FMCDealer – General Guidelines for FMC Dealer Login and Ford Connect

FMCDealer stands for Ford Motor Company Dealer. FMC Dealer is an online portal for the employees of Ford. As we know, Ford is the international automaker. This company is headquartered in Michigan. Founded in 1903, Ford becomes one of the largest automobile companies in the world.

Besides, Ford also sells the commercial vehicles as well. Furthermore, Ford also produces the automotive components as well. Since the automobile business can grow fast, Ford can have many chains around the world.

It can be said that Ford Motor Company is the second biggest automaker in the US. Ford is in the second rank after General Motor. Besides, Ford also becomes the fifth largest automotive company in the world. No doubt, in order to achieve this position, Ford employs a large number of high-quality employees. Then, as the employee website, Ford launches FMCDealer portal.


If you have just been hired by Ford, you may not be familiar yet with this portal. That is why we write this article for you. In this page, you can find out the simple way to sign into Ford Motor Company Dealer website. You also can check the way to overcome FMC Dealer login problems. Besides, we also present the importance of Ford Connect or FMCDealer connection. Just keep reading this following article to get the deeper understanding of FMC Dealer Ford.

How to Sign Into FMC Portal Login Page?

Before entering FMC Connection website, you have to know the eligibility of using this portal. You should notice that Ford limits the access of FMCdealer com. Only the certain people are eligible to enter this website. As the example, FMC dealer is accessible by the full-time employee, hourly employees, retirees, and the surviving spouse.

Besides, the affiliates and salaried employees also can access FMC Dealer website. In addition, you should pay attention to the browser you use to access FMC Dealer. You can view the website well if you use Internet Explorer 5.0 version or the higher version of the browser.

Moreover, you should have FMC dealer login credential to access the website. You will need a User ID or CDS ID in order to reach your FMC Dealer account. If you have prepared these login details, you can do these following prompts.

  • Visit FMC Dealer official site.

To access your FMC dealer account, you should visit Besides, the login field is also accessible at The last, you can go to Then, you should click on Account menu at the top of the page. This menu can direct you to FMC dealer login page.

  • Read and accept the terms and condition.

At the top of the FMC dealer login page, there is a warning for the user. It contains the information that Ford monitors the use of the website. So, only the authorized users can access FMC Dealer. There are some clauses you have to agree with if you want to access FMC Dealer Ford account.

First, you should not expect your privacy in using the website. Second, You must agree with your personal data collection. It means Ford collects and stores your data in Ford database. The third, Ford always monitors the activities you do on this website.

  • Enter your User ID.
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Every Ford Salaried employee must have a User ID. In order to sign into FMC Dealer account, you should provide your CDS ID number. Look at your Ford ID card to find out your employee ID or CDS ID number.

  • Enter your FMC Dealer Password.

To access your account at FMC Dealer Login Ford website. You should enter your password. You should keep this password as a secret. So, you must not share your password with anyone else. This way, you can protect your FMC Dealer account. Noone will be able to access your Ford account.

To increase the strength of your password, you can reset it regularly. So, you need to change your Ford password. Just select the link under the Login button. Then, you should submit the user ID to reset your FMC Dealer password.

  • Press Login button.

The last, you have to click on the Login button in order to open your account. The next, you can explore any information provided in FMC Dealer.

What to Do if You Forgot FMC Dealer Login Credentials?

You have no access to FMC Dealer Login page if you do not have the login details. You also cannot enter FMC Dealer Ford if you forget your FMC Dealer login details. In case you are in this such of the situation, you should not be panic.

FMC Dealer website provides you the help link to recover your User ID and password. The link to reset FMC Dealer login details is not only for the Ford current employees. This link also works for the hourly employees, affiliates, retirees, nonsalaried employee, and supplier. Here is the procedure for resetting your User ID and password at FMC Dealer Ford portal.

  • Hourly Employees and Affiliates.

If you work at Ford as the hourly employees, you can retrieve the user ID and password by entering these details. Just visit FMC Dealer Connection. Then, you should verify your eligibility for accessing FMC Dealer ford. The website requires you to submit some information.

First, write down your last name. The next, supply the last four digits of Social Insurance Number. Besides, you also can enter SSN. The last, provide the date of service. But, if you cannot recall the date of service, you can click on the online date of service help link.

  • Retirees.

FMC dealer connection website is also for the retirees. So, even you have retired from Ford Company; you still can access FMC Dealer. The link for resetting the User Id and password works for the hourly and salaried employees. The details required for the retirees are similar to the hourly employees. The website needs your last name, Social Insurance Number or SSN, and date of service.

  • Nonsalaried employees.

If you work as the nonsalaried employee at Ford, you only can recover your password. To get your password, you should submit your Ford User ID. The next, you should do the instructions to get your password back.

  • Supplier.

Ford also provides the link for retrieving the password for the supplier. So, if you are the migrated user, you should visit Covisint website. Then, you need to log into Covisint by entering the registered User ID and password.

