Doosan Passport Login – How to Access Doosan Connect and Doosan Login

For new employees, getting enough information about the employee portal of the company they are working for is important. This thing may apply to new employees of Doosan Group. It does not matters in which subsidiary of Doosan Group that you are working right now, it is still necessary for you to know about Doosan Passport Login Portal.

The reason is this portal will be the source for you to keep updated with any employment details from Doosan Group in the easiest way. Besides, there will be more advantages that you will receive from Doosan Connect Employee Portal. This way, you do not need to worry if you have a busy schedule at work as this employee portal will surely give you notifications about new things at Doosan Group.

As long as you have a registered account on the portal, you may get full access on this Doosan Employee Portal. If you need to know more about Doosan Passport Employee Portal, it means you should stay on this page as we have gathered some information about this employee portal.

You will learn how to log in and reset your password on Doosan Passport Employee Portal here. Moreover, you may find ways to contact Doosan Group as well. So, happy reading!

doosan passport login
doosan passport login

About Doosan Group

Doosan Group is a South Korean company handling several successful businesses worldwide. The headquarters of this company is situated in Seoul, South Korea. Seung jik Park started this company in 1896 as a store in Baeogai, Seoul.

Today, Doosan Group is running its company in some business areas, such as Castings and Forgings, Chemical Process Equipment, Construction Equipment, Construction and Engineering, Doosan Robotics, Engines, Energy, Hydraulic Components, Industrial Vehicles, Mobile Fuel Cell, and Water Plants.

It has some subsidiaries in 38 countries, including Doosan Bobcat, Doosan Fuel Cell America, Doosan Portable Power, Infracore, and many more. It is not surprising that this company has been hiring almost 41,400 employees so far.

What is Doosan Passport Login Portal?

Doosan Passport Login Portal is an official website made by Doosan Group to let its employees get updates about Doosan employment information. This employee portal is available at The company may use this employee portal to supervise its all employees at the same time.

It means each employee of Doosan Group subsidiaries must have an employee account on this Doosan Passport Portal. Wherever subsidiary you are placed in, you still have to get registered in this employee portal.

So, if you are a staff of Doosan Corporate Office, Doosan Portable Power, Doosan Bobcat, Doosan Fuel Cell America, or some other Doosan Group subsidiaries, you should have an employee account on this portal. Then, you can access all the benefits of this employee portal through your account.

To get an employee account on Doosan Passport Employee Portal, the first thing you should do is to contact the Human Resources Department of Doosan Company. You will not be able to register your employee account by yourself as the system will require you to get certain details from a staff of the Human Resources Department.

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Then, the staff will make an account for you using your employment details at the company. If the process of your account registration has finished, the staff will give your account credentials for the Doosan Login procedure.

When the login process has run well, it will enable you to explore the features provided on Doosan Passport Employee Portal. In case you don’t know, this employee portal is not only for Doosan Group employees. Associates and Authorized Dealers also have access to this portal. So, they can use this Doosan Passport Dealer Login Portal to get information from the company as well.

Benefits of Doosan Passport Login Portal

To complete your knowledge about Doosan Passport Employee Portal, we have information about the benefits of using this website as well. This way, you will be able to maximize the use of your employee account on this portal. So, what are the benefits of this Doosan Passport portal? Here are the details for you.

  1. Secure

When you have been one of the users of Doosan Passport Employee Portal, you do not need to worry about any information that you put here. This employee portal is secure and will protect your information really well. Hence, you can store your data through your account on this Doosan Passport Portal.

  1. 24-hour Access

You all know that Doosan Passport Employee Portal is an online website. So, it must have 24-hour access every single day. It means you can always log in to your website whenever you want. Besides, it is very efficient in case you need to manage your work while you are away from the office.

  1. Schedule

This employee portal is completed with a feature that will give you clear information about your working schedule. You may find out your schedule at this company every day. Moreover, this feature will help you to send your check-lock information to the Main Human Resources Department. Or, even you need to exchange your schedule with other employees; this feature will be a helpful means as well.

  1. Updates

In case you need any updates about Doosan Group, you can rely on this employee portal. It is because you will find a lot of news and articles related to this company. This way, you will not miss any important information about Doosan Group as well as its employment updates.

  1. MyHR Doosan

This feature will help you to reach the Human Resource Development Teams of Doosan Company. You may contact them to get updates about your monthly and yearly employee benefits from Doosan Group. Besides, you should let them know when you need to take some off days. Your attendance at work will be the main concern for them.

