Krispy Kreme Listens – Get Krispy Kreme Coupon from Krispy Kreme Survey

Krispy Kreme Listens is the guest survey from Krispy Kreme Doughnut. This coffeehouse chain is popular for serving doughnuts as well as coffee. You will be easy to find the product from this company. It is because you can purchase it not only in Krispy Kreme Stores. But, you will also find its outlets at Walmart, Target, and Shaw’s stores. Although Krispy Kreme is headquartered in North Carolina, you will also be able to find its chains in other countries. Nowadays, Krispy Kreme owns more than 1000 chains in the US and abroad.

Krispy Kreme realizes that its company has the big competitors. For instance, it has to compete with Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. But, Krispy Kreme always tries to innovate and gives the best service for all the guests. Conducting Krispy Kreme Listens is one of the ways to maintain the customers’ trust and satisfaction.

So, if you are the loyal guest of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, you have to spend five minutes to involve in this survey. Keep reviewing this article to find out the simple way to complete this survey.

Krispy Kreme Listens

What is Krispy Kreme Listens Survey Rules?

The duty of Krispy Kreme Survey participants is to find out the survey rules. Understanding the rules of Krispy Kreme survey enables them to notice the requirements and eligibility for the survey. Besides, they will know every restriction of the survey.

This way, they can prepare everything that can support them in the survey completion. Furthermore, they can know what to do and not supposed to do during the survey. Unfortunately, you cannot find out the Krispy Kreme survey rules on its survey portal. But, here we have concluded some important points for you.

  • The participants of Krispy Kreme survey.

Krispy Kreme survey is open to all its guests. As long as they possess Krispy Kreme receipt handy, they can be the survey taker. Make sure that the receipt you get after the transaction contains the survey code. With this code, you can enter krispykremelistens. Unfortunately, if you work at Krispy Kreme outlet, you must not enter this survey. The family members of Krispy Kreme staffs are also not eligible for taking this survey.

  • Survey requirements.

Just prepare a recent Krispy Kreme receipt before accessing the survey portal. You will need Krispy Kreme survey invitation code to proceed the survey. this code is used to verify that you really visited Krispy Kreme outlet. Besides, you also need the reliable internet access to take this online survey. It is all up to you to take the survey by using a computer, tablet, or smart phone. But, we recommend you to access this survey by using a PC.

  • Survey rules.

One survey code can only be used to access Krispy Kreme survey once. Besides, your survey code length determines the survey website which you should access. If you got 15 digit code, you should go to Besides, if you receive a receipt with 16 digit code, you should access

  • Krispy Kreme Reward.

As the survey reward, Krispy Kreme offers a free donut. Just present the validation code you got from the survey to the Krispy Kreme staff. You need to notice that this Krispy Kreme Coupon is not redeemable for cash. Besides, you should not combine this coupon with other Krispy Kreme offers.

How to Complete Krispy Kreme Survey?

If you are the real fans of Krispy Kreme Donuts, you should not miss Krispy Kreme survey. Taking part this simple survey enables you to get KrispyKremeRewards. Usually, this outlet offers the free donut as the survey reward.

So, if you want to enjoy the tasty donut for free, you have to take part in Krispy Kreme survey. This way, you can turn your receipt into something more precious. Therefore, never throw away your receipt since you can use it to enter this guest satisfaction survey.

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Krispy Kreme survey provides two survey sites. You should check the survey code on Krispy Kreme receipt to decide which website you should access. When your survey code contains 16 digits, you should go to

Besides, when you have 15 digit survey code on your receipt, you have to access Now you have understood which survey portal you have to access. Then, you should review the step by step below in order to complete the survey successfully.

  • Visit the correct Krispy Kreme survey site.

As stated above, your survey code determines the survey portal you must access. is for 16 digit survey code. Besides, is for 15 digit survey code. The appearance of both websites are a little bit different.

At Mykrispykremevisit, you have to enter the survey code and the visit time. This survey portal also provides the link to see the receipt sample. But, Krispykremelistens only requires your survey code to start the quiz.

  • Enter Krispy Kreme Survey code.

