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Are you a resident of the United Kingdom? If this is true, of course, you are familiar with SSP Outlets. SSP is a restaurant that serves food in public places such as airports. If you go by plane, then, of course, you know about this restaurant. Travel using public vehicles takes a little time. You need to prepare some food supplies.

If you don’t have time to make it, you don’t need to worry. You can buy food at the SSP restaurant. They want to make passengers comfortable to wait for their turn to take off. Maybe delicious food will increase your mood. Well, you can get a reward from the SSP restaurant. You only need to take Eatonthemove.

Eatonthemove survey is a way to give feedback for SSP restaurants. They offer Amazon Gift Cards for your reward. Well, how do you take this survey? Simply put, you only need to open a survey portal and fill in a few questions. There you can write advice and experience of eating at the SSP restaurant.

Then you can join the draw with prizes worth 500 Dollars. Isn’t this an easy way to get rewards? If you want to try your luck, then follow our way. Here we will help you to understand the steps in conducting a survey. Then you will immediately pick up a reward from the SSP restaurant. Our article will help food travelers benefit from their travels.

eatonthemove survey page

What do you know about SSP Restaurant?

Before you take part in their sweepstakes program, read their profile. Here you will know more about the SSP Restaurant business. This knowledge might help you to rank your satisfaction. So, SSP America Inc. is a food and beverage sales business. They have unique customers.

So, this restaurant makes outlets at airports or train stations. So that passengers can wait for their departure time while eating. If you want to enjoy food from the SSP, then you need to go to the airport or station. They served customers starting in 1986. Then they had headquarters in Lansdowne, Virginia.

They want to serve delicious food for train or plane passengers. Because maybe some restaurants choose the fast-food concept. Travel using a train or plane is identical to high mobility. So that several restaurants at the airport and the train station sell fast food. This is a feature of the SSP restaurant.

They have a cool and authentic restaurant concept. So that passengers have the appetite to eat at this restaurant. SSP restaurant is a food travel expert. It’s not easy to keep a restaurant business. So, they have great principles that keep the existence of a restaurant.

  1. They work with passion. Here workers check menus and cutlery. They make sure all the equipment in the restaurant is neat and perfect. So, customers will not find disappointment while eating at this restaurant. They pay attention to the details of the food on your dining table. So, don’t hesitate to try the service at this restaurant.
  2. They offer authentic experiences. This restaurant works with the best local chefs. They take into account the experience of the chef working here. Every time, they try to make a delicious new menu for passengers. Because they consider culinary art.
  3. Giving Service from the Heart. If you visit there, maybe you will hear “I love to make people happy”. They have several slogans that can motivate the work of employees. So that they will give friendly and good service for customers.
  4. They have a sincerity value in giving service to customers.
  5. They make innovations to create menus for customers. Or they can create programs that can keep customer loyalty.
  6. This restaurant is open to accepting new ideas from leaders or employees. Well, you can give ideas through SSP Customer Feedback. You can convey what you want in their restaurant. Or you can give criticism through the Complaint SSP.
  7. SSP Restaurant has a noble ideal. They have responsibilities to employees and to nature. They participated in the FAA conservation program and various charitable activities.
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Rules for Taking Surveys through Eatonthemove.

Eat On The Move Survey cannot be done by everyone. But they have their own rules for determining survey participants. Here you can read the rules and take surveys on the same portal. So, before you continue the steps for the survey, read the terms and conditions. Click on this link at the bottom of the survey portal.

If you want to visit their portal, use the address Here you can read some rules that limit your survey activities. Here we will mention a number of regulations regarding the survey and sweepstakes program.

  1. Your Obligations.

If you want to take part in the sweepstakes program, you need to complete the experience survey. They will discuss your experience of eating at the SSP outlet. You can give complaints and ratings that match their services. In essence, you can give honest statements to them.

  1. Reward the sweepstakes program.

You can win prizes worth 500 Dollars. You can receive this gift in the form of a voucher. Well, you cannot exchange your gift in cash.

  1. You must be old enough.

Here they want you to be 18 years or older to register. Then this program is open to residents of Ireland or the United States only.

  1. Time for drawing prizes.

They will look for winners every 7 days at the end of the period.

  1. Are you entitled to this sweepstakes and survey?

There are some people who are prohibited from taking surveys and sweepstakes programs. Record this information.

  1. You work in SSP outlets as employees and other positions.
  2. You work in the SSP Outlet company chain.
  3. Families and people who live one-stop with SSP outlet employees.
  4. You can only enter 1 sweepstake every month.
  5. If you are lucky, you will receive an email or telephone from the SSP. They will contact you 2 weeks after the prize draw day. If you confirm your victory late, your prize will be canceled.

