GcListens – Win $1000 from Golden Coral Customer Satisfaction Survey

Golden Corral is an American-style restaurant. This restaurant serves the large buffet for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Besides, Golden Corral is also well-known for its grill menu. First established in 1973, the first name of the restaurant is Golden Corral family Steak House. Golden Corral has experienced up and down business condition. But, now it can expand its cuisine business in 41 states in the US.

So, you will be very easy to find more than 480 restaurants across the US. To keep their business run well, Golden Corral always renews its concept and design. The management involves their loyal customers to decide the best innovation. So, Golden Corral creates GcListens survey. This way, the feedback from Golden Corral customers can be the consideration to improve their business.

Having the innovation in menu and service is the way to maintain the restaurant sustainability. Golden Corral also often adds the new menu for their buffet. So, the customers will be curious to try their new menu. This way, Golden Corral customers will visit this restaurant frequently. Through GcListens, Golden Corral asks their guests opinion about the menu and restaurant service.

So, when you often visit Golden Corral restaurant, you should take part in GC survey. By participating this survey, you can share Golden Corral review. It means you can share your thought to review the menu you have tasted. The survey also gives you a chance to review the restaurant service in preparing and serving the menu you ordered.


When you take the survey, you can help Golden Corral to improve their business. So, on your next visit to Golden Corral, you will have the better dining experience there. To involve in this survey, you do not need to prepare the complex requirement. It is because you only need Golden Corral receipt. But, you should ensure that there is GC Listens survey invitation in your receipt.

By using the this GC survey invitation code, you will be able to enter Golden Corral survey portal. Golden Corral offers the big prize for the survey participant. Every survey taker deserves to enter Golden Corral sweepstakes. Then, the winner will get $1000 as the daily prize. Besides, there is also $1500 prize as the weekly grand prize.

What are GcListens Survey Requirement and Sweepstakes Rules?

Although the survey only requires your purchasing receipt, you still need to prepare other items.  These items will be able to support your survey completion process. So, what do you need to take part in Golden Corral Customer Survey? Review the explanation below.

  • Golden Corral Receipt.

After receiving the receipt from Golden Corral cashier, you should look at this piece of paper. Is there any GcListens survey invitation on it? Golden Corral will inform and invite all of its loyal customers to enter their survey. In this invitation, Golden Corral also informs the prize that the entrants will get. Besides, it also informs you of the way to take the Golden Corral survey.  Then, every survey invitation will have Golden Corral survey code. This code will help you to unlock the survey page.

  • Computer and accessibility of the internet.
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The Golden Corral survey is only available online. So, to reach this survey, you should use internet and computer device. Make sure that the internet that connects to your device is reliable and stable. So, you can complete the Golden Corral survey without troubles. If the computer is unavailable, this survey is still accessible through tablet or smartphone. So, there is no reason not to take this survey.

  • Email address along with other contact details.

When you decide to enter Golden Corral sweepstakes, you have to write down your email address. Besides, the sweepstakes also require another contact details such as your phone number. So, if you do not have an email address, you have to set it up before taking this survey. This way, the sweepstakes committee will be easy to contact you if you win the daily or weekly draw.

Listed above are the items you need to participate in GcListens Customer Survey. Most of the survey takers have the aim to win the big reward from Golden Corral. That is why they will not miss the sweepstakes after completing Golden Corral Survey.

If you want to enter Golden Corral sweepstakes, you have to understand its rules. In fact, Golden Corral survey page provides the sweepstakes term and condition. You can review it by clicking the link at the bottom part of the Golden Corral survey page. But, here we conclude GC Listens sweepstakes rules for your convenience.

  • Participants.

As like other sweepstakes, Golden Corral limits the participants. The entrants must be at least eighteen years of age. Besides, they must be the legal residents in the US. Then, Golden Corral and the sponsor forbids the employees as well as their family to enter this sweepstake. Golden Corral can disqualify the winners if they work in this restaurant or have the family relation with Golden Corral staffs.

  • Entry methods.

Golden Corrals lets its customers enter the sweepstakes through three ways. First, the customers can follow the online sweepstakes after completing the Golden survey. This entry requires the receipt from Golden Corral. Besides, the customers can participate in phone sweepstakes.

To make an entry, they should call 1 855 697 4569. The customer service will ask their identity info as the sweepstakes requirements. The last, you can try Golden Corral mail entry. This way, you should write down your details such as name and address along with phone number to the address below.

Empathica Daily/Weekly Sweepstakes,

Golden Corral Sweepstakes,

511 Avenue of America 40, commiteeNew York 10011.

Besides, Make sure that you write down the month and year when you send this letter. The committee can classify the entrants based on the sweepstakes period. Moreover, the committee will be easy to draw and select the random winner.

