all outlets can serve catering menus. They only provide catering menus at 7 locations. (Oakville, Markham, Mississauga, St. John’s, Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton.
  4. Kid’s Menu Category. Here you can see a list of food ingredients that contain allergies. Some young children have allergies to food ingredients such as beans or flour.

Montanassurvey Rules

Do you want to use this survey portal? Well, you arrived at the Montanas survey rules. Here the buyer needs to meet several rules before taking a survey. If you are Canadian, then you have the opportunity to take a survey. You can see the survey rules on the survey page. Visit the Montanas survey website through your browser. Enter in the website search field. If you don’t want to go through this process, read the summary of the rules below.

  1. Montana’s survey is only open to customers from Canada. If you are a legal resident of Canada, then you are eligible to take the survey. We hope you do not violate these eligibility rules. Because they can cancel your Montana’s coupon.
  2. Residents who use the survey portal at least meet the age of 18 years or older. If you are not old enough, parents and friends can help you.
  3. Montana’s Survey is only open to real customers. Staff should not use this opportunity. This rule applies to business partners and the sponsors of Montana’s Restaurant.
  4. Staff family members or point 2 are prohibited from taking surveys.
  5. Montanassurvey Rewards. After completing the survey process, they have a reward for the user.
    • Well, you can exchange Montana’s coupon on your next visit. They have a free appetizer waiting for you at the end of the survey.
    • You only have 21 days from the transaction date to redeem the coupon. If you miss this time, you cannot claim the prize.
    • You can only use 1 coupon for 1 visit.
    • You cannot duplicate and redeem coupons for other prizes.
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Montanas Survey Preparations

After reading the survey rules, you can read the next section. Here we have Montanas survey preparation that can help you. Survey preparation does not take long. If you have the experience, you will more easily understand our instructions. Online surveys can only be done if you have 3 basic tools. Do you know what device we mean? Yes right, here you need a computer, an internet connection, and a search engine. If you have all three, then you don’t need to worry about the survey process. After having 3 basic devices, you need to fulfill other needs. If you can guess it, see our list below.

  1. Choose a convenient survey tool.
    • Computer hardware. First, you need to have a computer or laptop as basic needs. Here we recommend both because you can get a standard display. If you choose a smartphone, the appearance of the website will change. Some people will have difficulty reading survey orders or questions.
    • Internet connection. Second, choose your internet provider for the survey process. Here you can use the hotspot area, wifi or modem. We hope you have enough internet quota for the survey. If your quota is low, your access speed will decrease.
    • Your device’s browser. Finally, you need to have a browser on the survey device. If you don’t have it, then you can’t search the survey portal. Here the popular browser can be the main choice. Because you can operate this browser easily.
  2. Montana’s Restaurant receipt.

Next, you need to get a receipt before taking Montanassurvey. You only need to use the location search feature on the official website. You can get this receipt at the closest location to the house. Remember, you only have 3 weeks after the transaction date. If you do not redeem a coupon, your validation code will expire.

  1. A pen.
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In the final stage, you need to make Montana’s coupon. Write the validation code with a ballpoint pen on your receipt sheet. Then you can exchange coupons with Montana’s survey free appetizer.

montanas survey steps
montanas survey steps

Montanassurvey Steps

After going through the preparation process, now you arrive at the survey stage. Montana’s survey has a pretty easy stage. You can rely on these instructions for a smooth survey process. This survey only takes less than 10 minutes. You only need details of your visit and recent experience. At the last visit, you need to remember your satisfaction. This feedback will help the restaurant continue to grow positively. They can make changes to achieve customer satisfaction standards. So, we hope you only include answers and honest feedback for them. You can enter positive or negative comments for them. If you are ready to conduct a survey, see the steps below.

  1. Visit Montana’s official portal.

You can enter in the browser search box. Then click enter to get the search results. You can use keywords to get a survey page. However, you cannot land directly on the survey page if you use keywords.

  1. Choose the language of your survey.

On the survey portal, they have 2 language settings. If you can speak English, then skip this process. If you speak French, click on the pour obtenir le leondond en francais link.

  1. Enter your visit details.

They have 2 types of receipts. You can see the picture on the survey portal. They help you make a mark to fill the survey portal. See the receipt image to help you get visit information.

  • Enter check # first.
  • Then set the date of your visit to Montana’s Restaurant.
  • Enter the access code on your receipt.
  • Click the start button to enter the next page.
  1. Complete Montanassurvey questions.

Next, you will enter the survey questions page. Here portal users need to enter feedback by selecting answers. You can get multiple choice questions or yes or no. Then they will ask you to rank satisfaction on restaurant service. Below we have aspects that can help you remember your level of satisfaction.

  • Restaurant Menu. You can rank for the presentation and taste of cuisine. Then you can give feedback for the price of food you buy.
  • Cleanliness of eating places. Next, you can remember the cleanliness of Montana’s restaurant. Was your last visit satisfied with the cleanliness of the restaurant ?.
  • Restroom cleanliness.
  • Staff service at the restaurant. You can rank for the friendliness or speed of staff service. Then you can judge their menu knowledge and appearance.
  • Enter your comment. If you have problems with the last visit, write your comments. They can make changes to correct these deficiencies.
  1. Write the validation code.
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Finally, you need to make Montana’s coupon. A gift code will appear for you on the device screen. So you need to record it on the receipt sheet. You can exchange this coupon for free appetizer. Here you only have 21 days before your coupon expires. Because you can only use coupons for one visit. Exchange your coupon at a nearby restaurant. Use the store locator to find a location. Congratulations, you have a free appetizer. Enjoy!

Montana’s Hours of Operation

Did you get Montana’s coupon? If you have it, you need to read this section. After getting a coupon, you have 3 weeks to redeem the prize. Montana’s free appetizer survey is waiting for you at the restaurant. So you arrive at Montana’s hours. You need to know restaurant hours before visiting. Here you can find out through the store locator feature. We want you to make it easy to redeem coupons. You only need to get the closest location to redeem a coupon. Below we have steps to use the store locator.

  1. Visit the Montana’s BBQ & Bar official website. You can use the same device.
  2. Click on the select a locations button.
  3. Enter your location. Here you need to have an address or postal code.
  4. Select a location search filter. Then you can choose the distance filter to search for restaurant locations. Click the arrow to see distance options.
  5. Click on the search button.
  6. Note the location details of the restaurant. Here they will display the location search results. Write down the address, telephone number and restaurant hours. If you want an instant list from us, read the review below.
Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Tuesday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Wednesday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Thursday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Friday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Saturday 10.00 am 9.00 pm
Sunday 10.00 am 9.00 pm

Montana’s Customer Service

Did you have a problem during the last visit? Here you can use other ways to enter feedback and opinions. If you don’t meet the survey rules, you can try this method. Yes right, you can use Montana’s customer service to convey feedback. Then you can ask for help to overcome emergency problems in the restaurant. They have various ways you can try. See Montana’s list of customer service below to help you in the future.

  1. Montana’s customer service phone number. First, you can use their telephone number. You only need to make calls on business hours. Note the number below.
    • GTA: 416-940-5655.
    • Toll free: 1-844-729-7830.
  2. Montana’s Social Media. If you want to get new promos and menus, then you can try this method. Here we have a list of Montana’s Social Media. They will create advertisements and promo menus through this media.
    • Facebook: @montanasBBQ.
    • Twitter: @MontanasBBQ.
    • Instagram: @mont

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