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Hello pizza lovers! What pizza restaurant is your favorite place to dine in? Perhaps one of your favorite pizza restaurants is Domino’s. We have great news for you. You can win free pizza for a year from Domino’s. You just need to complete Dominos Feed Us Back Survey. Then, you will be entered into Domino’s sweepstakes program which offers free pizza vouchers for a year.

Domino’s Feedback survey is accessible online at This guest satisfaction survey is open to all Domino’s customers who live in the UK and Ireland. The main requirement of Domino’s Pizza Survey is a valid receipt from Domino’s. It is because you are required to enter some details on your receipt in order to start the survey. You are welcomed to express your feedback and eatery experience when you visit Domino’s Pizza. This restaurant will be glad to receive your feedback since you can help Domino’s to improve the quality of its business.

If you are not familiar yet with Domino’s Feedusback survey, you can keep reading on this page. This way, you will be able to find out Domino’s survey sweepstakes rules and guideline. Also, you can check other useful information related to this pizza restaurant. For instance, you can view Domino’s pizza store hours and customer service info.

dominos pizza survey portal at
dominos pizza survey portal at

Domino’s Pizza Restaurant Profile

Domino’s is a restaurant chain with pizza specialty from the United States. It used to go as Domino’s Pizza. But, this brand has been more popular as Domino’s nowadays. This restaurant chain started its pizza journey Ypsilanti, Michigan. James Monaghan and Tom Monaghan created began this business in 1960. Today, the headquarters of Domino’s restaurant chain is in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

It has been operating more than 13.000 Domino’s restaurant locations in the world. Also, it has hired almost 300.000 employees to work at Domino’s offices or restaurants inside and outside the United States. That is why Domino’s sales have been the largest one among other pizza sellers worldwide. Moreover, it has the best pizza delivery on Earth.

If you visit this restaurant, you should try its tasty pizza. There are variants of pizzas here. But, that is not the only menu item you can find here. Domino’s has other dishes as well. For example, you can order various chickens, sandwiches, pasta, bread, sides, desserts, Domino’s sauces as the extras. For the drinks, Domino’s provides many sorts of soft drinks and bottled water.

Domino’s Pizza Survey Sweepstakes Rules

Before accessing Dominos Feed Us Back survey portal, you have to review the survey and sweepstakes rules. This way, you will know whether you are eligible for this program. Also, you can find out the survey sweepstakes methods and reward. See the explanation below to check Domino’s Pizza survey rules.

  1. Survey sweepstakes eligibility.

Dominos Feed Us back survey sweepstakes are open to all customers of Domino’s Pizza. But, the participants must have the criteria below to be eligible for this sweepstakes.

  • This program is for the legal residents of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.
  • The minimum age of the sweepstakes entrants is 18 years old.
  • The employees of Domino’s Pizza and sponsors are not allowed to enter this sweepstake.
  • The immediate family members of Domino’s Pizza are also not eligible for this program.
  1. Survey Sweepstakes method.
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Domino’s only offers one method of entering the sweepstakes.

  • Online survey sweepstakes.

You must have Domino’s pizza receipt to enter Domios Feedusback survey portal. You can get this receipt by dining in or ordering pizza delivery service. after answering all Domino’s survey questions, you will be entered into the sweepstakes program.

  1. Winner selection.

At the end of each month, Domino’s will select one winner randomly by using computerized process. The sweepstakes administrator will contact the Domino’s sweepstakes winner by email and phone call. The winner has to respond to the notification within 14 business days.

  1. Sweepstakes reward.

The winner will receive 12 single pizza gift voucher codes. This way, the winner can get one free pizza per month for a year. The winner only can get 4 toppings for this free pizza.

  1. Survey sweepstakes rules.

You have to obey the rules below so that you are eligible for the survey sweepstakes program.

  • One Domino’s receipt is only for one survey entry.
  • The pizza voucher can be used together with other coupons or offers.
  • The pizza voucher is not redeemable for cash.
  • The winner who does not respond to the notification within 14 business days will be disqualified. The administrator will select another winner.

Domino’s Pizza Survey Preparation

Are you eligible to enter Domino’s Pizza survey sweepstakes? If you are the eligible entrants, you must prepare several requirements below. The items below will help you in survey sweepstakes completion process.

  • Domino’s Pizza receipt.

All the Domino’s survey sweepstakes entrants must have a valid receipt from Domino’s. It is because to access the survey portal, you are required to provide some receipt details such as the store number, order number, amount you spent, etc.

  • A device.

Domino’s survey sweepstakes only provide the online survey portal. So, you must go online to reach this website. The use of a computer or a smartphone is very crucial. Just select the device that you think as the most convenient one.

  • Internet connection.

Your device will be useless if you do not connect it to the internet support. So, make sure that you are at the Wifi area or you have mobile internet data. A stable internet connection can prevent the loading troubles during the survey completion.

  • Email address.

