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Are you a fan of casual restaurants? If you like the concept of casual restaurants, we have a reference for you. Here we have information from popular restaurants and bars in the United States. If you are a Kansas City resident, you will get to know this restaurant. Yes right, you can go and buy a menu at Houlihan’s Restaurant. You only need to go to Houlihan’s to enjoy the restaurant and bar. If you just visited Houlihan’s, save your proof of payment. Because we have a way to get rewards from them. What can you do with the receipt? So you can use receipts to follow the Houlihansfeedback survey process.

Houlihans feedback survey is an easy way to express opinions for restaurants. This survey portal will help Houlihan’s find out the problem in the restaurant. So they want to approach customer satisfaction standards. If you have ideas to improve their services, submit it through this portal. You don’t need to doubt the survey process. Because you can rely on our instructions to complete the survey. After entering feedback, you are entitled to Houlihans coupons. Here you can exchange coupons at Houlihan’s Restaurant. Then they can offer discounts, free menus or other gifts for you. If you have an interest, we will help you use the Houlihans survey portal. Well, continue reading our instructions to the restaurant profile section.

houlihans survey page at houlihansfeedback.com
houlihans survey page at houlihansfeedback.com

Houlihan’s Restaurant & Bar Profile

Hello readers! if you arrive at this stage then you can know the progress of Houlihan’s. Maybe you are curious about when this business was established or who owns this restaurant idea. Well, you can get basic knowledge in this section. We will help you get to know the restaurant before buying their menu. So we will start with the history of Houlihan’s business. So this restaurant was established in 1972. Their first location was Plaza Kansas City Country Club. At first, they used the name Houlihan’s Old Place. Because their first restaurant was in the Houlihans Clothing Store room. This restaurant operates under Houlihan’s Restaurant, Inc. The company is developing several other restaurants. They are J. Gilbert’s Wood-Fired Steaks, Bristol Seafood Grill and Devon Seafood Grill.

The founders of Houlihan’s restaurant are Joe Gilbert and Paul Robinson. Both work together to develop this restaurant. In 1973 they opened a second location in New Orleans. Then in 1975 they opened Houlihan’s Restaurant in Atlanta. Until now they still exist and make delicious food for you. What can you buy at Houlihan’s? So they make fresh food for you. Houlihan’s cooks various ingredients such as chicken, fruits, and vegetables. Then they have a bar that can spoil your tongue with cocktails. If you want to hang out with friends, try this restaurant.

Houlihans Guest Satisfaction Survey Rules

After reading the profile of the restaurant, now you come to the survey rules section. Can all customers take surveys? Unfortunately, not all customers can use this survey portal. Here you need to know eligibility before submitting feedback through the survey portal. Well, we have a list of rules that you can read before the survey. So this survey is only open to qualified customers. Don’t make a violation if you don’t want to get into legal trouble in the future. They can cancel your coupons and prizes if you break the rules. So, don’t be lazy to read our review below to find out your eligibility.

  1. Houlihans survey is only open to legal residents of the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. If you are not a resident of all three countries, don’t expect to do a survey.
  2. The legal population of the three countries at least entered the age of majority. when taking the survey process you need to be 13 years or older.
  3. If you want to submit feedback, you need a recent receipt from Houlihan’s. If you don’t have it, then you can’t take online surveys.
  4. You can only use receipts for a period of 15 days. If you miss this period, your ID code will expire.
  5. You can only use the survey portal 1 time per day. If you have other receipts, use your chance on another day.
  6. The survey portal uses English. We hope you can use basic English to complete the survey. Because they don’t have language settings.
  7. This survey is only available for Houlihan’s Restaurant customers. If you have a working relationship with Houlihan’s, step back from this process. Because staff, restaurant officials, and sponsor teams may not take surveys.
  8. Houlihans feedback rewards. If you can complete the Houlihansfeedback, you are entitled to have Houlihans coupons. Bring your coupon on your next visit to Houlihan’s. One coupon is only valid for one transaction. Then you cannot exchange and choose rewards from restaurants.
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Houlihansfeedback Survey Preparations

Do you know the preparation of online surveys? Website and internet users can understand this part easily. Because the online survey process has the same basic tools as browsing. Can you guess the survey requirements? Well, if you are curious then don’t miss this part. Because we will discuss the survey preparation here. Computers and the internet are the basic tools of online surveys. But, you need some other tools to use the survey portal. So we have simple advice for easy preparation.

  1. An easy survey tool.

Well, before you choose a survey tool, get to know your needs first. If you have high mobility, then we recommend you choose a smartphone. But, you can choose a computer to get a standard survey portal view. Choose a device that is comfortable and easy for your needs. Ask friends if you don’t have both.

  1. Get an internet connection.

It’s easy enough to get an internet connection. You can use the hotspot from a smartphone. Then you can use the wifi area. But, you only need to make your device connected to the internet. Then avoid charging some unstable connections. First, do not choose areas outside the range of wifi. Second, do not use providers that are entering a grace period. Third, bad weather can affect internet signals.

