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Shopping for a chance to win a big daily prize? It is possible to happen anywhere. You can get that precious chance by taking Dollar tree feedback survey online. The Dollartreefeedback customer survey was designed to measure customers’ overall satisfaction towards Dollar Tree services, facilities, as well as its products. Moreover, through this survey, Dollar Tree management team will find out which aspects of this business which still needs some more betterment.

Further, DollarTree survey will be able to discover if customers have good experiences during their visit to Dollar Tree stores. If there is something bothering customers or make them feel uncomfortable, Dollar Tree Feedback survey will be a nice way to let the management know what actually customers really feel when they go shopping at Dollar Tree stores. Besides, customers can get the benefits from Dollar Tree Feedback survey by getting an opportunity to win $1000 cash!

Anyways, Dollar Tree, Inc. is a chain of retail business from the United States. The founders of this business were Dennis Edwards, Doug Perry, Macon Brock, and Ray Compton. In 1986, four of them started Dollar Tree business in Norfolk, Virginia. But the headquarters of Dollar Tree now is located in Chesapeake, Virginia. Currently, Dollar Tree has 14.835 stores in 48 states of America and also Canada.

Dollar Tree is a famous brand for selling Dollar tree products at very affordable prices. It is not difficult to find products for $1 or even less. Customers can buy daily needs at Dollar Tree stores, such as foods, snacks, frozen foods, and dairy products.

Moreover, household items, home and party décor, electronics products, stationery, toys, gifts, automotive, craft supplies, health and beauty products are also available at Dollar Tree stores or Dollar tree store online with low prices.

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What are the Official Rules of Dollar tree sweepstakes

The rules of this sweepstakes are quite a lot because these sweepstakes are divided into 2 parts, such as daily Sweepstakes and weekly sweepstakes

  1. Participants

Not all people can enter Dollar Tree sweepstakes. If you want to participate in this contest, you should meet the requirements below. Dollar Tree Sweepstakes participants can complete the sweepstakes eligibility if they are:

  • At least 18 years old

18 years old is the minimum age to be allowed to join the sweepstakes. If you are older than the minimum age, you are permissible to join Dollar Tree sweepstakes. However, if you are not 18 years old yet, you can request your parent or your older siblings to take part in the survey and sweepstakes for you.

  • Legal residents of the following areas are eligible to enter Dollar Tree sweepstakes. The eligible areas are the US, District of Columbia, Germany, Republic of Ireland, Puerto Rico, Denmark, Canada, United Kingdom, Honduras, and the Republic of Korea.
  • Not having the business partnership with Dollar Tree, Inc. This also applies to any immediate family members or anyone living in the same household with Dollar Tree, Inc. staffs.
  1. Periods.

The Sweepstakes Periods are different between Daily Sweepstakes and Weekly Sweepstakes. These are the differences:

  • Daily Sweepstakes

Dollar Tree Daily Sweepstakes Period begins at 12.00 a.m. ET and will end at 11.59 a.m. ET each day. This kind of sweepstakes period will be done on April 1st, 2018 up to April 30h, 2018.

  • Weekly Sweepstakes

Dollar Tree Weekly Sweepstakes Period starts on April 1st, 2018 at 12.00 a.m. ET and will end on April 28th, 2018 at 11.59 p.m. ET. There will be 4 different weeks to run this sweepstake.

  1. Methods

There are two methods you can use if you want to take part in Dollar Tree Sweepstakes. The first is by doing the survey and the second is by sending the mail. The following explanation will inform you more about the sweepstakes method:

  1. By survey

There are three ways of doing Dollar Tree survey, those are the online survey, telephone survey, as well as SMS survey.

  • Online survey

You can do the online survey on the official survey page of Dollar Tree at For this online survey, you must have the survey invitation code printed on your current Dollar Tree receipt. After that, you can complete the Dollar Tree survey questions before submitting your contact details for joining the sweepstakes.