Well, we have written some rules that you should know before the survey. If you don’t have the right to do it, then don’t do it. Because they can give you punishment. So, you can visit the survey portal for other countries. Maybe you are from the United Kingdom, so access the UK survey portal. They have different rewards from each other.

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Preparation for Completing the Survey through Eatonthemove.

Now, you can survey with us. Previously you found out your eligibility to take a survey. After this, we will help you with some easy-to-take surveys. If you have ever taken a survey, then you know the needs. Here you need 3 survey devices.

  1. You need a computer or smartphone. Both devices function to access the survey portal. Then both have advantages and disadvantages to each. You can choose the device you want. However, make sure that they have a browser. Because this software that you will use to access the survey portal address.
  2. You need internet service on the device. You can access this site using a browser if your device uses the internet. Stable internet can help you access faster. So you only need 10 minutes to complete this customer experience survey.
  3. You need a food purchase receipt at the SSP Outlet. If you successfully access the survey portal, then fill in some information. There you need to upload a receipt photo. So, after you buy food, make sure you save the payment receipt.
eatonthemove survey
eatonthemove survey
Steps to Conduct a Survey through Eatonthemove.

Next, prepare yourself to follow the survey steps from us. Here we will give easy and simple instructions. Here’s how to complete the SSP Customer Survey.

  1. Visit the survey portal Use your smartphone or computer to visit this site. If you experience difficulties, then you can enter keywords. You can use the Eatonthemove keyword. Then you will land on the website search homepage. Choose one website that has an address like ours.
  2. Choose a website according to your country. On this page you can see the survey portal homepage. There you can do country and language instruction. Click on the button here under the sentence visited somewhere else. There you can choose one of 17 country choices.
  3. Perform language selection now. If you don’t speak English, you will choose another language. They have 13 language choices. Click on one of the languages to make settings on your portal. However, if you use English, then you don’t need to make changes.
  4. Click here to give us your feedback. Well, this link is at the bottom of the survey site. Click on the link to enter the survey page.
  5. Enter your SSP Outlet Location. Next, you can see the SSP payment proof. The portal requires you to enter the location of the outlet. You can enter keywords. Then the system will look for a number of options for the location of the SSP outlet. Furthermore, choose the SSP outlet you are visiting.
  6. Enter your visit time. Then you need to enter the time of visiting the SSP restaurant. You can search for this information from proof of payment. Click on the column. Then you can set the date and time of the visit.
  7. Choose the Content of Your Feedback. Here they have 2 choices for you. First, you can enter the content of your experience. Second, you can complain. If you have completed all credentials, then click on the enter survey button.
  8. Answer your survey question. Here you can complete this customer satisfaction survey. You don’t need to worry about the question you will receive. You only need to answer it according to the experience of visiting the SSP Outlet. You can give ratings for employees or food. Then you can assess the outlet conditions and product prices.
  9. Answer the confirmation question. Here you can enter your identity. So, if you don’t meet the requirements, they will disqualify you. So you need to fill in the name, age and gender fields. Then you need to write the name of the country.
  10. Follow the sweepstakes program. Then you can choose to take part in the sweepstakes program or not. If you agree, you can fill in the sweepstakes registration form. Here you only need to enter your email and your name. They will determine the winner and contact him via email.
  11. Wait for the sweepstakes results. Congratulations, you have made the opportunity to win the Amazon Gift Card. Good luck belongs to you.
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How to Find EatOnTheMove Locations.

If you want to visit the nearest outlet, maybe you need to visit the airport. Well, now we will help you access the nearest SSP outlet location. You can use the help of the official SSP Outlet website. Follow the steps below to find Eat On The Move Near Me.

  1. Visit the SSP website at
  2. Click on the locations menu. On the main page of the website, you can see 8 main menus. Select the locations menu to find the SSP Outlet location.
  3. There you can see several locations that have SSP outlets. However, you cannot access local outlet SPP information.
  4. If you want to get directions, you can use google map. Enter the address or keyword location of the SSP. Then click on the search button.
How to Reach SSP Customer Service.

You can access the Local Outlet website. Here we will show customer service for the United States. This information can help you solve survey problems and sweeptakes programs. Then you can read the latest news about this business. Here are some ways to provide feedback other than through surveys.

  1. SSP Customer Service Phone Number.

703 729 2333. Here you can leave questions and comments.

  1. SSP Mailing Address.

Support Center

20408 Bashan Drive

Suite 300

Ashburn, VA 20147

  1. SSP Social Media.

Facebook: @spspamerica.

Linkedin: SSP America.

Instagram: @sspamerica.

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