CVSsurvey – How to Get $1000 from CVS Pharmacy Survey

Have you just visited CVS Pharmacy? If so, would you please check your CVS receipt? Perhaps, there will be a survey invitation there. CVS Pharmacy invites its customers to participate in CVSSurvey. Once you get this precious invitation, you should not ignore it.

It is because involving in CVS Pharmacy survey can lead you to win the great prize from CVS Pharmacy. You may not believe if you can win $1000 cash from this pharmacy retailer. So, do not miss this golden chance. Always keep the receipt you get from CVS Pharmacy. Then, complete CVS Survey soon.

CVS conducts this customer survey in order to measure the customers’ satisfaction. The company will be able to find out how happy its customers after purchasing CVS products. Besides, this survey also helps the company to identify what business aspects which are still weak. This way, the company can decide on the best strategy to improve it. During this survey, the customers do not only give the rating to some aspects.

But, CVS also provide the space where the customers can write down their thought. They are welcomed to share an opinion, suggestion, and complaint to CVS. So, when you take part in CVS Customer Satisfaction Survey, you should take this chance well. You can tell the details of your experience at CVS. The next, CVS will gladly listen to your feedback.

cvs pharmacy survey
cvs pharmacy survey can be accessed at

About CVS

Before we talk further about the survey, it is better to talk a bit about CVS Pharmacy. CVS is well-known as the healthcare retail chain. In fact, CVS is the subsidiary of the CVS Health company. In the beginning, this company is a subsidiary of the Melville Corporation. CVS is founded by Stanly Goldstein, Jules, Sidney Goldstein Hebreux, and Ralph H.

The name of CVS stands for Consumer Value Stores. The first store of CVS is in Massachusetts. But, this company is headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Nowadays, CVS owns more than 10.000 pharmacy stores in the US. No doubt, CVS becomes the largest pharmacy store in the United States.

cvs survey
cvs survey step by step

Indeed, when you go to CVS, you not only can find the pharmacy products. This store does not only sell the first aid kit, Flu, and digestive medicine. CVS also sells the vitamins and home health care. For instance, you can buy the wheelchairs, walkers, or diabetic care. Besides, this store also provides antiperspirant, personal care, and bath items as well. Furthermore, you can even find the beauty product and the skin care items.

What about its price? You should not worry about it. It is because CVS offers the low-price items. Besides, you should trust in its quality as well. CVS often offers CVS deals for its customers. so, you can use this chance to get the health care products at the lower price. For instance, you can use CVS Pharmacy BOGO free items and many other deals. This way, you can save more dollar.

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CVS Sweepstakes Rules and Requirements

Before taking part in this survey, you need to understand the official rules of CVS sweepstakes. If you obey this rule, your chance to get $1000 from CVS pharmacy will be bigger. By knowing CVS sweepstakes rules, you will notice what to do and not do.

Furthermore, the most important one is that you can know whether you are eligible to enter CVS sweepstakes. You have to notice that once you break the survey rules, you can get disqualified from this sweepstakes. Here are some rules about CVS Pharmacy Survey Sweepstakes.

  1. CVS sweepstakes participants.

If you want to be eligible for the survey held by CVS, you have to pass the requirements below. First of all, you have to reach the minimum age 18 years old. When you are at this age or older, you are allowed to take the survey as well as enter the sweepstakes.

Then, you must be the residents of the US. CVS sweepstakes allow the residents of 50 states in the US, District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. When you win this sweepstake, you have to submit the residential status proof. Without the identity evidence, CVS cannot verify you as the winner of this sweepstakes.

The next, if you work at CVS Pharmacy, you are not eligible as the sweepstakes participant. Also, if you are the business partner of CVS Pharmacy, you are forbidden to take part in CVS sweepstakes as well. The last, the immediate family of CVS employees are not permissible to be the sweepstakes participants.

  1. CVS sweepstakes period.

CVS Pharmacy conducts the sweepstakes all the year. The first sweepstake period begins on January 2018. Then, the last CVS sweepstakes period will last om December 2018. So, there will be 12 sweepstakes entry period this year. This way, you have 12 chances to win this sweepstake.

  1. CVS sweepstakes entry methods.

CVS offers three ways to enter its sweepstakes. You can choose which method you think as the easiest one. Besides, there is a method which requires a purchase. But, another method may not require any purchase. Check out the sweepstakes entry below.

  • By phone call.

CVS allows the customers to enter CVS sweepstakes by the phone call. You can see CVS health survey sweepstakes phone number at your receipt. Besides, CVS sweepstakes phone number is also available at the email invitation or postcard invitation.

  • Online sweepstakes.

If you have CVS pharmacy receipt, you can see the survey code on its bottom part. From this survey invitation, you will know what the survey portal have you accessed. When you access this CVS online survey, you have to complete all the questions. Then, you can submit your contact details in order to enter CVS sweepstakes.

  • Mail-in entry.

