GFS Store Survey – Win $500 Cash from Gordon Food Service Survey

Have you just visited Gordon Food Service store? If you still have Gordon Food Service receipt, you can use it to enter GFS Store survey sweepstakes. By taking GFS Marketplace Survey, you can convey your feedback. Also, you are able to enter GFS Sweepstakes program that offers $500 cash as a reward.

GFS Store Survey is accessible online at Gordon Food Service values your candid feedback. This company wants to identify how is the level of satisfaction of every customer. GFS also expects any positive or negative feedback from its customers. What you express through Gordon Food Service store survey will be beneficial for this company’s development. This company can identify its weaknesses and try to be better in serving the customers.

It does not matter if you are not familiar yet with this GFS survey. Here, we help you by presenting the complete GFS Store survey guideline including the rules, preparation, and steps. Also, you can check other useful info related to Gordon Food Service store. as an example, you can find out Gordon Food Service hours as well as customer service info. Happy reading.

Gordon Food Service Survey portal
Gordon Food Service Survey portal

Gordon Food Service Store Profile

Gordon Food Service is a company that runs foodservice distribution business. This company is also known as GFS. It is headquartered in Wyoming, Michigan. The first Gordon Food Service was established in 1897. The areas served by Gordon Food Service are Southwest, Northwest, Southeast, and Midwest region of the United States. It has some stores in  Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Florida.

As a bulk food delivery service company, Gordon Food Service delivers the products by using trucks to thousands of customers. It also delivers products to restaurants, schools, and long term care facilities. This company also has cash and carry stores. There are more than 170 stores in some states. If you want to find more complete information related to Gordon Food Service, you can visit its official website at

GFS Store Survey Sweepstakes Rules

If you are interested in taking part in Gordon Food Service survey, you should find out what the rules are first. Reviewing the rules enables you to know your eligibility for GFS survey. Also, you can check the GFS Marketplace survey methods and reward. For your convenience, you can review the brief survey sweepstakes rules below.

  1. Survey sweepstakes eligibility.

GFS Store survey is open to all customers of Gordon Food Service store. But, to be eligible for the sweepstakes program, here are the conditions they have to pass.

  • The sweepstakes entrants must be the legal residents of New York, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennesse, Kentucky, Florida, and Missouri.
  • The entrants must reach at least 18 years old.
  • All the employees of Gordon Food Service and the sponsor of the sweepstakes are not eligible to enter.
  • The immediate family members of Gordon Food Service are not allowed to enter this sweepstake too.
  • Having Gordon Food receipt is a must if they take GFS Store survey online.
  1. Survey Sweepstakes Methods.
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Gordon Food Service Survey sweepstakes can be entered through two methods below.

  • GFS online survey.

GFS customer satisfaction survey is accessible at Make sure that you have a valid receipt from Gordon Food Service. It is because you are asked to enter GFS survey code and amount you spent to unlock the survey page. Then, after completing GFS Marketplace survey, you will be entered into GFS sweepstakes.

  • Mail-in sweepstakes.

Do you lose your GFS receipt? Don’t worry since you still can participate in GFS mail-in sweepstakes. This method does not need any purchase. You just need to submit your identity to the sweepstakes administrator.

  1. Winner selection and notification.

In each month, the GFS sweepstakes administrator will select one winner randomly. Then, they will notify the winner by phone, email, or USPS mail.

  1. Sweepstakes reward.

The winner will be awarded $500 cash. Since this sweepstakes period consists of 12 drawings, so the total prize are $6000. The reward is in the form of a prize check.

  1. Survey Sweepstakes rules.

Here are some rules you have to note.

  • OneGordon Food Service is only for one survey entry.
  • The mail-in sweepstakes entry must be hand-written.
  • GFS Sweepstakes administrator limits one sweepstakes entry per person per month regardless of the entry method.
  • The additional cost is the winner’s responsibility.

Gordon Food Service Survey Preparation

If you are interested in taking GFS Store Survey, you need to prepare several items. These things help you to complete this survey easily. What are the requirements of GFS Marketplace Survey? Check this out.

  • Gordon Food Service Receipt.

It can be said that GFS store receipt is the main requirement of this survey. If you decide to enter GFS online survey, you are required to enter the survey code printed on your GFS receipt. That’s why, you cannot start GFS survey without having this receipt.

  • A device.

To access GFS store survey portal, you need to prepare a device. Using a computer or a smartphone is allowed. Just use the device that you feel comfortable with it.

  • Internet connection.

Your computer or smartphone is useless without an internet connection. So, you can take this survey by using Wifi connection or mobile internet data. Make sure that internet access is stable. So, you can avoid getting the technical troubles during the survey sweepstakes completion.

  • Writing tools.

If you prefer submitting the sweepstakes entry by mail, of course, you need some writing tools. You should prepare a pen, a piece of paper, and an envelope.

  • Email address.

When you submit GFS sweepstakes entry, you are required to enter the contact information. So, you have to submit your email address and phone number.

GFS Store Survey Steps

You can complete Gordon Food Service Survey by doing the steps below.

