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Monthly grocery shopping is an important moment to get household needs. If you want to have an easy way to get food ingredients, we have the solution. So, you need to try the online shopping system for groceries. You don’t need to be afraid of the quality of the food you receive. They can send your order quickly. Yes right, if you are a Giant Eagle customer, you will be popular with Curbside Express. This food delivery service can save your shopping time. Well, you can save money shopping here. They have Curbsideexpresslistens that you need to try.

Curbside express listens are an easy way to convey feedback. Here Curbside Express wants to improve your satisfaction. Your feedback can help them come up with ideas. So, you can come to Curbside Express better in the future. You will not regret taking this survey step. Because they prepare Curbside express coupons for you. Here you only need to answer questions to the last page. The survey portal will then share the validation code for you. What do you need in this process? Well, you only need to save the receipt from Curbside Express. Furthermore, our instructions will help you to complete the survey phase. If you can save money on shopping, why not? Let’s complete this survey together.

curbside express survey page at curbsideexpresslistens
curbside express survey page at curbsideexpresslistens

Curbside Express System Profile

After you read the introduction, you now arrive at the store profile section. Before you use this online shopping system, read their profile. Well, Curbside Express operates under Giant Eagle. If you want to know about Curbside Express, you need to get to know Giant Eagle. If you are a Pennsylvania resident, you will be popular with this supermarket. So Giant Eagle is a supermarket chain from the United States. They were founded in 1931. Whereas Curbside Express is a food delivery system from Giant Eagle supermarket.

You can get fresh food through an online ordering system. They have 415 shops with Curbside Express services. Then Giant Eagle has 474 supermarkets. Here customers can make feedback for this service. Then you can get fresh food quickly. If you want to use this method, you can shop through Giant Eagle or the Market District. Below is a brief way to shop online through Curbside Express.

  1. Before you use this system, you need to find the closest location. You can find the store locator feature through the official website of Giant Eagle or the Market District. and
  2. Reserve timeslot.
  3. Select the food ingredients you want. Click the add to cart button.
  4. Choose the payment method you want.
  5. Verify your shopping list and enter your phone number.
  6. If you have received food ingredients, then you will get a notification.

Curbside Express Survey Rules

Before you use this survey portal, you need our help. In this section, you need to read the Curbsideexpresslistens rules. So, not all Curbside Express customers can use this survey portal. This survey will collect your feedback. Then they will distribute coupons to survey users. Then you can use it in the next online shopping process. Are you curious about eligibility rules? Read the list below.

  1. This survey is open to legal residents of the United States. If you are from Pennsylvania, then you don’t need to worry about eligibility issues.
  2. When using the survey portal, the legal population is at least 18 years of age or older.
  3. You need a survey code to use the Curbside express survey portal. So, you need to make a purchase first at the nearest store.
  4. Staff and family members may not take surveys. This regulation applies to people who live in the same household as staff.
  5. The sponsor team or business partner may not take surveys. They only receive honest feedback from real customers.
  6. Survey Rewards. In this survey process, they have a coupon for you. After conducting a survey, the device screen will display a validation code. Here you can get a discount for the next shopping process.
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Curbsideexpresslistens Survey Preparations

Before using the survey portal, you need several tools. Here your login experience will help the process of preparing the online survey tool. Because the needs of online surveys are almost the same as the login or browsing process. If you have no experience, read this section. Here we have practical advice for choosing an easy survey tool. So you are getting closer to shopping coupons from Curbside Express. If you can’t wait to finish preparing, read our review below.

  1. Select a survey tool.

The online survey tools that we recommend are computers and laptops. We chose the two devices to display the survey portal website. Both have screens that are wide enough to display the survey website. If you use a smartphone and tablet, then the survey portal display is less than optimal. However, smartphones and tablets have other advantages. Both of them you can carry anywhere easily.

  1. Survey device browser.

In the survey process, you need a browser to open the survey portal. Here you can use any browser. However, we want you to use a browser that is quite easy. You can get this advantage from popular browsers. As a reference, you can use Google Chrome, Explorer and Mozilla.

  1. Your device’s internet connection.

Here you need to choose the provider that is suitable for your device. Connect the device with wifi services around you. Then choose the location closest to the internet service center. Your survey process will run smoothly if your internet is stable and strong. If your signal is weak, the survey website will be ready for longer.

  1. Get a Curbside Express receipt.

After you use the Curbside Express service, you need to save the receipt. Use the receipt to enter the survey question page. We suggest you use the store locator to get the closest Curbside service. Discover this feature through the official website of Giant Eagle and Market District.

