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Invitation of suggestions from various stakeholders on Draft Recruitment,Training and Career Progression Policy document for Craft instructors/Trainers of Industrial Training Institutes(ITIs)


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DGET function – Office Support

This article describes the formula syntax and usage of the DGET function in Microsoft Excel. Description. Extracts a single value from a column of a list or database that matches conditions that you specify. Syntax. DGET(database, field, criteria) The DGET function syntax has the following arguments: Database Required. The range of cells that …


How to use the Excel DGET function | Exceljet

The Excel DGET function gets a single value from a given field in a record that matches criteria. The database argument is a range of cells that includes field headers, field is the name or index of the field to get a max value from, and criteria is a range of cells with headers that match those in database.


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MS Excel: How to use the DGET Function (WS)

This Excel tutorial explains how to use the Excel DGET function with syntax and examples. The Microsoft Excel DGET function retrieves from a database a single record that matches a given criteria. It is ia worksheet function (WS).


Skill Development Initiative (SDI) – ::DGT::

SDI Scheme portal assessment result uploading link has been enabled w.e.f today and will remain open till 15th November,2019. All TPs & ABs are requested to complete entire pending activities before closure of the Portal link which will be closed on 16.


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