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HyperGrid Address: login.digiworldz.com:8002. Our mission is to provide a great performing Virtual World, with great features, and great support at a great price, where users feel welcome, appreciated, and are treated fairly, protected to the best of our ability, and where they always feel welcome. …


Connecting to DigiWorldz – DigiWorldz

If you want to visit DigiWorldz over the HyperGrid, simply login to your home grid and search for. login.digiworldz.com:8002. in the map of the grid you are in. Once you find us, double click on a region on our map to teleport to our grid.


DigiWorldz | Authorize HG Avatar

DigiWorldz – Authorize Avatar. GDP regulations take effect starting on May 25th, 2018. This new legislation requires all companies offering services to members of the European Union to specifically ask for permission to store and use your data.


Authorize Your Avatar! – DigiWorldz

Hello, in order for DigiWorldz to comply with the GDPR, we need you to visit one of the pages below in order to authorize your avatar. You only need to authorize each avatar one time. Please visit the correct page below to authorize your avatar to connect to DigiWorldz Grid. If you are a “Local” […]


DigiWorldz LLC Public Group | Facebook

DigiWorldz LLC has 312 members. DigiWorldz LLC provides virtual world hosting and technical services.


Web Commander – dhcp.digiworldz.com

DigiWorldz Web Commander – OpenSim Region/Grid Manager. Web Commander. Sign In. Sign In. Forgot your password? Don’t have an account? Register Need help?


Grid List/DigiWorldz – OpenSimulator

DigiWorldz LLC.(http://digiworldz.com)Some features include: – PODEX or Gloebit Currency – HyperGrid – Fitted Mesh and Mesh Deformer – Large, Friendly Community …


Fairy Dust in DigiWorldz – HyperGrid Zone

The Fairy Dust Estate in DigiWorldz is just such a place. Fairy Dust is a 3×3 estate owned by Celeste Twig, who describes her VR self as “the Fairy Princess Royal of Fairy Dust”, then adds an impish giggle. “I am a precocious 23 year old (in appearance—fairies live very long lives) who is half fae and half human. … To reach the Fairy …


DigiWorldz grid launches with $8 regions, panoramas …

Welcome region on the new DigiWorldz grid. 500 regions at $8 each. The grid has set aside 500 regions at the introductory price of $8 for 15,000 prims. … Hey Maria ask the owner of the game what the heck is going on because I searched bored I just tried to login I got in but taken away way too long for nothing to load it stood gray maybe 25 …


Great Canadian Grid News – DigiWorldz

DigiWorldz no longer Assists or Provides Services to the Great Canadian Grid. Many may know, while others may not, DigiWorldz has provided code, tech support, DNS, and Email services to the Great Canadian Grid for more than 5 years.


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