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Hello automotive lovers! If you are a fan of automotive, then you are reading the right article. Here we will help you get to know the automotive world through General Motor Autopartners. This shop will help you get excellent service for motor vehicles. Then, we will help the store staff find out how to easily complete the task. So, this shop employs quite a lot of staff. If the store wants to make an announcement, they need to coordinate quickly. GMGlobalConnect is a solution for managing staff through an online portal. If you are a fan of motorcycles, you can stop and read the company’s profile. But, we made these instructions specifically for staff and business partners of General Motor Autopartners.

GM Global Connect Network is a portal to help staff work easily. Our instructions have easy access to various staff programs from GM Autopartners. Yes right, staff can use the employee portal to easily complete office tasks. They can explore ideas from help content on the staff portal. If you work in this store, don’t miss our instructions. What can you get from this guide?

  1. You can increase basic knowledge about GM Autopartners. We have a business profile section for you.
  2. Then you can get to know the employee portal features and General Motors Benefits.
  3. Staff can find out how to open an account through GMGlobalConnect Login.
  4. Finally they can correct their password and account username.
GMGlobalconnect login page
GMGlobalconnect login page

General Motors Company Profile

In this section you will find a brief story of General Motors business growth. So GM Company designs markets and manufactures motorized vehicle parts. They have headquarters in the Renaissance Detroit Center. The founder of the motor vehicle parts business is William C. Durrat. He started business in 1908. General Motors are the number one car manufacturer in the United States and the World. They are ranked 10th according to the Fortune 500. Well, you can find General Motors factories in 37 countries. They make the Chevrolet, GMC, Buick and Cadillac brands. Then the company has the biggest shares in the Wuling, Holden, Jiefang and Baojun brands. In 2016 they could reach sales of 10 million vehicles. Isn’t that great?

GMGlobalConnect Features

In this section, we will help you get to know the login portal before using it. Well, this portal can help staff work easily in the office. If you are a new staff, the first step before working is to access this portal. Here you can find programs that can improve the well-being of you and your family. Yes right, you can find a brief explanation of General Motors Benefits. Not everyone can get this benefit program. So you need to know the terms and conditions before making a decision. Are you ready to learn the Global Connect Network Online? Well, get a full description of GMGlobalConnect features below.

  1. Get announcements from the office instantly.

First, you can save time getting announcements. If the office uses the old-fashioned way, they need a notice board. Here staff can access news and announcements from the office through a personal account. You can get this feature through GM service information. In this feature, the staff can work on reports and presentations easily. Because the portal has several materials that can help you create a program. First, this portal has a summary of customer information. Second, staff can open General Motors Car Details. Third, get job openings from your personal account.

  1. Complete your work flexibly.
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Do you like overtime in the office? If you don’t want to work late at the office, take your work home. You can access your work through an employee account. GM Global Connect Portal can help you open office work. You only need a username and password to open an account. Furthermore, staff can complete reports from home. Isn’t this method you should try? So you can open worksheets wherever you are. This portal is open for you for 24 hours.

  1. Arrange your work schedule.

The next feature that can help you is setting work schedules. If you are a part-time employee, you will need this feature. You can find out when you need to go to the office. Then if you need to make changes, confirm from your account. Here you can exchange schedules with teammates. So, you don’t need to go to the administration office to solve the scheduling problem. You can access this feature from a personal account. Finally, this feature can help staff to register leave for HRD offices. Is not this portal can help you?

  1. Choose the General Motors Benefits Program.

If you are a new staff, then you need to know some of the advantages of working here. They can take care of you through the ports of GM Autopartners employees. If you do not have a portal account, the company cannot help you. Well, the first step to get help from GM is through this portal. So they have several programs to help staff improve their lives. You can choose a financial assistance program, insurance or health. So you only need to check the conditions first.

  1. Get notified of your salary payment here.

Then you can find out the details of salary payments on this portal. You don’t need to open a bank account first. GMGlobalConnect will make notifications for your salary payment every month. Check the amount and details. If you find a mistake, you can make a confirmation to the office.

  1. Contact your coworkers through this portal.

Well, you don’t need a communication device to contact friends at work. Because GMGlobalConnect has a discussion feature for you and your coworkers. Then staff can use this portal to contact Dealer Locations and GM subsidiaries.

General Motors Benefits

Here we have a brief description of the benefits of GM Autopartners program.

  • Family benefit program from General Motor.

Do you have family? If you are married, you can use this program. They can help you with family benefits. Well, you only need to fill out complete the data in your personal account. Here they ask you to enter the number of family members. Well, you can make changes easily through your own account. So don’t hesitate to access GMGlobalConnect.

  • Stock sales program for staff.

If you want to buy shares from GM, then you can do it. Here they have a discount for the staff who wants to buy shares from GM. If you have shares, then you are included in the list of company owners. if GM benefits, then you can feel it. Consult first before buying shares. Because changes in the level of sales can reduce stock prices.

