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FiveBelowSurvey is a customer satisfaction survey from Five Below Store. As we know, Five Below is the popular discount store in the US. This store is unique since all products they sell will cost less than $5. No doubt, it becomes the favorite store of teens. In fact, the target market of this store is not only teenagers.

But, this store also provides some merchandises for the adult as well. The products offered by Five Below are varied. For instance, you can find sports products,  fashion accessories, stationery, school supplies, books, and room decoration. With this wide range of products, Five Below can attract many teenage customers.

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Five Below can develop quickly. In 2015, there are more than 440 Five Below chains in the US. You will often find Five Below store in the strip mall. Even it has already expanded well, Five Below never feel satisfied with its business achievement. This store never stops to satisfy its customers. Therefore, this company tries to find the strategy to obtain the customers’ feedback.

Then, this store uses Five Below Survey to interpret the customers’ thought. This survey will help Five Below to find out what the customers think about their service and outlet. Furthermore, Five Below designs this survey in order to improve its quality in serving the customers. As a result, all customers will be able to feel the more exciting shopping experience in the future.


Five Below Survey aims to find out what the customers expect. Therefore, in the certain section of this survey, Five Below welcomes the customers to give any suggestion. As the customers, you can use this opportunity to speak up what you expect from this store. For instance, you want Five Below to provide a unique stuff. Knowing the purpose of the Survey, you should not miss participating in this survey. It is because you not only can voice up your opinion and feedback. But, you also can compete to win Five Below gift card valued $100.

What are the Rules of Five below Survey Sweepstakes?

Do you often look for the cheap stuff in Five Below Store? If you frequently visit this store, you should not miss taking part in this retail survey. By completing the Survey, you will get a chance to grab a gift card valued $100. Imagine, how many stuffs can you purchase from this store with this gift card. If the price of each product is $5, you can get 20 items. Once you complete Five Below Customer Satisfaction Survey, you can enter the sweepstakes. Then, each month, Five Below will announce the winner of this online sweepstakes.

Are you interested in winning Five Below Gift Card? To participate in Five Below survey and sweepstakes, you have to notice the rules of this program. In fact, this survey and sweepstakes is the little bit different from other retail surveys. It is because this survey does not require your receipt. So, even though you lose Five Below receipt, you still can participate in this survey. Before entering Five Below Customer Survey, you need to review the rules of the online and sweepstakes below.

  • The requirements.

As stated before, you do not need any receipt or survey invitation to enter the Survey. This survey is open for all customers of Five Below Store. But, before involving in this survey, you should prepare an email address. Your email account will be useful to unlock the survey. Besides, you will need it to sign up the promotional info from Five Below. Furthermore, you also need it to enter the online sweepstakes. Then, you have to remember the details of your visit to Five Below store. It is because this survey will ask you about the date when you go to this store. Moreover, it asks about the amount of money you spent at their store.

  • The Sweepstakes Eligibility.
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Five Below Monthly Sweepstakes is only for the customers who are 18 years old or more. Besides, the entrants must legally reside in the States in which Five Below stores operate. Furthermore, all employees of Five Below are not eligible for this monthly drawing. Then, their immediate family, as well as the household members of Five Below’s staff, are also not allowed to be the sweepstakes’ entrants.

  • Sweepstakes entry methods.

Five Below allows the customers to enter the sweepstakes through two ways. First, the customers can enter the sweepstakes after taking part the online survey. To enter this online drawing, there is no purchase necessary. In this period, Five below welcomes the sweepstakes entries from January 2017 until February 2018. Besides, if you want to enter the sweepstake without completing the survey, you can try mail-in entry. You just need to hand-print your personal and contact details on 3” x 5” card. This card should include your name, mailing address, zip code, telephone number, and email address. Then, you can send this card to Five Below Survey Sweepstakes, Stella Service, 75 Broad St, Suite 1010 New York 10004.

  • The Sweepstake rules.

Every month, Five Below will select one sweepstakes winner. Then, this company limits only one entry per customer per month. So, entering this contest more than once per month will be useless. It is because Five Below will only accept the first entry. Besides, you must not photocopy the mail-in entries. The mail-in Five Below sweepstake entry must be hand-written. Besides, you have to use the envelope number 10. It is because Five Below will disqualify your entry if you use the larger envelope.

  • Sweepstakes reward.

This store does not provide Five Below Coupons as the survey reward. But, it offers a gift card for the winner of the sweepstakes. This company provides $100 gift card for one winner each month. The winner cannot redeem this Five Below Gift Card for cash. They only can use this gift card to purchase the merchandise at Five below. Besides, the fees, cost, and taxes of Five Below reward are the responsibility of the winner. Furthermore, Five Below will contact the winner by phone or email address to notify that they win this sweepstakes. If they do not give any response within seven days, Five Below will give the prize to the alternate winner.

How to Complete Five Below Survey?

After knowing the reward of Five Below Survey, you must want to take part in this survey soon. Participating in Five Below Survey does not only give you a chance to win the gift card. But, this survey also lets you express your thought about this store. You can be free to share your opinion about your recent shopping trip. Besides, Five Below also welcomes any suggestions from the customers. This store wants to involve the customers to make positive changes in the business. This way, Five Below can know what the customers want from their store. So, in the future, Five Below store can meet the customers’ expectation.

