IHGDesignConnect – How to Access IHG Design Connnect Login Portal?

Are you planning to have a building with your dream designs? Then, you must need any bits of advice and suggestions from experts in exterior and interior designs. Well, you do not need to feel confused now as IHG will be your best partners to make your plans come true. IHG has great teams that you may choose based on the needs of your projects. You will not regret working with this hospitality company as it has a lot of experiences in building, renovating, and decorating the building for years.

To get help from IHG Architecture and Design teams is not a difficult task. It is because this company has launched an online portal that will allow you to access information directly from IHG company. However, you should have been registered as a user on IHGDesignConnect Portal before you are able to work with IHGG experienced teams.

For further information about IHG Design Login Portal, you can just read this article. You will find how to register, log in, and reset the password on this online portal. Moreover, there is more insights about the portal benefits and ways to solve errors on your IHG Design account. So, happy reading!


ihgdesignconnect login page

About IHG

IHG stands for InterContinental Hotels Group plc. It is a hospitality company with multinational level. The headquarters of this IHG company is located in Denham, Buckinghamshire, England. The origins of this company started in 1777 when William Bass built his own company.

A very long journey had been a part of this company since then. in 2003, the company started to go by InterContinental Hotels Group. This company is now operating several famous brands, such as InterContinental, IHG Merlin, Regent Hotels, Candlewood Suites, Six Sense Hotels, Hualuxe, Kimpton Hotels and Resort, Voco Hotels, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Indigo, Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn, etc.

Those hotels are available in more than 5000 locations in 100 countries. Some of the hotel locations are under franchise agreement and some others are by management contracts. Moreover, there have been  more than 800.000 guest rooms owned by InterContinental Hotels Group so far.

What is IHG Design Login Portal?

IHG Design Login Portal is a website build by IHG Company to connect project planners with IHG teams. The teams provided by IHG company consists of skillful architects and designers. This way, they will be great partners to work with you whenever you are eager to build an attractive hotel or any other beautiful buildings. Well, you just need to visit the design portal at www.IHGDesignConnect.com.

Because not everyone may have access to this IHG Design Login Portal, it is necessary for you to sign up an account. the good thing about the account registration here is that you do not need to see an employee of IHG company directly. You can simply visit the portal address and do the online registration there. When your account is ready, you will be able to access the portal and contact IHG team about your project plans.

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Furthermore, you will not only find architects and designers on IHG Design Login Portal. It is because this company also provides beneficial tools for your properties. This way, you may use the tools in the process of building projects based on what the teams need.

Also, the portal will help you to get updates about the latest information related to your projects, such as the designs, the support tools, the teams, and some more important updates. With this design portal, it will be easy to track the on going process of the projects which you are working with IHG Design teams.

Well, the explanations about IHG Design Login Portal will not be complete without talking about the benefits of this page. Moreover, the benefits will help you do your task so much easier if you really understand what you may get from this portal. First, IHG Design Login Portal is ready to access for 24 hours every day.

You can always visit this portal as long as you go online. Second, you may find some online work fields. It means you may do any tasks related to your projects on this portal easily. Third, this portal enables you to communicate with other team members. You may send your messages through this portal and hold a discussion about your projects.

This feature will save your time and money, especially when you are in a different area from other team members. Fourth, IHG Design Login Portal provides a page where you may get sources and guides to enhance the qualities of your projects. This way, you may get more insights and inspiration to create something more unique.

Procedure to Register on IHG Design Connect Portal

Before you sign up, you will need some requirements to make the registration process run smoothly. What you need to prepare here are a device, the internet connection, and a valid email account. Make sure you use a laptop or a personal computer to make it easier when you are trying to sign up an account on IHG Design Connect Portal.

Then, do not forget to install an updated version of your browser.  The newest version will enable you to access the portal without troubles. After that, you must connect your device to the internet as the portal will only work well when you go online. the last but not least, an email account is necessary as this is the way to contact the IT Support of IHG Design Connect for registration or some other technical issues related to the portal.

Now, you can start the registration procedure after you have got all those requirements. This registration will not take too much time. it means you only need to spare a few minutes to finish all of the registration steps on IHG Design Connect Portal. in case you need to know how to sign up, the instructions will help you to make it clearer.

