Great Clips Survey – Take GCSurvey and Get Great Clips Coupons

Have you just got a hair treatment at Great Clips? If you still keep Great Clips receipt with you, you should take part in the Great Clips Survey. This survey is also known as GCSurvey since it can be accessed at When you complete the Great Clips survey, you will be able to get Great Clips Coupon as a survey reward.

Trough Great Clips Survey, you can express your feedback related to your experience. Great Clips really appreciate your feedback, comment, and complaints. So, if you have something to convey after visiting this salon, you should take part in the Great Clips Feedback Survey. Make sure that you still keep the receipt with you since you need the survey code printed on it.

great clips survey
great clips survey

What is GCSurvey?

GCSurvey is an official survey portal owned by Great Clips. Through this survey website, Great Clips assess the customers’ level of satisfaction. If you have just visited Great Clips, you will get a  receipt. In this receipt, you will find 8 digits survey code. This survey invitation code can help you to unlock the survey page.

When you access GC Survey, you will get a series of survey questions. These questions are asking your experience when you visit Great Clips. You can share your feedback about Great Clips service, Great Clips price, the cleanliness of the salon, the behavior of the staff, and many other aspects.

At the end of the Great Clips survey, you will get a validation code. This validation code serves as Great Clips coupons. Great Clips is very glad to receive the customers’ feedback. So, this company offers a coupon as a survey reward. You can redeem this coupon with a discount on your next visit.

If you have never taken Great Clips survey before, you may not have any idea on how to start. So, you just need to review our simple guideline on this page. Then, you will get started to take this survey with ease. Happy reading.

Great Clips Profile

Before talking further about Great Clips survey, it is better to know more about this company. For your information, Great Clips is one of the hair salon franchises in the US. There are more than 4100 Great Clips chains in Canada and the United States. This company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US. The founders of this company are David Rubenzer and Steve Lemmon.

Great Clips Survey Preparation

Before taking GCSurvey, there are some requirements you have to prepare. With these requirements, you will be able to complete Great Clips feedback survey without any trouble. What items do you need to accomplish this survey? You can check the explanation below.

  • A valid receipt from Great Clips.

Do you still have a receipt from Great Clips? If so, you can check the bottom portion of Great Clips receipt. There, you will find a survey invitation to participate in the Great Clips feedback Survey. This Survey invitation also contains a survey code which you can use to unlock the survey page. So, it can be said that you cannot take the GC Survey without Great Clips receipt.

  • Computer or other devices.
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Great Clip Customer Satisfaction survey is available online. So, you need to access by using a computer or smartphone. Make sure that your device is completed with the compatible browser to access It is recommended to use a PC or laptop to take the survey since it presents the survey page on the widescreen. So, you can take the survey conveniently.

  • Internet connection.

Last but not least. You should connect your device to a stable internet connection. If your internet access is slow, you will be difficult to load the survey page.

  • A Pen.

You may be confused about why you have to prepare a pen whereas the survey is done online. This pen is not used to take the survey. but, you will need this pen to write down the validation code on your Great Clips receipt.

How to Take Great Clips Survey?

  • Visit Great Clips Customer Satisfaction survey portal at
  • Enter 8 digits Gcsurvey code.
  • Press the Next button.
  • Answer Great Clips Feedback Survey questions.
  • Write Great Clips feedback.
  • Take Great Clips coupon code.
great clips survey steps
great clips survey steps

Great Clips Survey Steps

On the previous section, you have reviewed the brief steps to complete Gcsurvey. Now, we try to present the step by step to complete GC Survey in details. Here we go.

  • Step 1. Visit the Great Clips Survey portal.

The first thing you need to do is use your browser to access GC survey portal. You can visit You can reach this survey website immediately by writing the web address on your browser’s web address bar. Besides, you also can Google it by using a keyword Great Clips Survey.

  • Step 2. Enter Great Clip Survey code.

When you reach Gcsurvey homepage, you have to write down Great Clips Access code or the survey code on the provided field. This survey code consists of 8 digits in length. Make sure that you enter the code correctly.

  • Step 3. Press the Next button.

After checking the survey code you have entered, you can click on the Next button. If your GCSurvey code is valid, you will be directed into Gcsurvey page.

  • Step 4. Answer Great Clips Survey questions.

Now, you are in the main section of the survey. You can start answering Gcsurvey question. Try to recall your experience when you were at Great Clips. Then, you can rate your overall satisfaction and some aspects of this hair salon. For instance, you can rate the service, price, cleanliness, staff, etc.

  • Step 5. Leave your feedback.

Gcsurvey does not only ask you to rate their business aspects. But, this company also allows you to write down your feedback. So, you should use this chance well. You can write down Great clips feedback including complaints, suggestions, comments, or critics.

  • Step 6. Take Great Clips validation code.

After submitting the survey, Great clips survey website will display a validation code. You have to write this code on your Great Clips receipt. This validation code serves as Great clips coupon.

