JackListens – Enjoy Free Tacos from Jack in the Box Guest Satisfaction Survey

Jack in the Box is the casual dining restaurant headquartered in San Diego, California. This fast-food store is popular for its hamburger menus. Although it has to compete with other burger restaurants such as Burger King or McD, Jack in the Box can survive.

As the proof, it can expand the business by owning Qdoba Mexican Grill franchise. Nowadays, Jack in the Box has over 2200 burger chains in 21 States. Also, it has more than 600 Qdoba chains in the US and Canada. That’s why Jack in the Box creates JackListens Survey. Through this survey, Jack in the Box makes sure that every guest receives the tasty food and the great service through.

To build the brand is not easy. So, every company has to concern on the what the customers’ need. Through JackListen Customer Survey, Jack in the Box can observe what the guests expect from them. It is because every customer can give the honest review or rating to this restaurant. By analyzing the guest feedback, Jack in the Box can determine the business strategy to develop their restaurant.

This way, this restaurant can meet what the guests expect. It is undeniable that this survey is the effective communication tool between the customers and the company. No doubt, this survey helps the guests to tell what they have experienced in Jack in the Box. Besides, Jack Listens also helps the company to get the information related to the guests. Interested in taking part in Jack Listens? Review the rules and the steps below.


What are Rules of Jack Listens Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Before involving in Jack Listens Guest Satisfaction survey, you should review the survey rules. Unfortunately, the survey site does not provide the survey rules. But, you should not worry since you can view what the rules are in this article. We have concluded some points of Jack in the Box survey rules on the lists below.

  • Survey participants.

Based on the privacy policy of the Jack in the Box survey, you should be at least thirteen years old. Besides, you also must be the legal resident of the United States. Then, Jack in the Box does not allow its store crew to take part in this survey.

  • Survey requirements.

To enter Jack in the Box survey, you should have the purchase slip. Make sure it contains the survey invitation code from JIB. Then, your receipt will be valid within three days. So, take this survey before three days of the purchase date. Besides, also prepare a computer, internet access, the writing tool to support you in completing this survey.

  • Survey reward.

To thank all the survey takers, Jack in the Box provides the validation code. Then, the customers can claim two free Tacos by using this code. So, accessing this survey enables you to enjoy Jack in the Box Tacos for free.

How to Complete Jack’s Customer Survey?

You do not need much effort to fill out Jack’s Guest Satisfaction Survey. Jack in the Box survey consists of the brief questionnaire. The survey process is not exceeding three minutes to complete. It is because this survey only contains a few questions.

Besides, the instruction on www.jacklistens.com survey website is clear and simple. So, you can complete Jack in the Box survey without any difficulties. Since the survey is easy to fill out, you should not miss your chance to be Jack Listens survey participant. This survey does not only facilitate you to express the dining experience. But, it also rewards you the free tacos in your next visit.

The process of the survey completion is similar to other fast-food restaurant surveys. But, if you never take part in the customer survey before, you may have no idea how to begin. So, here we try to help you by presenting Jack in the Box survey guidelines. Complete the survey by following our procedure below.

  • Visit the Survey Portal.
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Use your compatible browser to access www.jacklistens.com. You may not find this address in you browse it by using the search engine. So, we recommend you to directly access this address through by entering it into your browser’s address bar.

When you reach this survey page, you will see the image of a man with the formal suit and the snowman’s head. Then, you have to select what language you want to use to take this survey. Both English and Spanish are available. Then, we recommend you to read the details about the privacy policy first.

  • Enter the survey code.

To begin the survey, you have to enter Jack in the Box survey invitation code. See the middle of Jack in the Box receipt. Then, you will find the Jack Listens survey invitation. In this section, you will also find 14 digit survey code. The next, input this code to the provided field.

  • Verify the restaurant location.

In the next page, this online survey site shows the location of the Jack in the Box store you have visited. Verify this location by selecting the answer Yes or No. The survey you enter contains the store number. This way, the system can identify the restaurant location detail that you have just visited.

  • Indicate the day, time, and visit type.

The next page asks you to indicate the date of your visit. You can select the day and month by clicking on the calendar icon. Then, select the small icon of the clock to select the hour and minute of your visit. The next, select the type of your visit by clicking Dine in, Drive thru, or Carry out.

  • Respond Jack in the Box Questionnaire.

After indicating all details about your visit, you can start giving the response for every question. Make sure that you provide the answer honestly. So, think back about your last visit at Jack in the Box. Then, rate the satisfaction question based on the real experience you had in this restaurant.

  • Take Jack in the Box validation code.

After the survey ends, the site automatically gives you the validation code. Write this code on Jack in the Box survey invitation. When you visit Jack in the Box restaurant next time, you can show this code to the store crew. Then, you will receive two tacos as the survey reward.

What are Jack Survey Questions?

Before entering Jack in the Box survey, it is necessary to learn what the survey questions are. This way, you can get prepared with the answers you should give. Besides, knowing the questions enables you to speed up the survey completion. It is because you can answer all the questionnaire more quickly.

In general, the survey questions have no more difference with other guest satisfaction surveys. This survey has several sections. First, you will face the questions for rating the satisfaction level. Then, there will be comment session as well. Jack in the Box customer survey also asks the details of your recent visit to the JIB restaurant. Here are the question samples in Jack Listens survey.

  • Location verification.

Once the survey code you entered is valid, you have to verify the Jack in the box location. In this page, the survey will mention the location of restaurant you visited. The system can identify the store location-based on the survey code you input. Then, you can respond it by selecting Yes or No.

  • Visit time.
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The next, Jack in the Box Guest Satisfaction Survey wants to verify the time of your visit. So, you need to enter the correct day and time based on your receipt. First, you should tell the date in which you came to Jack. Click the tiny calendar icon to select the date, month, and year.

