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Have you just visited Market District? If you still have Market District receipt, you can use it to enter MarketDistrictListens survey. Through the Market District survey, you are allowed to share your shopping experience. This store really values your feedback. That is why it provides Market District Coupon at the end of the survey as a reward.

Market District listens to the customers’ opinions through this online survey. You can reach the survey portal at By entering the survey code on your receipt, you can start taking this survey. You will be given a series of questionnaires asking about your shopping activity. Also, there are some questions about the store aspects. You may be asked to review the store arrangement, staff’s behavior, products availability, service, etc. Market District also welcomes your feedback, critics, suggestions, and comments.

Keep scrolling down this page to find out Market District survey preparation, rules, and steps. By reviewing the information below, you will not find any difficulties in completing MarketDistrictListens survey. As a result, you can finish the survey faster and earn Market District validation code easily. Happy reading.

market district survey page at marketdistrictlistens
market district survey page at marketdistrictlistens

Market District Company Profile

Market District is a subsidiary of Market District. In order to attract upscale shoppers, Market District rebranded some of its stores to be Market Districts. The first store opened in Pittsburgh in 2006. Now, there are 18 stores under Market District brand. Market District also opened Market District Express. It is like a small version of Market District store.

The products sold in Market district are fresh produce, seafood, meat,  cheese, baked goods, and so on. Some Market District locations also have the curbside grocery pickup service. if you want to explore more about this grocery store, you can visit ts official website at

MarketDistrictListens Survey Rules

If you are eager to enter Market District Survey, you should know the rules first. You should know the things you should do or should not do if you want to be eligible for this survey. This way, your entry will not get disqualified. We have summarized the official rules of Market District survey. You’d better read these rules before you decided to enter the survey. This is the information for you.

  1. Participants

Market District sweepstakes have ruled that participants of this survey will be eligible if they can fulfill the following conditions.

  • Age

This survey only permits participants with the age of 18 at least. That is the minimum age to be eligible for this survey.

  • Residence

You can enter this sweepstake if you are a legal resident of the United States. But, you should know that not all of the United States residents can be eligible for this sweepstakes. Only those residing in the states of Indiana, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia will be permissible to be the participants of Market District sweepstakes.

  • Work Relationship

This working relationship manages that all employees of Market District are not eligible for this survey. It is because the targets of this survey are Market District customers. So, if you are an employee of Market District, you cannot join this survey. Besides, employees of sponsor company and everyone with the business relationship with Market District are not permissible for joining this survey. Moreover, immediate family members and household members of the employees are not eligible to enter the Market District survey.

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2. Entry Methods

  • Online

The online entry method requires you to take part in MarketDistrictListens customer survey. you can visit the survey website at Customers will get the survey invitation when they receive a Market District purchase receipt at Market District store location. Then, they can answer some survey questions on the website. After the survey completion, customers can get a Market District validation code.

3. Prizes

All Market District survey takers will receive a coupon code after survey. This coupon is redeemable for some discounts on your next purchase. In certain survey period, Market District offers a sweepstakes entry chance for the survey takers. Usually it provides a great prize such as $2000 Market District gift card. But, in this period, Narket District does not offer the sweepstakes program.

  1. Survey Rules.

Here are some points you have to pay attention to during Market District Survey completion.

  • One Market District receipt is only for one survey entry.
  • Make sure that you take this survey within seven days of purchase.
  • You have to complete all the survey questions to be able to get the coupon.
  • Market District validation code is not redeemable for cash.
  • The coupon code cannot be used together with other coupons and offers.
  • You have to present Market District receipt in order to claim the prize.

Market District Survey Preparation

You should prepare the prerequisites of MarketDistrictlistenssurvey if you want the survey process to run smoothly. Here the things you can have before the survey starts.

  1. Market District Purchase Receipt

To take Market District Listens customer survey, you should have a purchase receipt with a survey invitation on it. this invitation has a survey code which will unlock the survey question pages.

  1. A device

You can use a laptop, a smartphone, or any other devices. Then, you should install a compatible browser in the device. This way, you can access the survey website without difficulties.

  1. The internet connection

Market District Customer Satisfaction survey is an online survey. So, you should be able to prepare an internet connection. Then, you must check if the connections can be stable during the survey process.

  1. Basic English ability

English is the only language available for this survey. The survey questions will only use basic English. So, you do not need to feel worried about whether you can answer the questions or not.

market district survey steps at marketdistriclistens
market district survey steps at marketdistriclistens

Market District Survey Steps

Wonder how to take Market District survey? The following steps will help you to do it.

  • Step 1. Visit Market District Survey Portal.

First, you should visit the official survey website at Besides, the Market District website also provides a link to take this Customer Satisfaction survey. Just go to and find the survey link there.

  • Step 2. Enter Survey Code

Second, you can enter a Market District survey code. You will find this code on Market District purchase receipt. if you have found the code, you can enter it in the provided field.

