EarthFarelistens – Win $400 Earth Fare Gift Card from Earth Fare Survey

Most people now concern with their health. They start doing a a healthy lifestyle and consuming healthy food. If you are searching for the supermarket selling healthy and organic food, Earth Fare is the answer. After visiting this supermarket, you should not trash your receipt. With Earth Fare receipt, you can take part in Earthfarelistens survey. This way, you can convey your shopping feedback. Also, you can get a chance to enter Earth Fare survey sweepstakes which offers $400 as a reward.

Earthfarelistens is an online survey portal created by Earth Fare supermarket. Through Earth Fare Customer Satisfaction survey, this company wants to collect the customers’ feedback. Earth Fare welcomes every opinion from the customers. So, your complaints, comments, or suggestions will be accepted gladly. This supermarket will use your feedback to improve the quality of their service and business.

If you have not taken part in Earthfarelistens survey before, you should not worry. Here, you can find out Earth Fare feedback survey rules and guideline. So, you can complete this survey easily by following our guideline. Then, you can get an opportunity to win $400 Earth Fare free groceries.

earth fare survey at earthfarelistens
earth fare survey at earthfarelistens

Earth Fare Supermarket Profile

Before we discuss more about Earth Fare Customer Feedback survey, it will be better if we find out more about Earth Fare company profile. Earth Fare is well-known as a Health and Wellness supermarket in America. This supermarket sells the organic and natural food. This company claims to use the highest product standard in the US. So, you should not worry about the quality of the products. All items sold in Earth Fare are free of artificial additive, hormones, and antibiotics.

The first Earth Fare store was located in Ashville, North Carolina. In the beginning, the name is of this company was Dinner for the Earth. But, in 1994, the management changed its name to be Earth Fare. Nowadays, Earth Fare has 53 locations in 10 states in the US. You can find Earth Fare chains in North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Indiana, and Virginia.

Earth Fare Survey Sweepstakes Rules

Before completing Earthfarelistens survey, you have to review its official rules first. You can access the complete survey sweepstakes rules at Earth Fare survey portal. But, if you want to review the rules in a simple format, you can check the explanation below.

  1. Survey eligibility.

Earthfarelistens Survey is open to all customers of Earth Fare Supermarket. But, the survey entrants have to possess the criteria below.

  • The participants must be the legal residents of the United States or District of Columbia.
  • They have to reach at least 18 years old at the time they enter the sweepstakes.
  • The Earth Fare Survey Sweepstakes entrants must make a purchase at Earth Fare supermarket.
  • All employees, shareholder, sponsor, and the franchise of Earth Fare are not eligible to enter this program.
  • The immediate family members or those who live in the same household of Earth Fare employees are not allowed to take this survey sweepstakes.
  1. Survey method.
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There is only one survey method to take Earhfarelistens. You must go online to complete the survey. But, if you want to enter Earth Fare sweepstakes, you can try two ways below.

  • Online survey sweepstakes.

This method requires a purchase. By using Earth Fare receipt, you can take the online survey at Then, after submitting the survey, you will be entered to Earth Fare Sweepstakes. Submit your personal information and contact details to enter this lucky draw.

  • Mail-in sweepstakes.

If you do not make a purchase and do not have Earth Fare receipt, you can submit the mail-in sweepstakes. You will have the same opportunity to win the sweepstakes even you enter this contest by mail.

  1. Survey Sweepstakes Reward.

As a sweepstakes reward, Earth Fare offers the monthly prize. In each month, there will be one winner who receives $400 Earth Fare gift card.

  1. Earth Fare Survey Rules.

Here are some points you have to understand related to Earth Fare survey sweepstakes program.

  • One Earth Fare receipt is for one survey entry.
  • You have to take the survey within 3 days of the purchasing date.
  • The winner of Earth Fare sweepstakes will be selected randomly.
  • The winner will be contacted by email or telephone.
  • If there is no response from the winner, Earth Fare sweepstakes administrator will select the alternate winner.
  • The winner will receive the reward in the form of the Earth Fare Gift card.
  • The survey reward is not redeemable for cash.

EarthFare Survey Preparation

Have you understood the rules above? Now, you have noticed whether you are eligible for Earthfarelistens survey or not. If you have all the criteria to take this survey, you must prepare some requirements. The survey requirements below will make you easier to complete Earth Fare survey.

  • Earth Fare receipt.

If you want to enter the online sweepstakes, you must have a valid Earth Fare receipt. This receipt contains Earth Fare survey code to let you enter the survey page. But, if you plan to enter the mail-in sweepstakes, you do not need this receipt.

  • A device.

As stated before, Earthfarelistens survey is available online. So, you must use a smart device to access it. You can use either smartphone or computer. Each device has strengths and weaknesses. The computer enables you to have a wide-screen display for the survey page. So, you can take the survey comfortably. Besides, a smartphone lets you take the survey whenever you want. Just select the device you think as the most convenient.

  • An internet support.

Your device will be useless without an internet connection. So, make sure that you have internet support. Connect your device to wifi or mobile data. The stable internet connection you use enables you to complete and load the survey without any troubles.

