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Classlist – where school communities thrive. A mobile app helping PTAs achieve more in less time. With event features designed specifically for PTAs including selling tickets online, a signup tool and easy ways to communicate with parents, Classlist is the secret to successful school fundraising and making your school community stronger.

Classlists, parent-to-parent communications and events for your school community … Class list management; Events, RSVPs & automated paid event ticketing …


Join your school community on Classlist . Bring parents at your school together on Classlist’s secure, inclusive, award-winning platform. As a parent. As a PTA member. As a school leader. Already have a Classlist account?

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Visit our community site: Visit our main website: This tutorial shows how to navigate the Calsslist tool …

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‎Classlist is the award-winning app that brings parents into the heart of their school community. In over 3,000 schools and over 40 countries. – See who’s who at school. Put a face to a name! – Ask the parents in your child’s class a question and share useful info – Organise a parent meetup for your…


Classlist is the free, private social network that lets school parents achieve more in less time. Create a virtual schoolgate where you can connect securely with all the parents at your school, share what’s happening and get great things going – in an inclusive, trusted online community.

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As a Main Advertiser your ad appears within the main content stream on the Classlist app, and as side banners on Classlist webpages. You also feature on email. Your advert is integrated into user-generated emails, including school-based daily and weekly digests. Classlist sends almost 1m emails per week at busy periods.

Element.classList – Web APIs | MDN

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Pricing – Classlist

As a result, cheques ranging from £400 to £3000 are regularly presented to Classlist schools. If you don’t wish to have advertisements on your Classlist site you can make an annual payment for the ad-free version of Classlist. The rate for this is £2 per parent per year, calculated on the total school parent population.

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