DQ Fan Feedback – Simple Way to Get DQ Coupons from DQ Fan Survey

DQ Fan Feedback is the name of customer survey owned by Dairy Queen. If you love ice cream, you may often go to this fast-food chain. Dairy Queen is well-known for serving ice cream called Blizzard. As the fast-food chain, Dairy Queen also serves deluxe burger, chicken strips, french fries, and sandwich. This restaurant also has a signature menu called DQ cakes. If you often visit Dairy Queen, you have to take DQ Fan Survey. This survey lets you share the fun experience when you came to Dairy Queen.

When you take DQ Fan Survey, you will receive Dairy Queen coupons as the survey reward. The prize of Dairy Queen survey may vary by the location and survey period. Usually, DQFanSurvey offers the free ice cream or Blizzard as the survey reward.

It sounds interesting, isn’t it? You just need to spend a few minutes taking the survey. Then, you can enjoy the free treat from Dairy Queen. If you have not taken DQ survey before, you may not know how to start. So, here we try to guide you the way to complete DQFAnFeedback survey.

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What are The Rules of DQ Fan Feedback Survey?

Before taking DQ Fan Survey, you need to find out what requirements of this survey. Besides, you also need to check DQ Fan Survey rules. This way, you can prepare the tools to enter the survey. So, what do you need to access Dairy Queen Survey? Written below are DQ Survey rules you need to obey.

  • Survey requirements.

You cannot enter DQ Fan Survey unless you have a valid receipt from Dairy Queen. During the survey period, there is a survey code on your Dairy Queen receipt. This code appears at the bottom section of Dairy Queen receipt. If you cannot find the survey invitation on your receipt, it is because the Dairy Queen survey period ends.

Therefore, you should wait for the following survey period. You should prepare a device for accessing this survey. A computer or smartphone is acceptable. Besides, you need the fast internet accessibility. The fast internet enables you to load the survey page faster. So, you can complete DQ survey more quickly.

  • Survey participants.

DQ Fan Survey is open to all residents of the US. As long as you have Dairy Queen receipt, you are allowed to complete DQ Fan Survey. There is no age restriction to be the Dairy Queen survey takers. DQ may ask your age at the end of DQ survey.

But, this question is just for the data classification. Besides, you should notice that DQ survey employees are not eligible to take DQ survey. Therefore, if you work at Dairy Queen, you do not have the chance to grab Dairy Queen coupon from the survey.

  • Survey Reward.

The reward of DQ Fan Survey may vary. Usually, Dairy Queen offers a discount coupon as the survey reward. But, in another survey period, Dairy Queen offers the free Blizzard or another treat.

  • How to Redeem the reward.
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After completing DQ Fan Survey, Dairy Queen survey website displays DQ validation code. Then, you must record this code on your DQ receipt. Save this receipt well since you need to present it to claim your prize. When you go to Dairy Queen, you can give this receipt to the cashier to get the freebies.

Remember, you cannot claim your DQ reward if you cannot show the last transaction receipt. Besides, you can redeem this coupon code along with other coupons. Also, this coupon will expire within 30 days. So, once you get DQ validation code, you should redeem it soon.

How is the Guideline to Enter DQFanFeedback Survey?

Knowing the steps of DQ Fan Survey will make you easier to complete the survey. This guideline also makes you ready to enter the survey. But, it does not mean that Dairy Queen Guest Satisfaction Survey is difficult to take. DQ survey is very easy to complete. Provided below is the brief guideline to participate in DQFansurvey.

  • Access Dairy Queen Survey website.

For your information, Dairy Queen has two survey portals. They are www.dqfanfeedback.com and www.dqfansurvey.com. What is the difference between these websites? Each survey portal requires the different receipt details to enter. Besides, you need to check the DQ survey invitation code on your receipt before deciding which portal you should enter.

There are two types of survey codes on Dairy Queen receipt. The first survey code consists of 10 digits. Besides, another survey code contains 19 digits of the number. The amount of digits in your survey code determines the survey website you have to access. If you have 10 digits survey code, you have to access dqfanfeedback.com. Besides, if you have 19 digit survey code, you need to access dqfansurvey.com.

  • Enter the Dairy Queen survey invitation code.

After accessing the correct Dairy Queen survey portal, you should enter the survey code. Look at DQ receipt to find out this code. Usually, DQ survey code is printed at the bottom portion of the receipt. Since the code is long, you should be careful when you enter it. Inputting the wrong code can block you to access the survey.

  • Enter the date and time.

Dqfansurvey website only requires the survey code. But, DQ Fan Survey portal also requires the date and time information. If you cannot recall when you visited Dairy Queen, you have to check the time printed on the receipt. Then, enter the correct date and time to unlock the survey.

  • Rate your overall satisfaction.

You must have a special experience every time you came to Dairy Queen. So, through DQ Fan Survey, you can tell how satisfied or dissatisfied your meal. If the Dairy Queen menu you ordered was like your expectation, you could say that your visit was satisfying. In contrast, if the menu was disappointing and the DQ team members were not friendly, you should say that you are dissatisfied.

  • Answer DQ Fan Survey questions.

After rating your experience, you have to answer other questions in this survey. For instance, you should tell the menu items you ordered on your previous visit. Dairy Queen Survey lists the menu items. So, you can check the items you have ordered.