  • Writing tool.

In case you want to enter mail-in sweepstakes, you have to prepare a card or paper, a pen, and business-sized envelope.

  • Email Address.
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When you decide to enter Earth Fare sweepstakes, you have to submit your contact details. So, you need to submit your telephone numbers and email address.

earthfarelistens earth fare survey steps
earthfarelistens earth fare survey steps

Earth Fare Survey Steps

How is your survey preparation? When everything is ready, you can take the Earth Fare Customer Survey whenever you want. This survey can be completed within less than 10 minutes. Just follow the step by step below to complete the survey.

  • Step 1. Access Earth Fare Survey portal.

The first thing you have to do is accessing EarthFarelistens survey website. Use your browser to load

  • Step 2. Read the survey rules.

If you want to review the survey rules in a full version, you can click on the link at the bottom section of Earth Fare survey page. But, if you have understood the rules we present above, you can skip this step.

  • Step 3. Enter Earth Fare survey code.

Now, you need to look at your Earth Fare receipt. Try to find the survey code at the bottom part of your receipt. This survey code consists of 16 digits. Make sure that you type the code correctly.

  • Step 4. Specify the time of visit.

In this step, you should enter the time of your visit, If you do not remember this detail, you can check your receipt.

  • Step 5. Press the Start button.

After checking the survey code and time of visit you enter to Earth Fare survey page, you can click on the Start button. If your details are valid, you will be able to load the survey page.

  • Step 6. Answer Earth Fare Survey questions.

You need to recall your latest shopping experience at Earth Fare. Then, you can answer all the survey questions. You are required to rate your overall satisfaction after visiting Earth Fare. Also, you should rate other issues such as the availability and quality of the products, price, product arrangement, store cleanliness, etc.

  • Step 7. Enter Earth Fare Sweepstakes.

After you respond to every single question in EarthFarelistens survey, you will be entered into their sweepstakes program. If you are willing to participate in this program, you have to submit your details. You need to write down your name, mailing address, email address, date of birth, and phone number.

That’s all the brief guideline to complete Earth Fare survey sweepstakes. After completing this survey, you just need to wait for the winner announcement from Earth Fare. If you win this sweepstakes contest, Earth Fare will contact you by phone or email.

How to Submit Earth Fare Sweepstakes Entry by Mail

Even you do not have Earth Fare receipt, you still can enter its sweepstakes program. You do not need to make any purchase if you enter the Earth Fare sweepstakes by mail. Here are the steps you have to do to submit mail-in sweepstakes entry.

  • Prepare the requirements.

You need to prepare a piece of paper or card in 3”x5” size. Also, prepare a pen and an envelope. You do not need to attach any purchase receipt.

  • Write down your personal information.
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You have to handwrite your full name, complete address, and date of birth. Also, include your contact details. You have to provide your email address and telephone number.

  • Send your sweepstakes entry.

Put your card into the envelope. Then, you can send it to the following address.

Earth Fare Feedback Sweepstakes

220 Continuum Dr,

Fletcher, NC 28732

Earth Fare Hours of Operation

Before you visit Earth Fare to shop for groceries, you have to check Earth Fare hours. This way, you can know what time Earth Fare supermarket is open and closed. For the general Earth Fare store hours, you can check the table below.

Days Earth Fare hours
Monday 7 AM – 10 PM
Tuesday 7 AM – 10 PM
Wednesday 7 AM – 10 PM
Thusrday 7 AM – 10 PM
Friday 7 AM – 10 PM
Saturday 7 AM – 10 PM
Sunday 7 AM – 10 PM

From the table above we can see that Earth Fare is open at 7 AM every day. So, you can go shopping in this store in the morning. This way, you will get fresh products there. Besides, this supermarket is closed at 10 PM every day. This store is closed at night since it lets the business person shop for groceries after work.

But, you have to note that Earth Fare hours may vary by location. So, every Earth Fare supermarket has different hours of operation. It is better to call the customer service of the local Earth Fare store to confirm the store hours.

How to Contact Earth Fare Customer Service

In case you face any problem when you go shopping at Earth Fare, you have to contact its customer service. Also, you can ask any questions related to this health food supermarket. Besides, you can express your feedback by talking to the customer service staff directly. This way, you will get the response from them. Here are some possible ways to get in touch with Earth Fare Customer Service.

  • By phone.

If you want to talk to Earth Fare Customer Service representative staff directly, you can call 855 357-9084. If the customer service staff is not available, you can leave your message. Then, Earth Fare will contact you soon.

  • By mail.

If you have any business issue with Earth Fare, you can send your inquiry to the following address.

Earth Fare Corporate Office

220 Continuum Drive;

Fletcher, North Carolina 28732

  • By website.

You can visit Earth Fare official website at Then, you can go to the Contact menu. On this page, you will find many links to contact Earth Fare based on your needs. For instance, you can check the products’ availability, FAQ page, feedback form, Earth Fare careers, press inquiry, and many more.

  • Social media.

If you want to get the latest information and deals from Earth Fare, you have to follow its social media account. Here are some links to Earth Fare Social Media accounts.





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