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Everyone must know McDonald’s. It is impossible if you do not know McDonald’s since it can be found all over the world. This fast food chain is the most popular among others. McDonalds’s has its original menu that makes it different from the competitors. For instance, McD burger will be different from Burger King or Wendy’s. It is because McD uses the original recipe which makes the menus tasty. Another reason why McDonald’s can spread around the world is due to its service. McD can prepare our order quickly. Besides, the price is so affordable that all people can purchase it. Since the fast food business is very competitive, McD always tries to make all customers satisfied. So, this company creates McDVoice. Through this survey portal, McDonald can gather and assess the customer feedback.

The aim of McD voice Survey is to identify the customers’ satisfaction. So, McD can know which aspects can disappoint the customers. This’s survey asks the guests to respond a series of questions. All the questionnaires are related to the menu and service. So, the survey takers should rate the food, service, as well as staff’s performance. Then, McD management can evaluate all feedback given by customers. When they get many bad feedbacks, they have to arrange the strategy to improve their service. No doubt, McD customer feedback can give the powerful impact to the business development.


In fact, McDVoice is advantageous for both company and customers. For McDonald’s company, the result of the customer survey can help them to concern on the issue which customers complain. Besides, the good feedback from McD customers can motivate them to keep treating the customers well. Furthermore, how can take the survey benefit the customers? Well, when they take part in McDonald’s guest satisfaction survey, they will receive the coupon as the reward. This coupon is the appreciation from McD since the customers are willing to involve in the survey. Indirectly, the customers have helped the company to improve the business quality.

What are the Rules of McD voice Survey?

Noticing the the survey rules are crucial. Besides, it is necessary to know this survey requirements as well. When the customers notice the rules as well as the requirements of the survey, they will pass the McD survey well. Besides, they will reap the coupon without any troubles. First, we will explain the items that you need to enter McD survey.

  • the receipt.

The prime requirement of the survey is McD receipt. This receipt has a role as the key to open the survey for you. Once you receive the receipt from the cashier, you have to use it soon. It is because McDonald’s only gives you seven days from your visit to take the survey. When seven days pass, the receipt can expire. So, you can no longer enter the customer survey by using this receipt.

  • Computer or any other devices.
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The use of computer, tablet, as well as the smartphone, is crucial. this survey is only available for online access. So, you will need one of these devices to access its guest satisfaction survey. Then, the device you use must have the strong internet connection. The reliable internet access can support you to complete the survey quickly.

  • The email address for the Sweepstakes.

In some locations, this restaurant provides the chance for the customers to follow the sweepstakes. Usually, McD voice survey will ask your willingness to enter the sweepstakes. But, to participate in the sweepstakes, you have to provide a valid email address.

You not only need to notice the requirements above. But, you should also know the rules of its customer survey. The rules enable you to know whether you are eligible to be the survey participant. Here are the rules of the survey which you have to obey.

  • The participants of the survey.

McD voice survey is open for everyone except for the employees of McDonald’s. Besides, this survey is not available for either the former staffs or the current employees. Furthermore, if you are the family of the employees, you are also not eligible for the survey. Then, McDonald’s applies the rule for the sweepstakes participants. They must be the legal citizen of Canada or United States. McDonald’s survey is open for all ages. But, the sweepstakes are only for 15 years of age or more. When the McDonald’s sweepstakes winner is under 15 years old, the parent of the winner has to take the prize.

  • The frequency of taking the survey.

Every customer only has the chance to take the survey five times in a month. But, if you get the receipt from the different McDonald’s restaurant, you can take part in McD survey for more than five times.

How to Take McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey?

What do you usually do with your receipt after dining in McDonald’s? Most of McDonald’s customers may trash their receipt since they think that it is not useful. Perhaps, they do not know that they can use McDonald’s receipt to get the coupons. So, whenever you get McDonald’s receipt, you should look at it thoroughly. Then, you may be able to find the survey code there. The customers can use McDonald’s survey code to enter the survey portal. The next, they will get McDonald’s special offer after completing the survey.

Through McDonald’s Guest Satisfaction survey, the customers can tell whatever their thought about the service given by McDonald’s. The sooner to take this survey is better. It is because the customers only have the opportunity to take the survey in seven days. When you fill out the survey soon, you still have the fresh mind about your experience. Besides, you will be able to remember every detail that happened. This way, the feedback you give through the survey will be accurate.