In order to start Krispy Kreme survey, you have to enter the valid survey code. Usually, Krispy Kreme survey invitation code is at the bottom portion of your receipt. If you access, you have to input the time of your visit as printed on Krispy Kreme receipt.

Then, you can press the green Start button. But, if you go to, you can directly press Start button after writing down your survey code. Enter this code carefully. If you misspell one character, you may be failed to enter this survey.

  • Choose the way you make a transaction.

Once you are successful in entering Krispy Kreme survey, you have to choose the transaction type. Just select Dine In or Carry Out.

  • Answer Krispy Kreme Customer Survey.

In several parts of Krispy Kreme survey, you are required to give the rating. Every Krispy Kreme guest will experience the different feeling after visiting this store. Hence, this survey allows you to rate your satisfaction by selecting one of five scales.

This scale can reflect your satisfaction or dissatisfaction. But, you have to be objective when you rate. Krispy Kreme also lets you leave some comments. In this section, you can express what areas of Krispy Kreme can satisfy you. For instance, you can say that you like how Krispy Kreme staffs treat and serve the customers. Besides, you also can write down your compliments for the doughnut and coffee.

  • Enter the zip code.

After completing all the Krispy Kreme survey questionnaire, you have to enter your zip code. This survey needs your postal code data for the classification purpose only.

  • Sign up for Krispy Kreme club.

When you join this club member, you will receive the latest info about Krispy Kreme. This way, you will be able to know the Krispy Kreme offers and upcoming events. To register this program, you have to provide your name, email account, complete address, and date of birth.

  • Record Krispy Kreme Validation Code.

The next, Krispy Kreme survey will give you a validation code as a reward. Once it appears, you have to write it down on Krispy Kreme receipt. This way, you can redeem the survey offer easily. Just present this Krispy Kreme reward code to the cashier to get the free donut.

How to Submit Krispy Kreme Online Feedback?

Krispy Kreme survey is not the only media to share your feedback. Luckily, this doughnut outlet provides some alternatives to gauge the feedback from the customers. For instance, you can call Krispy Kreme customer service. Besides, you can write the feedback letter as well.

Moreover, you also can try to fill out Krispy Kreme feedback form online. Some customers prefer to use these options when they cannot participate in Krispy Kreme survey. In case they lose the receipt, automatically they cannot access the survey. So, filling out the feedback form is the best solution for those who still want to share their experience at Krispy Kreme.

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Filling out this feedback form is easier than taking the survey. It is because you do not need to answer many questions. You just need to select the category of your feedback. Then, you can explain your comment and questions about Krispy Kreme in details.

This online feedback form is also different from the survey. The survey is candid, but this form requires your personal data. It is unnecessary to worry about your privacy. It is so since Krispy Kreme will not use your details for the marketing purpose. Follow these steps to submit your dining experience feedback.

  • Access the official website of Krispy Kreme.

Visit This site contains the complete information about Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. For instance, you can find out the lists of Krispy Kreme menus and their nutrition facts. This website is also supported by the store locator program.

This way, you can search the nearest Krispy Kreme location. is the trusted source to explore Krispy Kreme Careers. By exploring this menu, you will be able to find the suitable position at Krispy Kreme. Furthermore, you can buy Krispy Kreme gift cards online. This card will make you easier when you make a transaction at Krispy Kreme. If you need the further info about this store, you should go to Krispy Kreme FAQ page.

  • Click Contact Us.

If you are difficult to find Contact Us menu, you should select Expand Site Map. This way, the page will display a complete menu. Once you click Contact Us, the site will bring you to the new tab consisting the feedback form. This page also contains the lists of Krispy Kreme contact.

  • Write down your personal details.

This form consists of several parts. In the first part, you have to enter your basic information. Enter your name and address on the provided sections. The address you enter must be completed. It includes the street address, city, state, as well as the postal code. Then, enter your email address in the last box.

  • Complete the additional information.

The second part requires the information about the country or region you live. The next, you can enter your phone number or mobile phone number.

  • Select the subject of feedback.

The next, you can choose the topic of your message. As the example, the topics your message are about the company info, marketing, nutrition, compliment, donation request, etc.

