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CloudCannon pulls in external changes and commits back changes made. edit Editing. Editors update headings, content text, images and metadata with CloudCannon inline and through intuitive interfaces. cloud Hosting. CloudCannon builds and deploys your site after every change. Use your own domain or the provided testing domain.

The Cloud CMS for Jekyll | CloudCannon

“Netflix is known for being nimble and moving at a high pace. Partnering with CloudCannon enables my Enterprise Platforms Team at Netflix to deliver highly customizable microsites to our internal business partners rapidly so they can work at the speed of our customers.”

Hosting | Custom Interfaces | CloudCannon Documentation

CloudCannon provides default, white-labelled pages for authentication. CloudCannon injects classes into the HTML to indicate the result of the action. They are injected into {{messageClasses}} .

Sharing | Branding | CloudCannon Documentation

Remove all CloudCannon logos and brand it as your own. To remove CloudCannon branding on Client Sharing login screens, upgrade to the Pro plan.. To custom brand the Client Sharing login screen, upload a white label logo in Account Settings / Details:

jekyll-plugins | CloudCannon Academy

CloudCannon and Jekyll tutorials and resources. Home Learn Documentation. CloudCannon. Directory Templates Cheat Sheet Log In Sign Up Go to App. Tutorial Directory … How to add Jekyll plugins to your site. Gems, Gemfiles and the Bundler. Overview of the Ruby ecosystem. RSS and Atom feeds.

CloudCannon Editor Single Sign-On (SSO) – Active Directory …

OneLogin provides a comprehensive CloudCannon Editor single sign on (SSO) and directory integration for your users. Integrate with active directory synchronization and other LDAP servers for authentication, SSO and user account provisioning.

CloudCannon – Open Collective

CloudCannon has everything you need to build, host and update Jekyll websites

Have SSL on your CloudCannon website for free | CloudCannon

Have SSL on your CloudCannon website for free. … For websites with login passwords and private data, SSL is essential. For static websites it’s not so important as the website is already public. However, for visitors there’s an extra level of trust from seeing the padlock in their browser.

Flight analysis platform built for pilots | SkyHop

Interactive debriefing tools for your flight.. SkyHop offers interactive tools to get detailed insights into your flight performance. Whether you want to become a beter pilot or compare your flight performance with that of a friend.

CloudCannon – Reviews, Pros & Cons | Companies using …

CloudCannon is a tool in the Cloud Content Management System category of a tech stack. CloudCannon Integrations Dropbox , Zapier , Gatsby , , and Gridsome are some of the popular tools that integrate with CloudCannon .

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