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That’s all the simple steps to complete the Great Clips Feedback survey. After getting the coupon code, you can redeem it at your next visit. Just present your validation code to Great Clips staff. Then, you will get a discount for the survey reward.

Great Clips Survey Questions

If you have not taken Great Clips Customer Satisfaction survey before, you may not know what questiosn you will get. But, you should not worry about this issue. You can review the samples of Gcsurvey questions on this section.

  • Overall satisfaction.

You have to rate your overall satisfaction after visiting this salon. You can show whether you are satisfied or dissatisfied.

  • Who receive the service.

You have answered this question by providing the name of the staff who gives you the treatment. If you forget the name, you can check your receive. Usually, there is the name of the staff who receive the service.

  • Visit frequency.

Now, you have to indicate the frequency that you visit Great Clips. Just choose the frequency provided by Great Clips.

  • Staff’s behavior.

The next, you need to mention whether Great Clips staff greeted you or not when you come to the salon. Just recall your recent experience at Great Clips to answer these questions. Also, you need to indicate whether the staff suggests you get the hair treatment.

  • The service you get.

You need to rate the service that you get. If you are satisfied enough with Great Clips service, you can give the high rating. If not, you can give a bad rating. Just be honest in answering all the questions in this survey.

  • Recommend Great Clips.

State whether you want to recommend Great Clips to your friends. Also, state your willingness to visit Great Clips in the future.

What are Great clips Survey Rewards?

Not to mention, the reason of the customers taking this Gcsurvey is to get the reward from this salon. So, when you take part in Gcsurvey, you not only can share your feedback. But, you will also be able to receive a survey reward at the end of this survey.

What kind of reward can you get? Great Clips offers a free coupon for the survey taker. This coupon is redeemable with a discount on your next visit. If you are lucky, you can redeem this coupon with free hair treatment. The kind of reward depends on the survey period and offer.

There are some rules in redeeming this coupon. First, you need to redeem this coupon as soon as possible after receiving it. It is because the Great Clips coupons can expire. Besides, you cannot combine this coupon with other Great Clips offers. In one visit, you only can redeem one coupon.

How to Find Great Clips Near Me

When you need hair treatment, visiting Great Clips can be the best solution. At this salon, you will be able to get the best treatment for your hair and body. It is not difficult at all to locate Great Clips locations. It is because this salon has many franchises in the US and Canada.

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In case you want to find out Great Clips locations near me, you can try the methods below. Just choose one of the three ways below that you think as the simplest one. Check this out.

  1. Great Clips Store Locator.

If you want to use Great Clips store locator, you have to access the Great Clips official website first. You can visit to start searching for the nearest salon. Through this feature, you not only can locate the salon. But, you also can check-in online and estimate the waiting time. Here are the steps of using the Great Clips Salon Finder.

  • Visit Great Clips official website at
  • Click on Find a Salon Menu.
  • Enter your location including the city, state, and zip code.
  • Review the maps to find the direction to the nearest Great Clips.
  • Review other details such as Great Clips hours, Great Clips phone number, and estimated waiting time.
  1. Great Clips App.

If you are the loyal customer of Great Clips, you should install the Great Clips Mobile App on your smartphone. This application will make you easier to reach Great Clips. You not only can find Great Clips locations. But, you also can check-in online and sign up the waiting list.

  1. Google Maps.

The last method you can try is Google Maps. You can open the Google Maps application on your smartphone. Then, you can enter the keyword Great Clips Near Me or Great Clips location near me. Then, the map will show you the shortest direction to Great Clips. Also, you can check Great Clips reviews and Great clips Hours.

How to Contact Grear Clips Customer Service

In case you have something to ask about Great Clips, you should contact Great Clips customer Service. For instance, you may ask about Great Clips open hour, Great Clips offers Great Clips careers and many more. Here are we present some possible ways to get in touch with Great Clips.

  • Great Clips Website.

If you want to explore the trusted information about Great Clips, you have to visit its official website. Just access In this website, you can sign up Great Clips member. This way, you will get the information about Great Clips offers and deals.

  • Great Clips Mailing Address.

You also can send inquiry to Great Clips Corporate Office. Send your letter to this following address.

Great Clips Corporate Office

7700 France Avenue South

Suite 425

Minneapolis, MN 55435

  • Great clips Phone number.

If you want to speak directly to Great Clips Customer Service representative staff, you should call Great Clips phone number. Just dial 1 800 999 5959.

  • Great Clips Fax Number.

You also can use facsimile to contact Great Clips. Here is Great Clips Fax number 1 952 844 3444.

That’s all the list of Great Clips contact information. In case you find any trouble in completing Great clips feedback survey, you should contact Great Clips customer service. Now, you should not trash Great Clips receipt after visiting this salon. It is because you can use it to take GCsurvey and get Great Clips coupon.

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