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What is the Importance of Ford Connect and Ford Direct Dealers?

Have you ever visited Ford Direct Dealers website? By exploring, you do not need to go to the Ford showroom anymore. It is because Ford Direct Dealers serves as the Dealership showroom at the online version. So, the customers can review the vehicles they will purchase. That is why Ford Direct Dealer must be useful and interactive. So, the customers will be able to decide the best vehicle for them.

If you are working as the Ford marketing staff, having a website is very crucial. The website helps you to display the details of vehicles from Ford. The website helps you to attract your customers. So, the design of your website must be simple and relevant.

This way, your customers can search the service or vehicle they want easily. Your website should be accessible by a computer and smartphone. Therefore, your customers can view and navigate your website easily. The more interesting your website is, the more cars you can sell.

In order to have a proper website, you can use Ford Direct’s Dealer Connection Elite. This feature helps you to design the content of your Ford website properly. So, the visitors can navigate your site easily. Furthermore, Ford Direct’s Dealer Connection Elite helps you to index all pages with SEO. No doubt, it can optimize the search result of your website. If you still hesitate with this feature, perhaps some benefits below can ensure you.

  • Mobile Ready.

With this benefit, your website is not only reachable by the computer. But, the users also can access your website through their mobile phone. The display of the website will not be different from the computer version.

  • Well converting website.

The design of the website is very interesting. So, it helps you a lot to convert the visitors into the buyer. It means every visitor that views your website will be interested in purchasing Ford. In short, you can increase your sales of the dealership.

  • Dealership branding.

In the marketing, branding plays the important role. So, you have to create a website which is full of dealership branding. As a result, the visitor will be attracted to Ford products you display in your web. Besides, you also have the flexibility to control the content of your website.

  • The best SEO.

If you want to have a website which appears on the first page of search engine, you should use the best SEO. You have to implement the friendly URL, dynamic link, title tags, etc.

  • 24/7 Service.

Direct’s Dealer Connection Elite offers 24/7 customer service. So, you can contact Ford Support Team whenever you need to consult about your website.

  • Easy to update.

The website uses the enhanced management. So, it provides the real-time update. This way, your website is always up to date. It also can help you to export to other websites. Furthermore, it provides the unlimited videos and photos for every Ford product.

How to Contact FMC Technical Support?

If you are the customers of Ford Motor Company, you should save the Ford Customer Service number. So, every time you have a problem with Ford product, you can contact them soon. Besides, you also need to know the contact details of Ford DealerConnection as well. So, you can ask for help about the Genuine eService, the Maintenance Tool, or Sales Points. If you want to find out the details about Ford Dealer Connection, you can visit

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Besides, if you need to reach Ford customer service, you can check the list of contacts below. We have provided several ways to get in touch with Ford Motor Company.

  • By phone.

If you have any questions about Ford, you should contact the customer service; their staff will be ready to help you. You can even contact them on Saturday. Here are the lists of the phone number you can contact.

  1. Ford and Mercury US (800) 392-3673. It is available on Monday – Friday at 8 am – 8 pm.
  2. Ford Credit Customer Support (800) 727-7000. You can make a call on Monday – Friday at 7 am – 8 pm. Besides, on Saturday, they are available at 7 am – 5 pm.
  3. Ford and Mercury Roadside Assistance (800) 241-3673. It is available every day 24/7.
  4. Dealer Connection Technical Support 866-762-3673.
  • By mail.

Ford also accepts the letters from the customers. So, if you want to send your message by mail, you can send it to these following addresses.

  1. Ford Motor Company (FMC) Customer Relationship Center. The address is PO BOX 6248 Dearborn Michigan 48126.
  2. Ford Credit. The address is PO BOX 542000, Omaha NE 68154

Those are the contact details of Ford Motor Company. But, sometimes for the certain people, contacting the customer service is not effective. They will feel more satisfied if they go to Ford Dealer. This way, they can see the vehicle they want directly.

Besides, they can ask about the products and service immediately. So, they can be sure to purchase the vehicle. Have you known the Ford Dealer locations around you? If you do not, you can use Ford locator at its official website. Here is the guideline to search Ford locations near you.

  • Visit Ford official website.

Firstly, you should go to In this website, you can explore any information about Ford. For instance, you can view the vehicles offered by Ford. Besides, you can find out the information about finance and shopping tool as well.

  • Click on Locate a dealer.

At the top of page, you will see an option Locate a Dealer. This menu helps you to find Ford dealer nearby. You can search by location or dealer.

  • Specify your location.

The next, you can allow Ford website to identify your location. Besides, you also can enter the city or zip code. Then, the website will help you to search the closest Ford dealer location.

  • See the result.

Then, Ford website will display the result of dealer searching. It will display the complete address of the dealer. Besides, it shows Ford dealer operating hours as well. It gives you the direction to the dealer as well. This Ford dealer locator will be very useful for you. It is because you can know the location of the nearest Ford dealer. So, you can go there without any difficulty.

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