  1. Doosan My Benefits

Doosan Group really appreciates employee dedications to the company. Thus, Doosan has provided some benefits that you can access via the employee portal. There are some benefits that employees may claim, such as health insurances, prestigious salaries, bonuses, rewards, family allowances, holiday, training, and coaching, etc. Besides, Doosan Group will also ease its employees to build their careers through this company.

  1. Easy Communication
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Do you need to discuss some problems related to your job? It is easy! You can just log in to your account on Doosan Passport Employee portal. Then, you can find a page where you may reach other Doosan employees. You may share and receive any information there. So, you can take advantage of this feature to solve the problems that you are facing at your workplace.

doosan passport
doosan passport login guideline

Login Procedure on Doosan Passport Employee Portal

You can begin your experience to explore your employee account on Doosan Passport Employee Portal if your account is ready. However, you must make sure that you have some things to support this login process. You can prepare some prerequisites, such as a device and the internet connection. You do not need to worry about the device that you may use to access the website of Doosan Passport.

You may use any devices, like a laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone. Then, you should complete your device with a compatible browser. It is recommended to install the newest version of the browser if you do not want any technical difficulties to occur when you are trying to log in. after that, you need to connect your device to the internet connection.

The online system will require the internet connection every time you need to access this employee portal. If you have got all of those things, you can prepare your employee account credentials. These credentials are the information that you have received from the HR staff right after the registration process of your employee account.

They consist of your account username and also the password. Now, you may log in on the Doosan Employee Login portal. It may only take 2 minutes to complete the login process. If you wonder how to do the login steps, you can read the explanations below.

  1. Go to

First, you may go to the official page of Doosan Passport Employee Portal. You can reach this page at When you have been on the home page of Doosan Passport Employee Portal, you will see a login section, some links, and information about the use of Doosan Passport Employee Portal.

  1. Change Language

Second, you are able to choose your preferred language. Basically, Doosan Passport Employee Portal always appears in English. However, it is possible for you to use another language provided by this employee portal. Just make sure you fully understand the language that you will choose.

To change the language, you can click the language field on the top right corner of Doosan Passport Employee Portal home page. if you click it, a drop-down field will come out. It will show you some language options provided on this employee portal, such as English, France (Françis), German (Deutsch), Italia (Italiano), Spanish (Español), Nederlands, and Chinese.

You may click one of the options and the entire pages will show up in the language that you have chosen. But, this step is optional; you can just skip it if you prefer using English as the instruction language on this Doosan Passport Employee Portal.

  1. Enter Username
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Third, you must enter the Username of your employee account in the first blank field of the login section. You should type in the correct username based on the information given by the HR staff last time.

  1. Fill In Password

Fourth, you can fill in the password in the second blank field. You cannot use wrong information in this step as it will cause you to fail to log in. so, be careful in typing the password here.

  1. Click Login

Finally, you are able to end the login process if you click the Login button. You will find this button on under the password field. The button will let the page load and allow you to access your employee account on Doosan Passport Employee Portal.

How to Reset Password on Doosan Passport Employee Portal

Did you find it difficult to log in on Doosan Passport Employee Portal? If you have made sure there are not any troubles with your device or the internet connection, probably there is something wrong with your password. You can fix this problem by yourself by resetting the password. These are the steps to do a password recovery for your Doosan employee account.

  1. Visit

Firstly, you need to go to the employee portal of Doosan Company. The website address for this employee portal is at you are free to change the language setting on this Doosan Passport website if you’d like to.

  1. Provide Username

Secondly, you must provide the username of your Doosan employee account in the provided field. Without this username, it will not be possible for you to do the next step.

  1. Click Reset Password

Thirdly, you can click the Reset Password button. You will find the button next to the login button. Then, it will take you to another page of the employee portal.

  1. Inform Contact Details

Fourthly, you must fill in some blank fields using your contact details. What you need to inform here are your name, mailing address, email address, Doosan Employee ID, phone number, and your position in Doosan Group. Make sure you use valid information in this step.

  1. Check Email

Finally, you can check your email account as Doosan Employee portal will send the password recovery information through the email address that you have submitted in the previous step.

And if you are eager to contact Doosan Passport Administrator, the steps are quite the same with the password recovery procedure. You still need to enter your Username in the login section. After that, you must click the Help button.

The page will load and you will be able to view the Administrator page. You may use this page to send your inquiries to the administrator or find help for some difficulties you find on Doosan Passport Employee Portal.


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