  • Sweepstakes prize and winner.
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Compared to other sweepstakes, Golden Corral offers the bigger prize. Without a doubt, every entrant will have a chance to win one of ten daily prizes valued $1000. Besides, there is also weekly grand prize valued $1500. With this great reward, many customers compete to enter the sweepstakes as often as possible. Since the phone and mail sweepstakes entry does not need any purchase or receipt, you can enter this sweepstake as many as possible. So, your chance to win the prize will be bigger.

Then, every day and every week, Empathica as the sponsor of this sweepstake will decide the winners randomly. The next they will contact Golden Corral sweepstakes winners by phone, email, or mail. But, if you win this prize you must be responsible for the taxes. If you want to know the list of the winner, you can click on the link entitled the Previous Winner at the survey portal.

How are the Steps of GcListens Customer Survey?

The Gc Listens survey has an interactive portal. The layout of the survey website is so simple that will not confuse the survey takers. So, every participant of this survey will be able to follow the prompts easily. Golden Corral customer survey has very short duration. That is why you can complete GC Listens Survey in less than ten minutes. The next, you can directly enter the sweepstakes to win the attractive prize. Here we try to guide you through the step by step of Golden Corral survey.

  • Visit the official Golden Corral survey portal.

In order to access Golden Corral suevey website, you have to visit www.gclistens.com. Besides, you also can access this survey platform through Golden Corral website. You can go to www.goldencorral.com. Then, select Customer Satisfaction Survey at the menu on the left of the page. When you open the Gc Listens homepage, you will see a welcoming message in English and Spanish. The next, you have to click on one of the languages to proceed the survey.

  • Input Golden Corral survey code.

In the next page, Golden Corral informs the amount of prize that will you receive. Then, you have to enter GC survey code as printed on your survey invitation card. Usually, Golden Corral also prints this survey code on their receipt. This Golden Corral code consists of 14 digits. Make sure you enter this code correctly. Then, you can click Next button to start the survey.

  • Answer all questions of Golden Corral Guest Satisfaction Survey.

The survey asks you to respond the series of the questionnaire about Golden Corral. Most of these questions will be about your dining experience at Golden Corral. So, by answering these questions, you can give your review for their food, service, and restaurant environment.

For instance, you can state if you are pleased or unpleased with their menu or service. Your feedback will be the important consideration for Golden Corral. So, make sure that the review you give is the honest feedback.

  • Enter Golden Corral Sweepstakes.
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In the next section, you can enter the sweepstake. Then, you need to input the full name, email address, mailing address, postal code, along with your phone number. The last, you can submit this survey. The next, you need to wait for the winner announcement for the daily and weekly sweepstakes. Golden Corral will contact you by phone or email to notify that you win $1000. But, if you are curious with the winners, you can check the winner list on Golden Corral Survey portal.

How to Contact Golden Corral Customer Service?

As the Golden Corral loyal customers, you may need to know more about this restaurant. If you are curious about this all-you-can-eat restaurant, you can visit its website at www.goldencorral.com. Here you can find the complete information about Golden Corral. For instance, you can see the new menu along with Golden Corral nutrition info. Besides, you can purchase Golden Corral gift cards. Moreover, this website also gives you Golden Corral career info.

The website also has Golden Corral store locator. So, you can search the nearest location of Golden Corral restaurant near you. Besides, Golden Corral website has Contact Us feature so that you can get in touch with its Customer Relations staffs.

When you have something to ask about Golden Corral, you have to contact Golden Corral Customer Support soon. Furthermore, you can address your comment about this restaurant through Golden Corral feedback form. Here we explain how to reach Golden Corral Customer Service.

  • By phone.

When your comment is regarding your experience in the certain restaurant, you have to call your local Golden Corral restaurant. When you do not know the phone number, you can use Golden Corral store locator to search it. But, if you want to give the general comment, you can call Golden Corral Corporate phone number at 1 9191 781 9310.

  • By mail.

Secondly, you can contact Golden Corral headquarter office by mail. The address is as the following. Golden Corral Corporation Office, 5151 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC. 27612.

  • Feedback form.

Golden Corral Feedback Form is available on the website. When you access goldencorral.com, you have to select Contact Us on the left sidebar menu. Then, you have to fill out the required fields. Here are the steps to fill out Golden Corral feedback form.

  1. Select the subject. By choosing the subject, Golden Corral will be able to send your comment to the correct regional office or department.
  2. Write down your name, including the first and last name.
  3. Fill out the email address field. Then, confirm your email on the next field.
  4. Enter your phone number. Do not forget to include the area code.
  5. Complete the address form. The next, write down your address including the city, state, as well as the zip code.
  6. State that you want Golden Corral representatives gives the response for your comment.
  7. Choose the way how Golden Corral can contact you.
  8. Write your comment and suggestion in details. Then, you can submit your comment.

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