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USPS is one of the independent agencies in the United States. It stands for United States Postal Service. Implied by its name, this company is responsible for managing the postal service in the US. This company is also popular as U.S Mail. USPS serves all the US residents in delivering mail and package.

Nowadays, USPS has to compete with the private delivery services such as FedEx or United Parcel Service. But, this company can sustain since it has the loyal customers. To run this communication business, USPS employs more than 650.000 employees. Then, in order to manage this large number of workers, USPS creates LiteBlue Login Page.

Every USPS employee can access and log into LiteBlue online. So, if you are the current staff of USPS, you have to visit Lite Blue login page regularly. By accessing LiteBlue, you can check any information about the employment prospect. Besides, you also can view your service performance as well as your income.

Furthermore, LiteBlue also offers the easy access to the recognition plans and employee benefits. As the example, you have the right to control the benefit by adjusting the demand. No doubt, with LiteBlue, you have the full access to the USPS management. This way, you can stay connected with your company. As a result, you can view every information related to your work.

LiteBlue Login

In order to access USPS Login Page, you need to prepare some requirements. First, you will need your USPS employee ID. Then, you also need the self-service password to enter LiteBlue website. Since LiteBlue is accessible online, all of the USPS workers across the US can visit this web as long as they use internet network.

Then, accessing USPS LiteBlue enables them to discuss their job. But, most of USPS employees access LiteBlue to view their career improvement. Besides, most of them also want to check the income revenue. In fact, accessing Liteblue is the only way to keep informed about the service performance. Then, LiteBlue also allows every user to give the feedback about their company.

What are the Features of USPS Lite Blue Login Page?

As an employment portal, This Login Page has some features for USPS employees. These features help them in order to manage their jobs. Besides, the menus provided in LiteBlue also helps the USPS workers to stay connected with the company’s management. This way, they will not miss any important info related to their job. In short, accessing USPS LiteBlue makes their work easier to do. Here some LiteBlue features that the employees can use.

  • Work management.

LiteBlue allows every USPS employee to have the full control to their job. So, they can manage their tasks easily. As the example, they can find the information about products and recognition. Besides, they also can view the revenue. LiteBlue also has a feature to manage the personal directory details of the employees.

  • Job tracking.

Tracking your job as well as the mail order will never be easier without LiteBlue. All Lite Blue users will be able to access this information easily. Besides, you also can try PostalOne feature. This program lets the users apply the specific business function.

Furthermore, Lite Blue Login gives you the simple access to automatic schedule process. This way, you do not need to set the shipment schedule manually. But, you can make sure that the mail drop and the shipment can arrive at the destination on time.

  • The record system.

USPS Lite Blue uses the extended record management. This feature uses the directory. So, you can save any data for the future use. The data flow will be easier to access based on the hierarchy level. Every time you need the certain data, you just need to access this record system.

  • Other portals synchronization.

USPS Login is connected with other useful portals. For instance, you can access USPS Epayroll, PortalEASE, and also Besides, through LiteBlue, you also can visit USPS Track and Business Customer Gateway.

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Those are some features you can find at USPS Lite Blue web service. Knowing the website features will help you a lot in doing your job. This information can assist you to know how to use the LiteBlue maximally. The use of LiteBlue features explained above is to simplify your job. So, you will be able to handle your duty easily.

How is the Procedure of USPS Login?

As the national agency in the communication service, we cannot underestimate USPS. In the US, USPS is the only national organization which handles the couriers and mail service. Although this company competes with many private courier services, it still can sustain.

USPS serves a million customers that want to deliver the mail or packages. Handling this responsibility is not easy. Hence, USPS has nearly 650.000 workers. Every USPS staff has the right to access LiteBlue employment portal. This way, they will be able to manage their duties.

As stated before, USPS Lite Blue has the features that simplify your task. In order to use the features above, you have to sign into USPS Login Page. Just prepare your USPS employee ID and password to access this page. With these Lite Blue credentials, you will be able to access your personal account.

The next, you can begin exploring LiteBlue Employee Login portal. You cannot only manage your work. But, you also can access your benefits, revenue, as well as the retirement plans.

You have to note that USPS LiteBLue Employee Login page is only for the authorized users. So, this website is just for the employees of USPS. Anyone who does not work at USPS may access the home page. But, they will not be able to view the content of the website.

It is because LiteBlue USPS is a secure portal. The company keeps all the data on this website so that it is only accessible by USPS staffs. If you are the new USPS employee, you may need some guidance to access the Lite Blue Login page. Therefore, here are we provide the simple instructions to access LiteBLue USPS Employee Login page.

  • Visit the official portal of LiteBlue USPS.

You can try two ways of accessing the Login page. First, type in your web address bar. This address will bring you to the login page of LiteBlue. Second, use the search engine to find this employment portal. You can use the keyword Lite Blue Login at the search bar.


Then, make sure that you click on the link Be careful to select the link to login. It is because you may find the similar address to USPS LiteBlue. The correct login page has USPS logo at the top right of the screen. Besides, at the top left, you will see the text LiteBlue United States Postal Service.

  • Enter USPS employee ID.

Each USPS staff will have the employee ID. The HR administrator will give this ID since the first time the company hires you. If you do not know how you can find this employee ID, you can look at your USPS ID card. Besides, you also can find it on the earning statement. Just look at the top part of your pay statement. Then, you will see eight digits of USPS employee ID.

  • Enter USPS password.

