Food Basics Feedback – Win $1000 Free Groceries from Food Basics Survey

Hello readers! We have good news for legal residents of Canada. So you can get Food Basics Free Groceries after this process. Don’t hesitate to read our instructions. Here we have a grocery store reference for housewives. You can save money on shopping and get fresh food. If you are Canadian, try shopping for groceries at the Food Basics Grocery Store. Before shopping, you can look for food prices on e-flyers. Use the store locator to get local e-flyers. If you have suggestions for this shop, don’t forget to access the Food basics feedback survey portal. You can enter opinions through this process.

Food basics feedback is an easy way to submit suggestions to this store. They made an official portal to collect buyer feedback. Your feedback can make Food Basic Groceries better. Do you want to get a gift? We can help you approach luck through this process. Yes right, after using the survey portal, you can follow sweepstakes. They have $ 1,000 Free Groceries for winners. If you are lucky, this month you can shop for free. Do you want to try it? We will help you complete this process through survey instructions. If you are ready, let’s start with the store profile.

food basics survey page at foodbasicsfeedback
food basics survey page at foodbasicsfeedback

Food Basics Groceries Profile

After you read our brief explanation, read the store profile in this section. Here we have basic knowledge for new buyers. So you can find out their products and history first. Are you curious about this part? Let’s start now too. Food Basics Groceries Store is a store that has its headquarters in Ontario, Canada. They built this business 24 years ago. So they opened a shop in 1995. Initially the business operated under A&P Canada. After 2005, Metro Inc. is a holding company for Food Basics. If you want to track their location, don’t hesitate to open the official website. Visit them through the address

Next we will discuss Food Basics products. Before you shop, they have a flyer. Flyer will help you make a shopping plan. So you know the budget you need for shopping. Well, they have pharmaceutical products and food ingredients. If you want to buy medicine, you can come to Food Basics Pharmacy. They operate 131 stores in Ontario. If you want to save money on shopping, Food Basics is the solution. Because they have the slogan “always more for less”. So you can get quality goods at affordable prices. If you don’t believe, prove this slogan directly in the store. Get promo products every week. Then save your receipt for the Food basics survey process.

Food Basics Free Groceries Sweepstakes Rules

Hello housewife! Who doesn’t like to get free shopping gifts? If you want to win Food Basics free groceries, follow their sweepstakes program. Here they have a loyalty program for you. After completing the survey, they offer a sweepstakes entry process. Well, before using this program, you need to meet a few rules. Not all customers have the opportunity to join the sweepstakes program. So Food basics sweepstakes are only open to legal residents of Canada. You can read the complete rules page through the survey portal. You only need to visit the survey portal through Then select the contest rules link at the bottom of the website. Below we have a summary of the rules for you.

  1. You don’t need to make a purchase to take part in Food Basics Sweepstakes and surveys. because the number of transactions in the store does not guarantee your winnings. If you want to increase the opportunity, we hope you increase the number of entry sweepstakes.
  2. After winning the draw, they want you to solve math problems. You may not use calculating aids in this process.
  3. When can you enter entry sweepstakes ?. Here they have a survey period that you need to know. Because you can only make entries in this period. They cannot accept entries outside the survey period and sweepstakes. See the list below.
    • The committee did not enter entries outside the survey period.
    • They opened the entry period starting September 29, 2019.
    • You need to end the entry process on September 26, 2020.
    • So you have 12 opportunities to increase the number of entry sweepstakes.
    • The committee will determine 1 winner every month.
  4. Who can join this program. Basically Food Basics only expects honest answers from genuine customers. So the staff and the sponsor team have no chance in this program. If you want complete eligibility rules information, see the list below.
    • Food basics sweepstakes are only valid for original customers in the store.
    • Then these sweepstakes are valid for legitimate residents of Canada especially Ontario. If you are not a resident of this area, stop the survey process.
    • Agents, directors, officers or staff at Food Basics are prohibited from joining this program.
    • This prohibition applies to family members of staff and parties in point c.
    • People who live in the same house with point c are prohibited from entering the sweepstakes or survey.
  5. Food basics sweepstakes entry methods. After fulfilling the eligibility rules, you need to know how to enter sweepstakes. They only have 2 ways to open up your sweepstakes. Yes right, you can use manual and online methods. First, you can access the survey portal through Food basics feedback. Second, send sweepstakes entries through the post office.
    • Food basics feedback. If you have receipts, choose this method for sweep entries. Because here they need a survey code. You can only land on the question page if you have a survey code. Well, find this code on the receipt. You need to take a survey before 7 days after the transaction at the store. After 7 days your survey code is forfeited.
    • Entry without access code. If you don’t have receipts, they have another way. Select the click here button to survey without using an access code. Here you need to know the city store you are visiting. Select city first. Click the arrow icon to see the city options. Then set the date of the visit to the Food Basics store. Finally, enter the unique code for verification.
    • They limit 4 etries per period for you.
  6. Announcement of winners. Here we have a way to find out winning notifications. See the list below.
    • The committee will contact the election via email and telephone from the entry process.
    • The winner needs to contact the committee within 5 days of receiving the notification. If you don’t, then they have the right to find another winner. Don’t you want this problem to occur?
  7. Food basics sweepstakes reward. Are you curious about this sweepstakes gift? Here they have free groceries Food basics worth $ 1000 CDN. See the details below.
    • The committee only takes 1 winner every month.
    • You can only use prizes at Food Basics stores or Metro stores.
    • Before using gifts, you need to solve math problems. If you graduate, you are entitled to a prize.
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Foodbasicsfeedback Survey Preparations