Perhaps, you do not make a purchase at CVS store. But, you want to enter CVS sweepstakes. Do not worry. CVS allows you to enter the sweepstakes without having CVS receipt. You can submit the sweepstakes entry by mail-in. First, you should prepare 3×5 inches paper. The next, handwrite youfull nameme, phone number, address, and email. After that, you should send it to :

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CVS Pharmacy $1000 Sweepstakes,

16200 Dallas Parkway.

Suite 140.

Dallas, Texas, 75248-6897

  • Sweepstakes winner and prize.

CVS will select 12 winner in a year. It is because CVS has 12 monthly sweepstakes. The sweepstakes administrator will reach the winner by phone, email, or mail. Once you get this winning notification, you have to respond it soon. It is because CVS just wait for your response within 14 days or two weeks. Otherwise, the prize will be forfeited. Each winner of CVS sweepstakes will receive $1000 cash from CVS Pharmacy.

The Steps of CVS Pharmacy Survey Sweepstakes

After knowing the survey rules above, are you the eligible participants? If so, you have to prepare the survey requirements soon. The main item you need to take part in this survey is the valid receipt from CVS pharmacy. This receipt contains the survey code which you use to unlock the survey website.

The next, since the survey is online, you have to prepare the internet connection and laptop. But, if the laptop is not available, the survey is still accessible by using the smartphone.

When all the survey requirements are ready to use, you can begin this survey. The steps of CVS Pharmacy survey is very simple. Therefore, you will be able to complete all the stages in less than seven minutes. Just make sure that your internet works well. This way, you will not get any technical problem during the survey completion. Here are the brief steps of the survey from CVS for extra bucks.

  • Step 1. Visit the correct survey website.

First of all, you have to access the survey portal. It is accessible at

  • Step 2. Choose the language.

Once you land on the survey website homepage, you can see the language options. You have to choose one of the languages. So, you can select either Spanish or English.

  • Step 3. Enter the survey ID number.

Each receipt from CVS pharmacy contains the survey invitation code. Usually, the survey code consists of 17 digits. Make sure that you type this survey ID # correctly. Otherwise, you cannot start the survey.

  • Step 4. Answer the survey questions.

In this part, you will face some types of questions. The first section may ask you to give the rating on CVS business aspect. For instance, you have to rate CVS product, service, and the performance of CVS employees. Then, you are also given the chance to explain your feedback freely. Just write the details of shopping experience you had at CVS.

  • Step 5. Enter CVS sweepstakes.

After sharing your CVS feedback, you will be invited to CVS sweepstakes. If you agree with this invitation, you have to submit your personal details. This sweepstake needs your data including your name, mailing address, telephone number, as well as email address.

How to Find CVS near Me

When you need some medicine urgently, you can go to CVS Pharmacy. This store provides the complete pharmacy product. You will not get any difficulties in searching CVS pharmacy locations. It is because this pharmacy retailer is available in most of the cities in the US. If you get some difficulties in locating CVS store, you can try two strategies below.

  • CVS store locator.
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If you want to search CVS Pharmacy near me, you should visit CVS official website. It can be accessed at on this website, you will find the CVS store locator menu. This menu is available at the top part of the CVS website.

Simply enter your city, zip code or state to start locating the nearest CVS Pharmacy store. Then CVS website will show some alternatives of CVS store around you. from this result, you can find other details about CVS. For instance, you can check CVS hours, CVS address, and CVS phone number.

  • Search engine or Google Maps.

If you do not want to visit the CVS website, you can use the Google Map or search engine to find CVS location. Just enter the keyword CVS Pharmacy near me or CVS store near me. Then, the search engine will show the maps containing CVS locations. You can select which store that is the nearest from your location.

How to Contact CVS Pharmacy Customer Service

As the customers of CVS pharmacy, you may have some problem related to this store. So, you want to ask any questions to solve your problem. Besides, you may want to reach CVS Customer Service to express any complaints. In this case, contacting CVS Customer Service is the best can use one of these methods below to get in touch with CVS Customer Care.

  • By phone.

CVS Pharmacy has some phone numbers. The customers can dial the certain phone number based on their need. For the immediate help, you can call CVS Customer Support at 1 800 746 7287.

Or, you also can dial 1 800 SHOP CVS. By calling this line, you can ask any questions about CVS and give any comment about the products. Make sure to call this number from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am up to 7 pm. Besides, other CVS phone numbers you can call are:

  1. Minute Clinic: 1-866-389-2727 or 1-866-389-ASAP

This number is useful to express any comment or questions about CVS in-store clinic.

  1. ExtraCare: 1-800-746-7287 or 1-800-SHOP-CVS.

If you want to share your feedback about Extracare membership and program, you can dial this number.

  1. CVS Mobile and 1-888-607-4287

You can use this phone number to give the feedback about the user account, prescription, and order.

  • By mail.

CVS also allows the customers to reach its Customer representative staff by mail. So, you can explain your inquiry related to CVS pharmacy. Just send your letter to:

CVS Customer relations,

One CVS Drive.

Woonsocket, Rhode Island 02895.

  • Social media.

The last, if you want to get closer to CVS Pharmacy, you should follow CVS social media account. through social media platform, the customers can interact with the CVS administrator. Sometimes, CVS informs any promo or special deals through its social media. So, you should not miss following CVS on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

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