  1. A pen
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At the end of the survey process, you need to record the promo code from your device’s screen. Here you need stationery. Write this validation code in the space in your receipt. Then your coupon will be ready.

curbsideexpresslistens curbside express survey steps

Curbside Express Survey Steps

Hello housewife! If you are still enthusiastic, in this section you can follow the survey steps. Well, after your preparations are finished, we will help you take the prize from Curbside. Are you ready? We hope you are ready with some of our suggestions. First, you need to double-check your device’s internet connection. Second, you need to keep your receipts close to you. Third, remember the last shopping process at the Curbside Express online portal. Here you need that experience to complete Curbsideexpresslistens. Well, we don’t want to waste a lot of time, let’s look at the easy steps to complete the survey.

  1. Load the Curbside express survey portal.

Here your browser will find the Curbside express survey portal through the device. You need to find the search box in the browser. Then enter the address or search keyword for the survey portal. You can use the Curbsideexpresslistens keyword or enter through

  1. Enter the Curbside Express survey code.

Open your receipt. Then look for the survey code on the receipt sheet. Unfortunately, this survey portal does not have a sample receipt image for you. So you need to do this step carefully. Remember, one receipt is only valid for one survey only. If you have finished entering the survey code, then click the start button.

  1. Answer the Curbside Express Survey Questions.

At this stage survey portal, users can answer survey questions. Here they want you to answer honestly. So they are open to receiving positive or negative feedback from you. You only need to remember the last online grocery shopping experience. Here we have several topics to help your last memory return.

  • You can enter your level of satisfaction in general.
  • Give a rating for their product.
  • Enter your opinion about the staff.
  • Enter ratings for cleanliness and shopping conditions.
  • Write your shopping problem in the store in the comment column in 1200 characters.
  1. Write the Curbsideexpresslistens validation code.

At this stage, you can make your own coupons. Well, the device screen will display several digits of the promo code. Write the validation code on the supermarket receipt. Then you can exchange coupons in the next shopping process.

Curbside Express Hours

Next, you need to know Curbside express hours. Before you make an order online, you need this information. We don’t want you to be disappointed when shopping online. Well, how do you reach Curbside express hours? Here you can use local store hours. Get information about the nearest store through the store locator. Curbside Express is connected to the Giant Eagle supermarket and Market District. So you can use the official website both to get local store hours. However, in the profile section, we discussed this issue. So, you can look for the nearest location before using the Curbside Express service.

  1. Load the page Use your device and browser to complete this step.
  2. Enter your ZIP Code location.
  3. Select the nearest store from the location search results.
  4. Record the information that you can get from the results of this search.
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In this section, you can get their store telephone number, address, and store hours. Well, if you don’t want to use this method, you can get a list of store hours here. We will summarize Curbside express hours in the list below.

Days Opening Hours Closing Hours
Monday 7.00 am 10.00 pm
Tuesday 7.00 am 10.00 pm
Wednesday 7.00 am 10.00 pm
Thursday 7.00 am 10.00 pm
Friday 7.00 am 10.00 pm
Saturday 7.00 am 10.00 pm
Sunday 7.00 am 9.00 pm
  1. Is Curbside Express Service open today? Yes, it is open. You can use their services today. So Curbside Express will service buyers for 7 days a week. They are active Monday to Sunday. However, you need to know the store hours first.
  2. What time is Curbside Express open? They can service your online orders starting at 7:00 in the morning. Then they don’t change the opening hours on Sunday. These hours of operation are valid from Monday to Sunday. So you need to record this information.
  3. What time is Curbside Express close? You cannot make orders after 10:00 PM. Well, closing hours are valid for Monday to Saturday. Then on Sunday, they close early. You need to make an order before 9:00 p.m.

Curbside Express Customer Service

After you pass the survey stage, now we have the last help for you. Here you can raise problems or questions to staff. So you can submit feedback without going through an online survey process. If we discuss customer service, you can contact Giant Eagle or the nearest Market District. So we will connect you to Giant Eagle’s parent company. If you need this information, we hope you don’t forget to write it.

  1. Customer Service Mailing Address.

Do you have a shopping problem? Here you can send a complaint to the Giant Eagle headquarters. Write your subject and office address on your mailing envelope. However, you cannot expect a reply from this letter. You need to wait patiently for confirmation.

101 Kappa Dr., Ridc Park, Pittsburgh, Ohio, United States – 15238.

  1. Customer Service Phone Number.

If you need quick help, then you can use this method. Here you can get help from the staff. Because they can respond to your problems directly. Use your smartphone to call the number below. 1-800-620-0216.

  1. Curbside Express Official Website.

Here you can use this feature through the official website of Giant Eagle or the Market District. If you want to land on the Curbside page, visit the address below.

  1. Curbside Express Social Media.

Here you can use social media to convey feedback. Below are some social media accounts that you can join. You can send direct messages through social media.

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