  • Telephone survey

Using telephone for taking part in Dollar Tree survey is easy. You will only call the telephone number on your invitation and start answering the questions given by the survey call. To begin the phone survey, you should dial 1 858 201 7079. Dollar Tree staff will ask for the survey invitation code. Make sure that you spell the code correctly. This way, you can start Dollar Tree survey.

  • SMS survey

An SMS survey steps are almost the same as the telephone survey method. Simply send your responses related to Dollar Tree survey to the number on your invitation. Just send your message to 1 858 201 7079.

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2. By mail

Participating in Dollar Tree sweepstakes by sending postal mail can be done by preparing a paper and then write “Please enter me in the Empathica Daily Sweepstakes for a chance to win one (1) Daily Prize” on it. Or you can write “Please enter me in the Empathica Weekly Sweepstakes for a chance to win great prizes”.

Next, write your first and last name, phone number, home address (without Post Office boxes number), email address, the participating clients’ name. after that, put it into an envelope to:

  • 511 Avenue of the Americas, #40

New York, 10011

  • 2121 Argentia Rd., Suite 200

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5N 2X4

  • One Victoria Square

Birmingham, United Kingdom, B1 1DB

3. Winners

The rules regarding the sweepstakes winners are:

  • Dollar Tree and the Sponsor will select the sweepstakes winner based on the random drawing. They choose the Daily Sweepstakes winners every month at 02.00 a.m. ET in Canada. Besides, they select Weekly Sweepstakes winners at random timing every week.
  • Dollar Tree will inform the winner via email or phone within 10 days after the selection. And during that time, winners should give responses to the committees. No responses from sweepstakes winners within 10 days means the prizes is forfeited and will be given to the alternate sweepstakes winners.
  • The committee will give the prize to the winners within 60 days after the selection announcement.
  • Winners cannot change the prizes or ask for other substitution prizes.

4. Prizes

There are two sorts of prizes that will be awarded to Dollar Tree Sweepstakes Winners, the first prize is daily cash and the second is weekly cash. Here is for further information:

  • Daily Cash

The winners of daily cash will receive a check or money order worth USD$1000, CAD$1000, £1000, DKK 8000, or €1000. Local currency will apply except for Korea and Honduras which will use US$. One prize will be given each day.

  • Weekly Cash

The winners of weekly cash will get three prizes for checks or money orders worth USD$500, £500 CAD$500, DKK 4000, and €500 for each prize. Local currency will apply except for Korea and Honduras which will use US$.

What are Dollar Tree Survey Requisites?

There are several things to prepare before you enter Dollar Tree Guest Satisfaction survey. The things that you will need to join Dollar Tree survey are like following:

  1. An invitation code

The invitation code has a vital role in Dollar Tree survey. This is the key that you will need when you want to start completing Dollar Tree survey. This code has 16 digits and printed on your Dollar Tree receipt. Check your receipt first, if you are not sure. If you cannot find these 16 digits on your receipt, this means you cannot join Dollar Tree survey online.

  1. A device with the internet connection

The device you need here is a laptop or a personal computer. It is important to prepare your browser as well before you start accessing DollarTreeFeedback survey page. This survey page does not have mobile page form, so it will be useless if you access this survey using a tablet or a smartphone.

Then, the other important thing is the internet connection. Always remember to connect your device to the internet before you access any online surveys. Without the internet, your online survey cannot be completed. You cannot even start it from the beginning.

  1. Email address.

In fact, you do not need to have an email address if you just take Dollar Tree survey. But, if you want to join the sweepstakes, you must have an email address. It is because Dollar Tree will inform the contest winner by email.

What are the Steps to Take Part in DollarTreeFeedback survey?

Now, because you have prepared the requirements for doing Dollar Tree survey, you should know the steps as well. Although it will not take your time until 5 minutes to finish it, understand the steps earlier is necessary, too. Here are the steps for you:

  1. Go to Dollar Tree Survey Portal.

After you open your browser, it is the time for you to access the page by going to the official survey page at You will see a simple homepage concept which is dominated with green color.