Then, go to the next field. Click the clock icon to set the time when you went to Jack in the Box. The format of the time should be hh: mm. Always see your receipt to make sure you enter the correct hour and minute.

  • The way to dine.

After that, specify how you ordered the meal at Jack in the Box restaurant. Click on Dine in if you enjoyed the food and the drink at Jack in the Box outlet. Besides, you can also select drive-thru or carry out.

  • Questions about your visit.

Answer two questions which ask about your dining experience. First, tell Jack Listens survey if your order was accurate. Then, state whether you experience any problem at JIB during your recent visit.

  • Overall dining satisfaction.

In every customer satisfaction survey, you will get this type of question. The survey asks you to give the overall rating for your dining satisfaction. The aim of guest satisfaction survey is to observe the level of guests’ satisfaction. That’s why the question to rate the overall satisfaction always exists in every survey.

  • Specific areas satisfaction.

After stating your overall satisfaction level, you can continue rating the specific areas of jack in the Box. For instance, rate the temperature and taste of the food as well as the quality of the menu. Then, go onto rate the speed of the service and the friendliness of Jack in the Box crews.

After that, give your opinion about the exterior cleanliness of this restaurant. The last, rate what you feel about the value for the price you have paid. Was it worthy of the taste of the food and service quality? Provide your answer by clicking on the scale from 1 to 5. The higher score you give means that you were highly satisfied with Jack in the Box.

  • Likeliness to come back.

Every restaurant will be curious whether its guests will return in the future. So, this survey also asks your likelihood to revisit the restaurant. There are five answers available for this questions. You can select definitely will return, probably will return, or might or might not. But, if you get disappointed with Jack in the Box, you will select Probably Will not or Definitely Will Not Return.

  • Suggestions.

Through this survey portal, Jack in the Box restaurant wants to give the exceptional dining experience for the guests. That is why this fast-food outlet wants to listen what the customers want. Then, in this section, you can write down your suggestion for the service improvement. Tell Jack in the Box the action they should do to improve the customers’ experience on the next visit. As the example, you can give your critics and opinion about the food, restaurant areas, or service.

  • The menu you ordered.

The next, Jack Listens Survey gives you two questions asking whether you ordered the special menu. First, answer whether you purchased Jack Jalapeno Barbeque Burger. Then, also state if you purchased Jack Monster Taco.

  • The place before and after you went to Jack in the box.

Mention the place where you were from before you went to Jack in the box. Then, also select the place you went after you left this restaurant. The options you can select are Work, School, Home, and Shopping. Besides, you can prefer not to respond this question.

  • The frequency of visiting Jack in the Box.

Tell Jack in the Box how many times you go to this restaurant. For instance, you may visit JIB one, two, or three times a week. If you seldom go to Jack in the Box, you can select once in a month or every other month. Besides, you also can choose a few times in a year. Also, you can tell that it is your first visit to Jack in the Box.

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How to Contact Jack in the Box Customer Service?

In case you need to know some information about Jack in the Box restaurant, you should visit its website. The official site of Jack in the box is www.jackinthebox.com. This portal offers the wide range information about this fast food store.

For instance, you can explore what menu offered by Jack in the Box. Besides, you can search the special offers from this restaurant as well. Jackinthebox.com is also the great source to look for career info. Furthermore, Jack in the Box website has FAQ section. So, you can review the questions and the best answer from this company.

When the Jack in the Box FAQ page does not display your question, you can ask the customer service. Also, you can give tell your feedback by contacting Jack in the Box Customer Relations. The Customer Support of JIB restaurant is accessible through three methods. Here are the ways to get in touch with Jack in the Box Guest relations.

  • By phone.

Calling to Jack in the Box staff enables you to speak in person. This way, you can ask the question or share your Jack in the Box feedback. Jack in the Box Customer Care is accessible at 1 858 522 4716. You should make a call between Monday to Friday at 7 am to 4 pm.

  • Letter.

You also can write to Jack in the Box company. The address is at Jack in the Box Inc, Attn. Guest relations, 9330 Balboa Ave, San Diego 92123 1516. Do not forget to attach your postal address in your letter. So, Jack in the Box can reply your letter. It may take a few days to receive the reply from this company. So, you have to be patient. If it is about the urgent issue, we suggest you contact jack in the Box by phone.

  • Website.

At Jack in the Box website, this company provides the contact form. You can fill out this form to send your Jack in the Box feedback. There are some subjects you can select. Besides, you can share the feedback with multiple subjects as well. Here are the steps to submit Jack in the Box feedback.

  1. Access Jack in the Box site. Type jackinthebox.com in your browser address bar.
  2. Find Contact Jack menu. Scroll down the web page to find Contact Jack option. Once you tap this menu, the website will display the FAQ page as well as the feedback form.
  3. Select the feedback topic. Four subjects are available for you. The topics are products, service feedback, Jack cash, and positive feedback.
  4. Select the sub-topic. After selecting the subject, there will be the new field about the sub-topics. For instance, you choose Service Feedback. Then, besides the topic field, you can choose the more specific feedback topics. For instance, select employee cleanliness and appearance, the restaurant cleanliness, incorrect change, etc. You are free to add or remove this topic.
  5. Write down Jack in the Box feedback. Then, describe your feedback briefly. You only have 600 characters to explain.
  6. Mention the restaurant location. Enter the city and zip code to search Jack in the Box location.
  7. Enter the date of visit and time of visit. Specify when you came to JIB restaurant.
  8. Enter the personal information. Tell to Jack in the Box about yourself. You can enter the name, contact details, and address. The last, you can send this form through the interweb.

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