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Marshallsfeedback is the online survey conducted by Marshalls department store. This company is one of the largest stores in the US and Canada. Besides, Marshalls is also well-known as the biggest home decoration and fashion retailer.

The name of this store is taken from its founder, Alfred Marshalls. Founded in 1956, Marshalls business never stops to grow. It can have many customers since this store offers cheap merchandise. It is in line with the slogan Never Pay Full Price for Fabulous. No doubt, Marshalls owns more than 975 chains in the US and Canada.

Marshalls department store creates Marshallsfeedback survey to observe the customers’ shopping experience. Marshalls want to find out how satisfied and happy the people after coming to its store. Then, through Marshalls survey, the company can decide what strategy they should use to enhance the customers’ satisfaction level. That is why Marshalls feedback survey has a section which asks the survey takers to voice up their suggestion to make this store better.


If you often go shopping at Marshalls, you should involve in the Marshalls customer survey. Marshalls survey is not only the media to share your shopping feedback. But, this survey also provides the online sweepstakes for Marshalls survey takers. If you enter Marshalls sweepstakes, you can win the gift card valued $500. So, do not make your Marshalls receipt useless. Save your shopping receipt from Marshalls. Then, use this receipt to enter Marshalls Feedback survey website. Who knows, you can grab Marshalls gift card.

What are the Rules of Marshalls Survey?

If you would like to enter Marshallsfeedback survey, you should find out what need to prepare. Also, you should acknowledge and obey Marshalls survey rules. This way your participation in Marshalls survey sweepstakes will be successful.

Then, you do not lose the chance to win Marshalls gift card. So, you should find out the rules and the things you have to prepare before accessing The information below will be useful to you before taking Marshalls Survey.

  • The Items that you need.

In order to enter Marshalls survey, you need Marshalls receipt. So, you need to purchase at the nearest Marshalls store. Then, keep the receipt which contains Marshalls survey code. By entering this survey number, you can start Marshalls Customer Satisfaction Survey.

The use of the computer or another device is also necessary. Remember, Marshalls only creates the online survey for the easy evaluation. So, you also need the internet access to reach Marshall Feedback survey.

  • The eligibility of Marshalls survey sweepstakes.

All Marshalls customers can enter Marshalls survey as long as they have the valid receipt. But, not all survey takers can join Marshalls sweepstakes. In order to be eligible for Marshalls sweepstakes, you must be 18 years of age or more. Also, you should be the residence of Puerto Rico and the United States. The employees of Marshalls are not eligible to participate the sweepstakes.

  • Entry methods.

Marshalls allows the customers to enter the sweepstakes through two methods. First, they can enter Marshalls online sweepstakes. This entry requires a purchase since you cannot enter Marshalls Survey website without having the receipt. After completing Marshalls survey, you will be invited to join Marshalls sweepstakes. Then, you just need to fill out Marshall sweepstakes entry form.

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Besides, mail-in sweepstakes entry is also allowed. Send your handprint identity details to Marshalls sweepstakes. You have to include your name, residential address, phone number, and date of birth. The next, send this entry to Marshalls Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes. PO BOX 419, Macedon, New York 14502 0418.

  • Marshalls Sweepstakes reward.

Marshalls provides twelve monthly sweepstakes rewards. In each monthly sweepstake period, this contest offers $500 Marshalls gift card. So, the total prize of Marshalls sweepstakes in this survey period will be $6000.

  • Marshalls sweepstakes rules.

This sweepstake has some rules that Marshalls customers must obey. Here we have summarized some of Marshalls sweepstakes rules.

  1. It is required to make a purchase to enter the Marshalls online sweepstakes. But, no purchase is necessary if you send the mail-in entry.
  2. In a month, you only can enter Marshalls sweepstakes once.
  3. Marshalls will select the winner randomly in the following month.
  4. Marshalls will notify the sweepstakes winner by phone or USPS mail.
  5. If you become Marshalls sweepstakes winner, you have to respond the notification as soon as possible. Then, you have to return the documentation.

How is the Guideline to Take Marshalls Feedback Survey?

When you shop at Marshalls, you can save much because this store offers off-price items. But, you should not stop saving. There are many ways to save more at Marshalls. For instance, you can hunt Marshalls coupons. This coupon lets you to get any merchandise at Marshalls at the lower price. Besides, you also can save more if you have Marshalls gift card. You will be glad if you can receive Marshalls gift card for free.

Here we tell you how to win Marshalls gift card as the sweepstakes reward. But, you need to involve in Marshallsfeedback survey first to get an opportunity to win this gift card. Given below is the steps of completing Marshalls survey.

  1. Visit Marshalls survey at
  2. Enter Marshalls survey code, date, and time.
  3. Answer Marshalls feedback survey questions.
  4. Enter Marshalls sweepstakes by providing your personal info.

Only with four steps above, you can submit an entry for Marshalls sweepstakes. Then, you need to wait for the winner announcement from Marshalls. For the more detailed steps to take Marshalls survey, you can view the procedure below.

  • Step 1: visit Marshalls survey website.

To access Marshalls customer survey, you should load Be sure that your Marshalls receipt is ready before accessing this survey portal. That is why you must shop at Marshalls store.

  • Step 2: input Marshalls survey number.

Check the receipt you got from Marshalls to ensure that it contains the survey number. Marshalls survey code usually consists of ten digits in length. Enter this serial number correctly to be able to start Marshallsfeedback survey.

  • Step 3: enter the date along with the time you visited Marshalls.