On the homepage of Dollar Tree survey website, you can view some information. For instance, you can view the terms and condition of the Dollar Tree Survey. Besides, you can check the privacy policy. Also, you can find out the list of previous sweepstakes winner.

  1. Select a language

There are 3 languages that you can choose on the homepage, English, Espanola, and Francis. This means you can use one of the languages to do the survey, English, Spanish, or France. Just select the language which you master the most. So, you will not get difficulties in answering the survey. Once you click one of the language button, and then it will direct you to a new page.

  1. Enter the code
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Next, you can fill in some blank spaces meant for DollarTreeFeedback survey invitation code. Fill in the 16 digits that you can find on your Dollar Tree valid receipt. Be sure to enter Dollar Tree survey code correctly. When it is done, click Next button.

  1. Complete the questions

Now it is the time for you to complete DollarTreeFeedback survey questions. Try to complete the questions honestly based on your latest real experiences. By recalling your experiences, it will be easier to do the survey questions until you finish it. The questions will about:

  • Your latest experience when you visit Dollar Tree stores. Your response for this question should represent the overall satisfaction or dissatisfaction of your shopping experience.
  • The overall satisfaction levels of yours towards Dollar Tree stores.
  • The friendliness of the employees. You can rate how friendly and attentive the Dollar Tree employees.
  • Dollar Tree products qualities. This part allows you to rate the product value and price.
  • Your feedback for Dollar Tree stores. You can write your shopping feedback up to 1200 characters. If necessary, you can include your suggestion or complaint. This way, Dollar Tree can improve its service.
  • your willing to recommend Dollar Tree stores to other people.
  1. Join the sweepstakes

Here you can decide if you want join DollarTreeFeedback survey sweepstakes or not. If you do not want, choose No. However, you’d better choose Yes because it will give you a chance to win Dollar Tree sweepstakes and get the fantastic prizes.

  1. Provide contact details

In case you choose yes, you can start filling in your contact details. So, when your name comes out as the DollarTreeFeedback survey sweepstakes winner, the committees will inform you through your contact details. What you need to provide are your first name, your last name, your phone number, as well as your email address. Then, click Next button.

Things we need to know about Dollar Tree coupons

Along with its popularity as a business with low prices products, Dollar Tree also gives customers with more benefits by providing discounts for certain items. These promo discounts can be checked on Dollar tree ads and catalogs which will be published weekly. Besides, it also gives Dollar tree coupons to customers; these can be internet coupons or manufacturer coupons. The following explanation will discuss more both Dollar Tree coupons:

  1. Internet coupons
  • Only 2 internet coupons are allowed to be used per household for each day.
  • Internet coupons cannot be used with free items which do not require any purchase.
  • At the time of using it, the coupons should be original as every internet coupon has the different unique number.
  • Dollar Tree internet coupons must have the expiration date as well as the manufacturers’ address.
  1. Manufacturer coupons
  • 4 manufacture items are allowed only for one household each day.
  • Duplicate or copies of coupons will not be accepted.
  • These coupons cannot be redeemed for money.
  • Use these coupons only at Dollar Tree stores.
  • Every purchased product should be appropriate with product description on the coupons.
  • Manufacturer coupons will only be permissible for purchasing one item.
  • No cash back for Dollar Tree manufacturer coupons.
  • Any product taxes are customers’ responsibility.
  • Purchases for getting one free item are allowed if it uses free items coupons.
  • Dollar Tree has rights to refuse, accept, or even limit any coupons.

We would like to tell you a trick to receive the special offer from Dollar Tree. In order to get the exclusive content from Dollar Tree store, you should join Dollar Tree VSC.

VSC stands for Value Seekers Club. It is a customer loyalty program from Dollar Tree. If you enroll Dollar Tree VSC, you will be an exclusive customer. It is because you may receive the exclusive deal which other customers do not get. Here are the steps to join Dollar Tree Value Seekers Club.