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As the example, you can select food such as fries, burger, or chicken strip. Besides, you also may select Blizzard, drink, or Dairy Queen ice cream cake. During the survey, you will find the question asking your likeliness to revisit and recommend DQ to your family and friends. Also, Dairy Queen survey also gives you the opportunity to write down your comment or suggestions.

  • Provide some personal information.

Due to the classification goal, Dairy Queen requires your data. In this section, you should indicate your age and gender. Then, you also need to select the range of your annual income. Finally, you have to select your background or race. But, you are free to skip these questions if you do not want to share your privacy.

  • Save Dairy Queen coupon code.

As stated before, DQ Fan Survey rewards you a validation code. Simply write this coupon code on the recent Dairy Queen receipt. Then, you should go to Dairy Queen within 30 days to claim the survey reward. This way, you can enjoy the free treat or other prizes from Dairy Queen.

How to Get Free Blizzard from Dairy Queen?

Dairy Queen not only provides the free treat through DQ Fan Survey. This restaurant also offers free Blizzard for the customers. If you are the real fans of Dairy Queen, you will know Blizzard. This item is one of favorite dessert in Dairy Queen.

Then, who can refuse if Dairy Queen gives this dessert for free? Luckily, the requirement to enjoy the free Blizzard is easy. You just need to sign up Blizzard Fans Club. It is a community for Dairy Queen customers who love Blizzard.

Signing up Blizzard Fand Club gives you some benefits. First, you can get free Blizzard coupon once you register this fans club. But, you need to buy a Blizzard to redeem free Blizzard coupon. Second, you can receive the monthly email from Dairy Queen. This email contains the announcement about Blizzard of the month. Also, you can get Dairy Queen coupons for your birthday. Besides, you will also receive the surprise from Dairy Queen on your anniversary.

Interested in receiving all of the benefits above? Sign up for Blizzard Fans Club soon. Follow the brief guideline below to be the member of Dairy Queen Blizzard Fan Club.

  • Visit Dairy Queen Website.

You can sign up Blizzard Fan club online at www.dairyqueen.com. This portal displays any details about Dairy Queen. As the example, you can view Dairy Queen food, drink, treat, and cake. Also, you can review dairy Queen Promos as well.

  • Click on Join the Fan Club.

At the top of dairy Queen website, you will see the slides to promote the new deals from Dairy Queen. Then, you need to scroll down Dairy Queen homepage. Under the sliding menu, you will find several options. They are Join the Fan Club, Gift cards and Gear, Dqcakes.com, Orange Julius, and Franchise with Us. Click on Join the Fan Club to register this program.

  • Fill out the identity form.

On the new page, Dairy Queen website displays the registration form. You should indicate the country where you live. Then, enter your postal code. You should write down your first and last name.

  • Provide email address.
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To join Blizzard Fan Club, you are required to supply your email address. Submitting your email address enables you to receive the coupons and promo from Dairy Queen.

  • Indicate your birthdate and gender.

The next, you have to enter your date of birth. So, Dairy Queen can send you BOGO coupon on your birthday. Then, choose your gender. This entry is for the classification.

  • Choose your favorite flavor of Blizzard.

If you often go to Dairy Queen, you will have the favorite flavor of Blizzard. For instance, you may like Mint Oreo, Chocolate Chips Cookie Dough, or Salted Caramel Truffle.

  • Enter Dairy Queen promo code.

This entry is optional. If you do not have the DQ promo code, you can leave this field blank.

  • Click Submit button.

The last, you can press Submit button. Now, you have registered Blizzard Fan Club. Then, you will get Blizzard BOGO coupon delivered to your email. Redeem this Dairy Queen coupon to get free Blizzard after purchasing a Blizzard.

How to Share DQ Fan Feedback without Taking the Survey?

For some people, taking part in the customer survey is wasting time activity. Thye like to voice up the feedback directly to the restaurant. Since Dairy Queen is independently owned franchise restaurant, you can share your dining feedback to the local chain.

This way, the owner of the franchise can focus maintaining the product and service in their restaurant. So, if your feedback is about the certain restaurant, you should contact the franchise operator in that restaurant. But, if your feedback is about the overall service and product of Dairy Queen, you can submit your DQ Fan Feedback through its website. Here is the procedure to submit Dairy Queen Fan feedback.

  • Visit Dairy Queen official website.

www.dairyqueen.com provides an online feedback form. By submitting this form, you can send your feedback or comment about Dairy Queen restaurant. In Dairy Website, you also can review the menu served by Dairy Queen.

  • Select Contact Us.

Go to the bottom of Dairy Queen website. There will be some menus under Company category. For instance, you can view Dairy Queen careers, news, community, about us, and contact us. Click Contact Us to open the Dairy Queen feedback form.

  • Fill out the required fields.

Dairy Queen feedback form requires the customers’ personal data. So, you cannot submit the feedback anonymously. You must write down your full name, email, street address, postal code, city, state, and country. Then, provide your telephone number.

  • Write your comment.

On the comment box, you are free to write everything about Dairy Queen. You can include your complaint, feedback, or suggestions. Dairy Queen does not limit the number of words of your comment. But, it is better to write the short comment or feedback.

  • Add the certain location.

Check the option under the form to add the certain restaurant location. There will appear a form which asks your date and time of visit. Then, you can enter the postal code of the restaurant you have just visited.

  • Submit your feedback.

The last, after completing all fields on the form, you can send it to Dairy Queen by pressing the red Submit button.

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