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Unlock the potential of PBIS. PBIS is one of the best tools administrators have to create positive behavior change. Classcraft helps educators deliver on the promise of PBIS by harnessing the power of games to promote lasting behavior change and engagement.

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Classcraft helps you combine everything you love about teaching with everything that your students love about games — while adding minimal screen time. Earn points for real-world actions. When students demonstrate good behaviors in school — like doing their homework, helping other students, or performing well academically — teachers can …

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The Classcraft mobile app is the perfect way for teachers, students, and parents to manage Classcraft on the go. This is a companion app for Classcraft. Teachers, students, and parents will need a desktop computer to create their account. Start playing for free by visiting Teachers: • Switch between classes • Add/remove points to manage behavior (XP, GP, HP, AP …

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Classcraft is a platform that transforms any classroom into an adventure. By gamifying any existing curriculum, the game revolutionizes the way a class is experienced throughout the school year. Students level up, work in teams, & earn powers that have real-world consequences (ADMIN CREDENTIALS REQUIRED).

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Classcraft is a free online educational role-playing game that teachers and students play together in the classroom. Acting as a gamification layer around an…

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Transform learning into an adventure! Classcraft supercharges your lessons by turning class into a game. Students play in teams as Warriors, Mages, and Healers, earning Experience Points for positive behavior and losing Health Points for negative behavior, which affects their whole team.

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Play Classcraft. Sign Up. Make learning an adventure. Connect with your students through stories set in the Classcraft universe. DISCOVER STORY MODE NOW “Mindfulness & Meditation” Wagner Pierre. Transform your students’ stress responses with this lesson in mastering self-care.

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