  • Write your feedback or message

On the box provided, you can write down your feedback or message in details. If you want to share your experience, you should mention the Krispy Kreme location you visited. Write your message briefly since you only have 1024 characters.

  • Verify that you are not a robot and submit.

Under the message box, you will find a captcha. Enter the correct captcha to verify that you are a human. The last, you can submit this form.

If you do not have the internet connection, you can voice up your feedback by phone. Just dial 1 800 457 4779 to tell your feedback to Krispy Kreme Customer Support. Besides, you also can make a call whenever you want to ask some issues about Krispy Kreme.

Furthermore, you can write to Krispy Kreme. You just need to send your letter to PO BOX 83 Winston-Salem, NC 27102. The last, you can contact Krispy Kreme by email. Write any complaint or comment to or

What is Krispy Kreme Survey Questions?

When you intend to take part in Krispy Kreme survey, you should be ready to face several questions. But, do not take it too seriously. These questions will not difficult. It just asks the details of your visit to Krispy Kreme outlet. For instance, you will get some questionnaires about the food and beverage you ordered.

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You will be able to respond these series of questions in a few minutes. Make sure that your response should be based on the experience you had in Krispy Kreme. This way, you can provide the objective feedback for this doughnut store. These are the questions you will get when you participate in Krispy Kreme Customer Survey.

  • Type of visit.

The first response you have to give to this survey is your visit type. Indicate how you enjoyed Krispy Kreme menus. Did you eat and drink at Krispy Kreme store? Or, did you take it to your home?

  • Overall satisfaction.

Then, state the level of happiness or satisfaction you got after visiting Krispy Kreme. The overall rating you give in this session should reflect your experience. Besides, you have to recall how well the service given by Krispy Kreme.

  • The items you bought.

Then, select the items you purchased at Krispy Kreme. For instance, you can choose hot or iced espresso based beverage, doughnut, hot or iced coffee, or chiller. If these options do not show the menu you purchased, you can select Other Beverage or Other Food. The next, mention who you buy these items for. You may buy it for yourself, friend, family, or coworker. After that, state whether you went to Krispy Kreme with 10-year-old or younger children.

  • Specific issues about Krispy Kreme.

In this part of the survey, you have to rate several issues. First, the topic is about the restaurant. Give your rating for the overall atmosphere and the cleanliness of Krispy Kreme store. Then, give your opinion about the friendliness of Krispy Kreme staffs and their speed when served you. The next, you can rate the taste of your beverage and food, menu variety, and order accuracy.

  • Revisit and Recommend.

Every guest satisfaction survey will ask your willingness to revisit Krispy Kreme in 30 days. Also, say whether you are likely to recommend this doughnut outlet to your friends and family.

  • Your opinion.

This part allows you to write down your honest opinion about Krispy Kreme. For instance, you can tell what things you like the most from this store. Besides, you also can share your complaints in this section. You should notice that you only have the chance to explain your Krispy Kreme feedback in 1200 characters. But, if you do not have the idea to write, you are allowed to skip this part.

  • Visit details.

First, you need to mention how much you spent at Krispy Kreme on your recent visit. This survey provides the range of money you might spend. For instance, you may spend less than $1,5 or more than $25. Then, answer some questions about the details of your visit.

State whether you made a special trip to Krispy Kreme. Also, indicate whether you received the product sample. Then, mention the type of sample you got. For instance, you received hot original glazed doughnut, other doughnuts, or beverage sample.

  • The frequency of visiting other fast-food outlets.

Then, answer honestly how many times you go to other restaurants. Tell how frequent you visit Chick Fil A, Panera, McDonald’s, Starbucks, or Dunkin Donuts. Answering this question allows Krispy Kreme to know its competitor.

  • The reasons for visiting Krispy Kreme.

Then, tell the purpose of the reason why you visit Krispy Kreme. For instance, you may go this store because you see the advertisement on the networking site. Besides, you may have the positive experience. Moreover, your reasons are due to the coupon or promotion. Furthermore, you may visit Krispy Kreme since you want to treat a child or have breakfast.

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