  • Step 3. Click Start

Third, you can click Start button if you have made sure that the code you enter is correct. Next, it will open the question pages of Market District survey for you.

  • Step 4. Answer Market District Survey Questions
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Fourth, you may begin to answer the survey questions on this Marketdistriclistens website. You may need to rate some scales or pick some options. To answer the survey questions, you can recall your previous visit experience at Market District store. The questions are about your satisfaction level when you shop at the Market District, departments you visited, product availability and quality, staffs friendliness, the frequency of visiting Market District, your recommendation to other, and many more survey questions.

  • Step 5. Provide your feedback.

On certain pages, you will be able to type your comments because Market District has a section that allows customers to fill in a blank field with their feedback.

  • Step 6. Answer Classification Questions

Fifth, you can answer some classification questions as well. You can just provide some information about you in this step. The information needed here is your age, gender, annual income, and household members.

  • Step 7. Write the validation code.

After answering all Market District survey questions, you will be given a validation code. Write down this code on your receipt. Redeem the prize printed on your receipt on the Market District location nearby.

For your information, in the certain survey periods, Market District offers a sweepstakes program after survey. this drawing offers Market District gift card as a reward. To enter Market District sweepstakes, you are required to submit your personal information such as name, address, age, email address, and phone number. When the sweepstakes period is over, Market District offers a validation code as a survey reward.

How to Save at Market District

Shopping at Market District can be addictive for everyone. If you want to save money when you shop at Gant eagle store, you can use the following tips. Then, forget about your worries when you shop at Market District.

  • Sweepstakes

Market District customers can save their cash by submitting sweepstakes entry. If you are one of the lucky sweepstakes winners, you will not have to worry about shopping at the Market District store. With $2000 inside the card, you can purchase anything you want at Market District.

  • Market District ad

You can take advantage of Market District ads if you want to save your cash at Market District. The ads will come out every week. You should check the ads which will be valid in the store you are going to visit. it is because every store has different offers on weekly ads. You can find discounted items in the ads.

  • eAdvantage

Market District advantage is an email program from Market District. This program will facilitate customers with the newest offers and discounts via email. If you sign up email, you will get information about the store offers earlier before Market District announces it to the public. Sometimes, members of eAdvanatge will get the free offer from Market District. Besides, Market District allows customers to get eReceipt. Market District will send your e-receipt via email if you need it.

  • fuelperks!

If you have fuelperks! every gallon of gas you purchase will get the 10¢ discount. This discount will apply if you made purchases for $50 at least. You will be able to earn fuelperks! if you buy certain products at Market District store. The products which will help you to get this benefit are beauty products, health products, gift cards, grocery, snacks, and some more items.

  • Market District coupon
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There are 2 sorts of coupons approved by the Market District. Those are printable coupons and Market District ecoupons. The printable coupons can be in the form of store coupons, manufacturer coupons, or printed internet coupons. For ecoupons, customers can get them from the Market District website or approved third-party coupon websites. If you use Market District Advantage card, you can request to load up to 90 ecoupons to your card whenever you want.

  • CheckOut Rewards

Market District offers CheckOut rewards which will allow you to save more cash. You can just purchase some selected store items when you are going to check out. Then, you will receive a printed coupon that you can use to buy participating products in the next shopping time. Make sure you use this checkout reward coupon before the expiration date. Otherwise, you will lose your chance to get a discount.

Market District Hours

In case you need to do grocery shopping, you can visit Market District store. But, before visiting Market District, you have to check Market District hours first. This way, you can know what time Market District store is open and closed. The time table below shows Market district store hours.

Days Market District Hours
Monday 6 AM – 12 AM
Tuesday 6 AM – 12 AM
Wednesday 6 AM – 12 AM
Thursday 6 AM – 12 AM
Friday 6 AM – 12 AM
Saturday 6 AM – 12 AM
Sunday 6 AM – 12 AM

Most of Market District stores are open at 6 AM and closed at 12 AM. But, there are some Market District store that opens 24 hours. Please note that Market District hours vary by location. So, every Market District chain may have different store hours. You need to call the local Market District customer service to confirm the operating hours.

Market District Customer Service

Do you need help from Market District Customer Service? Do the following things to find your problems solved the representatives.

  • By website

The website address of Market District is  You can visit it if you want to submit feedback via the website.

  • By mailing

You are able to share your feedback by mailing post. You only need to send it to the following address:

Market District, Inc.

101 Kappa Drive

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15238-2809

United States

  • By phone

Market District customer service will respond fast if you contact by phone. The representatives are available on Monday through Friday at 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. You absolutely can reach them at 800 362 8899. In case you are Indianapolis residents, you may get help by other numbers at 1-800-553-2324 or 1-866-620-0216

  • Through social media

Share your comments on social media. You can visit Market District social media pages using these links.

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • Instagram:
  • YouTube:
  • Pinterest:

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