Gabe’s Survey – Win $100 Gift Card from MyGabes Survey

Do you want to purchase some new clothing? Going to Gabe’s is a good idea. After shopping at this grocery store, you should not throw away your receipt. With Gabe’s receipt, you can enter Gabe’s Survey. This way, you can tell about your shopping feedback. After completing Gabe’s survey, you will be entered into Gabe’s Sweepstakes that offers $100 gift card as a reward.

Gabe’s wants to assess how satisfied its customers are. So, this company conducts an online survey to gather the customers’ feedback. You can help Gabe’s to improve its business and customer service quality by taking part in this survey. But, you should not worry since your response to this survey does not affect the chance to win the sweepstakes. So, you are free to convey either positive or negative feedback. Gabe’s really appreciates your feedback.

If you have not taken part in Gabe’s survey before, you should be calm. Through this article, we will guide you to complete Gabe’s customer feedback survey with ease. You can find out Gabe’s survey rules, guidelines, and preparation. Also, you can check Gabe’s hours and customer service info. Happy Reading.

gabe's survey portal
gabe’s survey portal

Gabe’s Profile

Before talking further about Gabe’s survey, it is better to discuss Gabe’s Company Profile. Gabe’s was also known as Gabriel Brothers store. It is a private fashion retailer that is popular for its discount. The first Gabe’s store was established in 1961. Nowadays, this company is headquartered in Morgantown, West Virginia, United States.

Gabe’s operates more than 100 stores in Delaware, Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, Georgia, and West Virginia. This company also runs another store called Rugged Wearhouse. This store offers clothing items from designer brands. The products offered are the clothing items for ladies, men, children, and junior. Also, this store provides footwear, bags, accessories, home decor, beauty products, and housewares.

Gabe’s Survey Sweepstakes Rules

Every customer survey sweepstakes program must have some rules. As a participant, you have to obey every single rule so that you are not disqualified. As a result, the chance to win Gabe’s survey sweepstakes reward will be greater. So, what are the rules of Gabe’s survey sweepstakes? Check this out.

  1. Survey sweepstakes eligibility.

MyGabes Survey is open to all customers of Gabe’s. But to eligible for Gabe’s sweepstakes, you must have the criteria below.

  • The sweepstakes entrants must be the legal residents of some states in the United States including Delaware, Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, Georgia, and West Virginia.
  • The minimum age of the participants is 18 years old.
  • All employees of Gabe’s and the sponsors are not eligible to enter this survey sweepstakes program.
  • The immediate family members and the persons who live in the same household as Gabe’s employees are also not allowed to take this survey.
  1. Survey sweepstakes methods.
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Gabe’s provides two sweepstakes entry methods.

  • Online survey.

This survey requires Gabe’s receipt. You can access the survey portal at After taking this survey, you will be entered into Gabe’s sweepstakes.

  • Mail-in sweepstakes.

This entry method does not need any purchase. You just need to send your personal information to Gabe’s sweepstakes by mail. Check the complete steps in the following section.

  1. Winner selection and notification.

Gabe’s sweepstakes administrator will select one winner randomly each week. The winner will be contacted by phone and email. The Gabe’s Sweepstakes winner must respond to this notification. Otherwise, they will be disqualified and the administrator will select the alternate winner.

  1. Sweepstakes reward.

Each winner of Gabe’s sweepstakes will receive $100 Gabe’s gift card. this reward can be used at any location of Gabe’s stores.

  1. Survey sweepstakes rules.

Pay attention to some points below so that you can complete this survey sweepstakes program successfully.

  • One Gabe’s receipt is only for one survey entry.
  • Every participant must have a valid email address.
  • Gabe’s customer survey must be taken within 2 weeks of the date of purchase.
  • Gabe’s sweepstakes reward is not redeemable for cash.
  • All taxes and other expenses are the winner’s responsibility.

Gabe’s Survey Preparation

Before you start accessing Gabe’s customer survey, you should make sure that the preparation is ready. Do you know what requirements you have to prepare? Here are several items you must prepare before taking part in Gabe’s feedback survey.

  • Gabe’s receipt.

This receipt plays a crucial role for Gabe’s survey process. Without having Gabe’s receipt, you cannot start this survey. It is because the receipt contains Gabe’s survey code. To get this receipt, of course you have to make a purchase at Gabe’s store.

  • A device.

Since Gabe’s conducts an online survey, you have to prepare a device to access the survey portal. You are allowed to use a smartphone or computer. Just use the most convenient device.

  • A browser.

Select the compatible that suits your device. This browser helps you to reach Gabe’s survey website. You can use the popular browser such as Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, or Internet explorer.

  • Internet support.

Your device and browser cannot work without the internet connection. Make sure that your device is connected to the stable internet access. This way, you can load Gabe’s survey page successfully.

Gabes survey steps
Gabes survey steps

Gabe’s Customer Survey Steps

Do you want to win $100 Gabe’s gift card? simply access Gabe’s survey portal as soon as possible. Keep the Gabe’s receipt handy. Then, you can do the step by step below.

  • Step 1. Visit Gabe’s survey portal.

First of all, you have to access Gabe’s survey website. You can reach this portal at or

  • Step 2. Enter the purchase date.