  1. Go to IHGDesignConnect.com
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First, you should go to IHG Design Connect Portal. The website address is www.IHGDesignConnect.com. This portal has some buttons that will allow you to get beneficial information from IHG company.

  1. Change Language

Second, you may look at the top right corner of the website home page. There is drop-down field where you may change the language setting of the portal. This field provides 3 options, English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Actually, this page will always appear in English. So, you do not need to change it if you prefer English.

  1. Click Register

Third, you can find a login section where you can start the registration procedure. This section has some buttons, including the one for registration. Well, you should click the Register button in this step. Ten, it will take you to the next registration page.

  1. Contact IHG DesignConnect Support

Fourth, you can click a link provided on the page that has appeared on your screen. This link will let you send email to askAandD@ihg.com. if your registration request has been delivered to the email address, you may wait for 2 days. The IT Support representatives will inform you to do the next steps of IHG Design Connect account registration.

IHG Design Connect
IHG Design Connect

Login Steps on IHG Design Connect Portal

As the registration procedure has finished successfully, you can now try to access your account on IHG Design Login Portal. What you need to prepare here is not so different from the registration requirements. You still need a device, the internet connection, and an email address.

But, you must not forget that you need a password in this login process. you may get the password when you have signed up. If all the things you need are ready, you may use the steps below to log in.

  1. Go to IHGDesignConnect.com

First, you must go to the official page of IHG Design Connect Portal at www.IHGDesignConnect.com. The login steps should be on the same page of the registration procedure.

  1. Choose Language

Second, you may choose your preferred language if you’d love to. For instance, you can choose English, Spanish, or Portuguese. However, this step is optional. It means you may skip it if you do not have any problems with the default language of IHG Design Connect Portal.

  1. Fill In E-mail Address

Third, you can focus on the login section now. You will find it on the home page of IHG Design Connect Portal. What you should do now is to fill in the e-mail field with your valid email address. Remember that this should be the email address that you have used in the registration procedure. Other email address may cause any failure in the login process.

  1. Enter Password

Fourth, you should enter the password of your IHG Design Connect account. Make sure you use the correct password that you have created when you signed up an account last time. This password will be the code to access your IHG Design Connect account every time you need to log in on this portal.

  1. Click Login
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Finally, you just need to click Login button after you have completed the blank fields on the login section. if the information that you have input is correct, the login button will proceed your request and let you access your account on IHG Design Connect Portal. Kudos! You are free to explore the features on IHG Design Login Portal now.

In case you are eager to access this portal without a registered account, you may try to use a Guest button provided on the login section. This button will direct you to a page where you may find some helpful information from IHG company. Also, you do not need to sign up an account if you prefer using this Guest button.

Resetting Password on IHG Design Connect Portal

Is it difficult for you to remember your password on IHG Design Connect Portal? Or, do you feel this password is not secure anymore? Don’t worry! You only need to reset your password using a simple process. Besides, it will only take some minutes to complete all the reset password process. if you are wondering how to reset your password on IHG Design Connect Portal, you can pay attention to the following instructions.

  1. Visit www.ihgdesignconnect.com

First, you should be on IHG Design Connect Portal. As you are eager to reset your IHG Design Connect password, you must visit this website to do the recovery process by yourself. Then, you can pick your favorite language just like what you set the language when you try to sign up or sign in.

  1. Forgot Password?

Second, you will see some buttons on IHG Design Connect login section. One of the button will ask you if you “Forgot Password?” if you click this button, it will help you reach the next page to begin the password recovery process.

  1. Enter Username

Third, you must enter the Username of your IHG Design Connect account. This username can be your valid email address registered on IHG Design Connect portal. So, you must be careful when you are typing the email address. You do not want your attempts to reset your password go unsuccessfully, right?

  1. Send E-mail

Fourth, you can click a button to send the password reset email. This means IHG Design Connect portal will send an email to your email account to let you know the further instructions for this password reset process.

  1. Check email

Lastly, you absolutely need to check your inbox on your email account. You must find what you can do next through the message sent by IHG Design Connect portal

However, you may just contact the IT Support of IHG Design Connect portal if you find any difficulties with this password recovery procedure. Also, you may ask for help to the IT Support for some other problems, such as locked account, invalid email, wrong username, and password, etc. So, you can simply send your email to IHG Design Connect IT Support at askAandD@ihg.com. You will get replies from the representatives during the working hours.

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