You can ask for USPS password to the administrator. In the beginning, they will give you a USPS temporary password. Then, you can change this password anytime. But, LiteBlue USPS login page also provides the link to set up the password.

You can click on the link above the Employee ID field to start setting up your password. This link will take you to Self Service Profile page. Then, you may need employee ID to change or set up the new password. In fact, Self Service Profile also allows you to manage Self Service PIN as well.

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In case you cannot remember your Self Service password, you can select Forgot the password. Then, the LiteBlue site will direct you to reset the new password. Then, LiteBlue will send you an email. To recover the password, you can click on the link contained in this email. The next, just follow the instructions given to make a new password for LiteBlue.

  • Press Log On button.

After making sure that you enter the correct employee ID and password, you can click on Log On button. Then, if these login details are valid, you will be able to reach your LiteBlue account. The next, you can try to use all features and menus provided in USPS Lite Blue Employee Login Page.

LiteBlue USPS employee Login page reminds you about the new rules. This regulation has been active since 28th April 2014. Here is the important information you have to keep in mind. First, in order to access USPS Self Service Website application, you have to use SSP password. Besides, when you want to access Self Service IVRS or Interactive Voice Response Systems, you should use USPS PIN (Personal Identification Number).

For your information, USPS LiteBlue will protect your personal data including your ID and password. Then, other websites which are related to LiteBlue such as Employee Benefit Site and PostalEASE will protect your information as well. This way, you can monitor your career, work, and benefits without any worries.

How to Reset LiteBLue USPS Password?

The LiteBlue password is the crucial item as the requirement of Lite Blue Employee Login. This password should be simple so that you can remember it well. But, make sure that you keep this password as a secret. So, other people will not use it to access your LiteBlue account.

There are some reasons why you have to change USPS password. First, you may forget what your LiteBlue password is. Besides, you may reset it to make it more powerful and hard to hack. No matter your reason, you have to understand every single step to reset the password.

At the login tutorial above, we have explained how to set up LiteBlue password at a glance. But, if you still have no idea how to do it, you have to keep reading this article. Here we provide the complete steps to reset or change your USPS LiteBlue password. Resetting your LiteBlue password will be easier if you follow our guideline. Go through the explanation written below.

  • Visit LiteBlue USPS Employee Login Page.

USPS password change protocol is accessible from the login page. Once you reach the Lite Blue Login Page, you will find the login field containing the Employee ID and password. Just focus on the link under the password field.

  • Click on the link labeled Forgot Your Password?

In fact, USPS LiteBlue login page consists of two links to reset and change your password. The first link is located at the top of employee ID field. Select the link entitled Click Here in order to reset LiteBlue Self Service password. Besides, the second link which is labeled as Forgot Your Password is under the password box.

Each of these links has its own function. The link Click Here is to change your current password. It means you still remember your LiteBlue password. But, you want to change it due to some reasons. In contrast, the link Forgot Your Password is to reset the new password since you cannot recall what your current password is.

  • Enter Employee Identification Number.
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Since you forget the password, you have to input the EIN or Employee ID. Never lose this number. You will need it to make some changes to LiteBlue account. It does not matter if you cannot memorize your Employee ID. It is so since you can look for this number at your pay stub or employee ID card. The next, continue doing the instructions provided on the page. Perhaps, this site requires you to enter the verified email address.

  • Open your inbox.

The next, you will receive a confirmation email from LiteBlue. Besides, this email will contain a link to bring you the LiteBlue password reset page. Just click on the link provided in this email.

  • Enter the new LiteBlue password.

In the USPS LiteBlue password reset page, you have to type the new password. It will be better if you combine the letter and number in your password. This will make your password stronger. The next, you have to confirm this new password by retyping it on the box provided. Finally, you have set a new password for your LiteBlue account.

What are the Features of LiteBlue USPS Gov Human Resources?

Working at United States Postal Service is the dream of many people. It is such a prestige since they can work in the government agency. Besides, USPS also offers the great benefits for all of its staffs. These benefits include the career improvement, life benefits, as well as health care. You will be lucky if you can work at USPS. It is because you can get the wide range of these benefits.

As the USPS employee, you can access the benefit information through the login website. In this portal, you will find a section named My HR. This feature lets you access the wide range of employment services. One of them is the ease to view your work benefit. Described below are several features you can find at LiteBlue USPS Human Resource.

  • Work benefits.

Most of USPS staffs access My HR in order to view their benefits. This feature explains all information related to the employee benefit. For instance, you can access the life benefit, insurance, and overtime benefit. Besides, you can view your salary and tax as well.

  • Health and Safety.

In order to view the health or medical plan, you have to go to this section. This feature explains all information about the health benefits in details. Then, you can search the further info about health care program for USPS employee. Furthermore, you can find out the upcoming seminar as well.

  • Career.

Noone will stay working in the certain company if they know that their career is stuck. Everyone wants the career improvement. Hence, USPS LiteBlue Human Resource provides the career info. Here, the employee can view the career portal. This way, they will know if there is a better position in USPS. So, they can shift to this new position. No doubt, they will prefer the higher job position with the higher salary too.

  • Retirement.

USPS is one of the companies which guarantee the future of its staffs. So, every USPS employee can apply for the retirement plan. To access retirement info, you just simply visit LiteBlue My HR. Here, you can find out the retirement plan and benefit.

  • USPS Employee Rights.

In My HR section, you can find out the regulation and the rights for the USPS employees. Learning the company’s role is very crucial to support your career. As the example, you can find the rules about USPS policies, workplace right, EEO laws, and much more.

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