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Everyone will be happy when they receive a coupon from the restaurant. Having the coupon means that they can enjoy the food for free. Sometimes, having the restaurant coupon also enables them to get the food at the lower price. For these reasons,  people will search for some coupons from the restaurant they often visit.

If you like to go to Checkers drive-in restaurant, you should look for Checkers Coupons. Since this restaurant has merged with Rally’s, you also can search Rally’s coupons. When you have the coupons from these restaurants, you will be able to enjoy the delicious fast food menu for free.

Checkers offers several ways to collect Checkers vouchers, and so does Rally’s. You can obtain Rally’s coupon through some methods. First, you can get Checkers and Rally’s coupon from the GuestObsessed survey. This is the easiest way to obtain the restaurant coupons.

Just answering a few questions, you can receive the free sandwich coupon for free. Besides, you also can sign up Checkers Flavorhood member to get another coupon. The process of Checkers and Rally’s Flavorhood Club registration is very simple. Within a minute, you can grab a coupon for a large fry. The last, Checkers lets you search the coupon from other websites.

Checkers Coupons
Checkers Coupons

No matter the method you use to search the coupons, you should notice the term and conditions. Sometimes, you cannot immediately redeem Checkers and Rally’s coupons. Some coupons need another purchase in order to claim it.

For example, you cannot get free fries from Checkers Flavorhood voucher before purchasing any item from Checkers. So, if you want to redeem it, you need to purchase the drink or other menu items first. Keep reviewing our article to get the guideline of searching Checkers voucher, Checkers deals, and Checkers menu items.

How is the Guideline to Obtain the Coupons From Guest Obsessed?

By accessing Guest Obsessed, you can obtain the coupons from Checkers and Rally’s.. Even you only get one coupon, but, you can redeem it at both restaurants. Here are the steps to obtain the coupon from the GuestObsessed survey.

  • Load
  • Enter four digit Checkers or Rally’s store number.
  • State the date of visit.
  • Click the Start button.
  • Answer the Guest Obsessed survey questions.
  • Grab the Rally’s coupons.

The steps of the GuestObsessed survey are super easy. In less than four minutes, the coupon will be in your hand. But, you should understand the requirements of redeeming this coupon. Remember, this coupon is valid if you can present Checkers or Rally’s receipt from the previous visit. C

heckers and Rally’s store crew will not give you free fries if you do not show the valid receipt. Besides, you have to redeem this survey coupon as soon as possible. Usually, Checkers limits the time of claiming the survey reward. When your period is over, this coupon will expire. So, you cannot claim any freebies from Checkers or Rally’s.

How to Get the Coupons from Flavorhood Club?

In order to make the connection with its guests, Checkers has a Flavorhood Club. Everyone can sign up Checkers Flavorhood program. As the member of Flavorhood Club, you can be the first customer that know about the newest Checkers news, coupons, promotions, and event. To join this club, you do not need to go to the local Checkers restaurant. It is because you can do all the registration steps online.

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When you become the member of this club, you will get the important info about Checkers. You do not want to miss any special deals from Checkers, right? So, you have to sign up now by following the steps below.

  • Go to or

The first thing you have to do is visiting the official website of Checkers or Rally’s. Then, at the bottom of the website, you will find the offer to sign up this program. Besides, as the shortcut to the registration page, you can use this link This page contains the simple form to sign up Flavorhood Club.

  • Enter your personal data.

You need to enter several personal details to the form provided. For example, you should input your first and last name. Then, enter your email in the following box. You can add your phone number if you want. The last, the member needs to provide the zip code. This way, the system can categorize the Flavorhood members based on the address. So, the system can send you the promotion or the special deals which are offered by Checkers near you.

  • Press Submit.

The last, you can submit this form. Then, you will receive a message from Checkers confirming that the registration process is successful. If you leave the phone number field blank, you will receive the message by email. But, if you submit your phone number, Checkers will send you a text message.

However, before you sign up Flavorhood Club, you should review some terms and conditions below. These rules will make you easier when you become the member. So, you will not regret signing up this program.

  • Do not hesitate to provide your personal data to Checkers. This restaurant will not send or rent your data to other companies. So, you can make sure that your data and privacy are secure.
  • Do not provide the phone number if you do not want to get the automated message from Checkers. Message and data rate may apply. So, it will be better if you only give your email address. So, Checkers will send all promotional messages to your email account.
  • You will get one coupon for free large fries once your registration is successful. But, several restrictions apply. First, this coupon is only valid at the participating Checkers restaurant. Then, one person only can redeem one coupon. Besides, you need to purchase in order to redeem this free fries coupon.

How to Search the Coupons from other Sites?

Nowadays, many restaurants coupons are available on the internet. With the help of Google search, you can find the coupon which you want. Just with some clicks, the valuable coupons are in your hand. In this section, let me tell you how to search the coupons from Checkers and Rally’s.

  • Use any search engine you have.
  • Type the keyword Rally’s Coupons, or Checkers printable coupon on the search bar.
  • Explore the result. Open the website to find out the valid coupons.
  • Print out the coupons.

