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DejaOffice CRM Live – DejaCloud Sync

Integrated with the DejaOffice CRM Mobile app for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry; DejaOffice CRM Live includes account management to change your password, see your record counts and wipe your DejaCloud account.

DejaCloud – CompanionLink Support

DejaCloud is a secure hosted sync service from CompanionLink. DejaCloud can be used to sync from PC to PC (or Mac), PC to device, device to device, or a combination of many PCs or devices. DejaCloud works as a master database to ensure that all your connected clients are in sync.

DejaCloud Sync for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone …

DejaCloud is a secure business cloud service that keeps contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, categories, and contact photos updated across devices on every major computing platform – Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows PC, and Mac.

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DejaOffice CRM – Complete Customer Manager for PC, Android …

to DejaOffice on your Phone. USB Sync – secure wired sync. Wi-Fi Sync and Bluetooth Sync, – secure sync directly from device to PC. DejaCloud Sync – Flexible cloud based sync for multiple phones and tablets.

Android Mobile CRM with PC Sync – DejaOffice

Best Android CRM with PC Sync – Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes. USB, Wi-Fi and DejaCloud Sync to Outlook, Office 365, Act!, GoldMine and DejaOffice PC.

How to Sync DejaOffice PC CRM – Personal CRM – with iPhone

This video shows how to sync using DejaCloud to the DejaOffice CRM App on the iPhone. DejaOffice PC CRM – Free trial – 14-days. … and enter your DejaCloud login and password when prompted.

Get DejaOffice – Microsoft Store

Review title of David. For a year I’ve been using DejaOffice and Companionlink to sync MS Outlook desktop with Windows Phone 8.1. It seems to be the best option available, because it syncs more of the data fields (categories, for example) in Outlook 2013 than Microsoft’s cloud-based system or competing apps.

DejaOffice CRM with PC Sync – Apps on Google Play

Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Memos, Journals, Categories, and Notes in one App. Synchronize to Outlook, Act!, GoldMine, and Palm Desktop on your PC and Mac. Outlook Calendar Colors, Agenda View, Week View, Recurring and Regenerating tasks. Includes time-saving features like Templates, Location Picker, Voice Commands, and Encrypted database.

DejaOffice Personal CRM Sync with Android Phone using DejaCloud

DejaOffice Personal CRM Sync with Android – Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes sync seamlessly to your Android and iPhone using USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and DejaCloud Sync. In this video we focus on …

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