Provide the date in which you went to Marshalls store. If you forget it, check your receipt to find out the date you came to Marshalls. Then, provide the time as well. The visiting time information is also available on the receipt.

  • Step 4: Answer the survey questions.

After entering marshalls receipt details and pressing the Start button, you can begin Marshalls survey. Just respond the questionnaire is asking your shopping experience at Marshalls. Through this questionnaire, Marshalls wants to check your satisfaction level. Also, this store wants to know your opinion about the store associates, merchandise, and store condition.

  • Step 5: Enter Marshalls survey sweepstakes.
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After finishing the survey, the website asks whether you are willing to enter the sweepstakes or not. If you select Yes, you should be ready to submit your personal information. This sweepstake requires the entrant’s name, email address, and phone number. Double check the telephone number you input in this form. If you enter the wrong phone number, you will lose an opportunity to win $500.

What are the Questions at Marshalls Feedback Survey?

If you have not taken Marshalls survey before, you may not know what survey questions you will face. So, here we help you to get prepared to answer Marshalls survey. Given below are the questions about your Marshalls shopping experience. Review these questions well. Then, you can respond it quickly when you take Marshalls Feedback survey.

  • Overall shopping satisfaction.

During your shopping trip to Marshall, you might have the special experience. So, in this survey, you have a chance to rate your shopping experience. Was your shopping trip fun or disappointing? Just rate the overall satisfaction when you visited Marshalls.

  • Activities at the store.

The next question at Marshalls survey asks about your activities in the store. First, state whether you make any purchase. Besides, you might go to Marshalls to make a return of the certain product. Then, tell if you visit the dressing room to try the clothes. Also, state whether you use the restroom. The last, state whether Marshalls cashier thanked you for visiting the store.

  • Reason to visit.

In this part, you should tell your main reason to visit Marshalls. Perhaps, you go to this store to look for the specific item. Besides, you may want to make a return or exchange. Furthermore, you just want to browse since you have no specific item to purchase.

  • Merchandise rating.

Give your rating for the neatness and cleanliness of the products on the rack. Then, rate the organization by category and size of the items. Also, rate the ease of locating the merchandise and moving through the shelves.

  • Store Associates rating.

Now, it is your time to rate Marshalls store associates. Give your honest rating for the friendliness of the sales floor, cashier, and dressing room associates. Review how care they are in handling your merchandise in the checkout process. Then, rate the speed of checkout.

  • Store cleanliness.

In this survey section, you also need to rate how clean Marshalls store. Then, rate the cleanliness of Marshalls dressing room and the restroom. If you did not go to the restroom or dressing room, just select NA.

  • Department you visit.

Next, select the department you visited during your shopping trip at Marshalls. For instance, you might go to Toys and Book, Jewelry, Home Basic and Decorative, or Gift cards. Besides, you went to Marshalls to visit Men’s or women’s clothing, children clothing, handbag or accessories, Beauty, or shoes department. The next, indicate the department which you make a purchase.

  • Recommend and Return.

Based on your rating, you should tell your likelihood to recommend Marshalls to your friends or family. If you get the satisfying product and experience, you must want to recommend Marshalls to others. Also, state if you would like to return to Marshalls.

  • Comment.
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At the comment section, you can tell what Marshalls should do to make the customers highly satisfied. This way, you can share any suggestions to improve the quality of the customer service. So, in the next visit, Marshalls can give the unforgettable shopping experience.

  • The frequency of visit.

Indicate how often you visit Marshalls. You can say that you go there regularly or occasionally. Besides, you may go to Marshalls for the first time in over the year. Then, you also need to tell how often you have shopped at Marshalls in the past 12 months.

  • The amount you spend.

Now, you should look at Marshalls receipt you got from the previous visit. Enter how much you spent at Marshalls on your last visit. Just enter the dollar amount rounded to the closest whole dollar. For instance, if you spend $85.45, you just need to write $85.

  • TJX rewards card.

Marshalls survey also asks whether you have TJX rewards credit card and TJX rewards Access Card. Then, state whether Marshalls store associates asked you to open and sign up for these cards.

  • Personal details.

At the last part of Marshalls survey, you should tell some of your details. For example, you should indicate your age as well as gender. Then, tell Marshalls the amount of your annual income. Also, select the category you would place yourself.

What are the Facts about Marshalls Department Store?

As a Marshalls’s customers, you may want to know more about this store. Therefore, here we present some info related to Marshalls.

  1. Marshalls official site.

The official website of Marshalls is This website informs you about the products available at Marshalls. Besides, it provides the information about Marshalls gift card, TJX Rewards Credit card, and TJX Rewards Access card. Marshalls Online website is easy to explore. So, you can try every menu at

  1. Marshalls survey website.

The survey website of Marshalls store is available at It is recommended to take Marshalls survey after shopping at Marshalls. So, you can share Marshalls feedback while entering the sweepstakes. This way, you can obtain a chance to grab $500 Marshalls gift card.

  1. Marshalls Locations.

This store headquarters in Massachusetts. Besides, Marshalls store chains are available throughout the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  In order to find the nearest Marshalls store, you can type Marshalls near me on Google Map. Besides, you can use Marshalls store locator at Use Store Finder menu at the top left of the site.

  1. Marshalls Customer Service.

Marshalls Customer Support can be contacted by phone, email, and social media. The phone number of Marshalls Customer Care is 1 888 627 7425. Besides, in order to send the email to Marshalls, you can fill out the form at Marshalls website. Go to Contact Us menu to reach the form. The last, Marshalls is reachable through Social Media. Just try to find Marshalls official account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

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