You are required to enter some details on Gabe’s receipt. First, you need to enter the date of visit. This detail is located at the bottom left corner of Gabe’s receipt.

  • Step 3. Enter the store number.
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The next, you should enter Gabe’s store number. See your receipt to enter the correct store number. By entering the store number, the system can identify which Gabe’s location you have just visited.

  • Step 4. Enter the register number.

You are required to enter the register number as well. You can find this register number at the bottom left corner of the receipt.

  • Step 5. Enter the transaction number.

The next, you are required to enter transaction number. This detail consists of 4 digits. It is located at the bottom right corner of Gabe’s receipt.

  • Step 6. Press the Submit button.

Please check the receipt details you have just entered. If all details are correct, you can click on the Submit button.

  • Step 7. Answer Gabe’s survey questions.

Try to recall your recent visit to Gabe’s. Then, rate your overall shopping experience. Rate other aspects of the store. Give the rating for the Gabe’s products, service, employees, and store condition. You are also welcomed to leave your feedback or complaints.

  • Step 8. Enter Gabe’s sweepstakes.

After completing all Gabe’s questions, you are entered into the sweepstakes program. Fill in the simple sweepstakes entry form with your full name, mailing address, email address, and daytime phone number.

That’s eight brief steps to take part in Gabe’s survey sweepstakes. What you need to do now is to wait for the winner notification. Make sure that telephone number is always active. Do not forget to check your email too. Who knows, you will be the lucky person to win $100 Gabe’s gift card as a reward of the weekly drawing.

How to Submit Gabe’s Sweepstakes Entry by Mail

In case you do not have Gabe’s receipt, you still have a chance to enter the drawing via mail. Simply do these following instructions to submit the sweepstakes entry.

  • Step 1. Prepare the equipment.

To send the mail-in sweepstakes entry, you should prepare some writing tools. You will need 3”x5” card, a pen, and a business-sized envelope.

  • Step 2. Write down your personal identity and contact details.

The mail-in sweepstakes entry must be hand-written. You have to write down your full name, date of birth, and complete mailing address including the zip code, city, and state. Then, provide the email address and daytime phone number.

  • Step 3. Mail your sweepstakes entry.

Put the sweepstakes entry card into the envelope. Then, send it to the address below.

Gabe’s Customer Experience Sweepstakes,

55 Scott Avenue,

Morgantown, WV 26508

Gabe’s Hours of Operation

If you want to get designer brand clothing products in a discounted price, you can visit Gabe’s. In this store, you can find a wide range of clothing and footwear products for your family members. But, before going to this store, you have to check Gabe’s store hours. This way, you will be able to know what time Gabe’s is open and closed every day. On the table below, you can check Gabe’s store hours.

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Days Gabe’s Hours
Monday 10 AM – 9 PM
Tuesday 10 AM – 9 PM
Wednesday 10 AM – 9 PM
Thusrday 10 AM – 9 PM
Friday 10 AM – 9 PM
Saturday 10 AM – 9 PM
Sunday 11 AM – 6 PM

From the table above, we can see that Gabe’s is open from Monday to Saturday at 10 Am and closed at 9 PM. Besides, on Sundays, this store has shorter operation hours. Gabe’s is open at 11 Am and closed at 6 PM on Sundays. But, you should note that Gabe’s hours may vary by location. So, every Gabe’s store has different hours of operation. It is better to contact the local Gabe’s store customer service to confirm the store hours.

Besides, you can visit its website to check the Gabe’s locations and store details. Just access Then, select Find Your Store menu. You can enter the detail of your location. This way, Gabe’s website will locate Gabe’s stores around you. You can click on the stores to find out the store details such as address, customer service phone number, store hours, etc.

Gabe’s Customer Service

Do you want to get more detailed information related to Gabe’s? You can contact Gabe’s Customer Service. By calling the Gabe’s Customer Service Representative staff, you can ask about Gabe’s coupons, Gabe’s special offers, Gabe’s gift card, and many more. Besides, you can share your Gabe’s feedback as well. You can voice up your complaints or comments about this store. you can try one of the methods below to get in touch with Gabe’s.

  • By Phone.

If you want to talk to Gabe’s Customer Service, you can call 1.800.458.6546. Gabe’s Customer Service team is available on weekdays at 8am – 5pm and weekends 11am – 4pm.

  • By mail.

If you can reach Gabe’s Customer Service by mail, you can send your letter to the following address.

Gabriel Brothers, Inc.

55 Scott Avenue

Morgantown, WV 26508

  • Feedback Form.

You are also welcomed to fill out the contact form on Gabe’s website. Here are the steps to submit your feedback.

  1. Visit the official website of Gabe’s at
  2. Click on Contact menu which is available at the bottom part of the page.
  3. Select the reason for contacting Gabe’s.
  4. Enter your name.
  5. Provide your email address.
  6. Specify the Subject of your message.
  7. Write down your message or feedback briefly.
  8. Select the preferred method of contact.
  9. Submit your message.
  • Social Media.

The last method to get in touch with Gabe’s is by following its social media account. This way, you can contact the administrator. Besides, you will be the first person to know any updates about Gabe’s. For instance, you can know about Gabe’s promotion and events. Just follow Gabe’s on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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