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Why do you have to involve in the customer satisfaction survey? It is because you can get the validation code as the prize. The reward given to the customers may vary based on the promotion as well as the period of the survey. So, how are the steps to complete McDonald’s survey? This guideline may be able to help you a lot.

  • Access McDonald’s survey portal.

McDonald’s survey is only available at This portal has two language options. When you access this survey portal for the first time, you will find English as the default language. But, you can select Spanish as the website language.

  • Choose one of the receipt samples.

In McDonald’s survey home page, there will be two samples of the receipt. You have to select the receipt which has the similar form to yours. The first sample of receipt contains McDonald’s survey code. Besides, the second one is without McDonald’s survey code.

  • Enter McD voice survey code or other receipt details.

If you select the form of receipt which contains the code, then you have to enter the code into the provided field. Usually, McDonald’s survey code appears on the top part of McD receipt. Make sure that you input 26 digit code correctly. In contrast, if you select the receipt sample which does not has the survey code, you can enter other details printed on the receipt. For instance, you have to enter McDonald’s restaurant number along with KS number. Then, you also need to write the date and time based on the information on the receipt. The next, you have to write down what you have ordered along with the amount of money you spent. The last, verify that you are more than 13 years old.

  • Answer McDonald’s survey questions.

When the survey begins, you can start giving your response. You have to pass a series of questions asking your recent experience at McDonald’s. Your duty is to respond all questions honestly based on what you have experienced. Besides, you should not miss every single questionnaire on the survey. The questions are only about the store, menu, McD staff, and your visit.

  • Take McDonald’s validation code

After you finish the survey, the site will show the validation code. Then, you have to save this code by writing it on your receipt. In your next visit at McDonald’s, you can present this validation code to claim the survey offer. The reward of the mcD voice survey may change in every survey period. Besides, this code is only valid within 30 days started from the purchase date. Moreover, you must not sell as well as duplicate McDonald’s validation code.

The Samples of Questions in McDonalds Customer Satisfaction Survey

This survey only needs a few minutes to finish. It is because the questions asked in this survey are very simple. So, all of customers who take this survey can complete it quickly. Most of the questionnaires ask the survey-takers to rate or choose the answer. So, you do not need to write your own answer. Listed below we try to present some topic of questions which McDonad’s often asks at its survey. Check this out.

  • Customer satisfaction.
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Since the aim of this survey is to find out the customers overall satisfaction, you will see some questions asking about this issue. You can select the level of satisfaction which you feel after coming to McDonald’s store. Then, you just need to respond if you feel happy or unhappy with the meal or service. Moreover, McDonald’s gives you a chance to tell your suggestion as well as the critics.

  • The way to purchase McDonald’s product.

The next, you have to provide McDonald’s location which you often visit. Then, you have to tell how you buy your meal. As the example, you can state whether you purchase it by visiting the store, delivery service or drive-thru.

  • Menu.

Then, some questions will be about McDonald’s menu. You can respond the variation of the menu, the taste, as well as the presentation.

  • The performance of McDonald’s employees.

You have to be ready when the survey asks about the professionalism of McDonald’s staff. Then, you should respond this question based on what you have experienced at McD store. It is your chance where you can complain about the friendliness as well as the speed of the store crew.

  • McDonald’s Restaurant condition.

In the next question, you can share your feedback about the store condition. For instance, you can rate the store’s cleanliness and convenience. Just tell them honestly if you did not feel comfortable when you dine in McDonald’s restaurant. So, they can improve the comfort.

How to Get in Touch with McDonald’s Customer Service?

In case you have something to ask about McDonald’s, you should contact the customer service soon. For instance, your questions are about McD voice survey, menus, McDonald’s nutrition, etc. You can try one of these methods below to get in touch with McDonald’s customer service staffs. But, we recommend you to review McDonald’s FAQ page at before deciding to call the customer service. It is because you may find the answer to your question there. These are some ways to contact McD customer service.

  • By phone.

The easiest way to get your questions answered soon is by calling McDonald’s. To get the response from McDonald’s staffs, you can dial 1 800 244 6227. The customer service is ready to assist you seven days a week. But, you should call them at 7.00 am up to 7.00 pm.

  • By mail.

Besides, you can write a letter to McDonald’s Corporation. Address your letter to 2111 McDonald’s Dr, Oak Brook. IL 60523.

  • Website.

The last, you can visit to get the necessary information. To reach the customer service via the website, you have to select Contact Us. Then, you can tell your question by selecting the topic. For instance, you can choose Restaurant feedback or general inquiry. Besides, you also can select McDonald’s mobile App feedback and Trademark permission.

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