FootLockerSurvey – Get $10 Coupon Discount from Foot Locker Survey

FootLockerSurvey is the online questionnaire to gather the feedback from Foot Locker customers. Foot Locker is the popular sportswear and footwear retail worldwide. Headquartered in Manhattan, this store can expand the business in over 20 countries. Nowadays, Foot Locker operates more than 1900 chains around the world. For instance, you can find the store in the US, Canada, Europe, Puerto Rico, Australia, and New Zealand.

Foot Locker offers the wide range of sports products. As the example, you can purchase the apparel and footwear products for running, football, or basketball. All products offered in Foot Locker are manufactured by the popular sports brands.

That is why we cannot underestimate the quality of Foot Locker products. Besides, it also provides Lady Foot Locker as well as Kids Foot Locker. This way, you can purchase the high-quality sports products for women and children.


The key to Foot Locker’s success is maintaining the customers’ trust. Therefore, this sportswear store involves the customers to make positive changes in its business. Hence, Foot Locker invites its customers to join Foot Locker Guest Survey. This way, the company can identify how satisfied the customers that came to Foot Locker. If you want to know more about Foot Locker Survey, you should keep reviewing this article.

What are the Rules of Foot Locker Survey?

Participating in Foot Locker Survey is your way to voice up what you have experienced in this store. By taking this survey, you can express your feedback about Foot Locker. As the example, you can give the general review about your recent shopping trip. This way, you can involve in improving the quality of Foot Locker.

All customers want the best service from this sportswear store, don’t they? So, they should not miss the Survey. Furthermore, to thank the survey takers, Foot Locker will reward them a coupon valued $10 off. With this coupon, you can purchase the certain items at Foot Locker at the lower price.

So, are you interested in Foot Locker  Guest Survey? Before accessing, you need to review the survey rules. Foot Locker does not explain these rules explicitly on their website. That is why we try to inform you about the requirements as well as the rules of its Customer Survey.

  • The requirements.

The main item you need to enter this survey is a valid receipt. When you access the Survey website, you have to enter several details. For instance, you need to input the store number. Besides, entering the transaction number is also necessary.

You only can find these details on the receipt from Foot Locker. Besides, be sure that your computer and internet connection is ready to use. Then, enable the Cookies and JavaScript to access the Locker Survey Portal. This way, you can minimize the trouble during the Survey completion.

  • Survey eligibility.

Foot Locker Survey is open to all residents of the Canada and US. But, you have to access the correct survey website based on the country you live. For instance, if you live in the United States, you have to access the page that we have mentioned above. Besides, if you are the residents of Canada, you can access There is no age limit to enter the Survey.

However, it is better if the participants are at least 18 years old. Furthermore, all employees and store attendants of Foot Locker are not eligible to take this survey. The immediate family members of employees are also not allowed to participate in FootLocker survey.

  • The Rules.

The valid receipt is only for one time survey entry. Then, the coupon or the validation code you get from this survey is not redeemable for cash. Besides, you must not use this coupon with other coupons in the same transaction. Furthermore, all customers cannot use this coupon discount to buy its Gift Card.

  • The Rewards.
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As stated before, you will get a coupon valued $10 discount. To redeem this discount, you have to make a transaction at least $50. Luckily, you can use this coupon in all stores as well as If you want to use this coupon to purchase the products online, you have to select the link under the validation coupon.

But, you should notice that you cannot use this validation code at Foot Locker Kids and Lady Foot Locker. Usually, this store limits the products that are eligible for the discount. It means this coupon is only for purchasing the certain products.

How to Take Part in FootLocker Survey?

Where do you usually buy your footwear? Do you often go to Foot Locker? In this article, we will tell you a secret to grab the Coupons easily. If you like the products, you will be glad if you receive the promo code. In fact, you can get this coupon easily.

You just need to make a little effort to complete the survey. Then, after completing this survey, you deserve to get $10 coupon discount. It is a very interesting offer, right? With this coupon, you can save your budget to buy your favorite footwear.

Some of you may be lazy to participate in customer satisfaction survey. It is because you may think that participating in the survey only wastes your time. You may need to answer many questions. But, you do not feel any positive effect on your next visit. But, this stereotype is completely wrong. FootLocker Survey is different. This survey will not take much of time.

The questions in this Survey are brief. So, you can complete all steps of the survey within three minutes. Besides, this survey offers the precious reward for the survey takers. Therefore, if you want to get $10 discount on the next visit, you have to participate in the survey. Do you need the guidelines to complete this survey? Just review the brief explanation below.

  • Visit the official portal.

Foot Locker Survey is accessible at the website that we have mentioned above. The survey website of FootLocker has a black background. Then, there is Foot Locker logo at the top left corner of the page. Make sure that you spell the survey website address correctly. So, you can land on the correct site. Furthermore, at the bottom left corner of the site, you can find the Privacy Policy. We recommend you to review this privacy policy before continuing the survey.

  • Select the language.

In the home page of FootLocker Survey, the site informs you about the validation code. Besides, it tells you about the Survey reward as well. At this page, you have to pick the language of the survey. English and Spanish are available. You can select one of them. Then, click on the Next red arrow button.

  • Enter the Store number.

Every store has a number which indicates the location. In this page, you have to input the store number which you have just visited. If you do not know this number, you can look at the top of receipt. Then, you will find five digit store number.

  • Enter the Transaction Number.

The next, you have to supply your transaction number. This detail is also available in your receipt. If you cannot find the transaction number, you can enter the customer number.

  • Indicate the time of visiting the store.

