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Fitness Studios in Southern United States. It was my first time and I had no idea what to expect. The receptionists were very friendly and welcoming and gave me a tour and instructions.

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ClassPass members pay a monthly fee and receive a set number of credits to use per month (the monthly fee and credits vary by city). Members can then book classes using their credits. Classes have different credit values depending on actual cost of class, demand and more.

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box + flow — How this studio built their brand (instead of diluting it) An NYC-based boxing and yoga studio was worried about brand dilution, but after working with ClassPass found the insightful technology and ability to fill unused inventory an asset.

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“ClassPass has been great in helping me reach people that I wouldn’t normally reach. And it’s been great at those kind of last-minute filling the spots, and really good at just new users regularly.”

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Can I use Go without being a member of ClassPass? Can I use Go if I already have ClassPass? How many classes can I take per month? Can I hear what a sample class sounds like? Can I use Go if I’m outside the United States?


What is ClassPass? Getting Started with ClassPass How many times can I visit a studio each cycle? Can I see a list of studios available? What are credits? How are credit rates determined? Where can I use ClassPass? What is the class cancellation policy? Getting Started with ClassPass. Booking Classes. Managing My Membership. Managing Payments

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