  • Visit Dollar Tree website.

First of all, you should access In this portal, you can find any trusted information about Dollar Tree Store. As the example, you can view Dollar Tree offers and Dollar Tree ad. Besides, you can even shop online at

  • Click on VSC.

Then, scroll down the Dollar Tree homepage until you find VSC menu. Just click this button to sign up Dollar Tree Loyalty program.

  • Click on Join The Club.

On the next page, two options are available. They are Join the Club and Sign In. Since you do not have Dollar Tree VSC account yet, you should click on Join the Club.

  • Enter your email address.
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In order to sign up Dollar Tree Loyalty program, you should submit your email address. When you join VSC, you will receive some benefits. For instance, you can get the recipes, party ideas, as well as Dollar Tree product sneak peek. After writing down your email address, click on Create Account button.

  • Fill out the enrollment form.

On the next page, you need to complete the VSC registration form. You should supply your name, address, and contact details. In this form, you can set up Dollar Tree password. In order to access your account, you need to supply your email address and this password. To complete this form, you need to enter your date of birth as well.

  • Complete Account.

After filling out all fields in VSC registration form, you should tick the box. By checking this box, you verify that your age is 13 years old or older. Then, press Complete Account button. Now, you have created Dollar Tree VSC account successfully.

What about Dollar Tree careers?

For job seekers, job vacancies are available at the official website of Dollar Tree at Just scroll down the homepage and find some topics at the bottom of the page. Choose Company Info and click Careers links. Dollar tree jobs can be found out at the Careers page. T

here are some sorts of Dollar tree careers on that page, such as Retail Careers, Corporate Careers, Logistic Careers, and many other good career opportunities, including Dollar Tree College Recruiting Program. Simply choose which one suits you. You can get information about Interview days as well. Besides, you are able to search for any Dollar Tree job vacancies near you by selecting the state you want. The benefits that you can get from Dollar Tree jobs are including health benefits and financial future for retirement.

How to Contact Dollar Tree Customer Service?

Customers’ satisfaction is very important for the retail business like Dollar Tree which should face customers every day. Dollar Tree realizes that it is very crucial to help customers with their difficulties related to Dollar Tree services. It can be Dollar Tree product problems, online order, Dollar Tree accounts, stores facilities, etc.

That is why; Dollar tree customer service representatives are ready to help you out with many kinds of costumers’ difficulties. There are several ways to let them know about your difficulties, such as:

  1. By website

Dollar Tree website help is easy to reach because you can access this online. When you are on the first homepage of the official website, at, you can scroll down and find Contact Us link. Then, you will lead to some queries page related to store questions, online questions, and company questions. Click one of the topics you want and then it will lead you to another page.

The next, on the new page, click some more topics on the left side of the page, and click the topic you need. In case you cannot get help by reading those answers, click I Need More Help button at the bottom. That button will open another window for you to send your requests, questions, or complaints. Next, continue the steps until it is finished.

  1. By phone

For quick responses, these numbers will be helpful for you:

  1. Dial +1 800 266 8733 if you want questions or check about your Dollar Tree orders.
  2. Dial +1 877 530 8733 to contact Dollar Tree customer services representatives.
  3. By mail

Sending a letter can be a fun activity when you enjoy it. You do not have to worry about your Dollar Tree problems because you will get responses as well by sending mails to let Dollar Tree management team about your difficulties. Besides, you can use this method for business purposes as well. Just send your mail to the following address:

500 Volvo Pkwy

Chesapeake, Virginia, 23320-1604

United States

  1. By social media

Social media has been so fast these days. It can maintain Dollar Tree with its loyal customers. Customers can take advantage of Dollar Tree social media accounts to get the fastest information about Dollar Tree news.

Besides, customers can receive Dollar Tree upcoming promos and careers by following Dollar Tree social media accounts. Beware of fake accounts as the real ones have been signed by blue ticks. Now you can start to follow Dollar Tree using this links:





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