On the next page, you have to enter the date when you came to Foot Locker. Make sure that you write the date by using mm/dd/yyyy format. Then, you have to select the range of time when you visited this store. For instance, you went there before noon, noon until 3 pm, between 3 pm – 7 pm, or after 7 pm.

  • Answer the Survey Questions.
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Now, you are in the main stage of this survey. You have to respond every question related to your shopping trip at Foot Locker. The questions will be divided into some categories. First, you have to rate your satisfaction when you went shopping at Foot Locker.

Then, the survey also asks for your agreement about some statements related to the store. In the next section, you can write your opinion about this footwear store. You are free to express your thought. As the example, you can write down your experience which makes your shopping trip unforgettable.

  • Write the Validation Code.

Once you submit the last answer of this survey, there will appear a validation code on your screen. Then, you have to write this Coupon code on your receipt. The next, you can bring it to any location to redeem the discount. As the survey reward, you can receive $10 discount when you purchase at least $50. Besides, you can use this validation code to get the discount on the online purchase.

You just need to click on the link under the validation code. The next, you will be directed to After that, you can choose the footwear product you want to purchase. In the checkout process, you can use this coupon to get this product at the lower price.

That’s all the simple procedure to take part in the survey. If you follow our guidelines thoroughly, you will not get any difficulties in completing this online survey. To avoid the loading trouble, you have to enable the Cookies on your browser.

If the cookies are disabled, the survey page may not work properly. But, if you still experience any trouble, you should contact the Customer Service soon. The phone number is +1 800-991-6815. Make sure that you contact the Customer Support during the business days. So, you will get the fast response for your problem.

What are the Questions at FootLocker Online Survey Portal?

The  Survey questions are simpler than other retail surveys. This survey only consists of a few steps. Besides, the survey questions are brief as well. Other surveys may ask you to rate several aspects of the store. But, this survey only asks you to review the overall experience.

This way, you will be able to respond all the questionnaires quickly. You do not need to spend much of time to complete it. No doubt, you can get the coupon discount from Foot Locker easily and quickly. Are you curious about the questions? Here are we present it to you.

  • The shopping time.

The first question you get in this survey is the date and time when you went shopping at this store. So, you have to specify the date in which you visited this footwear store. The next, you can choose the time range when you make a transaction in this store. As the example, you can select before noon, noon – 3 pm, 3 pm – 7 pm, as well as after 7 pm.

  • Overall shopping satisfaction.

This question always appears in any customer satisfaction surveys. Hence, you should recall your experience during your shopping trip. Did you have the memorable experience at Foot Wear? Or, you may face unpleasant shopping experience in this store.

Whatever the experience you had, you can express it by giving the rating. FootLocker Online Survey  Portal provides five scales you can select. Just click on the scale number one if you felt unsatisfied with Foot Locker. In contrast, give number five rating if you get satisfied with your overall shopping experience at this store.

  • Likeliness to return and recommend.
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At this stage, tell your likeliness to return to Foot Locker to repurchase the footwear. Then, you should express your likeliness to recommend Foot Locker to your family and friends. There are five answers you can choose to represent your thought. For instance, you can choose Definitely will, probably will, might or might not, probably not, or definitely will not.

  • Agreement with some statements.

The next, this survey will display two statements about the store. Then, you have to express your opinion whether you agree or disagree with these statements. First, do you agree whether the Foot Locker associates were genuine in taking care of you during your visit? The next, do you agree whether your experience at Foot Locker was memorable.

  • Comment.

In this step, you can specify the reason why you get satisfied with your shopping. Also, you have to state what makes your shopping trip at Foot Locker memorable. On the left side of the comment section, you will see a scale which shows how specific is your comment. The more specific comment you give is better.

That’s all the questionnaires you have to respond in this survey. They are simpler than other retail survey questions, aren’t they? This way, you will not waste your precious time to answer the complicated questions. Just by answering the questions above, you can participate in helping Foot Locker to improve its business quality.

How to Enroll Foot Locker VIP Program?

Taking part in Foot-Locker-Survey is not the only way to receive Foot Locker Coupon. So, what should you do to be able to grab the free coupon from Foot Locker? The answer is that you have to enroll Foot Locker VIP Club. Joining this program enables you to to get some great benefits. What are they? Here are some advantages of becoming the member of Foot Locker VIP.

  • Receiving the coupon discount.

Once you enroll its VIP club for the first time, you deserve to get a free coupon. This coupon is redeemable with $10 off when you make a purchase $50. When your enrollment to VIP club is successful, Foot Locker will send this coupon via email within 48-72 hours. The next, you will also receive other coupons throughout the year. Sometimes, Foot Locker also send the coupons via text message or mail-in.

  • Early access to the new products.

Besides, joining VIP program enables you to know the newest products offered by Foot Locker. This way, you will be the first customers who know about the latest product. This way, you can purchase this product before other people have it.

  • Getting the latest offers and deals.

The last benefit you can receive as the member of Foot Locker VIP is receiving the newest offers. Foot Locker will inform you about their special offers via email or text message.

Foot Locker VIP program is available for all residents of United States. But, to enroll this program, you have to be 13 years old or more. So, how to register to its VIP? First, you have to access the official website at Then, you can select the VIP menu.

The next, there will be an enrollment form you have to fill out. In order to complete this form, you have to supply your personal info as well as your contact details. Be sure that you provide the valid phone number and email account. So, Foot Locker can send the coupons, special deals, and exclusive offer to you. By joining this program, you will get the VIP numbers and VIP cards. But, you should notice that you cannot use that VIP card to purchase Foot Locker gift cards.

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