LiteBlue – All Facts about LiteBlue Login and LiteBlue USPS Gov

The use of the internet is popular in every aspect of life. For instance, we use the internet for business and communication. That is why we can say that we cannot live without internet. Every company also starts to use the online portal to handle the HR issue.

One of the examples of online employment site is LiteBlue. This platform is owned by USPS Government. By using the online HR platform, the company will be able to handle the work-life easily. No doubt, the role of LiteBlue Login page is very crucial. It is useful not only for the USPS employer but also the employees.

As we know, USPS is the abbreviation of United States Postal Service. USPS is also known as US Mail. The role of this company is to deliver the package and mail. Even there are many delivery services, USPS can still exist.

In order to serve all of the clients, USPS has more than 650.000 workers. It is the fantastic number of employees, isn’t it? Therefore, it will be difficult if the company control all the employees manually. So, USPS sets up LiteBlue employment portal.


Each employee of USPS Lite Blue can access this online portal with ease. They just need to submit LiteBlue login credentials. Then, they can check all of the employment details. As the example, you can view LiteBlue epayroll to check your salary.

Besides, you can check your service performance as well as the employee benefits. All employees also can get connected with their company. It is because they can access USPS management. This way, the USPS employee can notice the information about their job and company.

What are the Requirements to Access LiteBlue Login?

Since LiteBlue is an internal website, it is only accessible for USPS employees. So, if you do not work at USPS Gov, you will not be able to view the content of this website. As like other company employment portals, the users have to submit their USPS employee ID and password to open this website.

When their Postal Lite Blue login details are valid, they can access this website anytime. Luckily, LiteBlue USPS Gov is reachable 24 hours. So, whenever USPS employees need some information, they can log into USPS Lite Blue.

All details related to USPS company is available in Lite Blue employee portal. That is why it is only accessible to the authorized USPS staff. In order to access this website, you should meet several requirements and qualification. When you prepare all the things below well, you will be able to log in without any trouble. So, what are the qualification and the requirements to view the content of USPS Lite Blue? Here are the things you have to fulfill.

  • A set of mobile device or computer.

Luckily, USPS LiteBlue is accessible by using computer or smartphone. But, the display of the website performs well if you use a PC. But, in case you are not at home or in the office, you can use your mobile phone to open this website.

  • Internet connection.
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Your computer or other mobile devices will be useless if there is no internet access. So, make sure that the internet you use has the stable and fast speed. This way, you can avoid any trouble when you load LiteBlue USPS employee login page.

  • Login credentials.

Employee ID and password are the main requirements to access Lite Blue USPS. Every staff must have USPS employee ID number. If you do not have it, you should ask your HR team. You cannot set up Lite Blue account by yourself. So, USPS HRD will give you the temporary password to access your account. You can change this password anytime.

How to Change LiteBlue Temporary Password?

As mentioned before, there is no registration process in Lite Blue USPS website. So, you cannot create Lite Blue password by yourself. You will get this password from USPS HRD. But, you should notice that the password you get is temporary. It means you can change the password whenever you want.

Once you receive this temporary password, you can use it immediately. But, you should change it to make it more secured. The process of changing Lite Blue password is easy. You can follow this step by step to create a new Lite Blue USPS password.

  • Visit LiteBlue Postalease website.

Use the latest version of the browser to access Lite Blue website. For instance, you can use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla FireFox. Then, visit as the employment website of all USPS staff.

  • Access USPS Self Service Profile.

For your information, Lite Blue has the certain portal to manage your USPS profile. In this portal, you can manage your Pin and self-service password. When you are at Lite Blue USPS homepage, you should click on the link to enter USPS SSP (Self Service Profile).

USPS Self Service Profile is the place to manage your account. In this portal, you can do these following activities. First, you can create your SSP. Then, you can change or update your profile. Besides, you can update your PIN. The last, you can change your email address as well

  • Log into your Lite Blue account.

In order to make some changes, you have to log into your Lite Blue USPS account. So, you have to submit USPS employee ID or Employee Identification Number. You have to enter the temporary password as well. After that, tap the Sign In button to access your profile.

  • Click on Change Password.

When you reach your account, you have to find the option to change your password. Then, you can type the password you want in the New Password field. Make sure that you obey the rules of creating Lite Blue password. If you follow this rule, your password will be strong and secured.

First, the password must contain the number and lowercase letter. Besides, to make it stronger, you have to include the uppercase letter. The good password must contain the special characters as well. Furthermore, the Lite Blue password must be 8-16 characters in length.