  • Claim overtime and your incentives.
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In addition to the basic salary, staff can get overtime pay and incentives. Here you can find out the rules through the HRD office. Before you work you need to know your rights and obligations first. If you work overtime, then you are entitled to get overtime pay. Then they have an incentive as a gift for the staff. Get both information from your office’s HRD staff.

  • Pension plan planning program.

Before you retire, you can first make a financial plan. Here they can help you make savings for retirement. If you are productive, you can manage your salary wisely. Well, this program can save your retirement money easily. If you want your retirement to be comfortable, then you need this program. So you have the provision to get through old age after work.

  • Health and work accident insurance program.

Furthermore, the office will offer insurance for staff. Here insurance will protect staff if they get health problems or work accidents. But, they have several rules for claiming insurance funds. So, understand the rules first before taking this program.

GM Employee Login Preparations

After reading the profile and features of this portal, you arrive at the login preparation section. Before accessing your personal account, we recommend that you do not skip this section. So there are 3 portals that you can access via GMGlobalConnect Login. They are the Chevrolet Login Portal, Dealer Track and GMPartDirect. You need to do login preparation for a comfortable login process. Because you can only open the GMGlobalConnect portal online. If you don’t have login experience, don’t worry. Our instructions will save you from login difficulties. Basically staff need to have internet and computers. If you have both, then you can continue the login process. You can see the needs of other logins through our explanation below.

  1. Get your login device. Here you need 3 login devices. You need all three to access the GMGlobalConnect portal.
    • Computer or laptop. If you need a standard device, choose a laptop or computer. Both are suitable for opening the web version of the GM Global Connect portal. If you don’t have both, you don’t need to worry. Smartphone can be the second choice to complete the login process. Choose a device that is convenient and easy for this process.
    • Internet connection. After getting the device, connect your device to the internet. Because you can only reach the employee portal online. We only recommend that you choose a stable connection. Because we don’t want you to have trouble logging in. So a bad connection can affect your login process.
    • Next, equip your device with a popular browser. We recommend popular browsers because they have an easy operating system. You need a browser to open and search the login portal.
  2. Get GMGlobalConnect Login account information. Before opening the login portal, you need to get a username and password. Visit your HRD office first to get this account information. Here they will give you a temporary User ID and password. In the login process you can change the account password.
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GMGlobalconnect login steps
GMGlobalconnect login steps

GMGlobalConnect Login Steps

Are your login preparations complete? After completing the preparation phase, we hope that you will not hesitate in the login process. Well, now you can read the several login stages in this section. As a staff you need to use this portal feature to help your work. If you want to solve it easily, get help from the GM Employee Login Portal. You need a password and user ID to open your account. While the login process only takes 2 minutes. If you can’t wait to use their help and features, follow the steps below.

  1. Load GMGlobalConnect on your device.

First, use all three login devices to complete the first stage. Here you can enter the portal address first in the device browser. Well, they have 3 login portal addresses that you can try. All three can help you land on the General Motors employee login portal.

  1. Enter the GMGlobalConnect Account User ID.

After landing on the login portal, users need to fill in account information. First, you can enter your GM Employee Login User ID account. Get your user ID at the HRD office. You cannot enter the employee portal without a User ID. Aside from being account information, User ID can maintain the security of your account.

  1. Enter your account password.

In the next column you need to enter the account password. If you make a mistake, the system cannot open an account. So, you need to write down the password details correctly. You can get a temporary password from the HRD office. If you want to make changes, make adjustments to the login process.

  1. Click the log in button.

Before you end the login process, check your account information. Finally, you can complete the login process at this stage. Click the login button to enter the employee account.

  1. Explore your GMGlobalConnect account.

Choose the benefit program that is suitable for you to follow.

How to Fix Forgotten Password

After completing the login process, you can learn to resolve the problem. Here you can experience forgetting your password or want to reset your password. Well, we can help you at this stage. The method is quite easy, you can see it below.

  1. Visit the official GMGlobalConnect Login Portal portal.
  2. Find the Forgot Password link.
  3. Enter your account username. If you are from GM Corporate and Wholesale users, click on the “here” link. Here they have maintenance features for your account. Get help through 7 language options on this portal. If you are a General Motors staff, skip this stage.
  4. Answer the GMGlobalConnect account security question.
  5. Get a new password for your account.

General Motors Help Desk

  1. General Motors Help Desk Phone Number.

GM GlobalConnect Help Desk                        :1-888-337-1010

GM Dealer Business Center (DBC)                :1-888-414-6322

Center of Learning Help Desk                        :1-888-748-2687

  1. General Motors Social Media.
    • Facebook : @generalmotors.
    • Twitter : @GM.
    • Instagram : @generalmotors.
  2. General Motors Customer Service Mailing Address.

P.O. BOX 33170

Detroit, MI 48232-5170

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