Finding the coupons is not difficult at all. The search result will show many websites which offer the coupons for free. Some of them ask you to purchase the coupon. But, the price of the coupon is still low. Here are some of the websites which offer Checkers and Rally’s coupons.

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This online platform offers the monthly coupons from Checkers. But, before printing or use the coupons, you have to check when it expires. It is because some coupons are only valid for the certain period. Usually, the expired coupon will have the label The Offer Has Ended.

The samples of coupon available on this site are Free 4 pcs of Monsterella Stix with the purchase of Combo Meal. Besides, you can print out the coupon $2 off for the Combo Meal. The next, there is a coupon Free Fries with the purchase of Milkshake. Have you found the coupon you like? Just click on the Print button. Then, you can bring this coupon to the Checkers restaurant near you.


This website is well known for providing the restaurant coupons. To get the coupon from this online platform, you need to sign up first. Then, you can search and print the coupon that you like. The sign-up button is available at the top right corner of Then, you can explore Checkers and Rally’s offers. For instance, you can get Checkers value meal starts from $1.


This site offers various coupons. For instance, you can save the coupon labeled New 4 for $3 Deals, Baconzilla offer, and $1.99 Steak Burger. Besides, you also can try the sweet offer from Checkers restaurant. This offer includes cinnamon apple pie, milkshake, and sundaes. In order to save the coupon from, you have to click on Get Offer button.

Those are three popular websites which offer the coupons. In fact, there are many other platforms which offer the printable coupons from Checkers and Rally. But, when you search the printable coupon from the third parties, you should be selective. Perhaps, not all coupons available are valid.

What are the Best Deals from Checkers and Rally’s?

Instead of searching the coupons from other websites, it is better to check the hottest deal at Checkers and Rally’s website. This restaurant often offers some exclusive deals in order to promote its menu. Besides, Checkers provides the special deals when this restaurant has the special events.

Furthermore, Checkers may want to advertise the new menu items. Indeed offering the special menu can increase the sales. It is because the promotional menu usually can attract more customers to purchase it. Checkers usually offers the deals at the lower price. This way, Checkers customers will be interested in buying the products.

There are several ways to find out the freshest deals from Checkers or Rally’s. Listed below are the strategies to check the deals and the promotional products from Checkers restaurant.

  • Visit the website.

Checkers and Rally’s restaurant always post the restaurant deals at their website. When you open both websites, you will notice that the deals they offer are similar. If you do not believe it, you can check at and When you reach Checkers and rally’s homepage, you should click on Deals. The top menu bar of this website contains three main menus. They are Checkers menu, Deals, and location.

Besides, you also can explore the deals by accessing This page will contain the current deals at Checkers. Furthermore, you also can check the deals at the Checkers location near you. When you access Checkers site, there will be a pop up asking for your city.

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Then, you can enter the city where you live to see the deals at the local Checkers restaurant. When the site displays the lists of Checkers location, you can select the restaurant which you often visit.

  • Join Flavorhood Club.

Another method to find the best deals from Checkers is by signing up Checkers Flavorhood Club. You can check the registration guideline on the previous heading. When you are the member of this club, Checkers will inform you about the latest deals by email or message.

So, you will never miss the updated info about Checkers promotions and deals. Sometimes, Checkers also offers some coupons for the member of the Flavorhood club. So, you will never regret becoming the member of this program.

  • See the advertisement.

The last, you can know the exclusive offers from Checkers from the advertisement. Usually, Checkers post the product advertisement in the local newspaper. Besides, you also can visit the nearest Checkers outlet to ask about the deals. Checkers will display the posters to promote the deals.

From the methods above, which one do you think as the smart way to find out the Checkers special deal? Perhaps, most of you will agree that visiting the website is the quickest way to find out the deals. Here are the samples of the special deals from Checkers.

  • Crave the Crisp from Checkers.

This deal only costs $2. Then, you can get Extra Crispy Chicken Strips along with the Fries box. The chicken strips are very crispy outside and juicy inside. There are two chicken options. First, you can try the original chicken strip. Besides, you also can enjoy it with Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Sauce.

  • Funnel Cake Fries.

It is a new menu item from Checkers and Rally’s. This Funnel Cake Fry is the best option for dessert. It is because these fries have the powdered sugar as the topping. Besides, this snack has two flavors. First, you can order the plain Funnel Cake. Then, it is also available in strawberry and whipped cream flavor. This sweet side will make you addicted.

  • Fry Lovers Burger.

Only by paying $3, you can get four menu items. This package includes the Fry Lovers Burger, the seasoned fries, drink, and apple pie. But, you should notice that the drink and fries are in a small size. This delicious burger consists of the beef seasoned patty, American cheese, pickles, mayo, and ketchup. With these ingredients, you will not be able to handle the tasty flavor.

  • The Classic Big Bufford.

This menu item has three options.You can order the single, double, or triple big Bufford. You will be able to enjoy 100% beef on this menu. All variants use the tasty American cheese. Besides, other toppings are lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles, mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise.

Those are some hot deals from Checkers and Rally’s. Which menu item which can steal your appetite? You should hurry up to go to the nearest Checkers or Rally’s to try the special menu above. It is because they are only available in the limited time.

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