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once again my iphone app style with demonoid. This time I added a bit more of a gloss highlight, I will be updating my other logos with this highlight 🙂

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What is Wrong with

Here is posted on the site when I try to login for sometime now Maintenance Edit: There are some rumors about the site shutting down for good and we starting a new tracker next year. the rumors are of course, lies. There are no plans of shutting down or creating another site. |

transparent, reflective logo for Best if used with a black or dark background.

Secure DNS blocked access to, …

I found out today that Comodo’s secure DNS indeed blocks Demonoid (as of this evening anyway) The tracker could not find the host. When I tried going to Demonoid’s website it first just wouldn’t connect. when a few minutes later I tried again with a bookmarked torrent I got the message from Comodo that the site was blocked. – SlideShare

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Slyck News – is Down – But Don’t Worry

Login | Register . Slyck News. is Down – But Don’t Worry. April 28, 2010. Thomas Mennecke. If there is any other BitTorrent website other than The Pirate Bay with an equal amount of public muster, it’s Once the second largest BitTorrent tracker after The Pirate Bay (we suspect it’s now the largest), has … – General Chat – posted in General Chat: Does anyone have an invitation code that they could send me please? I would be extremely grateful- I have invitations available for if anyone …

Slyck News – Leaseweb Reveals Owner of

In a bitter battle of wills between Leaseweb and the Dutch copyright authority BREIN, it appears that BREIN has won. BREIN announced today that Leaseweb has agreed to divulge the identity of the registered owner of, as well as sign the cease and desist demand which would take the site offline. is a highly popular BitTorrent tracker, which operates by invitation only. è di nuovo online | MAMBRO – free download …

Alcuni utenti ancora non riescono ad accedere con i vecchi dati di login ma anche questo problema dovrebbe essere risolto in breve tempo dallo staff. Perfettamente funzionanti invece i comodissimi RSS del sito visibili qui.

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