  • Choose the security password.
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Then, you have to choose and answer some security questions. These questions can help you to retrieve your password. So, make sure that you remember the answers.

  • Verify the email address.

In the next step, you have to verify your email address. Click on the verification link. Then, SSP website will send the verification to your email. You will get the verification email within three days.

  • Update your profile.

Then, you can update your personal info as well. SSP will display your profile. You can change or update some details. If everything is fine, you can skip this step. Now, you have finished all steps of changing Lite Blue password. Then, you can try to sign into USPS Lite Blue by using the new password.

What Should You Do When You Forget Lite Blue Password?

It is such an annoying situation when you fail to log into LiteBlue USPS. Perhaps, at this moment you have something urgent to access in USPS Lite Blue. You cannot reach Lite Blue account because you input the wrong employee ID or password.

Besides, the most of login failure is because the user forgets their password. But, in this case, you should not need to worry. It is because forgetting the password is just an easy problem. You can get your password back within a minute. Here are the steps you have to do if you cannot remember your Lite Blue password.

  • Go to

Under the Lite Blue login field, you will find the link Forgot Password. This link will help you to recover your password.

  • Verify the employee ID.

After clicking on Forgot password, Lite Blue will open the new page. On this page, you have to verify USPS employee ID. So, you need to enter Employee Identification Number. This ID usually consists of eight digits.

  • Answer the questions.

Do you still remember the questions you choose in the process of setting up the password? Just answer these questions with the correct response. If your answers match to the data you input, you can recover your password.

However, if the steps above do not work, you should contact HRSSC or Human Research Shared Service Center. The phone number is 1 877 477 3273. Besides, you also can call 866 260 7507. The USPS Help Desk staff will help you to recover the password. After getting the password, you can use it to log into your Lite Blue profile soon.

What Features can You Access at USPS LiteBlue Website?

The features of LiteBlue USPS are not different from other employee websites. All of the features in this portal can help the employees to manage their work. It also helps the employee to connect to the USPS company. The employees can update the latest info about their company. This way, they can do their job easily. So, what are the feature of this employee website? Listed below are some of the programs at LiteBlue USPS.

  • Work Manager.
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This feature helps the employees to manage their job easily. So, they can control their job. They can manage and update the personal directory information. Besides, they can check the revenue as well.

  • The record system.

Lite Blue USPS uses extended record system and directory. This way, the users of this website can save their data. Then, anytime they need this data, they can open it.

  • Job tracking.

Without Liteblue, you will not be able to track your job. This online portal also helps you to track the mail order. Lite Blue has a special feature called PostalOne.

The usage of this feature is to allow the user to apply the certain business function. Besides, Lite Blue also has the automatic schedule. This program enables the employees to set the shipment schedule automatically. So, you can be sure that all the shipment, as well as the mail drop, can arrive on time in the right destination.

  • Other websites synchronization.

Your job will be easier since Lite Blue connects to other websites. As the example, you can reach PortalEase, USPS ePayroll, and Furthermore, you can access USPS Track as well as Business Customer gateway.

How to Contact USPS Help Desk?

Sometimes, you may face any trouble when you access LiteBlue Login. Besides, you may need the further info about this employment portal. If you are in this situation, you should not doubt to contact LiteBlue USPS helpdesk soon. But, make sure that you contact LiteBlue Customer Service during the work hours.

You can call the Help Desk representative at Monday to Friday. The Customer Support will be available from 10 am up to 5 pm. Here are the USPS Lite Blue Contact lists.

  • Email.

You can send an email containing your questions or complaint via email. The email address is You can send the email to ask for the technical help as well.

  • Website.

It will be easier to reach the customer service via the website. You just need to visit Then, click on Contact Us. There will be some issues you can choose.

For instance, you miss the mail, file a claim, or request the refund. If you have some troubles in accessing USPS website, you can contact the technical support at 1 800 344 7779. The Technical Support team from USPS will be ready to assist you.

  • HR Shared Service Center.

If you have some problem related to your job, you should contact the HR Service Center. You can reach them by dialing 877 477 3273. Then, you can press the menu 1. This way, you can speak directly to the USPS HR Service Center. This way, you can report your problem, the HR team will give you the best solution.

That’s all the detailed information about LiteBlue USPS. Now, you have known about the requirements to access USPS Lite Blue. Besides, you have learned how to change and recover your Lite Blue password. Hopefully, this article can assist you in using Lite Blue employee portal.

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