To submit the sweepstakes entry, you are required to provide an email address. If you do not have one, make sure that you create an email account before accessing this survey portal.

dominos feed us back survey steps dominos pizza survey
dominos feed us back survey steps dominos pizza survey

Dominos Feed Us Back Survey Steps

Can’t you wait to win free pizza for a year from Domino’s? Take Domino’s Pizza survey as soon as possible after visiting this restaurant. When your preparation is ready, you can start this survey by doing the following guidelines.

  • Step 1. Visit Domino’s Pizza Survey portal.
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You have to go online to reach Domino’s survey website. By using the compatible browser, you can access the survey portal at

  • Step 2. Enter the store number.

Dominos Feed Us Back Survey portal wants to identify which Domino’s location you have just visited. So, you have to provide Domino’s Pizza store number.

  • Step 3. Enter the date.

You need to select the date when you visit or order pizza delivery from Domino’s. You can find this detail on your receipt.

  • Step 4. Indicate the time of visit.

The next, you should write down the time of visit or the time when you order delivery pizza. See your receipt in order to enter the correct time information.

  • Step 5. Enter the total amount.

In this step, you are required to write down the total amount of money you spent to purchase Domino’s pizza menu. Check your receipt to see the total amount you spent.

  • Step 6. Write down the order number.

Domino’s order number usually consist of 5-6 digits of number. Usually, this detail is located at the top section of your receipt.

  • Step 7. Press the Start button.

You need to check all details you have entered. If they are correct, you can click on the Start button to begin the survey.

  • Step 8. Answer Domino’s Feed Us Back Survey questions.

Recall your experience when you dine in or order the pizza delivery from Domino’s. Then, you can answer the survey questions honestly based on your experience. You may be asked to rate the overall satisfaction after visiting Domino’s Pizza. Then, you need to rate some other aspects of this pizza restaurant. For instance, you should give your review about the menu items, price, restaurant atmosphere, and Domino’s employees.

  • Step 9. Leave Domino’s Feedback.

There will be a special survey section in which you can leave your feedback. Use this chance to write down Dominos complaints, suggestions, or comments. What you write in this stage can help Domino’s to be better.

  • Step 10. Enter Domino’s sweepstakes.

After completing Dominos Feed Us Back survey questions, you are invited to enter Domino’s Pizza sweepstakes. To join this program, you have to submit your personal and contact info. So, fill in the sweepstakes entry form with your name, age, address, phone number, and email address.

That’s all ten steps to complete Dominos survey sweepstakes. Now, you just need to wait for the result of drawing. If you are lucky, you can win a free pizza voucher for a year from Domino’s. Good Luck.

Domino’s Pizza Hours

Domino’s restaurant is one of the best places to enjoy pizza. They have various pizza menu that will not make you bored. You can even order delivery pizza service if you cannot go to this restaurant. But, before you visit or order the delivery service from Domino’s, you should check Domino’s restaurant hours. This way, you can know what time Domino’s Pizza is open and closed. You can check Domino’s pizza hours on the table below.

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Days Domino’s hours
Monday 10 AM – 2 AM
Tuesday 10 AM – 2 AM
Wednesday 10 AM – 2 AM
Thursday 10 AM – 2 AM
Friday 10 AM – 3 AM
Saturday 10 AM – 3 AM
Sunday 10 AM – 2 AM

From the table above, we can see that Domino’s pizza is open at 10 AM every day. Besides, from Sunday to Thursday, this restaurant is closed at 2 AM. But, on Friday and Saturday, this restaurant is closed later at 3 AM.

You should note that Domino’s Pizza hours may vary by location. So, every Domino’s pizza chain has different store hours. It is better to contact the local Domino’s pizza customer service to confirm the restaurant hours.

Domino’s Pizza Customer Service

There are several ways that you can do to reach Domino’s customer care representatives. You can try to contact them and inform your difficulties through these easy ways.

  1. By website

You can visit Domino’s website at you should use the address because it will take you to the official website of Domino’s Pizza restaurant. When you have reached this website, you should fill in a feedback form first. You can explain what is on your mind on this feedback form. Your previous visit experiences can be an interesting topic to tell them. this way, you can help Domino’s Pizza restaurant to improve its qualities.

  1. By mailing

You can use this method to create a business partnership with Domino’s. or, you can use this way to share your feedbacks for Domino’s restaurant. You can send your letters to the following address:

30 Frank Lloyd Wright Dr.

Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48106

The United States.

  1. By phone

Want an immediate response? You may contact Domino’s Pizza Customer Support by phone. The customer support representatives will give you fast assistance if you reach them using this method. Also, you can take advantage of this service to inform your problems with Domino’s Pizza restaurant. You only need to dial (734) 930 3030 to do those things.

  1. By social media

As a social media user, you can use your media platform to contact Domino’s Pizza Customer Support. This will be a convenient way for you because you can submit inquiries on Domino’s social media pages. Moreover, you may get the latest updates from these social media pages. Domino’s Pizza often announces its promotions and other information on it social media pages. If you want to follow Domino’s on social media platforms, make sure you use the links below.





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