DeBrand Survey – Win $10 from DeBrand Find Chocolates Survey

Hello chocolate lovers! Who does not like the delicacy of this food. Chocolate is everyone’s favorite food. If your mood is destroyed, then you need to get chocolate. Because these foods can make you calm and improve your feelings. Well, we have good news from a popular chocolate producer. If you live in Fort Wayne, then you need to stop by this chocolate shop. Yes right, chocolate fans need to come to the popular chocolate shop DeBrand Fine Chocolates. If you are a new customer, then you can read their profile here. Then chocolate lovers need to try the Debrand survey to get a reward.

Debrand fine chocolates survey is an easy way to find out the expectations of customers of this chocolate shop. The survey portal will help staff to collect feedback from buyers. So, your suggestion will help DeBrand Store grow. After entering your feedback, you need to go to the Debrand sweepstakes stage. Is it difficult to enter sweepstakes entries? No, you can do it easily. But, you need to read these instructions to the end. We will help you and new buyers win gift cards. If you are lucky, they offer a $ 10 gift card. Get a cheaper DeBrand product with this gift card. Do you want to start the survey process? Read each section of the instructions below.

deBrand survey page
deBrand survey page

DeBrand Fine Chocolates Profile

Are you curious about the growth of this chocolate shop? In this section, you can read how this chocolate shop stands. Well, the story of this shop started with Cathy. At first, Cathy and her husband went to Peru. There they visited the cocoa farm. Cocoa is a cocoa bean producing plant. Chocolate lovers need to record this information. Cathy’s family owns a confectionery and chocolate business. So he got the inspiration to open his own shop from his family business. Cathy is not ashamed to sell her candy and chocolate at school. Then his dream came true little by little.

In 1987, DeBrand Fine Chocolates was established for the first time. The name of this shop is from French. The word “De” means From. Whereas “Brand” is Cathy’s last name. He chose Fort Wayne, Indiana to open the first store. Year after year this business is growing positively. Then his daughter joined DeBrand after graduating from college. Until now they have almost 100 staff in the shop. Then in Fort Wayne, DeBrand has 4 retail stores. They bring chocolate from Belgium and Switzerland.

Here you can try 3 major collections of DeBrand. First, you can buy classic chocolate. Here they use caramel and pure fruit cream. Second, you can try Chocolate Truffle. Here you can see the beautiful, smooth and soft appearance of chocolate. Finally, you can buy Connoisseur chocolate. This chocolate has a variety of flavors, textures. They mix chocolate with fruit and spices.

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Debrand Fine Chocolates Survey Rules

Before buyers take part in the Debrand survey, they need to read this section. Well, here we have survey rules and sweepstakes. If you want to join this route, then you need to read the rules first. Because not all buyers can enter feedback through the Debrand survey. Here we do not want you to make violations and errors in the survey rules. You don’t need to open a survey portal to read the rules. We have a simple summary of the survey rules below. Happy reading.

  1. Survey portal users do not need to make additional transactions to win sweepstakes. Here they only count the number of your sweepstakes entries. Then the survey results do not increase or decrease the chances of victory.
  2. How to enter the draw.

Here you can only enter the draw through online surveys. You need to fill out a form with your identity. They need a telephone number, email and entrant name. If you want to take part, prepare your entry process.

  1. Debrand Survey Eligibility Rules.
    • This survey is only open to US citizens. If you are not a legal resident of this country, withdraw from the Debrand survey.
    • If you want to take a survey, you are at least 18 years or older.
    • Staff, directors, sponsors or business partners cannot participate in sweepstakes.
    • Close family members of staff, directors and everyone at point c cannot take part in surveys and sweepstakes.
    • If within 30 days you prove to be ineligible, then your win will be void.
  2. Debrand Sweepstakes Rewards.

Are you curious about Debrand Sweepstakes? If you want to know, read this section. Well, sweepstakes winners need to prepare themselves to receive gift cards.

  • Here they are looking for 10 winners of sweepstakes.
  • They have a $ 10 gift card for each winner.
  • If you win, then you need to make a confirmation to the committee. They need an identity, identity cards and age.
  • If you break the rules, your winnings will be void.
  • You can only use gift cards at Debrand official stores.
  1. Notification

If you win, they can contact the winner by phone, email. The committee can use all information in your entry form. If you receive a notification, then you need to confirm. They will wait for you within 24 hours. If you miss the waiting time, then they can choose another election.

Debrand Sweepstakes And Survey Preparations

Hello chocolate lovers! If you are passionate about following our instructions, don’t miss this part. Here you can try some preparations to get an easy survey experience. If you want an easy survey, you need to have several standard tools. Basically you have two survey tools. First, this process requires a computer or smartphone. Second, you need the internet to reach the online survey portal. If you have both, at least you can reach the survey portal. However, you need more than that. Here we will discuss some of your survey and entry needs. Are you ready? Let’s see the device you need below.