Well, welcome to the survey preparation section. Here we need to help you meet survey needs. Have you ever taken an online survey? If you know how, then you don’t need to go through difficulties. So you need to get a basic device first. Before that, you can read our advice below.

  1. Choose a computer over other devices. Here we use a computer or laptop as a standard device. We do not recommend you use tablets and smartphones. Because both of them cannot display the website optimally.
  2. Get a stable internet connection for your device.
  3. Choose a popular browser for a convenient website search.
  4. Be a buyer at Food Basics Grocery to get proof of payment.
  5. Prepare basic English skills to complete surveys.
  6. Prepare your identity to complete the entry process. (name, email, address and telephone).
Food basics survey steps at foodbasicsfeedback
Food basics survey steps at foodbasicsfeedback

Food Basics Feedback Survey Steps

After completing the survey preparation and regulations, you are now ready to take Foodbasicsfeedback. Well, you only need less than 10 minutes to survey. What do you need to do? They only need your honest feedback. If you have a problem at this grocery store, submit your complaint here. So they have some survey questions. Survey questions only raise the issue of store service. So, you need to recall the last memory of shopping at Food Basics. If you are ready, take a few easy steps to complete the survey below.

  1. Visit the official website of the Food basics survey.

First, you need to find this survey page using a browser. Use the search box to find the survey page. You need to choose search keywords. We suggest you use the Food basics survey. If you want to land directly on the survey portal, use

  1. See your eligibility in the survey rules.
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Before proceeding with the survey steps, check your eligibility on the regulation sheet. Here open the contest rules link at the bottom of the survey portal.

  1. Enter the survey code from the receipt.

At this stage we only discuss online survey methods. So you need an access code to take surveys. Enter your code in the column. Here you need to re-read the survey code before moving the page. Because one character’s mistake can prevent you from opening a survey page. After completing this step, click on the Start survey button.

  1. Answer the Food basics survey question.

Next you arrive at the core stage of the survey process. Yes right, here you can enter feedback and answer questions. So you can use the last memory of going to the store to complete this stage. They have multiple choice questions or comment columns. Then you can use a scale to assess their service. If you want more help, see the list of questions below.

  1. Fill in the identification question column.

After completing the last survey question, answer the identification question. Here they want to know your brief profile. So you only need to enter age, number of family members, monthly household income and gender. Then enter the transaction amount, and your vehicle.

  1. Enter the Food Basics Sweepstakes entry.

Here you need to enter sweepstakes by completing the entry form. You need to enter personal information. What do I need at this stage? Well, they need a phone number, province, email and name. Click submit to end the survey.

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Food Basics Survey Questions

Before you use the survey portal, we have another good news. Well, portal users can find out some Food Basics Survey questions here. We have the list below. We hope this review will help you. Let’s check this out!

  1. Set the time of visit to the Food Basics Grocery Store.
  2. Give a rating of 1-10 for your general level of satisfaction.
  3. Give a rating of 1-10 for the possibility of you recommending Food Basics to a colleague.
  4. Give rank 1-10 for some aspects below.
    • Food prices.
    • Food Basics has good ambience.
    • The staff at the cashier is friendly to buyers.
    • The payment process at the cashier is efficient.
    • You get the product you are looking for.
    • Staff have product knowledge.
    • Food Basics shopping area cleanliness.
    • Food quality and freshness.
  5. Do you agree with the following statement? Give it a rating of 1 -10.
    • The staff would like to thank you.
    • They greet you with a smile.
    • They ignore you.
  6. Give a rating of 1-10 for each department in the store.
  7. Enter the number of people waiting in line before you.
  8. How long do you wait for your turn to pay for the product?
  9. You can write positive or negative feedback in the comments column.

Food Basics Hours

Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 8.00 am 9.00 pm
Tuesday 8.00 am 9.00 pm
Wednesday 8.00 am 9.00 pm
Thursday 8.00 am 9.00 pm
Friday 8.00 am 9.00 pm
Saturday 8.00 am 9.00 pm
Sunday 8.00 am 7.00 pm

Food Basics Customer Service

  1. Customer Service Phone Number.
    • Customer Care : 1-866-922-7427.
    • Pharmacy Service Support : 1-844-414-6456.
  2. Customer Service Mailing Address.
    • Pharmacy Service Support :
  3. Food Basics Social Media
    • Facebook :

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