  • Visit Gordon Food Service Survey portal at
  • Change the language if necessary.
  • Enter GFS survey code.
  • Enter the amount you spent.
  • Press the Start button.
  • Answer Gordon Food Service survey questions.
  • Provide GFS store feedback
  • Enter GFS sweepstakes
GFS Store Survey steps
GFS Store Survey steps

Brief Guideline of GFS Survey Sweepstakes

If you are still confused with the survey steps above, here we try to explain the survey step one by one. Read the explanation to make you understand more on how to complete this survey.

  • Step 1. Visit Gordon Food Service Survey portal.
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At first, you have to access GFS survey portal. This survey website is available at Besides, you can find this portal by using the search engine. Just enter the keyword GFS Store Survey, GFS Marketplace Survey, or Gordon Food Service Survey.

  • Step 2. Change the language if necessary.

GFS survey portal offers two language choices for the survey takers. When you reach the homepage of GFS survey portal, the webiste uses English as the default setting. But, if you are not fluent in using English, you are allowed to change the setting into Spanish. Just click on the Espanol option at the bottom of the page.

  • Step 3. Enter GFS survey code.

Check the bottom part of your GFS receipt to find the survey code. This survey code contains 23 digits. Make sure that you type this code correctly.

  • Step 4. Enter the amount you spent.

How much do you spend at Gordon Food Service? Enter the total transaction in the following field.

  • Step 5. Press the Start button.

After checking the survey code and amount you spent, you can press the Start button. If the details you enter are valid, you can begin this survey.

  • Step 6. Answer Gordon Food Service survey questions.

You will be given a series of questions asking your experience at GFS. Firstly, you may be asked to rate the overall satisfaction with your shopping experience. Then, answer other questions based on your visit. It may be about the product’s quality, the staff’s service, and store condition.

  • Step 7. Provide GFS store feedback.

This survey provides a section in which you can write down your feedback. Use this chance to explain your complaints, praise, or suggestions. Provide brief and honest feedback.

  • Step 8. Enter GFS sweepstakes

After completing all GFS survey questions, you will be offered to enter GFS sweepstakes. If you are eligible for this program, you should not miss it. This sweepstake gives you a chance to win $500. To submit GFS sweepstakes entry, you have to provide your name, age, zip code and contact information including email address and phone number.

That’s the brief procedure on how to complete Gordon food Service Store survey. What you need to do now is waiting for the winner notification. Make sure that your phone number is always active. Do not forget to check your email too.

How to Submit GFS Sweepstakes Entry by Mail

Do you lose GFS receipt? It does not matter. Even you do not have GFS store receipt, you still can participate in GFS sweepstakes. You can send your sweepstakes entry by mail. Simply do the following steps.

  • Step 1. Prepare GFS sweepstakes requirements.

The items you need to prepare are a piece of 3”x5” paper, a pen, 10# envelope with proper postage.

  • Step 2. Handwrite some information.

Write down your full name, telephone number, and email address. It is not necessary to include your mailing address.

  • Step 3. Submit this GFS sweepstakes entry.
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Put this entry into the envelope. The next, you can send it to the following address.

GFS Store Survey Sweepstakes

PO BOX 398


NY 14502-0398

Gordon Food Service Hours

Need to purchase some groceries in a bulk? Visiting Gordon Food Service is a good decision. But, before visiting GFS, you should check GFS store hours. This way, you can know what time Gordon Food Service store is open and closed. Here we present Gordon food Service Hours on the following timetable.

Days GFS Store Hours
Monday 7 AM – 8 PM
Tuesday 7 AM – 8 PM
Wednesday 7 AM – 8 PM
Thursday 7 AM – 8 PM
Friday 7 AM – 8 PM
Saturday 7 AM – 8 PM
Sunday 12 AM – 6 PM

From the table above, we can see that Gordon Food Service store is open at 7 AM and closed at 8 PM from Monday to Saturday. Besides, on Sundays, GFS has shorter hours of operation. This store is open at 12 AM and closed at 6 PM.

But, you should notice that GFS store hours may vary by location. So, each GFS store chain has a different hour of operation. You should contact the local GFS store customer service to confirm the store hours.

Gordon Food Service Customer Support

Do you want to express your shopping feedback to GFS Store? You can contact GFS Customer Service. Also, you can get in touch with GFS Customer Support in case you have an urgent issue or want to ask any questions. Here are some possible ways to reach GFS Customer Service.

  • By phone.

If you want to talk to GFS Customer Service representative staff directly, you can call these following phone numbers.

GFS main operator: 616-530-7000

GFS Customer Service: 800-968-4164

Make sure to contact this phone number during GFS business hours to get the instant response.

  • By Fax.

Send your message to this following fax number (616) 717-7600.

  • Live Chat.

You can use GFS Live Chat feature at Gordon Food Service website. At first, you have to access GFS official website at Then, you will find a Red button entitled Ask Gordon Now at the right bottom section of the page.

  • Online Contact Form.

You can submit your GFS feedback by using the online contact form. To reach this form, you should visit GFS website first. Then, click on Contact Us menu. The next, you can select Online Contact Form. Fill out this form with your name, email, customer ID, business name, postal code. Then, select the topic of inquiry. Write down your message and submit it.

  • By mail.

For business inquiry, you can send your letter to GFS Home Office Mail address below.

Gordon Food Service

P.O. Box 1787

Grand Rapids,

MI 49501-1787

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