Taking the Survey will not waste much of your time. It is because this retail survey has the simple steps. So, you can do it in a short time. Within two or three minutes, you will be able to complete all steps of Five Below Survey. Besides, you do not need to prepare your receipt. It is because this survey does not require any Five Below survey code. You just need to enter some shopping details. For instance, the date when you were shopping and the amount of the transaction. So, how are the guidelines to accomplish this survey? Check out our simple explanation below.

  • Enable JavaScript.
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First of all, you have to check the configuration of your browser. Make sure that you have enabled the JavaScript. You will not be able to reach the Survey page if you do not activate the JavaScript Setting.

  • Visit the survey portal.

Then, you can access the official survey website by visiting When you enter this survey web address, you may be directed into In the home page, Five Below will thank you for your interest in taking their survey.

  • Select the state.

When you can reach the official site, you will see some empty fields. First, you have to select your State. Just click on the small upside down triangle beside the box. Then, there will appear the list of states. Simply click on the state where you reside.

  • Select the store.

The next, you can choose Five Below Store you have just visited. This survey page will display the list of stores in your state. So, you can select one of the stores that you visited recently.

  • Enter your email address.

In order to start the survey, you should provide your email account. Make sure that the email address you supply is valid. It is because you will use it to enter the sweepstakes as well.

  • Indicate the date of shopping.

The next, you need to select the date when you went to Five Below. To save your time, you can click on small calendar image to select the date. Besides, you can write it manually with the format mm/dd/yy.

  • Enter the total transaction.

After that, you should indicate the amount of money you spent at Five Below store. Just enter the dollar value of your recent purchase. For instance, if you spent $35.25, you just need to write $35.

  • Answer the questions.

Most of the survey questions at Five Below Survey ask you to rate. For instance, you should rate your shopping experience, store crew, and store condition. Then, you have the chance to explain your reason why you give the certain rating. The next, this survey allows you to write your opinion and suggestion as well. Be sure not skip any single question in this survey. Furthermore, all response you submit must be based on the real shopping experience you faced at Five Below.

  • Sign up the promotion program.

After you complete all survey questions, Five Below invites you to sign up their promotion program. By joining this program, you will get the updated information about the hot new stuff at Five Below Store. To join this program, you just need to submit your email address. Then, Five Below will inform you about any new products or special offers by email.

  • Enter the sweepstakes program.

To participate in Five Below Sweepstakes, you have to fill out the provided form. Here, you have to write down your name, telephone number, and email id. Be sure that the email account, as well as the telephone number you enter, are valid. It is because, when Five Below cannot reach you at these contact details, it will give the sweepstakes reward to another person. So, you can lose your chance to win $100 gift card from Five Below.

These are the brief steps to take part in the Survey. If you find any trouble during Five Below Customer Survey, you have to contact the helpdesk. You can reach Five Below Customer Service by phone. Just call 1-866-935-8852 to report your problem. Then, the professional Five Below Customer Support will assist you to resolve your problem.

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What are the Questions at Five Below Survey?

If you have ever taken part in the retail survey before, you will be easier to do the survey. The questionnaires in this online survey are asking about your recent shopping trip at Five Below Store. So, you must recall the details of your shopping activity in this stationary. The questions are about Five Below associates and stores. Five Below survey only contains a few of questions. Therefore, you will be able to answer all of the questions within two minutes. Then, you can enter Five Below sweepstakes immediately. Listed below are the categories of question you will face.

  • Overall shopping experience.

The first question asks you to give the rating for your overall shopping experience. Five Below Survey provides ten scales in this question. Just select number one if you feel not satisfied at all with your shopping. In contrast, you should click number ten if you feel completely satisfied with your recent shopping trip to Five Below store. The next, you should give the reason why you rate at this level. For instance, if you give nine or ten rating, you can say that you can get the product you want for the low price.

  • Five Below Store’s Associates.

In this section, you need to give your review about the performance of Five Below’s store crews. First, rate how helpful the store associates were. Then, you should rate the friendliness of Five Below’s store crews. The next, give your opinion about the courteousness of the cashier. Also, give your rating about the speed of checkout.

  • Five Below’s store condition.

In the next section, this survey asks your opinion about the condition of the store. First, you should give your review about the cleanliness of Five Below store. You can give your rating about the neatness or organization of the store. Then, rate the ease of shopping at Five Below store. If you can get the items you are looking for, you can give the high rating. The next, you can rate the ease of determining the price of items. The last, rate the return policy of Five Below’s products.

  • Return and Recommend.

Five Below wants to know your likelihood to return to their store. Also, you need to show your likeliness to recommend Five Below to your friends or family. If you are happy with your shopping trip, no doubt, you will come back to this store.

  • Comment.

Five Below lets you give some comments about their store. First, you should write what you like the best about Five Below. As the example, you like how the store crew served the customers. Besides, you may like Five Below since it sells the stuff at the low price. The next, you should give your suggestion to change Five Below to be better. For instance, you want to change the organization of the shelf or rack. This way, the customers can find what they are looking for easier.

  • Year of birth, zip code, and gender.

The last, you have to indicate the year when you were born. Then, select your gender as well. Also, you should enter your postal code. This is the last question at Five Below Survey. After submitting your response, you can enter Five Below online sweepstakes.

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