  1. Computer or smartphone.
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If you are confused about choosing survey tools, you can read our advice. So you can find out the strengths and weaknesses of the device here. You can choose a computer, because this device has a standard display. So you can see the appearance of the survey website comfortably. If you choose a smartphone, you can only see the website in limited mode. But smartphones can help you survey wherever you are.

  1. Survey device browser.

Next, you need a browser on the survey device. You can use any browser. But the popular browser has a friendly display and operating system. So you can find the survey portal easily. If you want to use a browser, prepare your keywords.

  1. Internet connection.

Another basic device is an internet connection. Here you need to connect the device to use the browser. If you want a stable connection, we recommend that you prepare an internet data plan. Then choose a browsing location close to the hotspot and wifi. Because this provider has an area limit. If you are out of hotspot coverage, then you cannot use the internet. Internet connection will determine the speed of your access to the survey portal.

  1. Personal identity.

On the survey form you need to enter personal information. Here you need to have a telephone number, email and name. The committee will use this information to contact the winner.

  1. Be a Debrand customer first.

Next, you need a survey invitation code. You can use receipts to take surveys and sweepstakes. If you want location information, use the store location menu on the official website.

Debrand survey steps
Debrand survey steps

Debrand Survey Steps

At this stage we have several stages to complete the Debrand survey. After entering your answers, you can enter sweepstakes entries. Well, this survey is quite unique. Usually, you need to fill in your identity after the survey process, here you need to fill it in at the beginning. So you only need a short amount of time to complete the Debrand survey. At this stage we want you to use a recent visit as a reference to answer questions. Because they only have service topics in store for you. If you have a problem, you can write it in the survey portal. We don’t need to waste time, let’s finish this part right now.

  1. Load the official Debrand survey portal.

Here survey portal users need to have a device, browser, and internet. All three can help you get through this stage. Enter keywords to find the survey portal page. You can use to open a survey portal. Enter the address in the search box.

  1. Fill in the contact information form.

Here you can find the difference between this survey portal. So you need to fill in the identity column at the beginning of the survey. What do you need to enter? See our list below.

  • You need to fill in your first name column.
  • Second, enter your last name.
  • Then complete the valid email fields.
  • Finally, fill in the phone number column.
  1. Enter your feedback.
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Here you need to fill in the survey question column. You can use recent visits to help determine answers. Are you ready to complete the survey? We have a few quick questions on this survey portal. Read our list below.

  • Enter the date of the recent visit to Debrand. You can take receipts to see this information.
  • Enter the last time you visited Debrand.
  • Enter the name of the server that serves you.
  • How did you hear about Debrand’s chocolate shop?
  • Select the Debrand store that you visit.
  • Rate the Debrand store you visited. They have a choice of Excellent, Good, Poor, Okay, Fair answers. Select an answer to enter feedback.
  • Write your problems and opinions in the comments column. You can tell your experience in the store. Here you can pick up any topic to fill in the comments column.
  • Rate the service at the Debrand store.
  • Enter your opinion for the performance of their staff.
  • Give a rating for the quality and appearance of Debrand products.
  • Give an opinion on the quality and appearance of chocolate, drinks and appetizers.
  • Rate the last experience you came to the store. Rate between 1 and 10.
  • Give your opinion to get a better Debrand in the future.
  1. Enter the verification code in the last column.
  2. Click submit to enter feedback.

Debrand Hours

after knowing the survey stage and the questions, we have further assistance. Here we have store hours to assist your next visit. So you can come to the store operating hours. We don’t want you to have trouble visiting this chocolate shop. If you want to read local Debrand hours, you can follow our method below.

  1. Visit the official Debrand website. You can visit them through
  2. Next slide your computer screen to the bottom of the website. Find the store location menu. Click the menu.
  3. Select the outlet you want to visit. On this page you can see several Debrand stores. Choose the store closest to you.
  4. Write down the shop information that you need. After you choose a store, the website will automatically display the store information. You can find Debrand Hours in this section. Well, we will display the list of store hours below.
Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 7.00 am 9.00 pm
Tuesday 7.00 am 9.00 pm
Wednesday 7.00 am 9.00 pm
Thursday 7.00 am 9.00 pm
Friday 7.00 am 10.30 pm
Saturday 10.00 am 10.30 pm
Sunday 12.00 am 6.00 pm

Debrand Customer Service

Before you leave, you need to complete this section. Here we have several ways to contact Debrand. Yes right, you can enter feedback without a survey through Debrand customer service. See the list below.

  1. Debrand customer service phone number.


  1. Debrand customer service email address.

  1. Debrand customer service mailing address.

Customer Care

10105 Auburn Park Drive

Fort Wayne, IN 46825

  1. Debrand social media.

Facebook: @debrand.

Twitter: @DeBrandFineChoc.

Instagram: @debrandfinechoc.

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