  1. Get a browser.

What browser is suitable for my device? Here you can talk to the technician to find out a suitable browser. But, we recommend that you choose a popular browser. Because they have large search data. Then the look and how to operate popular browsers is easier.

  1. How to get receipts.
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So this online survey requires an ID Code to enter the survey portal. This information is written on the restaurant receipt. You can get a receipt after paying for your order at the cashier. This means you need to buy a menu from Houlihan’s restaurant first. Select the nearest location of Houlihan’s through the location search feature on the official website. If you get it then you can reach the restaurant easily.

  1. Get stationery around you.

At the end of the survey, you need stationery to make Houlihans coupons. So write the validation code on the last page of the survey to make your own coupon. After you are done with this process, your coupon will be ready. The stationery you need is a pencil or a pen.

Houlihans survey steps at houlihansfeedback
Houlihans survey steps at houlihansfeedback

Houlihansfeedback Survey Steps

After completing the preparation, you can read the survey steps section. Well, you will be closer to the gift coupon from Houlihan’s Restaurant. They want to get ideas and suggestions from you to improve Houlihan’s. If you take this survey, they expect honest feedback from you. Well, your feedback can help restaurants improve their service. If you are not satisfied with their service aspects, submit this portal. But, we want you to remember the recent visit to Houlihan’s. Your experience is the answer to the survey question. Are you ready to take the Houlihans survey? Follow the steps below to complete Houlihan’s feedback.

  1. Visit the official Houlihans survey portal.

At this stage you need to find the website through keywords. The browser will find the survey portal if you enter keywords. You can use Houlihansfeedback or www.houlihansfeedback.com as a search keyword. Click enter to get the portal survey search results.

  1. Enter your code number.

On the first page, they greet you with the code number column. You can find this code on the receipt or survey invitation. Well, you need to open a transaction sheet to see this information. When you finish filling in the fields, click on the start button.

  1. Complete the Houlihans survey question.

After entering the code number, you can read the survey questions. At this stage, you can answer questions. Answer the survey questions based on your recent visit. You can enter positive or negative answers. They will grow to the standards of buyer satisfaction. Below we will make an explanation to help you answer the question.

  • Food in the restaurant. If you go to a restaurant, of course, you will order a menu. Here you can recall the menu you ordered. How about the taste, portion, temperature, appearance, and price of the menu. You can rank satisfaction on the menu you ordered.
  • The condition of the place to eat in the restaurant. Well, you can remember the facilities and cleanliness of Houlihan’s restaurant. If you are satisfied, give a good rating for them.
  • Staff service to buyers. Here you can rank for staff services. Give an assessment for menu knowledge, friendliness and speed of staff service.
  • Recall the problems that you get at restaurants. If you have a problem, make a complaint in the comments column.
  1. Write down your Houlihans coupon code.
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Before you end the survey process, make your coupon. You will see a validation code for creating a coupon. Write the code in Houlihan’s receipt. After completing this, you can come to the restaurant and redeem your coupon.

Houlihans Hours of Operation

If you want to visit Houlihan’s you need to know their location and store hours. So we suggest you use store hours and the nearest location. Here you can use Houlihan’s restaurant website. There they have a store locator to help you get the closest location. If you have got it, then you can read store hours. If you are at operating hours, your visit will be comfortable. You can see the list of store hours or confirm via customer service. Below is a way to access the nearest location and store hours in one step.

  1. Load the official Houlihan’s website.

Here you can use survey tools to find locations and store hours. Open your browser, then enter www.houlihans.com to open the official website.

  1. Visit the “Find a Store” menu.

On the main page of the website you can see various menus. Select the Find a Store icon or menu. You can find the store locator on this menu.

  1. Enter location search keywords.

Here they ask you to enter ZIP Code or city. The next, the store locator will find the closest location to you.

  1. View location and store hours information.

In the details of local restaurants, you can note the address and store hours. If you need help, you can confirm via customer service. Well, below we have a list of Houlihans Hours for you instantly. Look at this list before going to a restaurant.

Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 11.00 am 11.00 pm
Tuesday 11.00 am 12.00 pm
Wednesday 11.00 am 12.00 pm
Thursday 11.00 am 12.00 pm
Friday 11.00 am 1.00 pm
Saturday 11.00 am 1.00 pm
Sunday 11.00 am 11.00 pm

Houlihans Customer Service

Finally, we will help you contact Houlihan’s easily. You only need Houlihan’s customer service. They can answer questions and solve your problems in restaurants. Below we have several ways to contact Houlihan’s.

  1. Houlihans customer service phone number.

(913) 901-2500.

  1. Houlihans Chat.


  1. Houlihans customer service mailing address.

8700 State Line Rd Suite 100

Leawood, Kansas 66206-1564

United States

  1. Social Media Houlihans.
    • Facebook: @houlihans.
    • Twitter: @Houlihans.
    • Instagram: @houlihans.
    • Pinterest: Houlihan’s.

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